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    Jules Bastien-LePage The annunciation to the shepherds 1875   • RFK Jr Slams American Attacks On Syria and Iraq (RT) • Israel vs. Hezbollah: A Ne
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    “It’s Not ‘Inflation’ — We’re Just Getting Ripped Off. Here’s Proof.”

    Must be some type of objectionable “ism” involved here.

    Listen cracker
    No you be shutup and listen for once
    (breathes out heavily)
    Yes this is Humanism, a sign that a person has left the cave and returned. A person that was blinded when they left the cave and blinded when they returned. Now that their eyes have reacclimated to the dim light they are “Enlightened”.
    Why didn’t the person leave the cave after they went back in?
    Obviously you are a hate filled proponent of communism or socialism. You are just another ignorant dark ages oaf still believing in transparency in matters of trade and markets. You must still believe in the human social contract.
    Yes transparency in trade is the basis of discovery. I am called by faith to love.
    Hmmph another myth believing fool.
    Well bubba, i can see you are qualified to make that judgement. Take care.


    Let’s not forget, Gaza could be stopped by Washington, If the American people went to Washington in large enough numbers and demanded an end to the genocide, then it would end. But they won’t, the active ones would rather drive trucks to the southern border. What a sick bunch of fucks.

    Americans do not give a fuck about anyone else, most don’t even know where China is, the head of TikTok being quizzed by congress about the CCP; he’s from Singapore you morons. Even the American leaders are ignoramuses.

    Americans’ passive acceptance of their government’s role in genocide is their personal approval. Not only do the American people fund the Israelis and provide the weapons they use to genocide the Palestinians, they also claim they live in the world’s greatest democracy.

    The American people are and want to continue genociding the Palestinians. Evidence: The US is the world’s greatest democracy and there are no huge protests in Washington, so the government must be pleasing the people or the people are simply hopeless.

    If only the American people had the brains and the motivation of the French, the Germans and the other groups of farmers protesting in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe. The Americans people really are the weak link in the chain.

    All I can do is boycot American products, such as beef, detergents, toiletries, semiconductors etc. I have to travel by Airbus in the next week, I am willing to do that because I can see that the European people are fighting their governments. The American people are not fighting their government, they are the slobs of the western world.


    • Is Zaluzhny Getting Ready to Take Down Zelensky?

    Over at the Duran, Alex and Alexander have done episodes for quite a while reporting that Zaluzhny has been siphoning off the best war supplies all along and then funneling them into the hard core Nazi ‘elite’ units of the Ukronazi military like Kraken, Azov etc..

    They are essentially Zaluzhny’s own personal ‘SS’ and that he is the real extreme right wing ideologue and that Nazilensky is just the jewish comedian buttplug placeholder.

    Zaluzhny has consistently only used these pampered hard core Nazi units to rescue weak spots in the Ukronazi frontlines but as soon as the problem is stabilized he immediately pulls them out and back to the relative safety behind the lines again. Like he’s keeping them in ‘reserve’

    Well, Ukronaziland is almost out of regular reserves. They are grabbing people at funerals and sending them almost immediately to the front. The commissar thugs (mostly Azov-Kraken) rounding up cannon fodder are taking old men, with medical issues, and Downs Syndrome men, even mental patients.

    Meanwhile the Russians are getting 400,000 volunteer contract soldiers a year to willingly join to defend their homeland. Quite the contrast to Ukronaziland Press Gangs.

    Zaluzhny is the real Nazi here.

    And Putin is going to eventually kill him along with the rest of the main Ukronazi military leadership.

    Kyrylo Budanov, the head of the Ukronazi Secret Police, turned down Nazilensky’s offer to take over Zaluzhny’s job, I imagine because he has no front-line command experience but more importantly because he knows not to cross Zaluzhny.

    Night of the Long Knives

    You can’t conduct a war effort with this much intrigue going on

    Ukronaziland 2024



    Biden’s strategy

    1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible.
    2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.

    That the main dish but the side dish from the Tucker/Weinstein interview:

    Why the secretive deluxe Chinese camps in Panama? Segregated from the other poorer camps.

    Why use the poor teeming masses tyearning to be ‘free’ to obscure the Chinese players (and ‘other’ immigrant nationalities) ?

    There are a few more major puzzle pieces not revealed as yet.



    Ahhh, the F-35 Lard Bucket

    Sub-sonic not stealth to Russian radar ultra high maintenance boondoggle.

    Typical ‘product’ of the Military Industrial Mafia©

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation can not produce ‘weapons system’ that perform either well or as promoted because the systemic graft is so all encompassing that there are simply too many:

    Hands of Gimme and Mouthfuls of Much Obliged

    Profit before performance

    Every congressional district get a Piece of Cake, as a ‘control grid’ to approve ever larger budget yearly appropriations for the Military Industrial Mafia but the whole Rube Goldberg contraption functions like blind men with their hair on fire.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation has no real industrial base that can go toe to toe with Russia’s industrial base.

