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    Vincent van Gogh Landscape with snow 1888   • War With Russia Could Be Decades Long – NATO Chief (RT) • Tucker Carlson Committed Treason to Talk
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    Mister Roboto

    The only thing to which Tucker Carlson is a traitor for interviewing Vladimir Putin is a very thin-skinned and morally-bankrupt globalist ruling class. Good for him.


    “We need to restore and expand our industrial base more quickly so that we can increase supplies to Ukraine and replenish our own stocks. That means switching from slow production in times of peace to fast production, as is necessary in conflicts,” he said.

    With what? No actual manufacturing to work with, only assembly plants that don’t have access to energy at the same price the non west can get. The chain of production that he envisions no hasn’t existed in the west for a long time. Money alone won’t produce it. What is required is a long chain of processes that will have to be rebuilt from the bottom, from the trained workforce to the actual processing plants and manufacturing facilities needed to create this shit from raw materials. With so much of the natural resources wasted on the “green revolution” and senseless wars of give us this for next to nothing or we’ll bomb you back to the stone age stile of business. Just what does he think will draw this up out of the ground? Money? The best part is that finance might have a shot at it if it wasn’t all fiat.

    D Benton Smith

    I find it deliciously ironic that the nominal US President Joe Biden (who has been in China’s pocket for decades) chose an Asian as the Special Council tasked (sub rosa) with defending the old fart’s nonexistent honor. And then the best that paladin could come up with as an excuse for Biden’s criminal behavior was to say that the old fart was too many bricks short of a load to be successfully prosecuted, because he would likely come across to a sympathetic jury as just a kindly (and mentally incompetent to stand trial) diminished old fart.

    I kinda like that Hur fella. He seems to know how to condemn by means of feint praise. That shows real skill and brass balls, especially when done from the midst of the lion’s den, even toothless old lions like the geriatric Democrat Party. Maybe we’ll get to see more of Hur in the future, but next time on the CORRECT side of the fence instead. At least he has brains and training, unlike the other idiots they throw under the bus at us.


    Why do we want to be in a state of internal friction and even war with this country? The only answer I come to is money

    Almost everything is about money; Gaza is an exception, it is about psychotic hatred and loathing, the ingredients needed for genocide.

    D Benton Smith

    The military Industrial Complex’s excuse that you quoted, as

    “We need to restore and expand our industrial base more quickly so that we can increase supplies to Ukraine and replenish our own stocks. That means switching from slow production in times of peace to fast production, as is necessary in conflicts,”

    is just a indiscernible variation on the same old worn out excuse that ALL failed and incompetent kleptocrats ALWAYS fall back on when challenged about their failures, “we don’t have enough funding, staff and and equipment! Give us more money and bigger armies of useless loyal paper pushers.”

    Man would THAT be a mistake! Who in their right mind would give MORE money and authority to jerks whose only talent is to spend money giving themselves more authority and public funding. And yet that transparent ploy works every time because the system itself has been captured by the folks who have perfected the art of making their living that way.

    With a nod and apology to Johnny Mercer,

    Round and round we go
    Down and down we
    In a spin
    Death is the spin we’re in
    Under that old black magic …. called black magic, actually

    D Benton Smith

    [quoted from Russia Today]

    “Moscow saw the interview as an opportunity to be heard in the West, spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said
    Kremlin explains why Putin spoke to Tucker Carlson

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with conservative American journalist Tucker Carlson this week provided a great opportunity to make people in the West think, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the TASS news agency on Saturday.

    Peskov suggested the two-hour interview, which largely revolved around relations between Moscow and Kiev, made it possible for Putin to be heard in the West.

    Asked about the interest the interview has sparked, garnering over 100 million views in just one day on Carlson’s X account (formerly Twitter) alone, the spokesman replied that the numbers do not necessarily equate to universal support from viewers.

    “We cannot expect that our point of view will receive support. The main thing for us is that our president is heard. And if he is heard, this means more people will think about whether he is right or not. They will think, at least,” Peskov stated.”


    Executive summary.

    Why is there no peace

    It’s obvious.” Putin argued that Western leaders are “trying to intimidate their own population with an imaginary Russian threat.” These predictions, he said, “are just horror stories for people in the street in order to extort additional money from US taxpayers and European taxpayers” to keep weapons and ammo flowing to Ukraine.

    Read more …

    ….. the futile war in Ukraine and the relentless allocation of public money to prop up a corrupt regime in Kiev

    ….. the corruption that is endemic in the Western states: the illusions of independent journalism, free speech, and promoting democracy.

