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    NPC Skating night, Washington DC 1919   • White House Counsel Didn’t Take Lead On Trump Letter To Pelosi (Hill) • Donald Trump’s Letter To Nancy
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    V. Arnold

    Really sick? Why would she say something like that? To imitate Trump?

    • Pelosi Calls Trump Impeachment Letter ‘Ridiculous’ And ‘Really Sick’ (Hill)

    “I have lived a great deal among grown-ups. I have seen them intimately, close at hand. And that hasn’t much improved my opinion of them.”
    ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

    Dr D Rich

    The FISA court looks to exonerate itself. Are these the same boys and girls who ran the Afghanistan war for for nearly two decades like the suddenly clueless General Douglass Lute despite his USMA/Harvard education? So now we’re supposed to accept that every branch of government which failed its duty over the past 18 years did so as a forgivable conspiracy of dunces and credulous knaves. Perhaps the FISA court is putting forth a precedent in lieu of a future impeachment trial of their members’ dereliction of duty. Statistically, the FISA court has been a rubber stamp for government investigations. The FISA court’s actions, behaviors and construction meet the definition of Star Chamber. Its decisions remain opaque and unimpeachable, but only now they express concern about being misled. From a broader view, witness multiple departments of government projecting their faults, failings and misconduct onto Donald Trump, gaslighting on an industrialized scale, while the Fed (QE and repo) steals all The People’s money that the Dept of Defense hasn’t hijacked for incompetent military adventures. Austerity and collective insanity came home. So, can war be far behind?

    V. Arnold

    So, can war be far behind?

    It seems, for the last 17 years (probably, actually, closer to 75 years), war is always not far behind; but rather close behind…

    Dr. D

    If you thought the Docktor was kidding:

    “As Virginia lawmakers prepare to pass a draconian gun control bill that would make most guns in the state illegal, Tazewell County has formed an official active militia as per the Second Amendment to the Constitution.
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    “To all of those who like to mock gun owners and ask if they’re going to fight tyranny in a militia, Virginia’s answer is a clear and adamant “yes.” That’s exactly what they’re planning to do.”

    Since the right to bear arms is Federal Law last I checked, resisting this illegal, unauthorized use of force is a citizen requirement. If the system itself will not, then the people, being the root of government, are the last resort.

    “It’s probably no coincidence that at the same time militias are forming, there’s also a bill to make them illegal. SB64 has caused a huge hullabaloo.”

    Guys? What’s a “Paramilitary”? People who know things? People who have the same guns that are allowed under Federal Law and also know each other? A: It means whatever I want it to, to arrest anyone I don’t like, like every other law. See FBI IG report.

    “Assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training”

    I thought they WANTED gun owners to have REQUIRED training, because it was reckless and dangerous otherwise. Now when they HAVE training, it’s a felony? Weird world. But under narcissistic sociopaths and obsessive petty dictators, every human action is either compulsory or else imprisonable. There is no free will. The other half of their law outlaws the KNOWING of how to harm someone. Like when you punch them in the face? That is a “technique capable of causing injury” learned from cartoons and a felony now. Even if you’re 5 years old.

    Again, the very ACT of starting the Civil War means they get to win to some extent. Hey, wait: I thought if you divided the people, and weakened our laws and institutions you were working for the Russians! Are you saying the Virginia Legislature are communists (A: Yes. Meanwhile the Russians haven’t been communists in 30 years, but nevermind: truth, we don’t do that here.)

    So: fat, keyboard-jockey, basement-dwelling man-babies the way they say? Seems odd since these are guys that wait all year to get up every day at 3am and go out in the freezing cold and rain just for an off-chance to kill something cute, but we may get to find out.
    But you knew after what we’ve done, we weren’t going to get out of this, right?

