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    ‘– Oil will be priced in Yuan but Ipecac will still be priced in dollars; Only the rich will be able to afford gasoline and only electric cars and Hummers will be seen on the road’

    Only in regions that still have operating electricity systems.

    Weren’t we supposed to have electric heavy-haul trucks and electric planes by now?


    What I really wanted to say before I got distracted is this:

    The banksters/money-lenders have only two strategies: lie and steal

    Usury was considered immoral, if not criminal, until a particular monarch -the psychopath Henry the Eight** I believe- changed the rules.

    Create money out of thin air and charge interest on it = fraud, a form of lying.

    Charge interest on money created out of thin air = theft

    Okay, so it’s legalised theft. But it’s still theft.

    Send ships to distant lands to steal resources – theft

    Persuade proles to sign away their rights and lives to work on the treadmill of Mortgages.

    Force Mortgagee sales when the victim of the Mortgage Crime is unable to keep up usury payments.

    Use fake money to create debt and to buy debt and call that debt Mortgage Backed Securities. And sell that debt to whichever sucker will buy it.

    Create fake money out of thin air and call it Treasury Bonds. Sell the Treasury Bonds to suckers or to other money-printing agencies.

    When ‘The Markets’ look too shaky, create money out of thin air and use it to support ‘The Markets’.

    We are living in a crime scene. A continuous crime scene.

    But as noted above, to Escape From The Matrix one has to unlearn everything one was taught [by the corrupt system] and apply critical thinking.

    But whatever you do, do not question the money system.

    I believe a certain revolutionary in the Roman-ruled province of Judea threw money-changers out of the temple because they were exploiting the proles of the times.

    These days the money-changers are not just welcome in the ‘temples’, ‘the temple authorities’ bow down and worship the money-changers. Probably because they know they will be murdered if they don’t.

    Today’s major crime on Airstrip Five (in addition to operating the fake money scam) is this.

    Ashley Bloomfield one of six new knights and dames in New Year Honours

    *This story was originally published on RNZ and is republished with permission*

    The health boss who led the country’s pandemic response and an acting coach who has worked with some of the world’s best are among recipients of the country’s top honours.

    Ashley Bloomfield, who is being recognised for his services to public health, is one of three knights appointed.’

    For the benefit of those who may not know, Ashley Bloomfield was the criminal who stood alongside The Scorpion during the early phases of the Covid scam and encouraged proles on Airstrip Five to wear completely ineffective masks, perform rituals relating to ‘social distancing’, promoted ‘vaccine passports’ and persuaded proles queue up for toxic jabs because they were ‘safe and effective’.

    Radio NZ is one of the main propaganda outlets of Big Brother on Airstrip Five (NZ Incorporated), along with TVNZ.

    ** Following an insurrection, Earl Whateverhisnamewas was asked by Henry for a report. He declared that he had caught the ringleaders and had hanged them

    “Not good enough,” declared Kind Henry. “Go back and hang all the villagers in the district. Don’t return until you have.” Women, children, the lot, all hanged, to teach anyone else who might be thinking of challenging the tyrant what happens if you oppose a tyrant.


    D Benton: “As if I wasn’t already spending too much time correcting my grammar, typos, spelling and punctuation. Somehow it was so much easier when it was just us yahoos in the mix, now we have to factor in the possibility that people might actually be listening.”

    Right? Thank you for the laugh! 🙂 Best wishes for the new year to all …



    If there was a real crisis, the USA’s biggest budget would not be for the military, it would be for the development of technology to rescue us from the energy crisis.

    Why do you think this?

    If you are right in claiming that the governments rather spend theft/tax collections on weapons, bribes, graft, and corrupt enrichment, why do you think they would “rescue us” from a crisis? If the bureaucrats are as corrupt and mendacious and vile as to support such things as you say, what is the consistent motivation that will make them change towards such thoughtful consideration of others so that they rescue us?

    Of course, all the usual questions about which “us” is the one you’re talking about apply, as well as the one about just what it means to “rescue” anyone from the inevitability of entropy.