    It can NEVER produce any weapons system at scale because of base corruption.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia is a Walmart masquerading as a Chuck E. Cheese!


    Hence the steaming pile of turd like the F-35

    Only good for kicking 3rd world folks in wheelchairs and bombing shepherds.

    The Russia AD would toast it like a marshmallow

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Military Mafia

    Thy Name is Clueless




    Hoeing for Boeing

    The latest ‘weapons system’ to be foisted on dumber than dirt NATO countries

    Sweden and Finland are creaming themselves to get their cold wanker hands on this Baby!




    Dr. D

    Had to repost yesterday’s just now.

    Joe Tzu:
    Yes, there’s a weird thing with war, where this is very often done. This is to keep things UNDER CONTROL. If you just suddenly bombed Tehran or Base X, and Iran was like “Hey I didn’t mean Base X! That’s over the line, you idiots! Now I’m bombing Philly!” THAT is why you tell them. That means it is still under control.

    As yesterday, Joe says he’s keeping it under control by telling them. He’s now ASKING China, Russia, Saudi, all these guys to intervene at our command. Hahhahaha. Surely, you jest. You’re AT WAR with them, you SAID you are at war with them, Joe SAID it’s a war, high gas prices for war, all BRIICS, and now you want all BRIICS to INTERVENE? Hahahaha. And that’s SO you can mass-exterminate 2M brown children? In public? Hahahaha…not funny.

    But that’s not all the Stupid! No! The stupid has just begun! As I said yesterday, Joe is “Controlling the spread of the war in the Middle East vs Iran” by…bombing THREE NEW COUNTRIES that are not Iran. Brilliant! Genius!

    Oh AND telling them ahead of time, although they already know. So the bombing of three new countries will have zero military purpose.

    So their thing, on the phone, to Iran is: “Hi, um, Iran? Ayatollah? Yeah, pal, guy, you know since we had that totally, TOTALLY illegal base stealing – you know, ALL youse guys’ oil – and you shot only THREE people in it…well it’s an election year and you know we can’t just let that pass, we have to bomb you.

    So could you just be a pal and just LET US bomb you all day over that totally illegal base and not do anything back? Yeah, man, it’d totally be a Solid.”

    Um: How about NO?

    So EACH level of this, AND the asking is stupider than the last. But that’s Joe. And our anti-American strategy there, run by Tel-Aviv and London.

    “Elon Musk: Biden’s strategy is very simple: 1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state. That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple, yet effective.”

    Sure, but as stated here, there are just SO MANY options once you add 5 new queens to the chessboard. Or 25! Suppose lots of terror attacks, but only on Red states and voting sites? Suppose Americans start shooting them whenever the illegals beat up police and rape people? Oh noes. How about mass conscription or deputization? How about Martial Law and THEN activating them, as, in effect, our WHOLE NEW COUNTRY, and anyone formerly a citizen is now a non-citizen with non-rights, like a permanent #The Purge #OppositeDay?

    Or they, congress, CIA, FBI, can all just admit all their crimes, say “Ya got me” and all be hung. Yeahhhhh, my guess is not.

    “The civil war has begun and the Dems started it.”

    Maybe. But most Blue PEOPLE didn’t know that. Or still (arg!!!). Also ¾ of Republicans were in on it, where Bush started it off with their coming out party as the Patriot Act was a literal re-print of the law after the Reichstag fire. What is good – almost amazing really – was that the Red hats did NOT shoot back, which would have made it all work correctly. Just IMAGINE if both sides were shooting equally, local, state, and Federal level. With this level of Christian forbearance, it’s become overwhelmingly obvious only ONE side is running a war op, and the other side is trying everything to not. That sucks super hard, but it’s a GOOD thing.

    And Democrats? We can probably fix this still if we could get rid of the Blue Republicans like Cheney and Haley and Graham.

    I’m not sure this guy learned or believes anything, he’s just accommodating himself to the speaker in front of him. When he leaves and meets someone against Rowling, he’ll reverse again. You can see him testing out “What do YOU think? (Mr. Authority) What’s therefore safe for ME to believe?” However, doing this thing causes one, the Logic and #Logos will make a quick, straight line that doesn’t conflict, and the other will make a crooked, broken line that’s confusing. If allowed to experience both over time, the mind will just gravitate to the quick and working. ‘Cause we’re lazy, and God is the Tao, the Wu Wei, the flow and Not-doing. That’s why they have to violently suppress exposure to #Logos wherever it appears, and why it’s a RELIGIOUS war, not a political one. But although that works, for them that takes infinity energy to stop infinity #Reality, and fails.

    I’m not too bent up about it since once you allow opinions, a minute later someone will have a dumb one.

    ““If we ‘do not seek conflict,’ then let’s get the troops out of there..”

    We do not seek conflict. Which is why we occupy three or more countries there, steal their oil, then bombed three more. That’s #Peace!

