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    Alfred Palmer Conversion. Beverage containers to aviation oxygen cylinders 1942   • OPCW Official Ordered ‘All Traces’ Of Dissenting Report On Do
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    Dr. D

    “According to experts, climate change will result in “millions” of deaths, major European cities being sunken, nuclear war and global environmental riots…all within the next 5 days.
    That’s because they made the prediction back in 2004 and said all that would happen by 2020, which is just 5 days away.”

    Report Hyped by Climate Alarmists Warned of Million of Deaths, Nuclear War, Sunken Major Cities by 2020

    Gosh you’d think after 20 or 30 years, they’d say: “Hey! I think my models are broken! They’re more wrong than a flipped coin!” (95% wrong instead of 50%) Nope. Science!™ “Whenever your thesis is proved wrong, double down and tamper with data!” But I kid: many don’t have any data — they made it all up.

    Well they were right about one thing: that AGW would mean constant riots and food shortages…caused entirely by their own petrol taxes in France, and migration caused by their voluntary, profit-making wars. Good excuse tho. Greta approved, coming from a country that is now the hand grenade capital of the world due to those very policies.

    Oh look! “The leadership of the chemical weapons watchdog took efforts to remove the paper trail of a dissenting report.

    Sounds like everything else, every minute of the day. “I will heal you with the power of my lies!” And I’m guessing this is in some way similar to tampering with legal evidence. And I’m guessing no one will go to jail. And I’m guessing no one will care because we love lies and arrest the truth-tellers.

    Democrats have been calling for President Trump’sthe last 4 out of 5 Republican Presidents removal forever,

    It’s just a thing they do, stopping democracy and elections. But hey, “Socialists,” it’s a given.

    Again, if Trump were to indict any of the thousands of felons (see above) they would call it “obstruction” and impeach him with an actual premise. False, as arresting felons is his duty, but at least a premise. Whyfore? Well as Michael Moore – long-time defender and sympathizer for the working poor now says – “2/3 white people are violent racists, you should fear them” as a way of getting that civil war, their only chance. Oh P.S. he knows that entirely by of the color of their skin, the one they were born with. He can judge people exclusively by the color of their skin because that’s not racist at all. P.P.S. People worldwide of every other race cannot be racists: that’s only possible for ‘white’ people, whatever that totally anti-scientific word means. Not the Spanish, obviously. Not the Greeks. Not the Jews. Not the Slavs. Not any Caucasians from the Caucus, not the… “Science!™”

    Well anyway, getting that division and war is a poor plan, but it IS a plan. And more and more sub-quotes are popping up among minor democrats and minor reporters (but I repeat myself), where they say the reason is, they’re not winning the election, that’s why they impeach. Dunno how to say it’s fake and there’s no danger and no crimes any clearer than that, thanks for being honest!

    the thing a lot of us fear is that Trump will benefit from all of it.”

    Doesn’t have to be this way. It usually isn’t. You’re doing it wrong. Here’s an idea: get a platform most people like and a candidate that want it they can trust. Crazy I know, but it’s worked before. And you have one with both halves AND has not one but TWO victim-lottery checkboxes: Ms. Gabbard, the only candidate they are violently rejecting, because they are now the pro-war, pro-rich, pro-religion party.

    I’m the strongest candidate to bring together a multiracial coalition of African Americans, of Latinos, of Asians.”

    Strangely, no. The candidate that has doubled in those polls and has that momentum is Trump. Go fig. …Maybe some kind of karma for screwing all three groups relentlessly for 50 years.

    Biden Says He Won’t Comply With Senate Subpoena In Impeachment Trial (DMR)

    I’m sure the optics of that going into an election are fabulous. The video of Peolsi’s son just show what happens when you’re in a target-rich environment: everywhere you point you hit something. You can’t miss.

    “”All right. They’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us … They can’t get away this time.” — Marine General Chesty Puller (not a joke) having ‘a h–l of a good time’

    Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Campaign Issues Urgent Fundraising Plea (R.)

