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    Jan van Eyck Madonna and Child at the Fountain 1439 (height: 7.4“, 19cm)   • Truckers Are Lighting “Brushfires of Freedom” In Millions of Minds (
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    V. Arnold

    Jan van Eyck Madonna and Child at the Fountain 1439 (height: 7.4“, 19cm)

    That is an amazing painting; the detail is almost beyond comprehension; and then, the fact’s are, it’s only 7.4“, (19cm) high…
    Just how special is that?
    Words fail…


    Without consideration of how best to engage such individuals, some risk being effectively excluded from population health interventions, remaining at higher risks of infection and posing a potential transmission risk to others.” Nice the researchers are saying the previously hurt or abused are now dangerous. So much science my brain is aching.

    If you want to get the feelz and change your mood take yourself here


    on empires collapsing.

    quick read worth it. we are movin through stage 9

    Doc Robinson

    • Covid Vaccine Hesitancy Could Be Linked To Childhood Trauma (G.)

    Here are the problematic “attitudes”:

    “Low trust in NHS COVID-19 information”
    “Unfairly restricted a lot by government”
    “Social distancing should end”
    “Mandatory face coverings should go”
    “Break restrictions at least occasionally”
    “Vaccine hesitancy”

    The desired goal:
    “to maximise behavioural compliance and vaccine uptake”

    An unexamined premise of the study, stated without supporting evidence:
    “Voluntary compliance with public health advice has played a central role in reducing the viral transmission of COVID-19.”

    Associations between adverse childhood experiences, attitudes towards COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine hesitancy: a cross-sectional study

    Mister Roboto


    Policing of this protest was clearly different from other protests, including the Summit of the America’s In which I participated in Quebec in 2001 (lots of tear gas, kettling and police in riot gear). Why the difference, and this is an important question to answer. Here’s a theory : fascist elements in police supported any fascistic representation, however small, in the protest.
    Speaking from the fringe of this protest (I have many friends who participated while I did not) it has been very divisive even among the folks against mandatory vax. While people who participated saw lots of friendly people at the protest, others were appalled at the mayhem visited on the downtown residents.

    People who have felt so ignored for so long understandably felt deeply moved and validated to see a place where their perspective was recognized. Yet there are troubling elements within this movement, not the least of which is the leadership that endorses Poilievre, Harper’s right-hand man in muzzling scientists. Another notable: Maxine Bernier was at the protest- leader of the People’s Party of Canada that advocates for controlling “environmental extremists” to allow for massive increase in oil and gas extraction, among other retrograde policies. Are we willing to stand behind these types of folks to stop vax mandates? For me this is a tough question, but I will not stand behind this kind of leadership.

    absolute galore

    From the Charlie Chaplin video ” …a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiiness.”

    Well, yeah, no. That didn’t quite pan out.

    I’m reading E.F. Schumacher’s A Guide For The Perplexed at the moment. He gets right to dismantling this idea. Recommended reading!

    Dr. D

    “Ottawa City Councillor Wants to Seize Freedom Convoy GoFundMe Funds”

    See how these guys think? “I see some money. I am going to steal it and spend it.” Then move on for more. Now they could do this of course, etc, but you’re not supposed to ADMIT it. You’re supposed to say, “Wow, trash cleanup sure was expensive, we’re going to need some help (to hire more outside policeman to harass and imprison you) blah blah blah, lie, lie, lie.”

    These statements came after months and years of restrictions based on the idea that no concern superseded the mitigation of COVID risks”

    Yes. Because they were lying. Oh and that also didn’t work. At all. Not even a little bit. NY, NJ were worst in the world. Just like we all said. But they did manage to kill some EXTRA people, with drug overdoses and delayed health screening. What’s ODs now? +50%?

    “detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never meant that someone is ill or contagious.”

    As we knew from the beginning because they were lying. As we told them, 700 days ago. There was non-symptomatic spread, but as expected, from all other disease experience, it was technically possible but very, very, very rare.

