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    Jan van Eijk The Arnolfini portrait 1434   • A $3 Trillion Debt Tsunami Is About To Flood The Stock Market (MW) • Attorney General Barr To Announ
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    V. Arnold

    Jan van Eijk The Arnolfini portrait 1434
    Very interesting; pregnant women in 1434 (585 years ago) adopted the same hand gesture (hand position on pregnant belly) as women do today…
    Indeed, some things do not change with time…
    For the rest; colors are striking; especially the green dress worn by the wife.
    The rest is beyond my paygrade…

    V. Arnold

    Bernie is a tired old war hawk; not fit to serve as commander in chief!
    The rest (those qualified?) are too corrupt, too incompetent, and just sad shadows of what might have been…
    The U.S. is a spent, faux democracy, well past its due date; nothing and nobody can change that!
    RIP USA; just don’t kill the world in your rage for revenge of your own death, by your own hand…


    Well, VA, for one thing, that guy’s obviously Putin. Even your paygrade understands that.

    V. Arnold

    Well, VA, for one thing, that guy’s obviously Putin. Even your paygrade understands that.
    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    Wow, I had to go look again; Putin.
    Of course…

    John Day

    Putin is more macho, bigger hands, IMHO.

    At least the Empire is winning the Trade-War…​
    Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times warned – or perhaps threatened – late Tuesday that failed trade negotiations would have dire consequences for global stocks.
    The threat of a market catastrophe has pigeonholed the US into striking a deal with Beijing, the report suggests although many are confident that the situation is flipped…
    Why China’s implicit threat? Perhaps because, as Shard’s Bill Blain noted earlier today, at least in the context of its economy, China is already losing the trade war, and therefore has little to lose by escalating the war of words. This is what Blain said overnight:
    The recent data highlights the Chinese economy may be slowing faster than XI can maintain his grip – he’s weaker than ever before. (Raising one scenario threat of a long-drawn out period of uncertainty if he is marginalised/deposed and a power struggle follows. That could be very destabilising and disruptive for the Occidental economies desperate to sell the China!)
    We reckon XI knows he’s out of time and has to settle – handing Trump a critical victory. Long-term the US-China tech-war is difficult to call. Trump is determined to garner payback for China IP theft, and its difficult to imagine the rest of Asia adopting Chinese tech systems if they lose the current trade war to the US. However, you can’t just undo years of China tech development. My techy contacts tell me Huawai’s boasts about the US’ inability to close them is partial bluff and bluster – it’s not as advanced or robust as it claims, plus the US is going to insist on wrecking it – which could prove another long-term friction point.

    ​War of the Worlds… A lot has happened on this field of battle since this prescient October 2018 article was penned.
    Today America is locked in a struggle for high-tech supremacy with China. The battlefields range from lasers, hypersonic weaponry, and advanced unmanned systems for the military, to artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computers and even driverless cars in the civilian sector. One is transparently clear: whoever wins this struggle will become the dominant superpower in the 21st century; and one of the most decisive contests will be over 5G wireless.
    Fifth-generation or 5G technology is much more than the future of global telecommunications, offering more bandwidth than anyone ever imagined (think of downloading entire movies in a few seconds) and enough to make the Internet of Things a daily reality. The rollout of 5G also demands billions of dollars to install the fiber-optic networks needed for these high-capacity systems, and billions more to operate them. Which companies and which countries design and invest in this new infrastructure, will have a hefty say in not only how 5-G transmits information, but also how others are to access the system.

    ​5G is a poisoned chalice. These frequencies are weaponized by the US military to beam at crowds, making them flee in pain.​
    Samsung and telecom company Verizon made a joint announcement on Monday that was supposed to be unequivocally exciting news: the blazing-fast fifth generation wireless cellular network — known as 5G — is slated to be more accessible in the United States in the first half of next year (2019).
    Yet public health experts, professors, and watchdog groups are increasingly concerned about the untested aspects that this next-gen cell network requires — including more cell towers and a constant chorus of higher-energy photons streaming through human bodies and dwellings.