    Trouble because she instantly got multi-millions ahead of time from all the banks and Wall Street, in anticipation of this run where like Obama, she could then violently double-cross the public in their service. But that money’s gone? Sounds like people aren’t buying. In one way, that’s okay: that’s what Bloomberg is there for, to throw unlimited money and slander at Cheeto, not caring which democrat wins, but he has to be a candidate for that to be legal.

    Rachel Maddow’s Defense In OAN Lawsuit Is That Her Words Are Not Fact (CTT)

    Yes, we knew Maddow’s words mean nothing, but now she has to prove publicly they mean nothing. Don’t worry: no one will care, they’ll believe it anyway, and I’ll be the crazy one.

    How it was that Barack Obama came on-duty in January of 2009 and got away with doing absolutely nothing about all that for eight years remains one of the abiding mysteries

    Hey! I just said that! But according to Moore only people with white skin are bad, so…bank and CIA sellout, droner-in-chief = good.

    Citing anonymous sources, the newspaper described a “plot”

    Stop there. It’s fake. Or rather, it’s John Brennan on the phone.

    Hypersonics: “The US? Nothing so far.

    Oh, I wouldn’t be so sure. You mean OFFICIAL reality, or just reality? Because they just admitted they have an anti-ICBM rocket that fits an F-16. The only way that can work is to be hypersonic AND miniaturized. …But then we don’t have a space program either. Except the one that just spent 400 days in space. But it can’t get there without Russian rockets. But it did. But we don’t, because we do, right? By the way, we just SAW an underwater ICBM be fired, and an F-16 shoot it down as Air Force One was in the air coming back from North Korea. But we didn’t. Except I can watch the launch on Youtube. What did I say about every word every adult says being a transparent, idiotic lie?

    Hey was that the same billionaire island that plane flew around for an hour before crashing?


    President Trump Wins 2020 in a Landslide
    Its the USA democracy operated by the enablers
    One dysfunctional legal system, Two parties, Many uninformed idiots,

    “Democrats have focused their efforts on electability, making the case for rallying behind the kind of candidate who can topple Trump”

    “Trump will eat his (Biden) lunch.”

    Sanders said. “I think I’m the strongest candidate to bring together a multiracial coalition of African Americans, of Latinos, of Asians.”

    There is no proof of wrong doing – Biden

    The non-politician cannot be beaten by dirty politicians

    Doc Robinson

    From a few days ago, more evidence of the DNC’s machinations.

    The Democratic National Committee produced a new “unity” fundraising advertisement which featured 10 presidential candidates—but notably left out Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard… She has consistently polled higher than at least two of the candidates who were featured.

    Critics blast DNC for snubbing Tulsi Gabbard in “Unity” fundraising video featuring 10 candidates

    John Day

    It’s OK. I’m sending Tulsi $50 when she does special-good things, which she does some days.

    John Day
    Another thing you have the power to do, which I highly recommend, is to get rid of beliefs which do not serve you and replace them with nothing at all. When you notice a belief you have about the world, or about yourself, or about someone else, or whatever, you can ask yourself how that belief is beneficial to you. If you conclude that the belief harms your ability to enjoy life or to succeed at your goals, or even if it’s just not particularly useful, you can simply consciously relinquish it by ceasing to energetically hold it in yourself as true and real. You don’t actually need to replace it with another belief if you don’t want to; you can just let it exist as one big question mark.
    ​ ​In fact it’s possible to live life with very few beliefs, because very few of them will be useful to you at any given time. You can comb through your entire belief system and consciously relinquish almost all of it one item at a time, leaving nothing in its place but question marks. You can choose to experience life as a mystery.