    “Covid Vaccine Hesitancy Could Be Linked To Childhood Trauma (G.)”

    So only privileged, sheltered people believe in vaccines? Got it.

    “Lockdowns Had Little or No Impact on Covid-19 Deaths (WT)”

    As we knew from the first 6 months of year one. I’ve heard them say, “Republicans were alarmists and mask-wearers at first but once they were told to wear them, they stopped.” No, they did not first resist NOT wearing them, then rebel against putting them on out of misguided hate for tiny doctors. They looked for EVIDENCE. At first it seemed 500,000 Chinese were knocked out with a uncontained virus, then parts in Italy, etc. That is alarming, at the same time as Fauci said “Do nothing, there’s no virus, go to parades”. THEN we saw, no equal spread in Italy to Rome, no spread through NY, death rate low, lower, lowest, down down down to 99.97% safe. At the same time, as Republicans followed and started lockdowns when Congress and Fauci demanded they NOT do it, it was racist to wear a mask, found out that protective measures had no effect on the spread. …Of a disease we almost shouldn’t care if it spread or not.

    So what was happening? Evidence-based people followed evidence as it appeared, then adjusted according to Science and evidence. The other half or 2/3 of the country did the #Opposite, that is, whatever was 100% dead-wrong and were told to from Congress and CDC. That means once we found out the masks, lockdowns, and bleach wipes didn’t work at all, we said so. And then took s—t for the next 22 months. For being right, right, right.

    “predicted that such steps could reduce death rates by up to 98%.”

    Of the 25 million that would die. In England alone. So maybe they were right! It was going to be 25M and their masks dropped it 99.97%. …Or not, as that’s against all evidence we ever had. The evidence we ACTUALLY have is, they were dead wrong by 100x in their models, and dead-wrong by 100x in their medical advice.

    “Big Tech appears to be ramping up its COVID-19 “misinformation” crackdown”

    Cracking down on anyone not misinforming everyone.

    “LinkedIn shut down … Harvard Medical School”

    Yup. That’s #Science. Facebook and LinkedIn say Harvard is a Conspiracy Theory. And doctors running the trials. And VPs of Pfizer. What do they know?

    “• Top Doctor Calls for Reinstatement of People Fired “

    In a NORMAL world, with NORMAL Science, we would fire everyone wrong (above) and promote everyone who got it right from the beginning. So defund and erase the CDC, and replace them with Dr. Malone. He took risks. They got everyone killed with group think and Pharma payouts.

    “7 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs Last Year: ‘Uncharted Territory’ (CNBC)”

    How are they living? Still looking for that. Why quit? That’s easy: $15 is now the MINIMUM wage, so anything even slightly over the minimum equals $25, $35, and that isn’t happening. Costs are too high at the business end. Like all over-heated, over-exploited (or over-developed) markets, there’s no profit left in the system. That’s late debt-cycle given CAUSED by these same price-fixing, price-manipulating dum-dums. Extractive Financialism. “I make…nothing. I DO…nothing.” –Gordon Gekko. Anyway, a worker is now expected to work OVER 40h baseline, AND carry a cell 24/7, AND respond to emails, calls, texts, and 5 other communiques. If you want 24/7 support, doing the work of 5 men, you’re going to have to pay. They won’t, and can’t. So people say “No.” Simple. If you want people to punch in for 40h, no phone, no swing shifts, they could probably get workers. But they’re blithering, selfish, psychotic toddlers who have lost their minds. Because: Adult Americans.

    You see why they don’t care WHAT happens, rather live under a bridge than work, if working is for $43k, with a 24/7 workday? You want 24/7 make me the boss and I STILL may not care what happens. The money isn’t worth it. $100k, $1M isn’t worth it. Only the mentally-ill are entrepreneurs and want to work +60/week and lose two wives to your business. There aren’t a limitless pool of such creatures, but that’s what they’re asking. Most people would rather not work than ruin their health, lives, marriages, children FOR THE COMPANY. …And note Americans work the most on earth, more than the Japanese.