    “Israel vs. Hezbollah: A New War Will Consume The Entire Middle East (Sadygzade)

    So it seems at this point. Who would back down? If Biden backs down, I approve, and we withdraw all our assets, I approve, but then by definition they will have “Won the war” and “We Lost.” I still approve. That’s what happens when you start a war with no strategy and no army. And also no POINT. So the CIA can self-fund black money? That’s not a reason.

    “It took about six hours of negotiations and meetings for Israeli officials to back down, WSJ sources said.”

    The WSJ and major media source reported it, that means it’s 1) True. 2) False.

    WaPo also claims they were in the room and know exactly each line of what Ze said to Zaluzhny. Suuuure they did. And then Ze had to call Washington to tell THEM. First: why? I thought they were a sovereign country running their own war, and Second: Suuuuure you did. I’m sure Nuland and Bill Burns had nooooo idea their own hand-picked man Budanov was doing this.

    There’s actual trend to this: CIA, via their fake Amazon payoffs, is the leaker to WaPo. State Dept, I think is the historic leaker to WSJ, etc. I you know inside baseball you can follow it, but I don’t care.

    This article is saying “Biden is the peace candidate, because he bombed three new countries.” Yeah, um, No? And I don’t have to know who was the leaker or whether it’s true or false to make that conclusion.

    “• Biden’s Justification For Hitting Iran Puts NATO Troops in Danger (Sp.)

    Again each day: it’s almost like Biden is working for the other side, for the America First team. I mean, there’s nothing I can add to what he’s doing. This is the fastest, most permanent way for us to withdraw home and have it be permanent.

    “• Staffers Speaking Out Shows How ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Biden Admin Has Grown (Sp.)

    There is nothing I can add. Or like “Hot mic” (they are ALWAYS hot) on Joy Bahar saying, “Not another f—ing war…” Of course she SAID it, the point is someone LEAKED it, and the press POSTED it. She’s always SAID it. You don’t actually think they, Bahar, the View, Maddow, actually BELIEVE any of that s—t they say, do you? O’Rielly doesn’t nor any of the Murdoch posse back to 1992.

    “While the US admits that it has no evidence Iran helped plan the attack”

    I’m sure that’ll be G-R-E-A-T at the ICJ Court. “Why did you kill this man?” “He looked at me funny.” “Your Honor, CLEARLY nothing but the best reasons and intent were used here. I move to dismiss.”

    “This is the way we’ve been conducting ourselves since… 2003 when we invaded Iraq.”

    That’s 25 years, when was the USS Liberty? 1968? That’s FIFTY. So how long? When? Why? Whut? Israel is only 80 years old, so that’s like … Day One? But there ain’t nothin’ going on. It’s all a conspiracy theory I tell you. …As we give them $15B more DURING a genocide. They’re going to spend it on halvah and toaster strudel! And not Nikki Hillary’s arms manufacturers at all!

    • US House to Vote on Israel-only Aid Bill – Speaker (RT)

    Tough call. That bill sucks, no one should vote, but they DID have a single-issue. If you don’t like it, vote against.

    “Carlson himself told Swiss outlet Die Weltwoche that he had been prevented from setting up an interview with Putin by the White House.”

    How? On what basis for what law? If Putin sits down at a cafe table, is he supposed to run away?

    “• Good Money After Bad: Where Will EU Funds for Ukraine Come From? (Sp.)”

    From our enemies of course: from European farmers. And the money goes TO our friends: Guys making kiddie porn apps on tiktok. Anyone making the new Grenade Craigslist or AngelasList for Sweden. “Tired of old, used grenades and kerosene that’s unreliable? Call 1-800-‘Merkel’ today! Our deals are burning hot! Murder almost. It would be a crime not to call!”

    “The Ukrainian Armed Forces are massively conscripting people who are unfit for military service for health and age reasons,”

    Since they’re not going to do anything but die it hardly matters. The WaPo/CIA leak inside the Zaluzhny office said he needed 400,000 more men TODAY, and don’t expect any good news in 2024 from the war. Al-rightie then.

    he is 57 years old. He also has health problems… So where can he fight? How should he go on the assaults?”

    Meh. I bet if you attacked the U.S. Population a whole lot of 57 year olds would shoot back. They might be a major threat, even with heart attacks, certainly more than men under 20 in high heels.

    “If the reports of what is tantamount to a refusal to obey the lawful order of his civilian commander in chief are true, General Zaluzhny has opened a pandora’s box which, if left unresolved, could lead to the rapid unravelling of Ukraine’s civilian-controlled government and open the door for the emergence of a government that is either subordinated to the will of the Ukrainian military, or which has been replaced by a military junta.”

    Zu knows that, which is why he did it in this SPECIFIC way, and has been trying to prompt Ze to try it for months.

    “Companies based in Taiwan have sold Russia more than $20 million in advanced equipment that can be used for weapons production, Washington Post has claimed,”

    WaPo. Said by an adult American. Therefore it is 1) True. 2) False. What is this “Advanced” equipment in an amount of $20M that wouldn’t even fill one shipping container and could be carried by hand on a city bus? Pokemon games? Oh CNC tools! Oh in that case, I can’t order them on Amazon or anything.