    ….. The Western media corporate machine plays a vital part in the cover-up of imperial crimes, not just in Ukraine, but also currently in Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Iraq, and beyond.

    Hence the furious reaction to Carlson’s interview.
    But it’s too late.
    The truth is out.
    The escaping truth will have inevitable political and historical consequences.
    In regard just to Ukraine, the U.S.-led NATO proxy war is no longer tenable.
    Elitist Western regimes must be – and will be – held to account for the fueling of this war and the vast squandering and theft of public money to pursue their secretive imperialist interests.

    Putin’s insistence on starting with an extensive summary of the histories of Russia and Ukraine that lasted for nearly half an hour at the start of the interview.
    Sanchez explained. ”One can’t help but wonder why… Why do we want to be in a state of internal friction and even war with this country?
    The only answer I come to is money.”
    Tucker Carlson is a ‘traitor’ – Boris Johnson
    Boris Johnson has invoked Hitler in denouncing the journalist’s sit-down with the Russian leader as an “unholy charade”

    Johnson especially took issue with what he called the “ludicrous suggestion that the UK government persuaded the Ukrainians to fight on, rather than surrender to Putin’s tender mercies, in the spring of 2022,” claiming that “every member of the Ukrainian government will confirm” that it was Kiev that made the decision to tear up the peace treaty.

    The 15-point peace deal negotiated between Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul would have involved Kiev renouncing its efforts to join NATO and committing to neutrality in exchange for a withdrawal of Russian troops from parts of the country.
    War – Its about money
    Boris Johnson nears £5m in earnings since leaving office
    8 February 2023
    The £4.8m in earnings that Mr Johnson has declared since leaving No 10 just over five months ago is more than 50 times his yearly £84,144 MP salary.
    (Bankers control who gets the money.)


    Balanced reporting ….
    pressure from Trump on lawmakers …. pressure from Obama on lawmakers …. pressure from Bankers on lawmakers


    WEF’s Justin Trudeau blames Harper for Canada’s lax open borders. Amazing!
    Canada’s MSM – Do Nicotine Patches help with Long Covid? Amazingly stupid!


    Boris Johnson.

    Noting the rumblings from within the UK Tory party to Bring Back Boris, with the party facing a big defeat in the coming election. One is even tempted to imagine that he may have been removed solely in order to bring him back like a bolt out of the blue and stun people with his massive humour, charm and BS into voting for him again. Would Starmer stand much of a chance? Maybe not. So watch out Tony Blair, who lurketh like a dangerous warlock in the wings, waiting to unleash his full-on digital globalist agenda on millions of ignorant Brits. Does Blair play Obama’s role in the UK, conducting and promulgating his obsene WEF agenda from the sidelines. Boris, notwithstanding his outraged attack on the Carlson/Putin interview, has recently endorsed Trump for president. – But, not to get too carried away. Interesting year ahead.


    Well, here is an interesting thought:
    During the “Age of the Dinosaurs” animal life, according to the fossil record, tended to be, on average, much larger than today. We are to understand that tiny mammalian rodents survived the cataclysm that killed the dinosaurs, which led to monkeys, and, eventually, to humans. We also are to understand that there was a lot more carbon in circulation in the active carbon cycle during that time. So, it may be that more carbon available for the carbon cycle = more robust plant life -> more food for ruminants and other plant eaters -> more prey available to carnivores, which led to larger animals overall. I am certain that the connections are much more complex than I have laid out here — but “what if” the general principle is accurate: that by unleashing the trapped carbon into the active carbon cycle we are, in essence, allowing the earth to increase its capacity to sustain life, (including human life)? (There are still matters of humans poisoning themselves and the planet, and of depending on energy sources that are gradually becoming depleted and that will take increasing effort to obtain — and these are serious matters that merit addressing. But, perhaps, unleashing trapped carbon into the active carbon cycle is a gift to the planet?

    D Benton Smith

    It’s dawning on more and more people that the reason the elites are making so many “mistakes” that lead to “accidental “disasters which “no one could have seen coming”, is that the actions are not mistaken and the disasters are not accidental. It’s explicitly on purpose, INCLUDING the deaths and genocides.