    “China’s Xi Jinping is the greatest threat that open societies face today.” –Soros

    Which is why you’re installing their same law and ethos throughout the West? Whiskey Tango.

    “New York Times Sues To Get Hunter Biden Information (Turley)”

    They all got lifetime bans for Hunter “Disinformation” right? For NOT publishing and denying the truth? No?

    How about the FBI? Did they get a lifetime ban and were fired for hiding Senator’s son gun problems, drug problems, top secret information handed to the “Nerd Herd”? Proof of 10,000 felonies for smoking crack and soliciting prostitution on camera? No?

    El Salvador Angrily Rejects IMF Call To Drop Bitcoin Use (AP)”

    Bitcoin is used by hackers, drug dealers, and AS NATIONAL CURRENCIES, of several nations. …Just like $100 bills. Only multiple LESS used in drug and arms deals.


    Someone posted the following link yesterday:

    Over the several months or so I’ve seen a few reports from people claiming to have found foreign substances in vaccine samples. At least two that I can remember (counting this latest one now) have pictures. It seems to me that the obvious next step is to examine a blood sample from someone who has received the jab, but to my knowledge no one has done that.

    It is interesting that the website on which the pictures were posted (the above is an archive) seems to have been locked or taken down. The archived page has a couple of entries from September 2020, and the linked entry above is dated January 29, 2022, but if you now try to access the website directly, all you get are 403 errors.

    Mister Roboto

    @sumac.carol: Would that article be from the same CBC that alleges that the Russians are behind the trucker-protest? Also, it’s nothing new under the sun that police treat with a lighter hand mass-protests whose cause to which they are at least somewhat sympathetic.

    those darned kids

    sumac: “Are we willing to stand behind these types of folks to stop vax mandates?”

    all of the parties in canadada support “massive increase in oil and gas extraction, among other retrograde policies.”, they just coat it in fancy molasses* better.

    the ppc crazies, however, are the only ones who at least maybe, kinda, sorta, if we’re lucky, give us a chance to tell them they are nuts, even though they won’t listen.

    all of the other parties won’t even let us speak.

    *sulfured, of course.

    tar sands

    those darned kids
    Saul Goodman

    @ anyone in this debate

    I dont really understand why anyone would care or work to debate or debunk the IVM thing. Low safety profile, obviously lots of smoke (controversy on both sides) on the subject. Where there is smoke there is fire. If people want to take it, let them take it. Who gives a crap to be right or wrong. I sometimes keep a lucky coin in my pocket when I play blackjack! Who am I hurting by being wrong if that works?

    Also, the GOV published its own information on this. It is no secret drugs can have an impact on other illnesses, they were looking at IVM for CANCER! They also mentioned IVM antiviral effects as well and explained WHY. Read the whole thing. This alone is enough to make the gamble worth the very little risk. Why argue about it and studies etc!

    IVM not only has strong effects on parasites but also has potential antiviral effects. IVM can inhibit the replication of flavivirus by targeting the NS3 helicase [17]; it also blocks the nuclear transport of viral proteins by acting on α/β-mediated nuclear transport and exerts antiviral activity against the HIV-1 and dengue viruses [18]. Recent studies have also pointed out that it has a promising inhibitory effect on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has caused a global outbreak in 2020 [19]. In addition, IVM shows potential for clinical application in asthma [20] and neurological diseases [21]. Recently scientists have discovered that IVM has a strong anticancer effect.

    Since the first report that IVM could reverse tumor multidrug resistance (MDR) in 1996 [22], a few relevant studies have emphasized the potential use of IVM as a new cancer


    Divide & Conquer

    The power that be do not want to give up power.

    Everywhere Frontal attack.


    Putting it lightly to say police use a lighter hand when they agree with the protest issue. Just to clarify, so when I was protesting against global economic institutions like the IMF, I had to walk within a metre of a line of police clad in riot gear with German Shepherd dogs barking at me as I walked by. And I got pepper-sprayed. So I guess the police are okay with our current economic system??


    Putting it lightly to say police use a lighter hand when they agree with the protest issue.