    I CAN ORDER BUBONIC PLAGUE through the mail, and you’re worried about 4 servos and their rubber bands? GTFO here with that stuff.

    So anyway, “Why am I reading this?” 1) Keep the pot stirring. 2) One group is using the government to destroy their competition, the whole POINT of government and regulation.

    “ Florida Sends Troops to Stop Migrant ‘Invasion’ (RT)

    Okay, great, now Florida is defenseless? A lot of PR and show, Narrative for the People here.

    Luongo interview, and general motif, and on Twitter, “They want us to believe things are worse than they are.” It’s all a tool, a campaign of demoralization. Remember that Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov? No hope = no action.

    “Biden signed a flurry of executive orders repealing former President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions.”

    I’m not actually sure they were “restrictions”, NPR writers at RT. Also the President can’t pass and un-pass laws. Did you not know? Embarrassing you didn’t pass 4th grade and not even Saturday Morning Cartoons where they showed, “I’m Just a Bill”. But for all of those who missed “Reality” for 40 years, here it is:

    Or a SNL duplicate sketch which is literally an immigration bill:

    “I’m an Executive Order, and I pretty much just happen…” That’s it! That’s the whole thing! Thanks President Obama!! Maybe the real headline here is they criticized Obama?

    “Initial estimates suggest a 0.3% decline in GDP in 2023, positioning Germany as the only major industrialized nation in the red. Germany’s national debt saw an increase of about €48 billion, reaching almost €2.6 trillion.”

    All government Debt = GDP. That’s it! We can literally pay people to burn down their own houses, tear up the streets and plant thistles and it’s “Profit”. That’s Capitalism! Right boys? That’s our “Accurate measurement.”

    “an alarming two out of three German companies have partially relocated their operations abroad due to the country’s ongoing energy crisis. This trend is particularly pronounced in critical sectors,”

    Like the guy who jumped off the building: “So far so good!” And that’s Socialism in a nutshell. Yes it works: AT FIRST. That’s why is sells so well. …Aaaaaand then they run out of “Other people’s money” and everybody dies. Like Canada and they got it MAID. Extended fully to the depressed and mentally ill. Get a doctor’s appointment? Not for a year, but here’s the MAID hotline today! And 36 hour waits at the ER. Can you go somewhere else? NOPE. Not in the U.S. either, although the rules are softer and there are like ONE exception, Voluntary cash surgery in Oklahoma for example. Good luck finding one, it’s 100,000:1 megacorp and insurance vs cash doctors. But IN THEORY we’re free, and THEORY is a great place to live since everything works there. In REALITY Pfizer and Excellus will ORDER the State of Texas to arrest any Doctors givin’ me lip. Ask John Day.

    “F-35 Jet Fails to Meet Basic Operating Standards in 65 Areas (Sp.)

    Don’t worry: I’m sure Russia and China will wait while we catch up.

    “Just yesterday, we saw plummeting birth rates everywhere.
    • India Vows To Tackle Population Growth Challenges (RT) “

    Population is dropping on its own. That’s why we need to kill everyone! No, really: probably this actually IS Gates, etc, poisoning everything, sterilizing everyone, eating abortions, lowering sperm count, women destroyed and childless at 40. They will think we should thank them for saving our yeast vat. Are they wrong? Careful how you answer.

    “• It’s Not ‘Inflation’ – We’re Just Getting Ripped Off. Here’s Proof. (OW)

    Yes, I just saw them want $100 for me to ship a standard box slow freight. They wanted $25, just FOR THE BOX, then $100 MORE to ship it. I’m not shipping a horse, folks. I can drive it there for that. I could hire an Uber to drive. And your reason is?

    We just said this week: UPS uses “Software” which means nothing works. No one in the company works. No one in the management works. So 90% of everything they do is waste and they did better back when they used a typewriter and a chalkboard. Yes, prices have gone up, but not 3-fold. Oil is $80 not $180.

    It’s actually worse: not only am — I — getting ripped off, nobody’s getting a yacht either. They’re just blowing the money like 100 monkeys flinging poo at a typewriter. #Winning! OR: We could all do the obvious, and MAKE money. Just sayin’.

    “The hyper-consolidated diaper industry is dominated by just two companies, Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark,”

    Zero competition. That’s Capitalism! Just like Sherman Anti-Trust always dreamed of!

    Well, that settles it: Morgan Freeman is a racist.

    “Americans’ passive acceptance of their government’s role in genocide is their personal approval.”

    Points are well-taken but Americans SHOULDN’T care about anyone else. They’re supposed to stay at home. We then vote for ANYONE who promises peace, reliably. We go to protest and are methodically arrested like a Soviet State because half of every crowd are FBI informants. They’ve been keeping records and infiltrating the QUAKERS for 100 years, since J Edgar. We literally saw them be 13 of 15 provocateurs, the two real guys being broke as s—t, minimum wage, living in an unheated basement office, offered $5,000 just to buy some fireworks, AND REFUSED. They were arrested anyway.

