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    Alfred Palmer Halftrack scout car brought up to Army standards of smartness. White Motor Company, Cleveland Dec 1941   • Beijing Lowers Coronavir
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    Waiting for news
    “It’s one of the possibilities.”

    Death from Old flue replaced by death from New flue.

    It is being contained but not at 2.1%

    US Flu Cases Increased by 4 Million Over the Last Week
    New data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that influenza activity in the United States has increased over the last 2 weeks.

    The most recent statistics, collected through the week ending January 25, 2020, report that there have been 19 million cases of influenza during US 2019-20 flu season. This is an increase of 4 million cases since the last report.

    Additionally, the CDC has recorded 180,000 hospitalizations and 10,000 deaths from the flu thus far. Based on these figures, severity is not considered high at this point in the flu season.

    Over the past week the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia rose to 6.7% but remains below the epidemic threshold of 7.2%. Additionally, the hospitalization rate rose from 24.1 per 100,000 to 29.7 per 100,000, which is considered to be consistent with this time of year from recent seasons.

    However, FluView statistics indicate that hospitalization rates are higher in children and young adults than at this time in recent seasons. At this time the highest rate of hospitalizations have been recorded in adults aged >65 years, followed by children aged 0-4 years, and adults aged 50-64 years.
    Flu Cases Surpass 22 Million as 13th Coronavirus Case is Confirmed in US

    The last 3 weeks of surveillance indicate that flu activity continues to increase and is expected to continue for weeks to come.

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) FluView reports that last week the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza stands at 7.1%, just below the epidemic threshold of 7.2%.

    Visits to clinicians for influenza-like illness increased from 6.0% to 6.7% last week with all regions remaining above baseline. However, overall hospitalization rates for the season are similar to previous seasons with a current rate of 35.5 per 100,000.

    The percentage of respiratory specimens testing positive for influenza at clinical laboratories also increased last week, rising from 28.4% to 29.8%. At this time, 47 jurisdictions are experiencing high influenza-like illness activity, compared with 44 jurisdictions the previous week.

    Recent estimates indicate that of the 22 million flu cases in the US thus far, 210,000 hospitalizations have occurred, and 12,000 deaths have been reported. In total, there have been 78 pediatric deaths so far this season, with 10 new deaths reported last week


    Bringing up the flu as somehow having some kind of link with the coronavirus can only confuse people.


    Feel free to steal for your Valentine:



    map is not up to date
    Look below the map and pick your location for Respiratory Infections

    The Contagion® Outbreak Monitor provides details on the number of confirmed cases, deaths, and recent website articles on infectious disease outbreaks.
    Use the Contagion® Outbreak Monitor to learn about infectious disease outbreaks in your geographical region and manipulate the map to find out the latest information on global outbreaks. Click on “Trends” to learn more about trends in the number of cases and deaths.


    WHO Turns On China, Demands To Know How Nearly 2,000 Doctors Were Infected With COVID-19

    Update (1040ET): The WHO has just wrapped up its now-daily presser for Friday,

    China says 1,716 medical workers have been infected

    WHO demands to know more about sick doctors, insists group of 12 virus experts will reach Beijing over the weekend

    Singapore reports largest daily jump in cases amid increased human-to-human transmission

    Hong Kong reports 3 new cases

    Hubei’s new party boss orders quarantine tightened

    President Xi touts new “biosecurity law”

    Hong Kong Disney land offers space for quarantine

    Chinese company says blood plasma of recovered patients useful in combating the virus

    US mulling new travel restrictions

    Japan reports 4 new cases; one patient recently returned from Hawaii.

    CDC Director: Virus is “Coming” to the US.

    Dr D Rich

    Yeah! What are you doing confusing people with facts and pertinent statistics? Helping people to understand scale and scope is part of ongoing education. Even nurses understand the importance of ongoing education and they label it CEUs as distinct from a physician’s CME. Lest the weak minded become distracted. The message remains China .