    That’s one way of looking at it. Another is that everyone involved realizes that 10s of 1000s of trucks is a logistical problem no police force can solve.

    Mister Roboto

    So I guess the police are okay with our current economic system??

    Unfortunately, this is often the case. Also, human beings are by nature very tribal, and at protests against the economic system, the behavior of the police is often conditioned by the fact that they see people who are from an “othered” tribe in society doing the protesting.

    Another is that everyone involved realizes that 10s of 1000s of trucks is a logistical problem no police force can solve.

    Or even a single ten of thousand, if we grant the assumption that the number of trucks has been inflated by supporters on social media.


    Peaceful Protest
    Sticks & peppers spray cannot move big rigs

    Mister Roboto

    I dont really understand why anyone would care or work to debate or debunk the IVM thing. Low safety profile, obviously lots of smoke (controversy on both sides) on the subject. Where there is smoke there is fire. If people want to take it, let them take it. Who gives a crap to be right or wrong.

    Unfortunately, doctors can get in trouble for prescribing it, so they mostly don’t, and pharmacists often refuse to fulfill the rare prescription even though the refusal is illegal in many states. And many postal services in North America and Europe will intercept and confiscate deliveries of Ivermectin from countries such as India. If this doesn’t sound like a creeping authoritarianism, I’m not sure what it would take to convince somebody that the Covid response is ushering in technocratic authoritarianism. Perhaps some people refuse to see it because they not-so-secretly approve of it?


    I remember the G-20 summit in Toronto. Saturday afternoon, the Black Bloc riot through the downtown, including burning a police car(great optics for the news media) and the Peelers do nothing. Saturday evening, after the rioters are gone, they round up all the peaceful protesters.

    Therefore I’m not about to defend law enforcement on any issue. I’m also not going to speculate on what motivates them. I’ll simply point out that a protest involving lots of large trucks is not easily dispersed. Like Didley Do Right trying to open up the Alberta border without tow trucks.

    Okay men, everyone to the back of the 18 wheeler. Now PUSH!

    D Benton Smith

    The fundamental mistake that authoritarians make ( Commies and Fascists alike ) is their bonkers idea that they can legitimately make other peoples’ decisions for them. These “authorities” think that they are not just able make other peoples’ choices for them, but that they SHOULD make enforceable decisions for them.

    There is a serious problem with their notion. The problem is that it is literally, scientifically and factually IMPOSSIBLE to make a decision as anyone other than oneself. Your decisions are yours and other peoples’ decisions are theirs. If you are the one who does it . . . then it’s yours, and not the other guy’s.

    Someone can make a decision INSTEAD of letting the other person decide. They can even enforce that decree by various coercive means to force that other person to obey. But that doesn’t mean that the decider is somehow not the sole and only originator and owner of that decision.

    It’s not a morality thing. It’s a logic thing. It’s simply the way that the Universe is built. The causer of an effect is, indeed, the cause of that effect. The decider of a decision is, indeed, the one who decided.

    So the time has come. Are you going to continue letting others delusionally decide things for you? Or will you regain the awareness that ONLY you can actually make decisions for you.

    Is a datum true or is it false ? Is an action good or is it bad? Am I aware or am I hiding? Only you can decide the answers to those questions.

    Authoritarians are unaware of this axiomatic truth and the error puts them in conflict with the Universe itself (God, if you will). That’s why the mistake always ends badly.

    Everything (science, religion, logic & reasoning, and everything) ultimately goes back to an awareness, who decides.

    That happens to be you, at the moment.

    those darned kids

    washington commanders..

    hahahaha, “commanders”. cue the f-35 fly over!


    those darned kids

    someone mixed up this place with an hcq factory:

    i guess food shortages are phase 2..


    ADP⁩ payrolls, -301k vs. +180k est. & +776k in prior month

    And 47 million quit their jobs in 2021?!