    @ D Benton Smith

    It’s explicitly on purpose,

    If possible, Always Check and verify
    Because of “Quiet quitting”
    The following are Gone ….
    Workaholic, work ethics, pride in accomplishments, care for details, responsibility, accountability, complexities

    Dr. D

    Superbowl Sometime here. As the NY Times has already said the whole Kelce thing is a scam, a PR Op, and others are suggesting this has to do with Biden – which I have to admit is getting turbocharged lately – then people have suggested this DNC endorsement. Oh wait! Biden isn’t going to run, they have already said (signaled) he’s being removed. Right on time. Then SwiftCo cannot endorse him, can she? Here’s a pancake on your head.

    Nope. What they REALLY need, is to have a MAGA hat ATTACK her during the Superbowl. On TV. …And although she’s in on the PR op, that doesn’t mean she’s in on this part of it. THAT is what they’re really, really, really, REALLY looking for. Like was that the part Ashley Babbitt signed up for?

    And Kelce’s team needs to win. ‘Cause that’s a total coincidence and the NFL didn’t know nothin’ last spring when this all started. Instead of being from the Steelers (her home state) the NY Giants (where she spends time) or the LA Rams (also spends time) all uninspiring mid-tier.

    Oh well. All could be legit. But the NY Times says it wasn’t. I have to say, somehow, impossibly, it doesn’t look good whether the NY Times is telling the truth OR if they’re lying. Is that a 201 Class at Columbia U? How to make everyone look like a tool regardless of what happens? If so, you aced the material and are a genius.

    “Critics Blast UN For Ignoring Longstanding Ties Between UNRWA And Hamas

    They probably do have ties. In fact, I’m sure they do. So? 1) if it’s <10% of them, you can take care of it. 2) It would not in any way absolve you of the responsibility to support people in your direct care. That is, YOU made this a prison. Therefore, THEY cannot be anything BUT, your direct wards. So everything that happens to THEM, is you. If they die; you killed them. If you want to LIFT all your blockades, sanctions and occupations, then sure, they are a sovereign nation. But you don’t. Therefore, I don’t care: stop using word salad to exhaust and run out the clock when everyone knows you ate the cake. Who are you fooling???

    Crooke says something a bit more dangerous. He says the entire nation of Israel realizes the zionist project is falling apart. They have no safety anywhere, on any border, or any stronghold. Not even conceptionally, narratively, as in where they’re going to a place they can get there. (And no surprise to any of us, they’re quite mad). BUT. WHEN peoples get like this, and have nothing to lose – and Islam has been very, very soft on them so far, realizing this – they are likely to go for broke. They are smart enough to recognize they’ve lost anyway, they’re lost people. WHY NOT, run 10:1 odds on Gaza? Bibi is a core, passionate zionist, and to him the nation is lost if zionism is lost, so therefore the only RATIONAL thing to go is make that gambit. Now although it’s not certain – the very essence of losing your way, goal, narrative, is “fracturing” – MOST Israelis also being Zionists and want to, understand the need to do SOMETHING. So although support for this action is relatively high, it’s very very high when you add those portions paralyzed by not knowing what ELSE to do, go along, and can’t oppose having no better ideas.

    …And that’s at the same time they ALSO don’t believe him. They are NOT moving back in the rocket zone in Beirut, NOT living in sight of the gates of Gaza, don’t feel safe, and a critical minority is bailing out to their home countries and second passports. Or so Crooke would say, and he is an elderly expert on this.

    The other thing as he visited Russia was that at this point Russia considers taking Ukraine a “Manifest Destiny”, just a thing that’s going to happen. And thanks to Joe Biden, they are correct. Like when they knew Communism fell, and the churches “just opened” after being vacant, looted, and no ONE was in charge, no ONE was doing it: it just happened. Even so, when Western Nazism fails – again – Ukraine will ALSO “just become” “Russian”, not in the Moscow sense, but in the Slavic, cultural sense, and “just become” the “same”, same solutions as Russia also had to adopt in 2000. So there is NO SENSE in hurrying what is inevitable anyway. Shooting more Ukies is just antagonizing the inevitable. …For which they are completely right, again thanks to Joe Biden and Freeland.

    Ukraine COULD have been a half-and-half, kept its nose under the tent, naturally. But the West could not allow that, and so they’ve lost all. So now this other option happens. As PCR says, what do you think the Europe is going to mobilize, become hard-body become Jean VanDamme and die charging machine gun nests from Amsterdam? Uh, I don’t think so. When the cappuccino machine is broken in the PX, everyone in Europe is going AWOL. They can’t even fight “I’m being raped.”

    Okay! That said: “NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has called on the bloc’s members to increase defense production in anticipation of “a confrontation” with Russia “that could last decades.”