    A brave man……….Tsinghua University professor Xu Zhangrun
    Dissent that will not be silenced.
    This may deserve posting as an article on TAE

    “And that is why people like me—feeble scholars though we are—are useless, for we can do nothing more than lament, take up our pens, avail ourselves of what we write to issue calls for decency and advance pleas on behalf of Justice. Faced with the crisis of the coronavirus, confronting this disordered world, I join my compatriots—the 1.4 billion men and women, brothers and sisters of China, the countless multitudes who have no way of fleeing this land—and I call on them: rage against this injustice; let your lives burn with a flame of decency; break through the stultifying darkness and welcome the dawn”


    It makes sense that the cougher should wear masks, not the well. The mask doesn’t protect the eyes, which are not just the windows to the soul, they have a direct line to the sinuses, as well.

    By the way- where is Dr D? I miss his rather unique style of thinking.


    Remember the prominence of Michael Avenatti in the media feeding frenzy on Trump when the the whole circus started? He was Stormy Daniels’ lawyer. Private jet and all.

    Avenatti was just found guilty in New York on all 3 counts in the Nike extortion trial. There are more cases coming against him, among others from… Stormy Daniels. Will CNNN apologize for having him on a thousand times spouting lies and nonsense? Of course they will.


    ZeroHedge reports an asymptomatic person testing positive in Egypt. It says around a million Chinese live in Africa.

    Doc Robinson

    “A fifth case of novel coronavirus has been revealed in B.C. [Canada] on Friday. The woman is in her 30s and flew into YVR from Shanghai recently, before driving to her home in the B.C. Interior region. Four cases are in the Vancouver Coastal Health region; those patients are in stable condition and are still recovering in isolation at home”


    Roughly, without a Quarantine, the Wuhan coronavirus took a little over a month to overwhelming Hubei Province’s existing healthcare system. The CCP in Beijing, always in control, took over. Its draconian measures – shutting down China – sending in the PLA – gave the rest of the world time. So far only 15 confirmed cases in the USA weeks later.

    Like the time of the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague before, the modern Western Empire is collapsing. It is unable to care for its subjects. Based on a transactional faith based system that only counts pieces of gold as defining one’s worth, the Imperialists are pathologically unable to provide the safety or a purpose in life that humans need to survive. Westerners are literally in limbo. None of the governments are planning, purchasing and storing the personnel protective equipment, health supplies, or intensive care beds needed to treat the pandemic. That costs lots of real money. Unless the virus mutates its corona to be less deadly, the West will shut down like China but without any of their organization. Until a vaccine is developed and distributed, millions will die. Survivors’ lives will be chaotic with the after-effects of illness, debt and grief.


    Went to the Pharmacy (Chemist) to stock up on useful meds this morning. This is the conversation.

    Glennjeff: Could you fill these scipts for me.
    Pharmacist Chan: I cannot supplies some of these, do you have enough to get by.
    Glennjeff: Oh yes, just stocking up in case the supply chains break down.
    Pharmacist Chan: They already are.


    You have to admire the Irish! Especially ones in green t-shirts! They have such colorful words too!

    Stormy Daniels are you going to get you money back? Seems like he just fell down an opened manhole!

    Mr. Palmiero being 100 seems to have run a fowl of Britain’s Home Office’s antiquated computer system! It seems like they miss the y2k event! Even the laser scanner didn’t work either! Imagine facal scanners!

    Reminds me when I gave my Russian interpretor a small box of Sunkist raisins back in 1983. She ate the raisins happily but then spoiled it by asking me what the black and white bar codes on the bottom of the box were for!

    I explained how the cashier at the grocery store would scan the box over the laser scanner at the checkout counter to ring up the price on the cash register!

    As soon as I had finished, I quickly realized that my explanation to this university educated Russian had gone completely over her head!

    She could not fathom a word of what I had said! She had nothing in her world remotely similar to what I had just described! At that time in 1983 the Russians were still using beaded abacas in all of their stores! Sadly that ended our conversation!


    Dr. D. Rich:. You are right the focus remains China!