    The Winston-Salem plant has app. 600 tons of ammonium nitrate. The August 2020 explosion in Lebanon consumed over 3000 tons. (wiki-p). The Texas City explosion in April of 1947 was about 2300 tons. (wiki-p)


    That’s one way of looking at it. Another is that everyone involved realizes that 10s of 1000s of trucks is a logistical problem no police force can solve.

    Just keep on repeating it, I guess. 10s of 1000s?

    D Benton Smith


    Thanks for giving me yet another opportunity to share some pictures.


    Childhood aces and vaccine hesitancy
    The study might have something there.
    I had zero childhood aces but I have cPTSD from a bad marriage.
    Trauma often causes a person to pick up on patterns that others don’t pick up on as readily — such as patterns of abuse — and can cause hypersensitivity to authoritarianism. So, it may not be a “bug” causing people to have “vaccine hesitancy” but rather a “feature” which can help all of us detect when the authoritarians are perpetuating a coup d’etat — if we observe, listen, and respect the vaccine hesitant folks.
    Nope. Instead the article wants readers to see the vaccine hesitant as “victims.”

    Dr. D

    Saul: because that would be logical. That’s why they can’t have it.
    Pancake-on-head, you point now is that “Somebody somewhere said something different”? In a world where almost everything is a lie? Okaaay.

    They opened up the floodgates on Trump election meddling (again) for some reason. He had a coup! You can tell by how he’s still in power! So…CNN, NBC, retards of the world, apparently he did NOT take actions? Or was really, really REALLY bad at taking actions? He was Executive of EVERYTHING. He had the military, FBI DoJ, +25 States at his command. And…so he…Um… Bombshell! Walls are closing in! RussiaRussiaRussia! Trump THOUGHT about calling a people’s coup (but didn’t). THOUGHT about commanding the military (but didn’t). THOUGHT about confiscating the election machines…because 100% of media said Russia was meddling (but didn’t). THOUGHT about telling Pence to stop the elector tally (but didn’t).

    I’m sorry, what am I supposed to be afraid of here again? A guy who didn’t do anything, and can’t be proven he even THOUGHT of doing anything? And democracy is unsafe because he DIDN’T stay in office, but gave the election to Joe Biden.

    …I’m sorry, my brain is melting here.

    Anyway, the important marker is, for no reason whatsoever, on no evidence whatsoever, with no arrests whatsoever, they have rocketed this to the #1 story. Which is apparently made up. Headline: “Trump Thought Stuff (but didn’t do anything)” News at 11. He’s going to be arrested for it this time!

    So that’s MUST SPEAK news, which we’re following closely with MUST-NOT-SPEAK news, and especially what is newly added or removed from that list. Trucker strike added to the “allow” list, as long as it’s unsubstantiated lying slander. Covid added to “Confused as all heck” list, but now follows Great Barrington. …Depending. You can still see “Must-mask” next to CDC’s “don’t mask” in the public, side-by-side. And “Vaccines don’t work (for anyone, on anything, including for Trudeau)” so “Get one today! For your fetus!”

    Brain. Melting. The lies, the lies.

    Breaking, CNN leader is out. For not-really-sure yet, liking women, I guess? Instead of children like his employee base does? And not for taking a successful company and completely ruining, bankrupting it faster than anyone thought possible, even Bob Nardelli?

    Nope, something-something Cuomo, forgot to ask HR if he, as CEO was allowed to have consensual sex with adult women. “Mommy may I?”

    Now: point is, that’s interesting. Timing. Trump social up 700%. Buzzfeed going bankrupt. News spigots perhaps about to turn on. We need a “Russian Hack” that will allow Powell to print a Trillion and for newsfeeds to shut off.

    Mister Roboto

    Judging by the movements of the financial markets this and last week, the Plunge Protection Team must really be raking in that overtime pay.


    Omicron has given herd immunity.
    Time for our leader to accept the science.
    Time for our leaders to end the demonstrations
    Time for our leaders to realize that there is pills that will minimize the negative effects of Omicron


    CHD article regarding heart problems from Covid vax..
    Yes, that is exactly what is going on with my 38 year old cousin. He is now perpetually lacking in energy and was recently hospitalized again. His health is utterly shattered due to Covid vax.