    Dr. D

    “this strange personal deference to Putin by the president.”

    Yes, sending arms to Ukraine, moving NATO to the border, keeping warships in the Black Sea, leaving the ABM treaty, threatening to leave SALT, starting a space war, cutting off US$ Swift access, attacking every Russian ally including an open invasion, and a total US-Europe trade embargo sure looks like a Putin puppet to me! Boy, just imagine what he would do if he WASN’T working for Russia!

    Media is already explaining how the Democrats lost 2020 due to Russian interference. …You would think that I’m kidding, but sadly, I’m not. Here’s an idea: since YOU are the media, and YOU have control of this, WHY DON’T YOU STOP THIS INTERFERENCE YOU ARE SO AWARE OF? Seems odd. Almost like NYT, CNN, and Facebook are the ones who have no control and are getting orders from elsewhere. Is this like when Obama said there was no influence in the ’16 election and it didn’t change any votes and that’s why he didn’t look into it or stop it? My how times change.

    “The recent data highlights the Chinese economy may be slowing faster than XI can maintain his grip”

    Indeed. My call of them being over the event horizon may have been well-timed. Trouble ahead, but at least a bad negotiating position, and I don’t wish them ill. 5G is crap and I have no idea why on earth they would want it. You need multi-trillion antennas since it has no range. Then you’re microwaving every living thing on the planet and paying the electric bill for the privilege. Like civilian nuclear, which could have been created without proliferation, I assume it’s BECAUSE it is deadly, invasive, and expensive that they want it. Know that annoying reporter talking to that annoying whistleblower on our $500B fake-war-theft? Irradiate their entire route and every device in their house and car. When they die of natural causes 6 months later no one’s the wiser. After that, irradiate Occupy in Zuccotti Park, Ebenezer Baptist Church, and the Quaker meetinghouse. Much easier than having the FBI keep files on everyone.

    So did they figure out a new way to hammer the poor today? You know, with AGW fuel taxes or an increase in retail plastics tax? YES!!! Every day is a good day to grind the poor!!!

    UK and Ireland Retailers Warn of 40% Tariffs on Food in No-Deal Brexit (G.)

    (P.S. 90% of that food comes from Europe because it’s cheaper. With a 40% tariff it might be cheaper to source from the moon. Also Britain isn’t the only player here. How do you think Spain will like a 40% drop in sales for a major industry because Brussels is being d—k? Spain would collapse in months. Ain’t happening. They WILL solve it, and fast.)

    “UK Economy £100 Billion Smaller Because of Austerity (G.)”

    Okay, that’s great, but since you already can’t pay your bills, wouldn’t that only mean you’d be £100B deeper in debt? There’s more than one moving part. I mean, unless you think there are no economic parameters and money is free, which seems increasingly popular lately. If they wanted that £100B they could give up on that aircraft carrier that has no planes and no missiles, because China laughed themselves silly when you said you’d threaten them in the South China Sea. A carrier expected survival time is about 30 seconds with the 2 million-man land-based army shelling it. And that’s if it had any viable planes or missiles, which NATO doesn’t. …Just a thought if you wonder where your economy went.

    “It’s like nothing changed in 4 years.”

    Yes, they’re running the 2016 election over and over again until they win. I’d tell them not to, but they’re not listening to anybody, even their own base. For example, AOC could pull every far-Left voters with a Bernie endorsement, but only at the expense of alienating 3x as many centrist voters. That’s the problem with a very, very tiny minority that’s very, very loud and active: they are actually causing you to lose. Beware.


    Might be a good thing, but there might also be many snakes in that there grass. If he really got it 4 months ago, not everything is smooth sailing. Leaving the embassy to face the UK justice system is an obvious trap.

    Julian Assange gets a new Australian passport

    A DFAT official at an estimate’s hearing in October said Mr Assange’s passport application had “not been rejected”. But absolute confirmation that he has actually received a new passport did not come until Thursday’s heading.