    So exactly what approach would you like us to take? Everything we’re supposed to do: talk, vote, not join the army, we’re doing. As We the People are the herd, we cannot just have one gazelle jump out and frolic with the lions. Or as we discovered, 600,000 gazelles jumping out and frolicking with the DC sharks. Still wasn’t enough, as we already knew, which is why it was only 600k, and totally unarmed, AND only for a sanctioned, permitted Presidentally-protected gathering. NOPE. Not enough. So your strategy demands that Americans go from local city rallies of like 50, as now, to 500,000. Overnight. With no issue, no organization. And that one city won’t be enough, it would have to be all 500,000, in ALL 200 cities, all the SAME day, with no organization or warning to overwhelm them, as they would ABSOLUTELY arrest them even so. Shoot them, and have. Just like Patton and Ike did in the Bonus Army, and gassed their children, 100 years ago.

    And we need to do this for your pet issue, not for our own. FOR somebody else we’ve never met and not the 40,000 per year of our own kids dying. Okay, but that’s not going to work, and it’s not going to happen. Let’s focus on what CAN work, and what CAN happen.

    “Under capitalism, man exploits man.
    Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” ~ John Kenneth Galbraith

    Gosh I love that one.


    Watty Pipers classic kids story of ‘can-do’ determination of that little train has issued a new SMO edition dedicated the NATO with a Special Shout Out of de-industrializing Germany!

    I remember the original book as a kid, it was inspirational!



    (D) …………………………………. ! (R)
    My way……………………………. ! Your way.
    Right way ……………………….. ! Wrong way.
    For ………………………………… ! Against.
    Positive ………………………….. ! Negative
    USA ………………………………. ! Others
    Democracy …………………….. ! Dictatorship.
    Defense …………………………. ! Attack.
    Genocide ……………………….. ! Ceasefire.
    10 million new citizens ……….. ! 10 million illegal immigrants.
    Cheap labor ……………………… ! Slavery.
    Income …………………………….. ! Taxes.
    Revenue …………………………. ! Expenses.
    Rich ……………………………….. ! Poor.
    Housing ………………………….. ! Prison.
    RFK Jr slams American attacks on Syria and Iraq
    The US presidential candidate urged Washington to get “unwelcome” troops out of the Middle East
    Chris Hedges: The Silence of the Damned
    Our leading humanitarian and civic institutions, including major medical institutions, refuse to denounce Israel’s genocide in Gaza. This exposes their hypocrisy and complicity.


    And since it’s Sunday, a brief message on the topic of Faith

    Too much goin’ on in da world, too many moving parts to decode



    Sorry to keep harping on the O’keefe reams out White House Cyber Security Chieftain

    But …..I think the Big Story here is that NOTHING is decided in the White House about ANYTHING

    Like ever..

    Yeh, you got that right, the ‘White House’ is merely a set location, all hat no cattle kinda thing.

    TS. as Eliot would say…..

    The Hollow Men

    We are the hollow men
    We are the stuffed men
    Leaning together
    Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
    Our dried voices, when
    We whisper together
    Are quiet and meaningless
    As wind in dry grass
    Or rats’ feet over broken glass
    In our dry cellar……

    Mistah Kurtz-he dead
    A penny for the Old Guy

    Colonel Kurtz



    Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces in the Sanaa government: The American-British aggression aircraft launched 48 air strikes during the past hours, distributed as follows:

    – 13 raids on Amanat Al-Asimah and Sana’a Governorate.
    – 9 raids on Hodeidah Governorate.
    – 11 raids on Taiz Governorate.
    – 7 raids on Al Bayda Governorate.
    – 7 raids on Hajjah Governorate.
    – A raid on Saada Governorate.

    These attacks will not deter us from our moral, religious and humanitarian stance in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, and will not go unanswered and punished.


    It’s Not ‘Inflation’ — We’re Just Getting Ripped Off. Here’s Proof.
    Eventually, this behavior by corporate behemoths will sign their death warrants. It creates space for new, efficient firms to operate that are content with slimmer profit margins.


    I love the Empire of Lies Military Mafia for shear entertainment value.

    Bellevue, WA Police Department. February 2, 2024

    Bellevue Bomb Squad Responds to Report of a Rocket in Residence

    Yesterday, members of the Bellevue Police Department’s bomb squad responded to a rather unusual call – a report of a military-grade rocket in the garage of a Bellevue residence. Officers later determined the object to be inert.


    On Wednesday evening, Bellevue Police received a call from an Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio. The museum had received a call from a Bellevue resident who expressed interest in donating an item that had belonged to his deceased neighbor. The man stated that his neighbor had originally purchased the item from an estate sale.


    Yesterday, members of the Bellevue Police patrol division and bomb squad responded to the residence and contacted the neighbor who had called the museum.

    Officers were given access to the reported missile.

    Bomb squad members inspected the object and then learned that it was in fact a Douglas AIR-2 Genie (previous designation MB-1), an unguided air-to-air rocket that is designed to carry a 1.5 kt W25 nuclear warhead.