    I. Am not happy. About hearing this. That means Europe, Davos, the “West” now has “A Plan”. And “The Plan” is THEY ARE STILL GOING TO ATTACK AND INVADE RUSSIA. Right now. After having their ever-loving -sses handed to them as a mercy. They have just said we are going to war — full war — all Europe they control, all Russia.

    So: Armageddon anyone? Israel is building the third temple, which apparently lasts only six years. Europe is going to start arming, mobilize, and invade Russia in six years from now. To which Russia, will, of course, NUKE US. Or more likely, bioweapon us. As well they should, and we would do the same. Stoltz just said that’s their Plan, that’s what that sentence MEANS, above. Sigh. Why can’t they learn?

    Well, it sure won’t “Last decades” like he says, although us scrabbling around the blighted thereafter might. Where even the haunt for owls is gone and merchants cry “Babylon, oh Babylon…”

    “• Tucker Carlson Is a ‘Traitor’ – Boris Johnson (RT)

    Boris has lost AND he’ll be blamed, appropriately so, for it. Not that he wasn’t the waterboy for the same collective, but he is. He must realize this or he wouldn’t be so touchy. Btw, not enough money to fix his teeth? I thought they had the National Health there.

    “The £4.8m in earnings that Mr Johnson has declared since leaving No 10 just over five months ago is more than 50 times his yearly £84,144 MP salary..”

    Oh. Wait. And that’s the money we CAN see. Most of the “money” they get is in favors and access. Like “visiting” a guy’s house and yacht in the South of France, which is a better deal than actually owning it.

    ““..Kiev only has enough air defense assets to last until March..”

    If they mean zero, maybe. But they’re essentially out right now. Guys are TODAY saying “We have two grenades. We have en shells.” And the FAP bombs (correct me here) are UN-GODLY. Like they are dropping daisy-cutters on anything, at will, in Avdiivka. These are hardened, Soviet bunkers and it is POINTLESS. The number of such bombs – 10x the power of what has been commonly used – is LIMITLESS, at least for now.

    This is very bad, please surrender. Nope. Biden’s Slavic genocide. To distract from him setting up slavery at home.

    Garland: everything on every side having to do is illegal. Asking to tamper in Hur’s verbage is illegal. Garland as a middle man doing the same is illegal. Not prosecuting because “No reasonable person would bring a case against Hillary Clinton Joe” is illegal. The Special council, is, illegal. Hur specifically said, the actions he is reporting on happened, and are all totally illegal. He did not “Clear Biden”, you weasel ye-of-weasel-words-of-weaselton. He cleared Biden “Of Charges” because he said he was guilty but declined to CHARGE and Prosecute. That’s like the #Opposite, and although it probably isn’t technically, it’s still illegal not to legally enforce the law you have been legally assigned to do.

    And Biden is MAD about it. Okie!

    German industry. IF Germany, and all Europe COULD attack Russia like Germany attacked France in the Franco-Prussian war, they MIGHT be saved. But every part of that is false. They can NOT attack a girl scout camp. In the off-season. Their woke guys would run off in high heels and —- —- in the woods. With each other. But Europe has NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever been able to defeat Russia, even a little, even WHEN Russia was medieval cossacks riding horses to the Messerschmitt. Now EUROPE is riding green horses and Russia is using hypersonic space stations. Good luck. Your dreams of lowering Europe’s population are about to be fulfilled. SMH.

    Crooke waxes on about this for about 5 minutes. “These people are so Stupid. Just Stupid. I don’t know how they can be so stupid. What they’re doing is stupid,”fishing for something, anything, before Luongo cuts him off for not being helpful about what we all know each day. Yup. They are. They’re trying to end farming on Planet Dirt. They’re really, really, really, really, really stupid. There has never been such stupid ever, never-ever, even Og and Gog, hitting each other with rocks were smarter, as they knew what “rain” is and where food grows. So stupid not even a cave man can’t do it.

    “• Jailed Imran Khan Claims Electoral Win (Cradle)

    They outlawed his SYMBOL, and thought that would work. They are really, really, really stupid. Like as they’re all mad, the guy next to him will say “Who are we voting again?” he’ll point at the new symbol, and all fixed.

    “• The Artist Holding Valuable Art Hostage to Protect Julian Assange (Beard)

    Yes, but they HATE art, and they HATE culture. If they kill Assange and the art goes too is like a win-win. They might kill him just FOR killing the art.

