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    Are the Russian worried about N. Korean’s missiles?

    “The S-400 is not an offensive system; it is a defensive system. We can sell it to Americans if they want to,” Chemizov told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) when asked about the strategic reasoning behind the S-400 sale to Turkey.

    The growing demand can be attributed to the high reliability and long history of the S missile defense system family. The S-200, designed by Almaz in the 1960s, still serves many nations today. On Saturday, a Syrian S-200 Vega medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air missile was allegedly used to intercept an Israeli F-16.


    “No society should ever relinquish control over its essentials”

    Are you seriously suggesting that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would do a better job?

    As it is the whole energy planning business in the UK is hobbled by a false hypothesis that was used as the basis of a senseless international treaty.

    Here is an explanation by a physics professor of why the models are always wrong. They could not even predict correctly the path of hurricane Irma two days ahead


    About missiles.

    Historically, war technology (let’s use its proper name) swings between the advantage being with the attacker to the advantage being with the defender. A good book on this is by field marshal Montgomery

    “A History of Warfare: Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein”

    The Anglo-Zionists have had a great innings. They used their superior attacking technology – air power – to subjugate a great number of countries since the end of WW1 when air-power came into being. In recent years, the defensive technology against air-power had improved by leaps and bounds. The first inkling of this was when the Israeli army was compelled to cross the Suez Canal in 1973 in order to destroy the Egyptian anti-aircraft batteries that were lined along the west of the canal. That was when Sharon made his name. He saved the Israeli air force which would have otherwise been annihilated. This Israeli article is an apologia and it, typically, does not say the truth.


    The fact that an F-16 was shot down by an antiquated Syrian S200 is revealing. It goes without saying that the electronics guiding this missile – on the missile itself and on it supporting ground installations – must have been upgraded so as to handle the latest ECM of the Americans. If such an ancient missile could do this, just imagine what the S300 and S400 can do – let alone the the S500 which is under development.

    Sorry guys. The USAF – not just the IAF – must be shitting bricks at this very moment. This is a game-changer. I suspect the Russians helped the Syrians in order to make up for their own aircraft having been shot down by American terrorist proxies using a MANPAD supplied by the US.


    Here is the worst possible combination – climate plus fake renewable energy. Deadly for the UK

    Vote Red, go green? Jeremy Corbyn calls for nationalisation of energy industry to stop climate change

    This “New Economics” thing sounds a bit like what the Bolsheviks imposed on the Russian Empire.


    “… must be shitting bricks at this very moment.”

    WASHINGTON – It’s the biggest budget the Pentagon has ever seen: $700 billion. That’s far more in defense spending than America’s two nearest competitors, China and Russia, and will mean the military can foot the bill for thousands more troops, more training, more ships and a lot else.

    And next year it would rise to $716 billion. Together, the two-year deal provides what Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says is needed to pull the military out of a slump in combat readiness at a time of renewed focus on the stalemated conflict in Afghanistan and the threat of war on the Korean peninsula.
    The budget bill that President Donald Trump signed Friday includes huge spending increases for the military: The Pentagon will get $94 billion more this budget year than last — a 15.5 percent jump. It’s the biggest year-over-year windfall since the budget soared by 26.6 percent, from $345 billion in 2002 to $437 billion the year after, when the nation was fighting in Afghanistan, invading Iraq and expanding national defense after the 9/11 attacks.
    The extra money is not targeted at countering a new enemy or a singular threat like al-Qaida extremists or the former Soviet Union. Instead the infusion is being sold as a fix for a broader set of problems, including a deficit of training, a need for more hi-tech missile defenses, and the start of a complete recapitalization of the nuclear weapons arsenal.


    a need for more hi-tech missile defenses

    The problem here is that the defending missile costs 10-100 times more than the attacking missile. Hezbollah can saturate Israel’s defences for a few days with the cheaper missiles. When the Israelis run out of defensive missiles, Hezbollah would switch to their more expensive and far more accurate missiles that also have a longer range.

    Israel had giant ammonia plant near Haifa – in northern Israel. Hezbollah warned them that they would lose 10,000+ civilians should they decide to target it. Hezbollah gave the warning because many Palestinians live in that area. The Israelis think of the Lebanese as cockroaches and so the Lebanese return the compliment. The Israelis immediately emptied the thing and moved the process to China.

    800 Israeli layoffs as Hezbollah-threatened ammonia tank closes

    Pretty well all Israelis have second passports. 1/3 of them are Russians and Putin’s Russia would welcome them back – just like they welcomed the smart Ukrainians who moved there. I suspect that the really smart and wealthy Jews are already sending their kids elsewhere.

    The Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and Egyptians don’t have second passports. They have nowhere else to go to. That is why they are going to win the next war.

    When the Arabs landed on the Iberian peninsula in 711 AD, their commander – Tariq Ibn Ziyad – burnt their ships so that they didn’t need to be guarded and so as to make retreat impossible. Gibraltar, Jebel Tariq (Tariq’s hill), is called after him. I think Netanyahu and his family would be among the first to return to New Jersey. 🙂


    “The problem here is that the defending missile costs 10-100 times more than the attacking missile.”

    Historically, if you ran out of money you lost the war.
    Can the Israelis run out of money or benefactor?

    V. Arnold

    It is now reported that an S-200 did not bring down the F-16. This source as well as some others say the Syrian’s laid an ambush and baited the Israeli’s.


    Can the Israelis run out of money or benefactor?

    They can certainly run out of soldiers who have a second passport and who don’t want to end up dead. Israel has not been as wonderful as the Jews of Russia were led to believe. Many of them used Israel as a stepping-stone to move to the USA, Australia etc. Quite a few returned to Russia. A great many of them were not Jewish at all – they used fake documents and bribes to get accepted.

    As for the factories making these expensive defensive missiles, there is no way that they can step up supply to meet demand. Even if the USA donated its inventory, that won’t help much. In the Yom Kippur war, the USA rescued Israel by supplying bombs and so on – they were running out.

    It is rather ironic, but at one time I did work for Raytheon – as a project manager. However, I was working on their civilian airline business and had nothing to do with Patriots etc. In 1981, I had a car accident in Jordan and a guy from Raytheon showed up at the hospital – Raytheon were supplying immobile Patriots (i.e. useless gear) to Jordan at that time (paid for by Saudi Arabia I think) – and he offered me the use of his satellite phone to call anywhere in the world. That was long before the internet and Skype.

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