    “ That includes why President Biden repeatedly said that no one had accused Hunter or his family of “doing anything wrong” when he was presumably aware of the FBI subpoena and the seizure of the laptop. ”

    That is narc-speak (narcissist) for “I know with every fiber of my being that my family and our doings are good and pure and everyone else knows it, too. If you have heard otherwise, it is because the people who say such things and act on them are evil.”


    Thanks for giving me yet another opportunity to share some pictures.

    Still trying to count the 50,000 trucks. Hell, I am trying to find the 11,000 that RFK said would be there. Surely, 10’s of 1000’s is ridiculous. But do keep sending the photos. You may want to do a better job selecting the ones you do decide to share. Maybe next time take out the one showing two women stopping trucks from going down their street or the ones with the swastikas. Those bad apples always ruin the batch!

    Here is a photo that might help to put this “massive” protest into at least a little clearer perspective:

    And here is a flyover from the big day of protest. Maybe you could count the trucks? The Ottawa Police did:

    Look, the point is, you had pretty much the entire right wing apparatus claiming that 50,000 trucks were descending on Ottawa. That never happened. Not even close. Not even close to close. But people just keep on repeating the high number, despite the photos, despite the drones, despite the numbers put out by the Ottawa police. Raul repeated the claim again right here in this forum, just this morning. This sort of exaggeration is not just isolated to the Freedom Convoy attendance numbers. The overblown convoy numbers are just a very clear example of what occurs when disinfo spreads. Make exaggerated claims, driven by fear and confusion and a healthy mix of willful ignorance. When those claims don’t materialize, either insist that the claims DID materialize, or provide a further convoluted conspiracy as to why they didn’t, or say the claims did happen and the results are being covered up. From ivermectin, to VAERS, to FLCCC, to the convoy, to the election, on and on and on it goes. Claims are made and those claims are easily disproven. Let’s not pretend that people shouldn’t look at ivermectin data to determine the veracity of claims made. That’s just simply how it works. If people find problems with the data, or discover fraud, why be mad at the one’s discovering the fraud? Why not be mad at yourself for ever putting stock in claims that could easily be disproven, most often with just basic math skills? You all claim to be such truth seeking stalwarts, but get all weak kneed when asked to apply the same scrutiny to your own causes or beliefs.


    Sumac.carol: “ Are we willing to stand behind these types of folks to stop vax mandates? ”

    In the real world, life is messy.
    Vax mandates are tyrannical and may lead a society to genocide rapidly. Drilling for oil and methane with disregard for environmental and human costs is foolish and stupid. I can work with foolish and stupid. My loved ones and myself could lose our livelihoods, our homes, and our lives in the shorter term with vax mandates. If any of those three happen, I can’t participate in the efforts to stop irresponsible resource depletion and reduction.

    That gives me my answer.


    What is the expression

    Pot calling the kettle black


    Kettle calling the pot black

    What is happening..

    Do onto other what they do to you

    Nitpicking …. instead of declaring the end of the pandemic

    O’Toole is being kicked out for trying to end the pandemic


    What is the expression

    Pot calling the kettle black


    Kettle calling the pot black

    What is happening..

    Do onto other what they do to you

    Nitpicking …. instead of declaring the end of the pandemic

    O’Toole is being kicked out for trying to end the pandemic


    One doesn’t pack a city like Ottawa with 50K trucks. Trucks am big:


    But you can clog up the arterials that matter, big time. Lotta Trucks

    Let’s also consider that this is happening during very cold weather. I’d say support and participation of/in the movement is pretty strong.


    “they see people who are from an “othered” tribe in society doing the protesting.” = There is some persuasion involved. Coercion usually doesn’t work out well.

    “Another is that everyone involved realizes that 10s of 1000s of trucks is a logistical problem no police force can solve.” = Boss has been beat to where even the higher boss (who are also using coercion on Boss) has no power. If you can’t beat them, join them.

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