    “street in order to extort additional money”

    Kind of, but way, way below their level already money means nothing. Only power. Money “Can” equal power, so we say it. But it’s really buying CONTROL. So…what do you need all dis control fors? BECAUSE THEY’RE RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS. Running a violent jihad for their weirdo religion. None of that has to do with “money” exactly. It’s obeying their Alien Overlords, as I say, bc they sure don’t act human.

    Phoenix: yes the world would boom. Nature would stop being choked and go gangbusters. This effect is so strong it’s worth the (Lotta lotta) money to install it in greenhouses, even at a low level. Can you imagine, it’s like filling the whole Amazon with fertilizer? That’s the effect.




    Some tidbits from MoA/Down South:

    Some of the recent big urban area gains by Russia, are being spearheaded by former Wagner fighters!
    They specialized in urban warfare.
    It seems like we kind of forgot all jabout them but they are now back in the saddle again.

    The Ukrainian drone operators are now complaining that the Russians have hacked into their Skylink terminals.
    The Russians are now using Skylink’s services on the frontline too.
    With so many users online, Skylink’s video data feed is often greatly slowed down!
    So when Skylink service goes down, both sides are now affected!
    Ukraine and Russia are both competing for the available Skylink terminals!
    This is making it harder and harder for the Ukrainian side to get more Skylink terminals.
    Maybe Musk is just keeping the used Skylink terminal market prices up, like he does for used Tesla EVs?

    Remember awhile ago the Ukrainians were complaining Musk wouldn’t provide Skylink coverage at the frontlines?
    Well, the US military then stepped in and took over providing Skylink services to the Ukrainian frontlines.
    Now the Russians using Skylink service too but now
    he US can’t shutdown Skylink without blinding the Ukrainians!
    Sometimes you just shouldn’t ask for what you want!
    Karma can be such a bitch!


    Did you know? expansion Of NATO by UK and USA ………. Putin was right.
    Security Cooperation between Ukraine and the UK
    Dr Maryna Vorotnyuk
    10 November 2021

    Dr Maryna Vorotnyuk is an Associate Fellow at RUSI.

    Previously, she held the position as Research Fellow in the International Security Studies team at RUSI. She works on security developments in the Black Sea region, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish foreign policies, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

    Before joining RUSI in January 2021, she worked as a researcher for the Centre for European Neighbourhood Studies at the Central European University in Budapest (2017-2020), and as a visiting lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia (2015-2017). From 2006 until 2015, Maryna was affiliated with the National Institute for Strategic Studies in Ukraine and the Centre for International Studies of Mechnikov Odesa National University.

    Maryna has held several international fellowships and authored numerous publications in her field. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish and English.

    In June 2021, British destroyer HMS Defender conducted a freedom of navigation operation in the Black Sea, close to Russian-occupied Crimea. A Russian patrol vessel fired warning shots at HMS Defender, which was shadowed by Russian naval and air assets. The British operation was a signal of solidarity to Ukraine which has put a spotlight on the UK’s involvement in the Black Sea and the emerging UK–Ukraine strategic defence partnership. The UK and Ukraine have recently signed the Political, Free Trade and Strategic Partnership Agreement, engaged in a rigorous defence dialogue and forged a cooperation agenda in the defence industry. The UK has stepped up its support to Ukraine to help it resist Russia’s hybrid pressures.

    The support of Western partners in helping Ukraine defend itself has been crucial. The US has been the primary supplier of military assistance, including lethal weaponry, to Ukraine since 2014. The UK has also been providing significant conflict, stability and security-related assistance. However, the UK displayed caution, specifying that it provided non-lethal defensive military aid to Ukraine, in particular through Operation Orbital, a training and capacity building operation with British personnel working far from the frontlines.

    However, the increased scope of military cooperation with Ukraine, including the missiles and fast attack craft projects that the UK undertook to deliver jointly with Ukraine, points to a change in the British government’s approach to the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine. It may also be a precursor to a strategic shift in the UK’s thinking about the extent of its engagement in the Ukraine–Russia conflict.

    This article provides an overview of the UK’s interests in the Black Sea and policy towards Ukraine, against the backdrop of its deterrence policy towards Russia. It investigates intensified UK–Ukraine security cooperation and analyses the rationale of military assistance to Ukraine.

    READ MORE … (after the game.