    Maybe your life experience is very different from mine, but I’m unused to seeing cruel or vicious or apathetic people behave sacrificially for others during existential crises. I’m used to seeing people who sponsor corruption, mass murder, and military inefficiency acting even more irresponsibly and outrageously when they become aware of the probabilities of extinction events. For example, how many people have been shown where the DUMBs are in their local area?

    If anything, such people’s moral values might lead them to think that the “best of all possible worlds” for all of the humans, citizens, migrants, refugees, taxpayers, late night Waffle House patrons, and children left outside the closing doors is to inject them with poisons that will kill them quickly, so they won’t have to suffer and linger as the oceans boil and sweep across the world during the coronal ejection, because they only value a certain kind of life —life of power, control, and self-assertion across material reality, and all these useless folks too timid or too wasted or too doped to connect the dots or watch the stars are already living lives of little value, little worth, and little utility to save —so the most humane thing, already offered to the masses: euthanasia and death, quickly, suddenly, and unhesitated.

    But, yeah, what do you think motivates a government of humans to pursue “clean energy” for people such as yourself if we —us— were (have to use the irrealis mood, right?) facing existential doom, when you also believe that these same governments sponsor (but here, we have to use realis mood, right?) corruption, criminals, and chaos warfare?

    Veracious Poet

    2022 in one picture:

    And just like that, the human race ran over the cliff, like a herd of lemmings…

    John Day

    Thank you TAE Summary, for another wonderful encapsulation!

    John Day

    Concluding 2022

    It’s a temptation to write-off 2022, but it was a year in which the assault of lies failed to overrun the defenders of truth. I’m speaking about the failure to create a class of sub-humans in “the unvaccinated” and to scapegoat them and remove their human rights, as things in our world got worse, which they were already doing. In this year, there has been a growing awareness that the “vaccine products” are not very helpful, then that Omicron was not worse than flu, then that some people did have adverse events, and professional athletes and celebrities did sometimes die suddenly from heart attacks, and teenagers, and children, and friends, and relatives, and that a lot of people got cancer this year, too.

    The control-narrative of creating an “other” class of humans and blaming them for events did get fed a lot, but it never got critical mass, and it has been in decline since at least last spring. The Ukraine-War control-narrative is still being fed, but may well have its own moment of truth, where it becomes clear that russia is not merely not-losing, but that the western-empire is actually losing, and that negotiation will be necessary from a position of openly-acknowledged-weakness, not feigned-strength.

    It seems to me that a change-in-management in the US, and in the European halls-of-power would be better able to manage negotiations with such a severe change in the common-knowledge, when the paradigm clearly shifts. The US/NATO cannot escalate against Russia economically or with conventional military forces, only with nuclear forces. Russia has made it clear that they will respond and will not be nuclear-blackmailed, so I truly hope that the nuclear card will not be played by the west. It is clearly not in Russian interests to play that card first, and they have clear policies not to do so.

    I am somewhat hopeful that there will be a legal and constitutional change of management in the imperial-court in Washington DC this spring, through the mechanisms already laid out, by removing those from positions of power who have illegally censored American voices which spoke truth about COVID and political corruption. Nancy Pelosi announced last month that she would no longer be the house Democratic leader in 2023, as it becomes a minority. She’s not quite retiring, but signals her willingness to step back from the fray. It has been usual in American politics to let politicians off the hook for murder, as long as they back off from the conflict of the day. One might assume that convention to be carried forward. Tony Fauci has retired. He might be permitted to admit “making mistakes” and be allowed to disappear.

    One big risk that I see is that the current left-totalitarian corrupt elites might fight desperately to maintain power, which would involve stepping-up some emergency, like WAR. That would involve nuclear provocation of some sort, since US/NATO land forces just don’t have tanks and ammunition to fight Russia on the ground.

    The other big risk is a sudden swing to right-fascism, right-totalitarianism, outright reactionary viciousness within the United States of America. The path to this is clear and easy to see, the path of vengeance for mass-murder, as that becomes undeniable. Once such a path is taken in a society, there is no clear end to it, is there? If the economy crashes hard at the same time that a left-right political battle is underway, and the foreknowledge of the cynical COVID-Pandemic-Narrative planning becomes common-knowledge at all levels of society, then history shows that a wave of killing would be one of the historical paths a society could be rushed into. Once a society is on a killing spree it can be redirected and redirected again, but it is really hard to stop, and it usually consumes a lot of people who thought they were in control of it, too.