    Don’t Be Crushed By Your Own Belief System

    ​4 million Muslims killed since 1990, but the American Empire has been at it a LOT longer than that.
    (“White Man’s Burden”, signed copy for you, T.R.)
    ​ ​After the U.S. defeated the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay and annexed the Philippines under the 1898 Treaty of Paris, the Moro population were not even consulted. The U.S. then sought to “pacify” them using brute force.
    ​ ​“I want no prisoners,” ordered General Jacob Smith on Samar Island during the war in 1902. “I wish you to kill and burn, the more you kill and burn the better you will please me.”
    ​ ​Fast forward over 100 years later and it is difficult to see how U.S. military doctrine has changed for the better. A video came to light in 2010 of then-General James Mattis saying that it was “a hell of a lot of fun to shoot” people in Afghanistan.

    “White Man’s Burden”: The US Has Been Fighting “Forever Wars” Against Muslims for 120 Years

    ​Rat Line Reversal will solve problems for Turkey by getting rid of heavily armed “refugees” from Syria, at bargain price, while exerting “regional influence” in oil-rich Libya. Libya’s the cheapest place to send that riffraff.
    ​ President Erdogan in a speech on Thursday presented plans to send Turkish national troops bolster Tripoli as well.
    Possibly thousands from among the so-called Turkish Free Syrian Army (formerly the FSA), with most of its fighters currently attacking Syrian Kurds in the ongoing ‘Operation Peace Spring’, will now be sent into Libya.
    There are reports suggesting Turkey is ready to pay $2,000 a month for each Syrian ‘rebel’ willing to go to Libya…
    And akin to the current proxy war which has seen both the US, Kurds, and Sunni Islamists backed by Turkey wrangle over Syria’s oil rich eastern region, Libya is heating up to be the latest ‘oil and gas prize’ — but with immensely more at stake.

    ​Is Social Media The New Tobacco? Charles Hugh Smith
    (Is killing bicyclists while texting the new second-hand-smoke?)


    O.K. about this global warming thingy.

    I live in cold Canada.

    I have been waiting for global warming to arrive for over 40 years now.

    Look, I am getting bloody tired of waiting for global warming to arrive.

    I want global warming now!


    I find it curious that you dedicate so much of your blog space to attacking the cast of characters trying to contain the American “president”, Adam Schiff, Robert Mueller, the main-stream media, the “Deep State”, etc. I agree with you completely that the investigations are a farce. The “president” may be sucking our nation and the planet down the toilet with him but there doesn’t seem to be evidence that legally justifies his removal from office. My intent is not to defend those who are desperate to prove the “president’s” criminality, but I don’t understand what motivates you and the journalists you feature to ridicule the efforts, however misguided, of the “resistance” .

    The Dems are pissed off and frustrated and the ongoing Witch Hunt is their way of beating their heads against the wall. Schiff must know his efforts will come to nothing but he can’t help himself. The New York Times and The Washington Post know they have lost any integrity and objectivity they might have had before 11/08/16, but they are driven by their disgust and hatred. The intelligence services must be working overtime trying to cover the tracks from their previous failed attempts while they plot new ways to engineer a coup. Like Rush gleefully says every day, “They just can’t get over it!”

    The authors of the constitution knew they had created an imperfect document and thought of it as a stop-gap that could be improved upon in a few years. But no one ever got around to doing that and here we are all these years later treating it as if it came directly from God. Contrary to prevailing self-deception, the constitution has many shortcomings, and one of its oversights is that it makes it very difficult to remove a preening despot occupying the executive office. That conundrum is compounded by the gradual usurpation of power finessed by the executive branch, especially in recent years.

    You and many others with their eyes open, know what is going on and feel compelled to bring the Left, the Liberals, the Resisters to their senses. But that doesn’t justify the lopsided proportion of negative opinion posted on TAE which is critical of the Great Witch Hunt compared to the proportion allotted for reporting the myriad transgressions perpetrated by the “president” almost daily. To readers like me you come across as a fan of the Clown in Chief and his policies because you utilize much more space trashing his trashers than you do focusing on his many flagrant offenses.