    There was no warhead attached.


    Bomb squad members confirmed that the object was inert and contained no rocket fuel – essentially meaning that the item was an artifact with no explosive hazard.

    Because the item was inert and the military did not request it back, police left the item with the neighbor.

    Stop! Yer killin’ me!

    Duh’merica the Beautiful

    Before it ended up in the neighbor’s garage!


    AIR-2 Genie rocket with a replica nuclear warhead attached.


    Let’s not forget, Gaza could be stopped by Washington, If the American people went to Washington in large enough numbers and demanded an end to the genocide, then it would end…. the active ones would rather drive trucks to the southern border.

    There are “active” folks on both the left and the right. Right-leaning active folks are focusing on protecting the US southern border. And — if my conservative family living in AZ are indicative of the general trend — a large subset of conservative-minded folks have a long history of supporting Israel. My brother-in-law shared with me a video that had carefully cherry-picked data from the past 25years that suggested that the Palestinians had rejected the 2-state solution repeatedly. The video shared facts….but, of course, didn’t include any facts about Israel undermining the 2-state solution or Israel funding Hamas, etc., which is highly relevant to the situation. (I pointed out that, regardless, the run-of-the-mill people of Gaza hadn’t voted in about 15 years, including those who had become adults in that time, and therefore they were largely innocent of any direct responsibility for evidence from the video of not supporting a 2-state solution, and slaughtering these innocents is a travesty, no matter how you look at it.)

    Historically, the “active” segment of the US population that has been sympathetic to Gaza has been the active folks on the left. Now, these folks are in something of a pickle. “Their guy” is in the White House, yet the US is funding
    Israel’s genocidal actions. This is an issue that could fracture the unity of the “Woke” left — and I welcome that happening.


    Oregon Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans From Running For Reelection

    There’s only 30 Senators in the legislature

    The amendment, Ballot Measure 113, states that lawmakers who miss at least 10 legislative days without an excuse cannot seek reelection.

    The 10 Republicans missed more than 10 legislative days without an excuse

    Woody Allen once said, “80 percent of success is showing up…”


    D Benton Smith

    @DrD From yesterday, comment #151871 ,

    Compare with the SWAT article yesterday. But the police can’t do nothin’! Except shoot anyone they like and get away with it all day for 20 years. But other than that, they’re totally helpless!”

    I think you’re not reading the tea leaves deeply enough on this one, Doc. The cops can NOT shoot anyone they like with impunity like they’ve been doing for 20 years of SWAT supremacy. They can only shoot whoever their BOSSES want shot with total impunity. The cops can NOT shoot illegal immigrants or BLM goon squads or prominent child molesters . . . all of whom have now been guaranteed carte blanche permission and encouragement to fuck up as many cops as they want to (with no fear of punishment).

    In other words, the cops BOSSES are telling the cops in no uncertain terms that any cop who goes off the reservation will be TOAST by shooting any member of the officially protected class. By the phrase “go off the reservation” I mean to say any cop who refuses to shoot good guys and/or tries to shoot bad guys, will be considered to be OFF THE RESERVATION, and subject disciplinary action such as getting their heads kicked senseless by a gang of professional criminal illegal immigrants (who are now part of the PROTECTED class because they’re more than willing to go along with the BOSSES’ agenda.


    All the countries in the world, tiny Yemen is the only 1 to actually do something about this satanicjew blood sacrifice? The rest condone it. Not the people, the muppets “representing” the people. Agenda 21, 30…all signed on. CBDC’s, they all want it. Covid clampdowns and clotshots, they all did it. The humiliation and destruction of Europe and America, the Whites…icing on the cake. Since WW1 and the League of Nations it’s been creeping up on us like a slow rising flood. Now the water is neck high. Goes back to the banks and luciferianjews running them. Thats why no 1 does a fuckin thing about Gaza except watch more people die…murdered, crippled, starved to death. We’re next.


    D Benton Smith, you said:
    “In other words, the cops BOSSES are telling the cops in no uncertain terms that any cop who goes off the reservation will be TOAST by shooting any member of the officially protected class. By the phrase “go off the reservation” I mean to say any cop who refuses to shoot good guys and/or tries to shoot bad guys, will be considered to be OFF THE RESERVATION, and subject disciplinary action such as getting their heads kicked senseless by a gang of professional criminal illegal immigrants (who are now part of the PROTECTED class because they’re more than willing to go along with the BOSSES’ agenda.”
    If this logic is valid, then doesn’t this also suggest there is no BOSS god who oversees the just and the good and actively brings these about? The kind and the innocent are kicked senseless, and the compassionate and the thoughtful arrested and imprisoned. The governments all reveal their injustice, inhumanity, immorality. The lack of punishment and the inversion of ethics lead one to infer the BOSSES are cruel and mad —for cops and politics and gangs. If this is a worthy inference, it seems reasonable to likewise conclude: the BOSS of BOSSES is cruelest and maddest, the KING of KINGS is worst.


    Coincidence Theory rears it’s ugly head




    Mean while…..