    Pelosi Calls Trump Impeachment Letter ‘Ridiculous’ And ‘Really Sick’ (Hill)”

    Yes, so many un-credible, moronic things have happened every day since 2016, it’s easy to forget, but they were calling for his impeachment since before he was elected. …Oh and like 4 of 5 of the last Republican Presidents (Snopes). So is this REALLY it, Nancy? The letter also points out, the Constitution (aka the Law™, don’t know why I have to keep adding that, it’s constantly treated as a random list of suggestions) requires the charges to be “High Crimes” (Felonies) or “High misdemeanors” (Fiduciary Duty) or Bribery (of the President, not him enticing others, although that’s debatable). So…what is “Abuse of Power?” I don’t see it in the Federal Register. Who did he abuse, since the guy you’ve been talking about as the victim publicly refutes your claim. Ah, nevermind: Logic. #Logos. We don’t do that. You had one job!

    Let’s be more helpful: As above, enforcing Federal Gun laws, which are unconstitutional since no Amendment has been passed: Impeachable. Attacking foreign nations in Yemen and Libya with no Congressional Act of War: Impeachable. Enforcing Federal law in Health Care, which there is no Amendment and is prohibited under the 10th: Impeachable. NOT enforcing the borders, which IS a breach of security and duty, since that IS the sole and only purpose of the whole combined military: Impeachable. Enforcing Federal Drug laws, which as per Prohibition, clearly require an Amendment: Impeachable. Not enforcing the constant, universal violations of the 4th, in about 100 ways, as directed by your own Executive: Impeachable. Not arresting all the people democrats involved in the IG report: Impeachable. Any of those? NOPE! They pick a thing that not only is arguable, not only isn’t impeachable, BUT ISN’T EVEN AN ACTUAL WRITTEN LAW.

    …So why are they doing it? More WWE-level infotainment so the federales don’t have to do nothin’ to fix the system? Probably. Nobody arrested yet. …Including Assange. Similarly, they can’t even find a crime, and shift from day to day, which is what you have in a world with #AntiLogos: no logic, no standards, no definitions, no objective reality, Truth: the one true enemy to power.

    FISA Court Slams FBI, Says Worried About ‘Other Warrants’ (ZH)

    Ah, so the FISA court ISN’T in a coma. I wondered. Since they denied 2 of 10,000 applications, and one of the two was Carter Page, that was your indication there may have been a problem. So…going to arrest anyone for the 51 felonies the IG demonstrated? Nope. But when you call it “antithetical to …candor” You can see why. Sounds like he forgot a Harvard comma, not “was neck-deep in Federal Election Tampering.” to “overthrow a duly elected President” as an “Act of Armed sedition.” So will the FISA court – that’s Justice Roberts – ask to press charges? Nope. Dey’s innocent wittle wictims who don’t know nuffin’. Will the outlaw FISA, since it’s unconstitutional in several ways? Hahahahaha! How would we wiretap and blackmail our political enemies? And you wonder why we need each county to call for armed volunteers to go tell them “No”? That there is a law and maybe they should follow it?

    McConnell Wants Quick Impeachment Dismissal Vote: ‘We’ve Heard Enough’ (WE)”

    So we don’t have to get everyone on legal record? Sounds like they’ve all cut a deal to clean things up 10% and hide the rest with endless lies, “For the good of the nation” just like the last 100 years. –But that’s what you would expect if one branch of government — the Marine Generals — were having a spat with the other branches, like the CIA/MIC. They do what is good for the Marines, not the people.

    Lisa Page Responds to ‘Vile’ Trump Attacks (Hill)”

    And it seemed that she had cut a deal to mostly get off. I’m happier if she doesn’t. Page is doing this so she can prevent the release of the remaining emails which are far more incriminating.

    ‘“Trump’s “Space Force,” the first new branch of the U.S. military to be created in more than 60 years.”

    But I thought Space was stupid and laughable, pointless and they’d never fund it. …You know, like the super-adds to Trump’s military and surveillance budgets, signed instantly by The Resistance™ RINO – Resistance In Name Only. There’s never a government or President they won’t make larger. NEVER. Not even Orange Hitler’s.