    The Dems may not be able to get over the results of the last presidential election but you seem to be unable to get over having to witness the futile and frenzied attempts of Democrats to turn back the clock. Sometimes you say things like the Dems and/or the Deep State are attempting a coup (and I recognize the truth in that) and then you say something like, “God help us if they succeed”, as if the office of the President is sacred. Well, if it ever was sacred, it has now been blasphemed and the impostor needs to be removed. Or maybe you are worried about anarchy. It seems to me that we are caught up in kind of a slowly developing anarchy already. Respect among Americans for institutions, for tradition, for honesty and integrity, for other people, has been slowly declining for a few decades and only picked up speed with this “president”. People are realizing they can do whatever they want and that they, too, can get away with it. Or maybe you prefer the slowly developing tyranny that is coming down the road.

    We are talking about a man who still thinks of himself as the star of his own reality TV show, where nothing and nobody stand in his way and his power is absolute. He’s popular because a lot of people like TV. They’ve grown up with TV and it informs their lifestyle, their conversation, their self-image, and their consumption habits. Television is about the star, the celebrity, and celebrities tend to become overly self-important, pompous and narcissistic due to the constant adulation heaped upon them. Combine that with a primal hunger for power and you have our “president”. He thinks he is the authority on literally everything. First he said his replacement on the TV show he starred in for 14 years was a failure. Right then, everyone should have realized where his head was at. He assumes it his privilege to second-guess professional athletes and their coaches. He doesn’t hesitate to tell the leaders of other countries that he has a better idea for handling their internal policies. He thinks he knows better than the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank how to steer the economy. He tries to humiliate anyone who doesn’t fall in line with his objectives.

    The “president” may be inarticulate, but he is glib and smarmy. He is expert at cutting off another speaker and he possesses enough of a threatening demeanor to consistently get away with it. His street smarts have successfully enabled pervasive self-promotion, dishonesty when necessary, and a skill for “working the system”. With the help of his lawyers and accountants he really is an expert on bankruptcies and tax avoidance. He also excels at blaming others when things go bad (Obama has been his most frequently abused scapegoat), taking credit for anything that goes right, and never apologizing or admitting to mistakes. His success has also been abetted by a natural mean-spiritedness and an instinctive ability to belittle an opponent or any innocent target within his discriminatory cross-hairs.

    Our “president” has always surrounded himself with low-lifes and grifters, people who know how to cut corners, tell a white lie with flair, dirty-tricksters. Not down-right thugs, but people who would know a thug if you needed one. Lots of creative accountants and resourceful lawyers. His long-time friend and mentor was Roy Cohn, who as a lawyer, had defended mob bosses and Joe McCarthy. Cohn’s career was studded with accusations and indictments against him for extortion, bribery, blackmail, and tax fraud. Another confidant has been Roger Stone who started out in politics “practicing the black arts”, as he, himself, has put it, on behalf of Richard Nixon. Stone and Paul Manafort, “the president’s” 2nd of three campaign managers have been partners in a lobbying firm since 1980. One of their first clients was Donald Trump. They have also represented African warlords and the tobacco industry. Stone has been a promoter of conspiracy theories such as: Lyndon Johnson was responsible for JFK’s assassination and Barrack Obama’s presidency was illegitimate because he was not a legal citizen.

    The “president’s” most senior appointments have included an anti-conservation Interior Secretary who opened up federal lands and waters to exploration for oil and gas (He was forced to resign from this position, not for working at a cross-purpose to the mandate of the department, but for fraud); an EPA administrator who, prior to that posting, had brought 13 lawsuits against the EPA; an Education Secretary who, in her home state of Michigan, had been a lobbyist and major funder of private for-profit schools, most of which under-performed neighboring public schools.