    Back in the USSA



    Regime Change Pedo Jo-Joe Puppet Junta

    Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview

    Neocons are going berserk:

    “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” Bill Kristol said.

    X user The Redheaded Libertarian responded to Kristol:

    Barring a journalist from coming home is some KGB shit, Bill.”

    “Tucker Carlson will interview Putin and the media is in panic mode. They’re losing control of the narrative,” another X user said.

    Advice to the Demented Meat Muppet Maggot in the White House:





    D Benton Smith


    doesn’t this also suggest there is no BOSS god who oversees the just and the good and actively brings these about? The kind and the innocent are kicked senseless, and the compassionate and the thoughtful arrested and imprisoned. The governments all reveal their injustice, inhumanity, immorality. The lack of punishment and the inversion of ethics lead one to infer the BOSSES are cruel and mad —for cops and politics and gangs. IF THIS IS A WORTHY INFRENCE [capitalization added by D Benton Smith for emphasis], it seems reasonable to likewise conclude: the BOSS of BOSSES is cruelest and maddest, the KING of KINGS is worst.”

    To respond as succinctly as possible my answer is that the inference you make is NOT valid, and therefore your conclusion from that inference is also logically (and actually) false.

    I think that the most serious flaw in your proposed logic is the leap from Civil Police Force political wangling to Theological Philosophy without touching the ground anywhere in between.

    The Creator of the Universe seems to have bequeathed Free Will to its various more or less sentient inhabitants, like thee and me for example. That means we are free to be wrong and evil, if we so choose, and thus free to invariably experience the inevitable consequences of being wrong in a Universe that follows the law of cause and effect.

    Does that provision of absolute free will make the Boss of Bosses cruel and mad, or does it simply mean that the Boss of Bosses is intractably DEPENDABLE ?


    Who cares. Football is on.

    ICJ Rules Against Ukraine on Terrorism, MH17

    ICJ Rules Against Ukraine on Terrorism, MH17
    February 1, 2024

    In a blow to Ukraine, the World Court ruled Russia didn’t finance terrorism in Donbass and the court refused to blame Moscow for the downing of Flight MH17.

    By Joe Lauria


    Dr D said

    And we need to do this for your pet issue, not for our own. FOR somebody else we’ve never met and not the 40,000 per year of our own kids dying.

    My “pet issues” is that the murderer should maybe take responsibility for the person they murder? Maybe consider not murdering them? Meanwhile you are championing the murderer’s children, that he should care about them first and treat the person he is murdering as a “pet issue”?

    Americans take no responsibility for the actions of their government yet in the same breath celebrate their “greatest democracy on earth” while singing something about land of the brave and free, or some such nonsense.

    You all live under huge delusions, the pretense you have built around yourselves that you are anything other than slaves; the white simply joined the blacks and are now owned by the Jews. Your standard of living is so shite compared to rest of the developed world, you don’t even have affordable healthcare, yet you do nothing to save yourselves, you are impotent through your own choice.

    You are the weak link in the western world, the biggest western country, yet the people are the least likely to save anything, despite all the talk about guns, spending the most killing foreign people, while most of you don’t want to get involved, would never use those guns in anger, don’t even hold a passport and your leaders don’t even know the difference between China and Singapore. Retarded.


    Hair Sniffing Pedophile Jo-Joe

    Breaking News:

    Joe Biden’s approval rating is the lowest of any president in the history of the United States.

    Biden’s January approval rating held the worst net approval rating in a US president’s history, with a loss of nearly -17.2 points.

    But Joe Biden got 81 million votes in 2020, right?

    With numbers like these, do you believe Pedo Biden will be the Democrat candidate for 2024?


    D Benton Smith

    I think that there is far too little attention being paid to the speculated upcoming interview of Vladimir Putin by Tucker Carlson.

    I think this for a number of reasons, but the most solidly real of those reasons is the fact that Tucker Carlson is actually in Moscow, going to various places just like a free man doing as he pleases, AND NOBODY STOPPED HIM FROM DOING THAT.

    Think about that for a moment. The deep state absolutely hates Carlson because he reports truthful things about them. That same deep state hates Putin even worse because he is winning the Great Game (despite their most desperate efforts to crush him) and Putin too tends to report dangerously truthful things about them.

    And yet the American “powers that be” (such as they pathetically are) did not stop Carlson (their most hated reporter) from going to the home city of their most feared enemy to meet for the presumed purpose of saying a whole new LEVEL of dangerously, painfully, truthfully new things about America being SO WEAK AND HELPLESS that it could not even stop that event from taking place.

    Tucker wasn’t ANTIFA’ed, de-passported, arrested, shot down accidentally over the North Atlantic, or even seriously criticized in the press.

    Add to this the fact that Putin OBVIOUSLY wanted Tucker to show up, else Tucker would not have been permitted to even cross the Russian border (much less be welcomed with open arms . . . which is how he is being received and entertained.)