    There has been massive, murderous, cynical injustice wrought upon humanity and I think it is far from over, and we need to avoid getting sucked-into particularly virulent forms of it, which are well known. Each of us must resist the lure to murder-the-evil-one(s).
    It’s why there is life-in-prison, after all. It’s benefits society, not the murderer.

    Eleni sent me these historical lessons about the last-time-this-happened, actual history of WW-2, which casts it in a much different light, and may nurture the development of some wisdom, restraint, and also principled-action of the right sort at the right time. More Alex Krainer.

    Appeasement: the shocking truth about the 1938 Munich Agreement
    ​(Hitler was an as–hole, but he was the Empire’s a–hole, fully fed and supported with ​London’s deep pockets​ and coercive diplomacy.)
    Appeasement: the shocking truth about the 1938 Munich Agreement (part 1 of 3)

    Appeasement: the betrayal in Munich (part 2 of 3)
    (Hit​ler is successfully fed the healthiest economy and best army in Europe​, allowing him to prepare for the next step in European domination, as the British Empire successfully betrays Czechoslovakia and sets Poland up as the next acquisition, but Hitler is getting even bigger ideas.)
    Appeasement: the betrayal in Munich (part 2 of 3)

    The “Three Block” global agenda today and the role of finance (part 3 of 3)
    (This series-conclusion from December 2021 sees the foreshadowing of WW-3, which began shortly after, and in the context of “The Empire”​ still calling-the-shots, as “all wars are bankers wars​” and “London” has somewhat diversified since 1938.)
    The “Three Block” global agenda today and the role of finance (part 3 of 3)

    John Day

    The (UK) ​Government lets slip a Tragic & Sinister Secret: COVID Vaccination is killing Thousands & is more dangerous than the Disease itself

    The Government lets slip a Tragic & Sinister Secret: COVID Vaccination is killing Thousands & is more dangerous than the Disease itself

    ​ This new viral variant XBB.1.5 has the characteristics I have feared, the combination of high infectivity and the propensity to bind the ACE-2 receptors in the lungs and bloodstream, which made the original “Alpha-COVID” so unusually deadly.​
    ​The chart below shows that XBB.1.5 is the sneakiest variant ever to evade vaccinated immunity (an oxymoron by now). It also has a great affinity to ACE2, so very likely it will be able to infect the lungs and the cardiovascular system with worse outcomes than previous Omicron variants.

    We know that the “vaccinated” are at increased risk of catching COVID and not fighting it effectively, due to IgG4 induced “tolerance” of COVID spike-protein. Everybody should avoid “boosters”, keep their vitamin-D levels up, and be prepared to treat a case of COVID with zinc, quercetin, ivermectin and possibly other effective antivirals. I detailed many available and researched treatments here last December:


    They are mere symptoms of a much larger and deeper problem. Dr. Fauci’s agency failed to promptly fund key research during the pandemic. That research would have abruptly ended many of the COVID controversies that divided our country.

    Fauci did exactly what the private corporations wanted him to do: leave the door open for quack solutions that would be used to milk the budget dry, sending billions to snake oil salesmen. If Fauci had shown any glimpse of competence, people would have expected real science from him and his recommendations on how to deal with Covid would have been proven to be nonsense. The last thing an crooked old codger needs is a young competent challenger and my guess is that it was corporate power than kept him in his position, it certainly was not medical merit.


    What is unnerving is that a third of the faculty disagreed with the resolution despite the following reservation: “MIT does not protect direct threats, harassment, plagiarism, or other speech that falls outside the boundaries of the First Amendment.

    That one third are the bloat that contribute nothing positive to society, these are professors in gender studies, trans studies and other meaningless bollocks – basically feelings-based psudo subjects without rigor – that get support from the likes of George Soros and corrupt government. Why are these people even admitted to academia, they are an insult to real subjects such as science, engineering and the like, subjects that help build society, subjects that require brains rather than a fancy dress. Why are the tax payers lending money to these idiots to go to university? The only opening for a job requiring a “Gender Studies” qualification will be in groups furthering social malaise.