    The “president” is a habitual liar. Everyone lies and politicians are the most consistent liars. But the lies of politicians are far more influential and potentially damaging because they are public and they reach a wide audience via the megaphone of every available media conduit. The charismatic Clown in Chief is as comfortable with lying as with speaking the truth and half of an enthralled American audience has no interest in distinguishing between the two. The enthralled still believe the trope that he is a successful businessman even though it’s common knowledge that he declared bankruptcy 4 times. Bankruptcy is a legal maneuver used to avoid paying debtors. He borrowed money, built casinos or hotel, and then deployed his lawyers and accountants to free him from having to repay the borrowed money. He doesn’t share his tax returns because with the help of legions of accountants/lawyers he avoided paying tax. When his returns are finally released, his devotees will see that our “president” showed his patriotism to America by not paying taxes on his swindled earnings. That was his contribution to making America Great Again. But a lot of people love an artful scofflaw, so he probably doesn’t need to worry.

    The “president” is a sexual predator. The evidence for this is overwhelming and incontrovertible. Reminding your readers of this once in a while is more important than repetitive derision of the Schiff follies. If it’s not yet against the law for the putative leader of our country to grab women’s crotches, then something needs to change.

    Why would you be surprised that otherwise smart people can’t stop themselves from standing in the way of a rampaging rogue, who seems to only gather speed with each ineffective shot fired.

    I often say that The Post and The Times, Rachel Maddow, et al would better serve the public if, instead of expressing wasted outrage at every marginally significant detail that has come out the Mueller investigation and the Impeachment hearings, they kept a running list of the transgressions perpetrated by the Clown in Chief and his administration. With regular unbiased, well researched updates (no unnamed sources) on how those policies are affecting Americans and disenfranchised people around the globe. Put it on the front page, above the fold, and then devote the rest of the news to all the other significant events going on around the world outside of the Swamp Circus.

    Those transgressions occur with such frequency that each is soon replaced by another. All are quickly overwhelmed and obscured by the ongoing Witch Hunt. Some have been widely reported, others barely mentioned, but all quickly lost in a fog of media too obsessed with Russiagate and Ukrainegate. When everyone who has a shred of empathy for other humans should be screaming bloody murder Congress and the MSM can only behave like chickens with their heads cut off. Here is a brief summary of some of the actions taken by the “president”:

    This “president” and his craven minions have decreed that many environmental regulations be removed, regulations designed to keep toxic chemicals out of the air, water and earth that we and other creatures depend upon for sustenance;

    The “president” endangered the lives and welfare of (mostly poor) women by denying funding to family planning clinics which include referrals for abortions among their many services;

    The “president” has single-handedly taken several actions to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, thereby obstructing access to healthcare for millions of people;

    The “president” has prevented entry into the U.S. by citizens of certain countries, as well as, many people seeking refuge here. This was not done for the ostensible reason of protecting the U.S. from terrorists, but to discriminate against Muslims and the desperately poor. This serves his agenda and garners political support from racist Americans;

    The “president” and his rich cronies in the Congress made the rich richer by greatly reducing the tax on capital gains;

    The “president” and his appointees have made every attempt to remove climate change from the public conversation, by denying the science, by removing access to studies which support the science, by firing some scientists and muffling the voices of others. He has the authority to decide that the U.S. would be the only country in the world to deny the urgency of reducing carbon emissions;

    The “president” has robustly supported the occupation of Palestine and the inhumane treatment of its residents by Israel;

    The “president” has publicly appeared with and unreservedly voiced his praise and support for autocratic leaders of countries who share his disregard for human rights, El-Sisi of Egypt, King and Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia, Orban of Hungary, Erdogan of Turkey, Duterte of the Philippines, Bolsonaro of Brazil, Putin of Russia, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea;

    The “president” recently pardoned two war criminals and restored the rank of another, a Navy Seal. The Secretary of the Navy was forced to resign because he was opposed to honoring the Navy Seal, who was called ”freaking evil” by a member of his team in court testimony.

    Pardon me for saying so, but you need to get your priorities straight. If you think you are speaking up for Democracy, then please realize that we didn’t really have one anyway. The congress people in Washington rarely take any beneficial action on behalf of most citizens. They wouldn’t be solving the real problems that confront us anyway, whoever is occupying the oval office. Racism, healthcare, education, human rights, etc., etc. are issues that need to be addressed by a real leader, not a self-obsessed celebrity. The electoral college should be abolished and the election system overhauled. Trump lost the popular vote by the greatest margin ever for an elected president.