    Here’s what I think is going on. I think that the Russian-Yankee War is now over (it’s been predictably unwinnable from the start.) Spoiler: America got it’s head handed to it on a platter. The terms of the Peace Treaty have been energetically negotiated to Putin’s satisfaction and Tucker is now in Moscow to announce those results to the slumbering American general public and the rest of the world.

    Russia chose Carlson as the means of communication because not only does he have the largest audience in the world, but the world knows and believes him as a Truth Teller even when they don’t like what he says.

    My estimate is that the terms of surrender are going to be VERY firm, but surprisingly more benevolent and acceptable than the West has any reasonable reason to expect. It certainly doesn’t deserve good treatment, considering that it has behaved monstrously, had its ass RESOUNDINGLY whupped in all theaters of conflict, and has consequently been forced to surrender pretty much unconditionally.

    Sounds kinda “out there”, I know, but if my analysis is anywhere close to being correct then we are about to hear in unambiguous language what shall be the short and medium term fate of the planet Earth.

    And it’s not going to be as bad as you probably thought it was.

    D Benton Smith


    Don’t bother to take what @aspnaz says very seriously. He’s TRYING to think but so far can’t seem to get much further than adolescent absolutism, which allows very few shades of gray, and absolutely no capacity to consider (or even imagine) that there are thoughts or minds or truths existing at levels any higher than his own. (they don’t call such thinking “sophomoric” for no reason.)

    He IS trying, but needs more practice and experience, which he is certainly getting a fair share of here!

    D Benton Smith

    Oh, and to preempt aspnaz’s outrage at my perceived slight to his cognitive prowess, let me say that I do not disrespect him in the least. In fact I have a rather high regard for him and his potential to eventually learn how to think soundly. If I thought he was a weak sister delicate flower I wouldn’t be so blunt in calling out his errors for precisely what they are.

    He’s tough, and pugnacious, too. He’ll get pissed off, flash back a snotty (and poorly considered) reply and in so doing will reveal yet another of those wrong-headed notions that can be taken up and corrected in it’s turn. It’s a step-by-step process, that is doubtlessly quite annoying for him, but entertaining and encouraging for the rest of us. Hang in there, aspnaz. You’ll get there.


    Since the post of January 29, I have been meaning to thank Dora for posting the video at comment # 151407. This is a must-watch as far as I am concerned, about the southern border issue. I had no idea about much of the information shown in this video. Yikes.

    US Senate Releases $118Bln Bipartisan Deal on Border Security, Ukraine, Israel Aid

    The draft text of the bill proposes some $60 billion in additional aid for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.
    The legislation includes $48.43 billion to provide Ukraine with military training, intelligence sharing, increased US presence in the European Command area of responsibility, and other US support activities through December 31, 2024.
    According to a summary of the spending, some $19.85 billion would go toward replenishing US military weapons and equipment provided to Ukraine from US stockpiles, $13.8 billion to allow Ukraine to rearm itself through the purchase of weapons and munitions from the US defense industrial base.
    Some $14.8 billion would be used for the continued US support to Ukraine through military training, intelligence sharing, increased presence, and other support activities, the summary stated.
    The bill also includes $7.85 billion for direct budget support to Ukraine.
    The proposed bill
    also includes $8 million for the US Defense Department Inspector General (IG) to continue to exercise oversight over US assistance to Ukraine.
    US President Joe Biden supported the bill, urging Congress to swiftly pass it.


    NS2 Redux

    Patient: Doc, I have a gas leak problem.

    Patient: Two days ago, I had lunch with the President and had 5 silent gas leaks. Yesterday, I had supper with the Secretary of State and had 4 silent gas leaks. And while waiting in your waiting room, I had 3 more silent gas leaks.

    Patient: Doc, this is becoming a serious problem. What can you do to help me?

    Doc: First, we are going to conduct a hearing test!


    D Benton Smith said

    Oh, and to preempt aspnaz’s outrage at my perceived slight to his cognitive prowess …

    You could never outrage me DBS, you are far too clever for that. You are hiding your absense of totalism behind a mock “shades of gray” excuse. Killing babies in Gaza is for you a “shade of gray” while for me, well I suffer from totalism when it comes to murdering innocent babies and their innocent mothers.

    When police officers are shot by black people in the hood, do you think it would be appropriate for the police to take a few bombs and start demolishing buildings in the hood? Killing random black people because you punish innocent blacks for black crime, same as you punish innocent Palestinians for Palestinian crimes? You know, punish the blacks because some black guy killed a cop? Is that also one of your “shades of gray”? Utilising racism for group punishment? Another shade of gray?

    Starting from a position of “shades of gray” is starting from no position at all; begging for concessions before negotiations have even started; maybe that is because you already taste your guilt?

    Posturing your “shades of gray” as the unstated “I am too clever to believe in any principles”. Hopeless, you are so American, it oozes out of you. Did you notice how your Jesus did not start from “shades of gray”? He moved to shades of gray using “grace” but he held very totalist views. Maybe you could read up about him, after all you say you have a spiritual bent.

    John Day

    Kennedy selling MAGA hats:
    MAGA Kennedy

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