    What sample/swab do you need to do “genomic sequencing on the viral strains”

    Canada Says Arrivals From China, HK Must Test Covid Negative

    Canada will require travelers arriving from China from Jan. 5
    Ellen Kennedy, a spokesperson for Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, said Canada is monitoring COVID-19 case numbers and following the advice of public health officials.

    genomic sequencing on the viral strains circulating in the country.

    “These data are critical to monitor the case surge effectively and decrease the chance for entry of a novel variant of concern,” the CDC said.

    Some scientists are worried the COVID-19 surge in China could unleash a new coronavirus variant on the world that may or may not be similar to the ones circulating now. That’s because every infection is another chance for the virus to mutate.

    “What we want to avoid is having a variant enter into the U.S. and spread like we saw with delta or omicron,” said Matthew Binnicker, director of clinical virology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

    “I don’t think it’s going to have a major impact in slowing the spread of COVID-19,” Dowdy said. “We have a whole lot of transmission of COVID-19 here within our borders already.”



    Polemos said

    Why do you think this?

    I think this because I think that the motivation behind the weapons spending is three fold: to milk the system of tax payers’ dollars; to militarily crush any serious opposition to the USA; to force foreign countries to grant US coporations rights/access to resources that increase US wealth.

    Without energy, none of the above would be possible. If the USA was seriously worried about having no energy, why would they still be building weapons that require that energy – such as warships? Would the wealthy and powerful elements of the US system not divert money to fix the energy crisis as this crisis is a direct threat to their power and control.

    If the owners were really going to go without energy, they would not just sit back and accept it, they would do something to fight to keep their power, control and status. They have not done this, so I do not believe that they are really under any threat of losing their energy supply.


    A Message for the New Years


    ‘One big risk that I see is that the current left-totalitarian corrupt elites might fight desperately to maintain power, which would involve stepping-up some emergency, like WAR. That would involve nuclear provocation of some sort, since US/NATO land forces just don’t have tanks and ammunition to fight Russia on the ground.

    The other big risk is a sudden swing to right-fascism, right-totalitarianism, outright reactionary viciousness within the United States of America’

    John, may I suggest you consider the hypothesis that the so-called left and so-called right are merely abstract constructs, promoted by the totalitarian fascist (whose ancestors were fascists long before the term was even coined) and that there is only one kind of fascist.

    Also, there is nothing ‘elite’ about any of them. Subhuman would be a better term to describe them, I believe. They certainly lack the traits necessary for form proper functional human relationships.

    I believe you cannot negotiate with fascists; force and deceit are all they know.

    That is why Russia is now engaged in a crusade to de-Nazify Ukraine, following on from a series of broken ‘promises’ made by the fascists there and the fascists in London, Washington, Brussels etc. who have been sponsoring the activities of the Ukrainian fascists and who are now gearing up for the final showdown between good and evil.

    ‘And just like that, the human race ran over the cliff, like a herd of lemmings…’

    I know I will be accused of being pedantic, but it is the human species that is running over the cliff, taking a multitude of other species with it. .

    What is particularly telling is that one particular racial subset of the human species -let’s call them descendent of the Normans for want of a better term- is doing most of the pushing in the race to the bottom, and that other races are attempting to arrest that racial subset from continuing to impose its suicidal narratives on other races.


    Good Bye 20022!

    If you can watch this it means you survived


    they are really under any threat of losing their energy supply.
    they (don’t believe) that they are really under any threat of losing their energy supply.


    He’s Cooked… (Denninger)

    Anybody else having problems accessing Denninger’s site?

    Michael Reid

    This following year marks the beginning of an epoch of profound sorrow as the victims of the greatest crime against the human species unfolds. How that will be lived with is impossible to foretell.
    New Years greetings? Bah! Humbug!


    The Yamaha 350 (R5) was a *real* nice bike; My father owned one, and I rode it some, pre-license. A little later he sold it and got the quicker, torquier RD400, which I nearly offed myself on a number of times. Teenagers and road bikes..

    The Honda CB400 four-cylinder was memorable- Pop’s buddy had one, and it had a
    compact handlling and smoother power curve than the two-strokes.