    It is a coup attempt. Call it that if you want. But everything is at stake. Please stop giving support to the “president” by denigrating the people who are opposing him.

    Larry Simpson



    I think …
    The non-politician cannot be beaten by dirty politicians


    Ims:. I am surprised that you don’t think jobs are very important to people. Most people like to have jobs.

    You sound just like all those communists I met in Siberia back in 1983! That place was a hell hole!

    I would be only too happy to give you the address so you can move there!


    Humans are born with blinders to avoid the PTSD of seeing reality.

    The OPCW Blackout, Impeachment, Ukraine, and the lawless New Aristocracy, are all indecipherable unless one acknowledges that a plutocratic counter revolt established a new Western Empire ruled by supranational corporations and oligarchs that superseded the corrupt incompetent national governments. Founded on neoliberalism, with one goal only, increase corporate profits no matter the cost to humans or the environment. By the turn of the century, all of the western political parties were bought out and the forever wars were on. Then Donald Trump was elected throwing a monkey wrench into the whole process. He and Bernie Sanders are unsuitable Emperors. Venerable Joe Biden, who spearheaded the restart of the Cold War with Russia, is the only suitable placeholder in contention except perhaps for a gay Mayor. Clearly a new way to select the Global Ruler is needed.

    It is amazing that the world survived to 2020. How about 2030?

    V. Arnold

    It is a coup attempt. Call it that if you want. But everything is at stake. Please stop giving support to the “president” by denigrating the people who are opposing him.

    Larry Simpson

    You’ve done a spendid job of mis-characterizing this blog and its host.
    I would question your reading comprehension; it seems you have confused your own biases and projected that confused bias here.
    Objectivity is difficult; and rare in a culture of operating by confirmation biases.
    This is what makes TAE such a gem, IMO…

    Dr. D

    General Jacob Smith probably worked for the same people as General Smedly Butler who said, “War is a racket.” He was the enforcer. Pretty sure they didn’t give a s—t about the religion of the nation they wanted to take, except that bleeding hearts back home would make it hard for them if they were Christians.

    Certainly killed every Christian they could find recently and denied them entry while cooing about the Yazidis.

    I think the barrage of attention on the Left not only by TAE but other leftists like Pool and Dore is caused be a few things: Foremost, there’s a sense they’re playing the game badly. They actually WANT Cheeto out and the moderate Left to win, and this is not the way to do it. In fact, it’s wildly counterproductive as newly proven every day. So my guess is Raul falls into the European left-leaning and also has this inclination to help the Left win. In fact, although I’m only to the Left of Alexander Hamilton, I do the exact same thing. It’s no fun playing chess against an opponent who moves their pawns diagonally across the board, then forfeits, calls you a cheat, and throws the board over. Play smart, will ya?

    Second, the level of lies. Like Pool says, the Right is just being the Right, same as ever. They want smaller government, less regulation, more money, blah blah. The Left has gotten to a bad habit of just making things up. 10 times a day. Every day. The blackout on OPCW with CIA/MI6-backed Bellingcat gaslighting, and the totally-transparently fake Trump-vote flipper, right on the heels of claiming there’s no video of Biden firing the Ukraine prosecutor for $1B and that his son is NOT on the board for … reasons… are just straight-up infuriating. We understand spin, it’s playing the game well, but not whenever they blow up a few thousand people and get caught, just say, and report, “No we didn’t! They’re still alive!” I hope other humans feel the same about lies vs the level of lies.