    If there are going to be plenty of Chinese where you plan to go, you simply won’t go!


    Raul:. Concerning Trump and Iran. You shouldn’t be giving away the Donald’s secrets to the deep state!

    Dr D Rich

    Wes: The focus, as I maintain it, should be to help and support China. The flu statistics posted by ‘zerosum’ are pertinent to this discussion. I spent Chinese New Year’s Eve in the company of my Chinese immigrant friends at a Hunan restaurant in Pittsburgh 10 to 12 ppl per table and I shared dinner with them once a week since then. I’m only avoiding my asshole American friends pretending as if they are immune to coronavirus

    Dr D Rich

    And I will repeat the answer to my question about how their families are coping back in China. This is the answer from the Chinese woman:

    ““We are not afraid, dare to face everything”


    Hi Ilargi, I think the flu situation posted above is really interesting.

    a) it shows where we are possibly headed

    – the flu has been with us since before 1918 and countless millions have been spent on developing vaccines and yet look at those huge numbers for a good old “non severe” flu season

    – death rate of the flu is said to be around 0.39% and thats increasing, ref and that is potentially diddly squat compared to what we seem to be seeing from COVID-19

    b) the flu season complicates detection and surely must sooner or later engender panic

    – the flu is accompanied by a fever with a temperature of up to 41.1°C and so far temperature has been the bar below which anyone and everyone has been allowed to wander anywhere.

    – even though Western populations are getting very nervous they seem content to not panic at the moment. But just wait until-if we start getting community clusters and every sniffle cough and sneeze creates fear uncertainty and doubt.

    – for example (Australian) friends of ours just went on a long booked cruise albeit with misgivings. What happens if somebody on board starts complaining of a fever with all the same symptoms that can accompany infection from either virus? Would the captain opt for quarantine and lockdown with all that entails, or opt for quiet isolation and silence given that it is the flu season, and financial interests on that scale sure trump caution and the wrath of one’s owners.

    c) because this is truly “novel” as well as fear inducing people’s brains respond to the situation differently from the same-old resignation that greets the flu. If a true global COVID-19 pandemic was to play out on a similar scale as the flu it would surely take a couple of years and we would be looking at what? Ttwo years of economic disruption until apathy returned?


    Dr. D. Rich:. I don’t avoid my Canadian Chinese friends either! But then they haven’t recently travelled to Wuhan! Nor are they willing to travel to China anymore than I would! They know the CCP!

    Notice also how many coming back to North America are self quarantining themselves out of an abundance of caution! So they do care!

    Spain had to cancel their World Mobility convention because over 5000 Chinese were expected to travel to the convention! The problem is China doesn’t have the virus under control yet they have no problems letting their people travel the world spreading the virus!

    I saw a world travel map of 60,000 Chinese out of 5 million who left from Wuhan in the last few weeks. There is no country they did not travel to!

    Having lived and worked a few years in Africa (4 countries), I can tell you there is next to no existing medical services! The Chinese from Wuhan blanketed Africa! Very few African countries have any test kits! Their health authorities publically admit this! If even one case hits them they are in big trouble and they know it!

    We all know China doesn’t have sufficient test kits to test more than a few thousand a day! What is scarier is we here don’t have very many test kits either! We have less than the Chinese do! Also we now know repeated tests are often required! This is a tricky virus to deal with!

    My brother in Detroit has many coworkers/friends in China and he says they are being hit very hard by this virus, example kids schools cancelled, etc.

    I also think the way the Chinese government has been dealing with this is self defeating! They are handling it as a security problem not a health issue! That seems to have only made matters worst!

    And no I am not going to stop eating Chinese food!


    It is estimated that there are 1 million Chinese in Africa. How many test kits are there in Africa?

    Bloomberg should have run against trump as a republican. battle of the zero respect for women assholes.

    John Day

    The dude working on the halftrack reminded me of “Uncle Martin” from “My Favorite Martian” the last time you used his picture, and this time, too. 🙂


    Hey WES lay off on the old farts – spare me at least 🙂

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