    Germany’s Spiegel Brushes Off Browder’s Complaint About Magnitsky Story (RT)

    Bill Browder gave up his American citizenship so he couldn’t be prosecuted here. MI6 made it happen. Why? Because he’s as innocent as a summer rose, which is why we can’t ask any questions about it.

    Newsweek Trusts Bellingcat More Than Reuters – Journalist Who Quit (RT)

    Yes, but “The Onion” is “America’s Finest News Source” and also more trusted than Reuter’s, so… Oh and what did I say yesterday, what’s the purpose of owning Bloomberg News if not to lie for Michael Bloomberg’s personal power and profit? Reuters is no different, and Newsweek doesn’t even hide it. They haven’t published the truth in my reading lifetime. “The Onion” has.


    Forget, forgot, the real news that will hurt you

    • House Approves $1.4 Trillion Spending Deal To Avert Shutdown (R.)

    The gov. needs to print twice that amount to pay the bills.

    The declared inflation adjustment to your pension plan is going to increase your income 1.9%

    I could make a list of all the different fees and tax increases that will take that 1.9% and more but it would be a worthless exercise because you know that more and more people are not making it to the end of the month,
    You know that the calculated inflation rate is a lie and that inflation is a scam stealing from everyone.

    Think. If there are more and more tax payers moving into your community and that there are no needs of new expenses for the infrastructures, (sewage, water), then why are the taxes going up for everyone?
    What! You were not told that for every one on the payroll, that is retiring, there must be money to pay for their retirement and paying for the new replacement employees.
    What! You thought that all the money collected from the employees plus the employer contribution, while they were working, was sitting in a bank account earning compound interest over and above inflation just waiting to pay the retirees.

    If your cost of food etc. keeps going up faster than inflation don’t forget that the costs are also going up for those gov. retirees and they have an inflation index to their pension plans that must be paid by you.

    There is only one way for your taxes to be lowered …. print, print, print. Then the printing press can get the jubilee. OPPPS! I forgot. That is known as Modern Monetary Theory.

    I ask myself, “Is it possible that there are groups of enablers that have been hired by the elites, to distract me, that someone is scamming me, that someone is legally stealing.
    Is it possible that the enablers have passed laws so that the elites can take a rake with impunity.”
    Then, if true, then that must be why the elites, ( and the enablers), are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer.
    Think …. why go to university and pay all that money, if you will not get on a fast track to become a rich enabler?
    I remember reading that a military commission used to be bought by the wealthy. (It probably cost less that todays university degree.)
    You know, become an officer, become a leader of the troops, become part of the officers club, get a chance to make your fortune.

    The only thing that I know is what I read.
    The only thing that matters is that I still can make it to the end of the month and that I’m not in pain.

    John Day
    Former Israeli spy, Ari Ben-Menashe, had another interview, with Whitney Webb, about Jeffrey Epstein’s early days of value to Israeli intelligence. He was working with Robert Maxwell, a major Mossad asset, when Bill Clinton’s star began to ascend towards the White House. Epstein was ideal, under those conditions, to become a friend of Bill, and procure underage girls for him, to help keep him from turning out bad like Jimmy Carter, and pressuring Israel for a two state solution; things like that.
    (Again, the dead guys head is not Epstein’s head )

    Former Spy Details Israel’s Main Motive Behind Epstein’s Sexual Blackmail Operation