    Third, and most sadly, and about Playing the Game Badly, is, there’s no sense in criticizing Trump, BECAUSE of the Left. They’ve already got that angle covered, 99% of every story, every day. What can we add? But because they do that, and also lie, THEY ARE RUNNING COVER FOR TRUMP, and helping him, as he can hide the real scandals behind their air-horn of lies and nonsense. They also run cover and help him by deliberately misunderstanding every thing they can, and presume he knows nothing and is up no nothing, which is why he keeps winning because he’s stupid, QED. I’ve regularly covered a variety of actually impeachable offenses but what’s the point? If you joined up and got the other side in they would lie, impeach for nonsense reasons, then be far worse on every single point they accuse him of, as is illustrated every day, e.g. Biden saying he won’t testify, which is what they’re impeaching for. Hey, isn’t that why Manning is in prison? Funny. Anyway, so a lot of what they disingenuously accuse him of is just a difference of approach and policy, as we saw in the Vindman testimony. Since that’s the option, I’d rather watch both these villains blow each other to bits.

    Fourth, they won’t bring up any elements of what we MUST stop and impeach for: OPCW wars, Assange 1A, 2A, 4A, Manning and 5A, ACA and 10A, etc. Why? Because the DNC and media love it, want centralized dictatorial power, but they want to be in control of it to kill us all, just as they do in Baltimore and Chicago. I have to oppose that, but that means I oppose them BOTH, and the DNC/Press are a lot, lot LOUDER on those issues of wild, Stalinist overreach. Trump just does it but pretends he won’t.

    The further criticism is fair, but only makes me wonder why we don’t have the same criticism back when Obama opened up oil and gas in ANWR, droned a few thousand civilians including citizens, arrested whistleblowers, deregulated banks and instead of criticizing the Fed, filled Wall Street’s wildest wishes. And, as you say, lied about it all, as Clinton, Bush, Obama were “as comfortable lying as speaking.” Yes. They are. I’ve been saying this all my adult life. That’s why you don’t’ trust or empower the governmentfor the love of Christmas. The later list of Trump’s crimes such as supporting dictators, paying Kim Jong, firing Generals, bombing nations, imprisoning by race, immigration, wrecking welfare, health care, and pardons are literally Bill Clinton’s Presidency, and maybe everybody back to Johnson or Eisenhower. FDR? Teddy? So why is it different now? Suddenly, for the first time in our lives, this Exact. Same. Thing is not okay. Why?

    And that’s what drives me, or us, crazy, and why we or at least I, can’t move on from it. I will never, ever get tired of telling the truth. I will never, ever accept lies and hypocrisies. But unfortunately, I start with the biggest loudest guy on the field, and that’s not Cheeto. What did Bill Maher say? To win they only need to be less bad, less crazy than Trump? And how is it that they’re not, so we can go after him instead? Please come back.


    The reason Trump distresses so many people is not that he’s so bad, or so good, but that he won’t speak in accepted status quo terms.

    On the left, people sigh wistfully for the days when our President could speak in complete coherent comprehensive sentences. Never mind that he typically defaced every remark he made by doing the opposite of what those sentences meant, or worse, doing just a tiny bit of what they meant while ignoring or defying the rest of their meaning.

    On the right, I often hear yearning for good ol’ Ronnie the Reagan (I don’t think anyone really misses Dubya), a public spokesperson who knew how to project solid wholesome snack food sound bites of a texture and flavor so many Americans know and love. Never mind that the same thing criticism I applied to Obama also applies to Reagan. How aware Ronnie was of his lies is somewhat obscured by the fact of his senility. Obama has no excuse that I can perceive. He knows on which side his bread is buttered and that seems to be good enough for him.

    Donald does Donald. He is a sincere phony who means what he says whether he means it or not. It works for him for the moment, and that’s what matters to someone as severely mentally ill as poor Donald. This distresses people all around because they like their liars to lie consistently. Truth is not what most people are used to hearing from politicians, but they have certain standards defining lying that is “respectable” and lying that isn’t, the types being preferred generally being mostly defined by what politically/ideologically labeled camp they identify or associate with.

