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    Mattia Preti The Adoration of the Shepherds 1660-99   • More Than Half A Million Americans Will Be Homeless This Christmas (F.) • Dow Dives 400 P
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    V. Arnold

    That’s all? Hard to believe. But whatever the real number, isn’t this what Christmas is about, and what should dominate the news?

    Unbelievably low; and I do not, for one second, believe those numbers.
    One might think that by attaching a number to homelessness; that something is being done to stop it.
    Yes, one might think that; but that one would be as wrong as two left shoes…
    The US has become breakdown nation; a graveyard of ideas, thought, science, inovation, and the young…

    Dr. D

    Notice the Zampogna pipes.

    I wonder how the stats are created. Sounds like they may include someone who left their partner some night that year or are couch-surfing. But that’s 1,000 per state, which from my experience seems low, not high. Also why are they (almost) all in Democratic districts? Shouldn’t Houston be fair game? If they’re in Boston, shouldn’t they be in Charleston? Shouldn’t the people who help the most and spend the most have the best results, not the worst? Have wondered about this most of my life, and why no one notices, and rejects if you ask/tell them.

    Do we have an independent Fed if they’re “listening to markets”? Aren’t they jut throwing a Taper Tantrum and getting bonus candy? How about if they listen to the President? Independent then? As a private cartel and lobby/influence arm of the insider banks, we know who they listen to: themselves. Bank profits and survival. Not markets, not citizens. Profits occur only when their product is sold: debt; or only when it is foreclosed on: collapse. QED, they sell irrational debt, then use force of government to foreclose on it. Rinse, repeat. Ask Greece.

    Greatest quote for the wall (or was it ending wars?) was that “Trump has caved to his base.” That quote has everything in it, and everything the media believes about government and the people. 1) that politicians should NEVER listen to the people 2) that they are supposed to lie and then do the OPPOSITE of whatever they’re saying 3) that the strangest, most unusual, irrational thing would be to enforce the policies that your voting bloc sent you there to accomplish and 4) obeying the voters is treason.

    To whom? The Deep State, the power networks, the oligarchs. Ask Carter, he said only last year the U.S. was no longer a democracy, referring to that study by Harvard. “Caving to your base” is DEMOCRACY, you idiots, and he doesn’t need to “cave” since he’s been doing what they asked all along. That’s now so unthinkable they sputter and can’t understand it.

    P.S., also for the ADHD “Tweet”, to “suddenly and irrationally” withdraw from an illegal war of foreign invasion “without asking anybody”. No, first of all, he said that through the election, that’s WHY he got elected, BY the military men. Second, he said earlier and about every war “why can’t we leave?”, it was in the news, go check. Third,he didn’t just tweet (which is all CNN would have done) it’s called a “press release”: a professional video, from the White House, as usual. Fourth, he made the decision BECAUSE the media, congress, insiders would try to stop him as they’re trying now, EVEN THOUGH Congress voted against Syria twice I think, but at least once under Obama, who told Congress to screw themselves he was going anyway, and no one protested or impeached at all this continuing war crime – not even or especially the U.N., who now has all sorts of protests against the U.S. for NOT war crimes. That vote did, however, avoid WWIII with Russia as without any support from the people, and Obama was forced to keep the CIA’s actions minimized.

    This was not reported at the time, and even reported as the opposite by well-paid journalists such as Claas. Other Reporters who did cover it lost their jobs and stated websites and channels who are now being defunded by Youtube, Facebook, Patreon, PayPal, and Visa. –Hey! Like Wikileaks was yesterday! Isn’t that weird? What a coincidence!

    In proper form, following Obama’s 5 illegal wars of aggression (plus the usual 100 CIA murder/protest/election-tampering ops worldwide) AND heartily supporting the illegal Clinton and Bush actions (both I and II), the U.N. manages to write a sternly-written letter to someone in charge! Hey U.N., kick the U.K. out of your operation for blatant serial violations of U.N. law going back 30 years. They’ll back off right away, Assange can leave, and you’ll actually have a real effect for once. But that’s not the U.N.’s purpose. Their purpose is to HIDE these outrageous crimes by authorizing and legitimizing them. Always has been. Ask Viet Nam.

    No one knows where a tipping point is. That’s part of what makes it a tipping point. That’s what “chaos theory” is, as it’s not “Chaos” at all, just simple interactions that are immediately too complex for us to model in any reasonable way. Because we can’t model them, but we can observe that when more than a few elements are introduced, we often find the system galvanize and phase change, but “unpredictably” too soon or too late. No one knows which one. How can I say that? Because among all the other predictive failures, every climate model they’ve made in 40 years has been dead wrong. The few that have been right in their specialty (such as sun cycles) have been completely ignored. So I wouldn’t bet they can call a tipping point, having no way to get sound data on a 500,000 year planet much past 1800, 0.004% of that. They can’t even call an economic collapse date with ALL the data, on computers, already IN the model, with a hundred billion of investment in quants and supercomputers helping them.

    There is probably a tipping point out there, but surely we would have said it was in 1745 with Malthus, 1845 with steam, or 1945, with nukes, or now, with population. But it hasn’t. It’s not only bigger than us, it’s bigger than our minds. Live humble.

    Yes, V., the U.S. is a bloodthirsty death cult. There’s very little left that isn’t.

    V. Arnold

    There is probably a tipping point out there, but surely we would have said it was in 1745 with Malthus, 1845 with steam, or 1945, with nukes, or now, with population. But it hasn’t. It’s not only bigger than us, it’s bigger than our minds. Live humble.

    There is a tipping point; we’re just not equipped to see it.
    It’ll not likely be dramatic from our extremely limited point of view.
    We’re looking for drama; missing the high drama all around us; slo-mo to us; but a flash geologically…
    The entire timeline of human existance is but a flash…


    The sellers did not sell a at a loss.
    They sold at a lower profit.
    Those who loss money had no business being there and gambling.

    Listen to “economic advisor” saying, “What the fed is doing is wrong. They should keep printing, print more. Don’t raise interest rates”
    What we now need are balloon twisters.

    Dow Dives 400 Points To End Its Worst Week In 10 Years (CNBC)

    Did his stories make money?

    • Der Spiegel To Run 23-Page Special On Reporter Who Faked Stories (AFP)



    Here is a reaction to that german journalist’s “Trump supporter country” piece:

    Wondering what his Syrian refugee article was like… and what he made up.

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