    There is a loss of trust in banking. Banks don’t trust banks in the overnight lending, “repo” market.
    Why not? What do they know. They say the same thing happened in summer 2008.
    Here’s The Slog, John Ward.
    ​ ​T​​o see banks in the repo financial sector through to 2020 – that’s exactly two weeks away – the NYFed will whack $130bn of button-created money into that niche to stop collapses…and in the first ten days of January, another $180bn. By the end of the first month of the year, something like 3 trillion dollars will have been thrown at the problem since September…
    After the 2008 Crash1, despite all their attempts (largely successful) to avoid being reined in by regulation, the banks themselves lost all trust in each other. In this playground, there is zero honour between thieves – just children playing at Lord of the Flies. For weeks before 2008 went critical, nobody trusted Lehman. Equally, Wall Street firms stood and watched as other banks circled round Lehman like sharks in a feeding frenzy – sinking their teeth into the bloated whale by withdrawing cash. Barcap wound up buying the bank for a song.
    ​ ​So repo became a channel for offsetting risk while providing short-term liquidity or credit. Banks still demanded collateral for their loans to other banks, and so the repo market became a way of avoiding that by spreading risk and using cheap government bonds (T-Bills) as collateral.
    ​ ​However, since late 2017, lending via the repo has been a quadropoly involving the megabanks. Any reduced willingness by the Big Four to lend there reduces in turn the liquidity of other banks….who have, of course, spent the last decade overleveraging themselves again.
    ANALYSIS: One lesson for both the New York Fed and Boris Johnson: you can’t buy trust

    Interest rates have to be suppressed, despite risks, despite withering pension funds, because the current financial system is so heavily over-indebted, that rises in rates will collapse it, as interest service becomes impossible.
    ​ ​Herbert Stein, a prominent economist and adviser to presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, once remarked, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”…
    ​Current global debt levels are simply not sustainable. Debt actually is sustainable if the debt is used for projects with positive returns and if the economy supporting the debt is growing faster than the debt itself.
    ​ But ​neither of those conditions applies today.
    ​ ​ Debt is being incurred just to keep pace with existing requirements in the form of benefits, interest and discretionary spending.​ (Not just government, but corporate, and household, etc.)


    @ John Day
    A little bit of digging on James G. Rickards
    Guess who could have made things better, (not just for himself), but for the social economic well being of everyone, (not just for themselves, the enablers, and the elites), but for all of us.
    If MMT will extend the good times for them then you can bet that they will enact some kind of printing.
    Oppps! They are already printing.
    For wrong decisions
    He could always use the excuse of the democrats
    At the time I didn’t know what I know today.

    James G. Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence. He is an American lawyer, economist, and investment banker with 35 years of experience working in capital markets on Wall Street. He was the principal negotiator of the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management L.P. (LTCM) by the U.S Federal Reserve in 1998. His clients include institutional investors and government directorates.

    Dr. D

    James G. Rickards the insider of insiders. Didn’t he preside over the mega-insider screwup/bailout of LTCM firsthand? And after participating in THAT he wants be seen as an expert? I wouldn’t hire him as a dishwasher, as he has neither honor nor shame. …Which is exactly why he has the job he does.


    Printing money will cause problems in the future.
    Printing will cause some problems to some people that I don’t know.
    (read the following for a longer expose than me)

    Who has done more printing of money than the USA? Japan, China
    So , what happened to their economy?
    I guess that they did MMT and their economy are still operational.
    We are still buying stuff from them.
    If printing of money is bad then we should keep our eye on those that have printed the most to see what will happen to us.
    TAE is a great place to watch and see what will happen.

    Dr D Rich

    Several venues are writing about Carter Page in a sympathetic light and that he is owed an apology.
    However, I see it that no information shows Carter Page was NOT in on the game. His performance always seemed like poorly managed stagecraft from a fellow USNAer. Prove me wrong.



    Former NSA Tech Chief Says Mueller Report Was Based on CIA-Fabricated ‘Evidence’

    Former NSA Tech Chief Says Mueller Report Was Based on CIA-Fabricated ‘Evidence’
    NSA whistleblower, former NSA technical chief, Bill Binney, says CIA created the ‘evidence’ for the Mueller Report’s allegation that Russia had hacked DNC.
    by Eric Zuesse
    December 17, 2019



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