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    Matson Aircraft refueling at Semakh, British Mandate Palestine 1931 • China Manufacturing Shrinks At Fastest Rate For Over 3 Years (Reuters) • Mid-Tie
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    “Sutherland has consistently been that lonely civilized voice.”

    Mr. GATT? Father of Globalization? Mr. Free Trade? Mr. World Trade Organization? Mr. Goldman Sachs International? Mr. British Petroleum (Chairman for 13 years)? Mr. Bilderberg? Mr. Trilateral Commission? Mr. European Commission? Mr. London School of Economics?

    Oh, yeah, his primary concern is compassion for the migrants – riiiiiiight! His involvement in the above just smacks of caring, doesn’t it?

    I’m going to laugh myself off to bed.


    “The EU Must …”

    To me, this usage is now code for “I know nobody is going to take any action.”


    So Nigeria is the next domino? What a potential megadisaster!
    But wait a second: Illargi has a solution: Let them come to Europe! Say, 100 million of them to begin with, that would take at least some of the strain. For a while, anyway.
    Surely Europe is under some sort of moral obligation, beeing the only destination reachable from Africa by rubber dingy. Add to that the rest of the MENA-countries, say, another 300 million, and all is set for, well, what?
    Sorry about the sarcasm, but as you are claiming to be “The Real Futurists” I think you have lost an important bit of the plot lately.
    You may be familiar with “Liebigs law of minimums”. In agriculture the implications are that none of the mayor nutrients can be substituted, neither N, P nor K.
    But the modern world has another, just as important component that can not go missing if we are going to avoid agricultural collapse: Credit.
    With deflationary debt collapse imminent, and I fully concur with The Automatic Earth that this is what is around the corner, modern agriculture goes down with it.
    No credit for seeds, nor fertilizer, the mentioned N, P, K, equals no food. As in nothing to eat.
    Now there might be huge questions concerning our modern agricultural practices, but for now it is all we have got.
    What is coming up the pike is a Malthusian collapse of unimaginable magnitude.
    We will be faced with the proverbial lifeboat dilemma: There are 75 people onboard the lifeboat already, which is designed for 35. Now, there is a sighting of another 50 people out at sea, 100 meters dead ahead: What to to?
    Surely the moral thing to do is to haul them on board, at least our sainthood is preserved while we all drown.
    I had carried a bit of hope that there would be vestiges of European civilization surviving the bottleneck the human population is heading for, but I am increasingly doubtful.
    And like it or not: The only result of an overshoot is collapse, morals be damned.

    Dr. Diablo

    I’ve also been curious about TAE’s overall moral position. From what I can guess, once refugees get to “Europe” (Western Europe?) they’re considered “saved” more or less forever, yet we’ve lost 3,000 to “save” 1,500,000 — 0.02% loss. Isn’t that a success story? Europe is so good she more or less took them all at no little risk for herself–isn’t that admirable, not hateful? Is it hateful that they gripe a little while lifting 99% of the load? Why do Turkey and friends get no reprobation for kicking them out? The 2014 death rate for NY is 636 per 100,000 per year, or 9,540 deaths per 1.5M population. Official refugee deaths are a third of that. Realistically, how low would you like the failure rate to be? British Airways couldn’t move 1.5M with a zero failure rate.

    20 people dying in lifeboats is indeed tragic, yet 250,000 dying in just one of the original (and illegal) 10 wars doesn’t raise similar comment. Do they become people when they cross the continental boundary? Is it just too big an issue to take on the original wars? Is it because we can see these children but the tens of thousands of children killed at home are faceless? Is it sort of a “we’re a European family,” so we really only focus on stuff in our own backyard–which is larger than Netherlands, but yet smaller than the planet? I’m not sure. We’re all guilty of this because we all can only take on so much or focus on so much, and while causality is always hard, in this case it’s complex beyond reckoning. Still, in theory we’d all like to have a moral paradigm that can function in all scales without slipping gears. ALL deaths are tragic, not just ones we see, or just Greek ones.

    Not much help here, because a person’s moral architecture is extensive and defines who we are. Even if I could describe my own accurately, I doubt others would adopt it. But I find the lifeboat analogy apt: “Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” If you’re washed out of the lifeboat “Europa” and into the sea of troubles much of the world has, you will forego every option you had of productively helping, and find yourself at the mercy of all forces. And once you have traded your boat for the sea, what new boat do you think will suddenly arrive to help? Don’t give up the ship.


    Very apt comments today. Inevitably, our defective natures obliterate any possibility of uncompromised morality and force a retreat to the ultimate identity group, the self.


    The discussion of sexual “sexual harassment” and Birmingham is interesting.

    It may be a surprise to some of you that some brown people who live in the UK’s midlands – and who watch TV from elsewhere at home – like to pick up English girls from outside school and keep them as sex-pets. Passing them around between each other before discarding them. The British police has done as good a job as their German and Swedish police at hiding this problem.

    “UK Police withheld bombshell report revealing how PAKISTANI MUSLIM pedophile gangs were raping and pimping out hundreds of very young white schoolgirls for years in case it inflamed ‘racial’ tensions ahead of General Election”

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