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    Michael Reid:

    In regards to your LED light questions.

    I am installing 10,000 lumen LED light fixtures that use 100 watts and produce the cooler 5000K Kelvin light which is closer to daylight. The LED fixtures have 4 rows or tubes of LED and are more or less the same size as a twin T8 light fixtures.

    As my parents said know stated the LED tubes are not replaceable. If one LED in the string fails I guess one could replace the LED but I suspect most people will just replace the entire fixture. They say they are good for 50,000 hours but that is probably based upon turning them on once and running them until they fail.

    What I don’t know is how much the life of a LED is shortened everytime you turn it on and off? I suspect a lot of wear and tear occurs turning these critters on and off. This on/off business certainly ensured that the 10,000 hour compact florescent blubs lasted no where near 10,000 hours! I feel some never made 500 hours in my house!

    The main reason I bought these high lumen fixtures was to provide more light for my failing eyes. Everything keeps getting darker for me so I constantly need more and more light to see even in daylight. It isn’t unusual for me to be seen wondering the hallways of my house or cottage with a powerful handheld LED flashlight during daylight hours! Even outdoors I can be seen carrying a powerful LED flashlight in my hand. I often use a LED flashlight just to check for goodies in the fridge!

    About 12 years ago I added a dozen skylights to the roof of my house because the house was too dark!

    The LED light fixtures are quite compact and light. They come with a pull chain and a 2 prong (no gnd) plug on one end so you can connect up to 4 in series if you want. I am not yet at that stage where I need to double my lighting yet! The LED light fixtures are much lighter than T8 or T12 fixtures which are quite heavy in comparison.

    I bought mine at Princes Auto for $49 plus taxes. I think I bought 16 of them, with 6 for the cottage, 7 for the boathouse, and 3 for at home. I felt these LED light fixtures gave me the most light for the buck. I should probably buy a few extra LED fixtures just in case one or two fail prematurely as suggested by my parents said know I believe.

    I think in your case using LED light blubs will give you the most energy efficient lighting. These just aren’t enough for my eyes in many cases. Sometimes I add a second LED blub using a “Y” splitter. I am after maximum light while you are likely after maximum energy efficiency.


    Yesterday Trudeau put aside $75 millions dollars to pay funeral expenses of dead vaxxers!
    Taking this to it’s local conclusion.
    If a funeral costs say $10,000 that means they are expecting 7,500 dead Canadians!
    That is 1 dead in every 4,666 people!
    That death rate seems ridiculously low!
    Obviously there is a fly in the ointment!
    Clearly very few of the Canadian dead will be classified as having died of the virus.
    Just like in the US!


    So not having the jab avoids shorting your life span!
    I wonder how long it is before the actuaries at the life insurance companies cotton onto this affecting their current life expectancy models?
    Surely they have already noticed the sooner than expected life insurance payouts that they have been paying in 2021?
    Maybe the life insurance companies have already been bought off?

    Mr. House

    “Maybe the life insurance companies have already been bought off?”

    None of this would be possible without the CARES ACT


    Hm. I wonder if the two FDA bigwigs stepping down are going to get cushy jobs with Big Pharma? Or will we soon see them making the rounds, with interviews on brighteon, stewpeter, and dark horse?

    Mister Roboto

    Or will we soon see them making the rounds, with interviews on brighteon, stewpeter, and dark horse?

    And soon to be followed by sleazy hit-pieces on them in The Atlantic and The New Yorker.

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