    The £4.8m in earnings that Mr Johnson has declared since leaving No 10 just over five months ago is more than 50 times his yearly £84,144 MP salary

    The puppet receives his reward. I wonder how much of this was for scuttling the Ukraine peace deal and how much for his Covid chaos. The entire western world has been ruined by cheap money which has enabled enormous corruption instigated by criminals across the world. Johnston is not the first, he is following in the foot steps of Tony Blair – the most hated of British politicians – who also has his nose firmly in the trough of corruption.


    Will it take another civil war to free the slaves?

    Today, illegal aliens are debt slaves that cannot access the full benefits of being a citizen.

    Nearly 4 million slaves lived in the U.S. just before the Civil War.

    As of June 2023, FAIR estimates that approximately 16.8 million illegal aliens reside in the United States.


    In the entirety of the Western World the belief system has been destroyed. The destruction of essential beliefs has been going on since the 1960s when university students began their chant “Western Civilization has to go.” Well, it is gone. All that remains of America is an insane government with nuclear weapons.

    And liquidity, the USA still attracts loads of etrepreneurs and investors into its listed companies and VC investment companies. But, they are doing their utmost to demolish this aspect – the only valueable aspect – of their economy. Without that liquidity, the USA is nothing, just a failed state with a bunch of enemies who will not forgive it for generations. Once a new investment center emerges, such as the opening up of China, then the USA will be gone, but fortunately for the USA, China is keeping the barbarians out or, when allowed in, heavily under control. As Europe collapses even more money will temporarily move to the USA to help support the USD, but this is all temporary, the end is nigh I tell you, the end is nigh.


    Rumor has it that corrupt officers in the Ukronazi command sold Skylink terminals to third party’s who then sold them to the Russians who then broke Skylink encryption code.


    Kremlin spokes person to Nazilensky:


    D Benton Smith

    The Bad Guys aren’t going to stop the bad stuff until someone stops them (as in, physically prevents them) from doing it. Restraining themselves from doing whatever they want is not how criminal psychopaths regulate their own behavior. They do what they want (anything goes) and if nobody stops them or punishes them for it then that’s tantamount to official authorization to just keep doing it.

    Why are the Israeli’s slaughtering Palestinians? Why, because nobody is stopping them, that’s why. They wanted the land so they took it. They wanted to stop the victims from taking it back, so they’re killing them.

    Nobody stopped them from either action, which to a Zionist means the same thing as being given permission. Just SAYING that it’s unacceptable is nonsense. If it REALLY wasn’t acceptable then you would have shown that you REALLY didn’t accept it by stopping them.

    That’s how psychopathic criminals distinguish between something being a “good thing to do” or a “bad thing to do.” If they want something and can get away with taking it then that is the definition of a “good” thing to do,” and if they want something and are stopped from just taking it, then that is a “bad thing to do” . . . . . and they will get very very nasty indeed toward anyone trying to stop them from doing whatever they want to do.

    I don’t think one should overthink the complexity of a psychopathic criminal’s moral judgement process. They don’t give a shit whether things are true or false, fair or cheat, just or unjust, or any other moral or logical hoo haa. What THEY care about (the ONLY thing they care about) is whether or not they can get away with doing whatever they want without anybody stopping them. Period. End of concept.


    Hunter finds God




    Hey Cokewhore!


    D Benton Smith

    The Bad Guys apparently want to go down in a blaze of glory and take everybody else with them. I think they will be accommodated on steps 1 and 2, but an increasing number of folks are opting out of step 3.



    Michael Reid

    The Bad Guys aren’t going to stop the bad stuff until someone stops them

    act as required

    Veracious Poet

    So simple a caveman could do it…

    • Sic semper tyrannis •

    D Benton Smith

    I should have been more clear and specific about what I meant when said step 1, 2 and 3 (above #152443 )
    Step 1 = going down (cuz they’re going down fast and hard)
    step 2 = in a blaze (down in flames, no ‘chute, wheels and wings falling off)
    step 3 = all the rest of us aren’t all that keen on going down in flames with them, so we’re not going to do that. If they want to lie, cheat and steal to the gawdam bitter end, then we’re gonna let them, but they’re just gonna have to be on their own with that crash and burn shit. They crazy.

    Veracious Poet

    Tyranny is a habit which may be developed until at last it becomes a disease.
    I declare that the noblest nature can become so hardened and bestial that nothing distinguishes it from that of a wild animal.
    Blood and power intoxicate; they help to develop callousness and debauchery.
    The mind then becomes capable of the most abnormal cruelty, which it regards pleasure; the man and the citizen are swallowed up in the tyrant; and the return to human dignity, repentance, moral resurrection, becomes almost impossible. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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