    Veracious Poet

    If you can watch this it means you survived…

    If Lemmings could drive, it would be *no doubt* more controlled & safe than those homo-saps, but alas the cliffs are calling…

    Is it OK that I identify & feel like just that poor chap in that video (mind blown btw), dodging suicidal/homicidal morons since JAN 2020, when Fauci-stein et al. let loose the bio-fun-profit-terror-profit phase of their Collective EG0ic Madness?

    Herr Doktor JUN 2013:



    Ya can’t tell the players without a score card


    <img src="Scumbags Ya can’t tell the players without a score card; alt=”.” />


    Wow, the WordPress must be on Shrooms tonite


    One more stab


    Michael Reid

    death from the vaxx will be redefined as suicide


    Last night I said Happy New Year to Australia and New Zealand (and Asia/Europe/Africa).

    Now I am saying Happy New Year to North America!

    Hopefully I can finish some more of my 2020/2021/2022 projects in 2023!


    Polemos- those people in their DUMBs…sounds like hell. As solar glares happen cyclicly (as in suspicious observers), perhaps this is where the myth of “hell” came from. Those who took to the caves had a rough time of it.

    Will there be medicare for all to help the “vaccine” injured?

    Dr. D

    You know I would like to protest that the Right Fascists would gain and edge and start purging the Left Fascists, just because they’re so beaten down we haven’t seen them since the 80s, but I can’t. It’s perfectly reasonable to propose that if the deaths get out, people could reach critical mass of an action point. What is that action? Who were the people proposing mass murders? Is it not completely right and good, even in the eyes of Jesus to sweep mass-murderers out of your nation from sea to shining sea? Making life safe for children and democracy? Are they not all Leftists, Socialists, Wokeists, down to a man? Yeah. So it begins. And as I’ve suggested elsewhere, you WANT the “democratic”, that is, legal and judicial functions to work. You think getting rid of them gives you ever more power without the annoying restraint of law and having to doctor up appearances. It doesn’t. The law doesn’t protect you from them, it protects you from ME.

    So a far-weakened belief in law, to be easily able to overrun courts in partisanship, procedure, to suspend ethics at will – to overlook it just for a little while – is exactly the recipe for the Left to be hoisted on their own petard, by the Right. And the Right, in suspending law, procedure, justice, even in a just cause, is that then “Good”? They win by that, go to heaven and declare it to their God, the country is restored to it’s former glory in a cloud of not-rights, not-procedure, not-trial, and not-law? Uh-huh. I don’t think this will happen, but it’s absolutely the same danger of power-amok that the Left has been using for 25 years.

    I’ve said this before too:

    Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?
    William Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

    …And this part has already been done. It doesn’t matter by whom.

    Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

    #Logos. Which is not only order, but Law. Law that is procedure. To bring people in with accusation, that they can then present a defense, with evidence, and be sentenced in an agreed-on manner, with the appropriate punishment for the level of their crimes. To be carried out by the State with oversight, and not individuals so that it removes passion and personal gain or blood lust as much as is possible. So that both the accuser and the accused can agree the process was fair as it could be, and the government, the people and process running it, are impartial and worth supporting.

    I think they believe this, but with 10% of the nation dying, or IF 10% dies, who can say what they will feel or do? The drive will be to get a minority of anyone – including the Right – to start a mess, because it gives cover for what they’ve done and the inertia and motion that’s the power to steer. Like in a ship, you must have motion, and a lot of it, to use the rudder against the drift and tide. Any energy, any motion, any E-motion will do. Right is good as Left for that.

    But again, I don’t think this will happen. I don’t know why, but it won’t. If they were prone to lashing out and loose violence, they would have already, years before now. Maybe they’re ineffectual and useless then, despite all their guns. Maybe they are willing to tolerate more abuse to avoid a war as the old Declaration wrote, who can say? But it does not seem to have any seeds at this time. We just need to make sure it stays that way. We are to return to Law and #Logos, not just be as badly behaved on our own side as somebody else wronged you on theirs.


    aspnaz, I tend to look at two phases of history when I think about “the military”, though I’m sure there are plenty of events insiders and outsiders both can refer to for seeing the connections. For me, I look at the concurrent development of the F-16 and F-15 (through my study of John Boyd) and more recently the development of the F-35. What such examples show me is that the push for efficient, resource-minimal, highly effective warcraft is anathema to the budgetary and ideological interests of those who make the bigger decisions regarding US military expenditure. Rather than choose to follow paths that actually make technical, strategic (long term, mission-focused, or individual engagements), and economic sense, the decision-makers and -implementers choose paths that, as you put it, “milk the taxpayer” while also enriching specific weapon system manufacturers who are deeply embedded in the military bureaucracy. The results are not consistent with actions taken to think through energy maneuverability problems; they are not sensible.

