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    Fenno Jacobs for OWI “Southington, Conn. Monty’s Diner” May 1942 When I see things like today’s Bloomberg headline “Currency Traders Facing Extinction
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    I’m in.

    I believe that the structures of a stable system exist. It will need improvement.

    The powerful and wealthy people will spend “their” money on what they want.
If they want a good road that’s where they will spend their money.
If they want a windmill then they will get it.
If they don’t want to see starving people then they will need to do something about it.

    There are not enough lifeboats ….. 

      We Can Be Certain of This   (February 15, 2014)
    Our job is to describe and discuss another arrangement, a sustainable, non-addictive one that isn’t doomed to collapse from the start, so all those currently clinging to the path of self-destruction will have an alternative when the Status Quo comes apart and the smack they “need” to continue living is no longer available, or no longer available in sufficient quantity or quality.

    For thousands of years, there existed an imperfect system.
    It would distribute surpluses from those that produce more than what they needed to those that could not produce enough for their needs.

    Here is my definition of wealthy.

    The wealthiest and most powerful person is the one that does not need to use any energy to replace his/her energy expenditure.


    Thanks Ilargi, guess I’m alive again.

    Interesting take on the usefulness of currency traders. My take is they serve a useful function as market makers, That said, probably the last price discovery task they will perform at the end of this sad joke will be the one that marks the dollar to real value,,,zero.

    Back in the day, finance served market systems. It was directly answerable to those who used it’s services. Today, under government protection from failure, it has become parasitical.

    Creative destruction is prevented from doing it’s work now. The efficiencies of Free Market Capitalism are long behind us at this point. All frivolous consumption is now sanctioned and subsidized by Central Planners. Planners who have no concept of self sufficiency or conservation, EROEI etc. as they have never had to provide for their own livelihoods.

    All they seem to “know” is, when they want more of anything, just subsidize it. After all, un-backed currency is now free to them. Never mind every new IOU they create displaces value and efficiency and consumes more real resources.

    I’m still not in the deflation camp because I see this ending in a Soviet style command system, where deflation, even if it took place, would never be allowed to be discovered. Really, how many bouts of deflation occurred under Soviet rule or Maoist rule, for that matter?

    Again, deflations are the stuff of honest money, and there is little that is honest about fascism (what most socialist experiments seem to morph into) and it’s monetary systems.

    The process I see, after being well shaken down by TSA these past few days of air travel is, an offer of, “Hand over your Democracy, and in turn we’ll provide for all your needs.” Nothing new under the sun?

    Even though there was deflation during the Great Depression, because the dollar had the backing of gold and silver, it was still devalued against those metals. Today, there is no such repricing mechanism.

    Deflation won’t take place until after the currency of the realm, or the realm itself, collapses. (See first paragraph of this comment.)


    You are not a deflationist because you are holding a lot of precious metals….ie…Gold….and you have an emotional attachment to the situation at hand. Ted


    Hi Ilargi-

    My first post here. Just wanted to thank you and Nicole for everything you do. It must be very difficult at times to continue. Just ordered the videos in the hopes of convincing a few people around me to at least consider that the next twenty years are going to be very different than the last twenty.
    Any chance of Nicole coming to the maritime region of Canada in the future? There is still much social cohesion here in the rural areas and while I know it will not be a walk in the park, I think there is a least a shot at making some sort of future people can find peace with.


    Hey caper, welcome. Thanks for your order. What I find hard at times is the continuing nonsense and illusions that reign the day. I think it would be much more helpful for us all to face up to our losses. Nicole won’t be in the maritimes in the near future, but perhaps later. And no, that”s not the worst part of the world to be when the whip comes down.


    Here is something to make you realize that the messages are getting out.

    The following link is from an online newsletter for expats in Costa Rica that give the same advise as TAE to their reader who want to prepare for the changing future.

    In case that link does not work, its page 22-25 of the may/june 2013 issue of El Residente at

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