    The fact that all previous presidents have steadily moved our nation closer to the Sunken Evil Empire sinkhole doesn’t seem to bother most people as much as a president who doesn’t pretend to be trying to improve things via a manner of lying to which they are accustomed to prefer and, apparently, at least sometimes, believe.

    Why we expend energy discussing such matters is, imo, because we’re primate hominids, and primates love to gather at territorial boundaries and hoot at the other territory’s members as those members in turn hoot at them. It takes our minds off our problems which we are unlikely to fix without miraculous intervention of some sort.

    Can We Talk?


    The right
    The left

    All of them say they don’t lie.
    All of them accuse the others of lying.
    Look behind the curtain. Yes, there are people influencing the puppets.
    ( In polite circle, “a women behind the throne”)
    Trump calls them “the swamp creatures”
    They are all controlled/motivated/advised/mentored/coached/influenced, by the enablers. (Didn’t you ever hear the expression, “Lawyered up”)

    Is democracy the same as freedom when your choice is determined by the enablers?

    John Day

    Thank You Ims!
    I was going to answer you, myself, but I’m overawed by all the answers you already got. I like Bosco’s best, because it’s the last one I read and it’s quick and whimsical, always good flourishes.
    That being said, I WILL comment that Trump is more of a giant chimpanzee in a China shop than a bull.
    Trump practices the “Drunken Monkey” style of political Kung-Fu, which only a master can practice, and which is dangerous for the practitioner, but oh-so-unpredictable to the opponent(s).
    Anyway, if you think Trump is stupid, you already lost.
    He’s “differently-abled”, as one might politely say.
    Tom Luongo thinks that BoJo has caught on to the style, or may somewhat emulate it.

    Did Macron and Johnson Negotiate a Hard Brexit in October?

    Luongo thinks Macron has an angle to unseat Germany at the top of the heap in Europe, which is admirably French of him, though I think he’s less bright than Tom does. The Rothschilds who pull his strings are bright enough though, and they reside on both sides of the Chunnel.
    I suspect the House of Rothschild has a clever ploy to come out on top of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.
    (I hope inwardly that even that sinister plan may herniate unexpectedly when lifting heavily, but I’ll stop, now.)

    John Day

    Ouch! Ouch! Run! Run!
    I’ve got to send that footage to Nate Hagens, Bosco!


    I greatly respect Raul and this is one of only two sites I rely on for news. both political parties are really really corrupt. the lobbyist and military run the country. Trump is a terrible president but he knows he wont live long enough to reap what he is sowing. His environmental policies alone are horrible.
    the democratics are completely missing the message. No one is going to get fired up about Biden and the impeachment is stupid. the only person who made any sense in that debacle was Gabbard.

    Just a rambling thought.
    I have an 80 + year old neighbor sharp as a tack but I would not want him to be president.. There should be a max age as well as a minimum age. A president should have the live long enough to see the mess they made. If your smart and you live long enough to make it to 70 you have to be smart enough not to want that job. If you do want it at that age you probably should not have it. I know at 62 I was more capable at 50 and maybe even at 40 .

    I understand people are pissed off. The MBAs gutted middle America with factory farms in the 70s and 80s and moving manufacturling first to the southern states then to mexico then to asia. the computer and technology advancements take manufacturing jobs out in vast numbers and service jobs are next cashiers and drivers are close to being eliminated. The MBA across the world were taught the same lessons– cost reduction no matter what the cost. but you cannot put the Genie back in the bottle. technology caused the great depression, a tractor could do the work of 20 men,. and it will cause the next one (already did in 2008 we just fired up the printing press to wallpaper over it.)

    Trump is an old fool he is trying, very poorly, to make changes we talked about on the factory floor in the early 1980s. That Genie is not going to fit back in the bottle .but we could make the genie dance. the whole country could have solar panels if we decided to stop blowing up brown people for a few years. we could look to a future that the next generation to be born would be proud of. (its not coal) we could stop poising the planet with roundup and plastics. you get the idea we could chose to do the right things. You know start to leave it better than we found it.

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