    DFAT officials told the estimates hearing they had no knowledge of legal proceedings against Mr Assange in the United States. Documents show Mr Assange’s UK-based lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, applied for a new passport on his behalf in mid-2018.

    DFAT replied that it was of the belief that Mr Assange’s entitlement to a passport may be affected by ongoing legal proceedings in the United Kingdom. “Specifically, we understand you may be the subject of an arrest warrant in connection with a ‘serious foreign offence’ within the meaning of section 13 of the Australian Passports Act 2005,” DFAT replied.

    “In order to progress your application, we require confirmation that section 13 is not enlivened by your circumstances. To this end, we ask that you provide us with confirmation that section 13 no longer applies to you. Until this time, your passport application will remain on hold.”

    Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick, who has pursued Mr Assange’s right to a passport in recent estimates hearings, said that, given Mr Assange’s failing health, the best thing would be for him to leave the Ecuador embassy and face the British justice system over breaching his bail conditions.

    After that, he should return to Australia, Senator Patrick said.


    If the FBI was to says that Trump is a spy working for Russia would you think that it was true? Why would you believe them?

    Why would you go to jail for telling a lie to the FBI?

    The FBI never lies
    .Recent history. (Ask Trump)
    He remained director for over 37 years until his death in 1972 at the age of 77
    Later in life and after his death, Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface. He was found to have exceeded the jurisdiction of the FBI,[2] and to have used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders,[3] and to collect evidence using illegal methods.[4] Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten others, even sitting presidents of the United States.


    Halper’s involvement in surveilling the Trump campaign was exposed by the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, who reported that the 74-year-old spook was enlisted by the FBI to befriend and spy on three members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election.
    Halper received a DoD contract from the Obama administration for $411,575 – made in two payments, and had a start date of September 26, 2016 – three days after a September 23 Yahoo! News article by Michael Isikoff about Trump aide Carter Page, which used information fed to Isikoff by “pissgate” dossier creator Christopher Steele. The FBI would use the Yahoo! article along with the unverified “pissgate” dossier as supporting evidence in an FISA warrant application for Page.


    UK And Ireland Retailers Warn Of 40% Tariffs On Food In No-Deal Brexit


    Another one of those scaremongering, idiotic anti-tariff anti-Brexit stories.

    OK so we have a no-deal Brexit, and tariffs kick in and due to them some food items go, I’ll trust you on that, 40%.

    Sure, the costs of tariffs being levied will be transfered to the consumers, and that, ceteris paribus, means price increases for the consumer. The stories then usually turn to moaning about the idiotic poor fools who voted for Brexit and who will now die of hunger. What those stories systematically studiously avoid considering is that those ceteris will certainly not remain paribus. For that to occur, we would have to think that the UK government will be collecting all those tariffs, presumably untold billions of pounds if they are to starve the British public, and then promptly setting them on fire. OF COURSE THEY WILL NOT DO NOTHING WITH THEM. This is increased revenue, available to spend as the UK government wishes: increased welfare payments, unemployment payments etc. But if it is not too dumb, the UK government would be returning this money straight to UK consumers. Sales tax, VAT could be lowered from 20% to 18%, 15%, 10%, whatever is enough to offset tariffs so that their imposition is cost-neutral to consumers.

    I won’t even get into how imported goods being suddenly markedly higher might stimulate import replacement. Milk? Cheddar? Whoever heard of Brits ever producing cheddar?

    People peddling those stories might sometimes be dumb enough never to think the story through. But I bet most of the times, they know very well it makes no sense. It’s agitprop – for a good cause.


    Is that a time-travelling Vladimir Putin in that portrait?


    Is that a time-travelling Vladimir Putin in that portrait?

    Oh ye unbelievers. Putin lookalikes are en entire industry, You got your ‘normal’ photograph stuff, but there’s also time-travel, and of course your dogs that look like Putin and cats that look like Putin. It’s where social media elevates the human race to as-of-yet unknown heights.


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