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    Louis Anquetin Avenue de Clichy, Five O’Clock in the Evening 1887   • Sell-Offs Caused By Machines That Control 80% Of US Stock Market (CNBC) • A
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    V. Arnold

    Louis Anquetin Avenue de Clichy, Five O’Clock in the Evening 1887
    Looks pretty close to 5:30 here in December; twilight going to dark.
    Nice painting.
    I listened to an interesting interview with Johan Galtung;

    It’s about the decline of U.S. empire and I came away thinking he was a bit optimistic. But Galtung defines his view of collapse and it was not what I expected…not by a long shot…
    But, it’s definitely worth a listen; this is a very savvy guy…

    Dr. D

    Epic Painting.

    So did “Trump” arrest Meng Wanzhou, or his rogue Justice Department that follows no orders? Would he deny it, if true; or support it to appear in charge? Questions, questions. Considering BT and others openly confirm their equipment has wide-open control by the Chinese secret service, which is beyond even spycraft’s questionable morality, is this justified?

    Note France putting on AGW taxes when they’re already the lowest-carbon state. How? Because they are completely nuclear! Totally environmental. That doesn’t count. At all. Just ask the world’s largest corporations who told government to dump coal and go green knowing that 2/3 of the grid will collapse, opening the door to those long-delayed new nuclear plants. Viva la France.

    Leave ‘Very Likely’ Won EU Referendum Due To Illegal Overspending (Ind.)

    The Independent, so take that for what it’s worth, but did anyone measure the REMAIN side? Did they audit NGOs by, say, Soros, the man who openly pays off 2/3s of European Parliament, yet is considered completely honest and aboveboard? So if “Remain” had won, would we have a 2-year review by every jackal you could find, until something is done about it? Seriously? Of course not. Now go back and vote the way we tell you, peasants! We won’t have real Democracy until you vote as you’re told! …Or so said Edward Bernays, anyway.

    • World ‘On Track’ For Devastating 3ºC Warming (Ind.)

    Independent again: the globe hasn’t warmed as predicted now for almost 20 years. How long is too long? Should it be 30? 40? 100 years? They’ve been predicting runaway warming since 1990, nobody has taken any real action, and it’s still the same. So how exactly are we “on track” for 3ºC, if they’ve been wrong about us being “on track” for now 30 years? Or put another way: is it ever possible to be discredited anymore, anywhere, for anything? Politicians, media, killer pharmaceuticals, paid science? Ever? I say no.

    Look at the very next article. 2 years of multi-million dollar investigations and breathless allegations and neither Congress, the FBI, or the Media has been discredited. And it is likely to cause a nuclear exchange killing both discrediters and discreditees. Because, although we may be joking, Russia is not, and is mortally alarmed by our behavior. Without the U.S. they can trade with Europe again and go on to have a normal life without a psychotic stalker non-ex-girlfriend calling the police on them every time she hides a dead horse in his bushes. This is what happens when you banish truth from society, banish logos, the laws of reality, and retreat to a violent schizophrenic delusion. What can I say? It’s the Americans who have picked up the handbasket, and are carrying it to hell whistling songs.


    Re.: Russiangate

    The authors have failed to keep the denouement to the end.

    The story book that keeps me from putting it down until the end, is the one that has a moving plot, and an exciting denouement. that is made clear only at the end.

    (the final part of a play, movie, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved.
    the climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear. )


    RT article was hart warming. Closest that US came to this was “Occupy” from decade ago, their members being ridiculed by, not only establishment as expected, but working stiffs by calling them “hippies”, “lunatics” and so on! Occupy, of course (and should have learned from Karl Rove), needed better PR coordination like NO “Meditation and art tents” and deferentially NO a chick with pale yellow eyelashes and who deliberately does not want to posses some basic femininity, to be allowed to be spokesperson for the day (masterfully picked by the camera crew to interview) as “representative” of a movement. Despite of mentioned misses movement had a legitimate grievances that American public failed to recognize and support. In the mean time there is no shortage of chuckling about “French fries” and empty pledges that “The day will come….”.

    Superb painting, in par with Van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at night, by the artist who is not a household name .

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