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    Richard Oelze The expectation 1936   • ‘Gilets Jaunes’ Hold 12th Weekend Of Protests, Denounce Police Violence (EN) • More Rubber Bullets And Tea
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    V. Arnold

    Oh, and Macron saying he’s a Yellow Vest too is priceless.

    Oh, I could think of at least a dozen expletives in place of priceless; but it does vividly expose him for the elitist pig he is…
    Macron isn’t just out of touch; he’s otherworldly…

    The Richard Oelze painting, The expectation 1936, perfectly illustrates todays average citizen of the western world.
    Godot anyone?

    Dr. D

    Norsefire and IngSoc for 2020!!! Those parties will straighten things out but good! And of course draw Britain down into 1,000 year Reich of non-freedom and corporate control, but why change what’s working so well now?


    John Day

    “All nice and all until the anonymous writer says young people since they grew up on the internet are less brainwashed. I’d claim the opposite.”
    Exactly my reaction.


    The sad thing John Day, is the young could be. The MSM has always been controlled by the elite of the day and we were all brainwashed. But the internet does provide an extra and powerful dimension to be accessed. As with everything you have to want to. Bread and circuses are now the opioid of the day.


    John, Patricia et al, I would say information overkill is a large factor in this.


    Yes, I agree but how can that be changed? There are so many ‘experts’ these days. Everybody is an authority on everything. Have you ever heard anybody say lately ‘I don’t know’? So in the end we all, not just the young, just shut off.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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