    Milking taxpayers is short term, profit-centric thinking, based fundamentally in corruption of spirit and soul. The difficult part for me to follow with your case is in taking this insight about the character of the military bureaucrats —they are motivated by short term motives as criminals and the corrupt— and then attributing to them a sensible, logical behavior: focusing on long term, efficient, resource-conscientious weapons systems.

    It’s like having an addict to methamphetamine (legal or otherwise), and pointing out to them that not only can their bodies not sustain its use long term, but they can’t afford it and still have a good quality of life and the resources for making meth are drying up throughout the world. The likelihood of the addict suddenly reforming, and then actively working to heal their environment, themselves, and figure out a better way of treating themselves and their fellows: low.

    On the flip side, though, Dr. D has made the argument a few times (or more) that the militaries of the world have been well-aware of energy scarcity —although in his arguments the problem is controlled and caused by the policies and actions of the militaries and governments. They are making things difficult. So, here, the warfare already unfolding all around (in the alleys, the shadows, the boardrooms, the network nodes, the energy grids, the industrial bases, the minds of the people, &c) demonstrates a push to restrict, limit, and constrain access to energy. In other words, for Dr D’s case, there is an energy limit put in place, and the actions of the militaries of the world demonstrate not only a desire to force this limitation upon others but also to restrict others’ access to finding new sources for producing energy. This is consistent with what you’re saying in your third reasoning for why there isn’t an energy crisis: the US is acting to force other nations to grant access to its constellation of interests. My point here is this: are the actions taken to restrict access to others and secure access for one’s fellows inconsistent with problems related to scarcity?

    So, in other words, aren’t the “owners” through your own admission in creating conflicts to secure that access to resources doing “something to fight to keep their power, control and status?” If it is not, what does it look like for you for them to “do something to keep their power, control and status” that isn’t about keeping it all for themselves?

    But even so, it’s not clear from what you’ve said why these people will share access to efficient and clean sources of energy (whatever they are) with other people, or even to “rescue us” from our energy scarcity. You’re making the case that they do not care about the effects of their actions on others in a moral sense: they thieve, they crush, they deprive. How does that translate to: they share, they rescue, they include us?

    my parents said know: one point I’ve made with others about installing these DUMBs near granite batholiths with high quartz content is the piezoelectric effect suggests to me —but then I’m ignorant, so salt this— that the high magnetism of the ejections means these places will light up, shake, and shock. But maybe all that’s taken into account by the military bureaucrats, or the breakaway civilizations know all along where best to hide from people, plagues, and plasma. When Jesus, for whatever it’s worth, prophesizes an end to all things, his advice was to flee up the mountains, not down into them. Either way, I don’t have any illusions about my own likelihood of surviving The End, so I’m more interested in the epilogue that forms a prologue to the next story.


    aspnaz above, quoted, snip…

    “MIT does not protect direct threats, harassment, plagiarism, or other speech that falls outside the boundaries of the First Amendment…” — from them.

    MIT did not defend Aaron Swartz, it stayed (afaik) as much as possible in the shadows, and sort of never ‘came out’ with any strong positions, statements.. (?)


    The stuff, he, Aaron, downloaded, from JStor – if that was his only ‘supposed’ illegal ‘act’, was totally innocuous. JStor is a compendium publishing social science articles – all U libraries around the ‘depv’ world have a subscription to JStor, and even without logging in to some ‘authorised’ library etc. thingie, it is possible to see, read, all JStor material via a well known pirate site, whom JStor has never attacked.

    Aaron and MIT is a very covered-up story.

    JStor today:


    Happy New Year to all 🙂

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