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    Joseph-Désiré Court Le Masque 1843   • UN Should Investigate US ’Empire Of Lies’ – Duma Speaker (RT) • West ‘Blocked’ Russia-Ukraine Peace Proces
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 6 2023]

    Dr. D

    U.S. Shoots Down Spy Balloon As It Was Getting Too Close To Ukraine “ – BBee


    “Germany Considers Diverting Anti-Coal ‘Green’ Subsidies to Weapons Production”

    Germany which has a full veto by the Greens. “Less Solar, More War! – Vote Green”

    “East-Oregon Movement To Secede And Create ‘Greater Idaho’ Picks Up Steam”

    Knowing East Oregon and that area, they’re not kidding. They never were. They are ranchers and don’t have time to do anything but with purpose and intent. Also imagine being 4 hours from the police station, up a 1 mile driveway, in the middle of the prairie, without a gun. Any animal can take you out. Any human animal can come in. No one will find you for days.

    In short: open season on (rural) humans: come kill all you want, long as you want, stay for vacation. Urban people (wild majority) can’t understand that. If I were a cartel member I’d be there the day disarmament is passed.

    Iran makes trouble, gets earthquake. Earthquake in Turkey, total internet outage, but only in the borders of Italy.

    Balloon saga: “For the United States to insist on using armed force is clearly an excessive reaction.” -China

    Interesting. Since it is normal to down a balloon for safety when they approach the jet ceiling at 39,000ft. What makes this balloon so different, China? And someone pointed out, it had 6 solar panel wings. What did it need all that power for? Power that couldn’t be used from a modern hi-tech battery? So when it left China they knew it would go twice as far?

    “Ukrainian side pulled out at the direct request of Britain’s prime minister at the time, Boris Johnson.”

    Ol Boris is still out there being PM. Flying around, giving orders, making deals. Gosh, that’s odd isn’t it? He was just in the U.S. cutting deals this week.

    ““The real boss is far away and is located in Washington DC. This is where the decision will be made, and not by Ukraine and even not by Europe.”

    Sort of, since only the U.S. has any cash or weapons to spare. We are Europe’s leashed bully. The D.C. gang is fully merged and at the behest of Davos and the WEF. But not to say that Europeans and Davos have anything in common, They are enemies of the common European as well.

    So long as all policies of the Biden administration are merged with Davos and the WEF, All neocons running this part of the Administration are merged with Davos and NATO, you can consider them one and equal. There is no “U.S.” to speak of. We are occupied by a foreign power. No? What was the Steele Dossier? Thanks to Bill, our media is monopolized and run by Murdoch and other foreign interests.

    “It is very tough in the Donetsk Region – ….amass forces and wait for the Leopard tanks it had been promised in order to launch an offensive in the spring”

    Huh? First HE has arranged there can be no retreat in Bakhmut for no special reason: they themselves created this line and therefore sapped all the defensive lines behind them, leaving themselves nowhere to withdraw to. So why can’t they fall back? Nowhere between Bakhmut and Kiev is any better than what they’ve built in Bakhmut. So they have erased all their own mobility on the field. Russia is accommodating them.

    Second, has Zelensky ever BEEN to Ukraine? So they’re going to send tanks out into the fields in the spring? Like when the mud gets 6’ deep? Wtf is coming out of your mouth? This is mere hopium. “We just need to hold out for the tanks”. 6 tanks? 10 tanks? That’s going to break Bakhmut and rout the Russian army? I’d say no one believes them but I was just watching a Ukr Bakhmut review and he said both the tanks would win and Russia was routed.

    One thing that’s highlighted in this war, lies are all non-specific, truth is granular. They say “Valiant Ukraine is winning” (hazy, fact-free) whereas Russia says things like “Ursula says 100,000 Ukrainian ‘officers’ were killed.” Fact. It happened, specific, provable action.

    Just to distinguish between liars and good-faith actors, listen to their sentences: if they are hazy and lacking specifics, move on. That goes for our own side too if they say “Russia is winning” without specifics. Specifics like, “Then why are they only holding 100-200mi inland from the Russian border?”

    “EU Taking ‘Big Step Towards Military Escalation’ – Hungarian Official (RT)”

    They need to ratchet up to a full war to A) Install totalitarian control of their Fascism to B) Hide their complete financial and economic collapse. And it’s going pretty well. Look at where we started, now we’re “Long range missiles into Russia”. What could go wrong? They haven’t nuked us yet, right?

    “• Kiev Plans to Undermine Medical Centers in Kramatorsk to Accuse Russia (TASS)

    Signaling. Can’t you see how hard I’m signaling? Listen: unlike a lot of places, the buildings of hospitals are very specific. You can’t blow them up even for show without harming yourself. There’s no way even the (unlikely) PR win is worth it.

    “China is the main manufacturing nation in BRICS and the SCO, which are replacing/have replaced the G7

    Yes but this is BECAUSE of the U.S. It can be reversed in minutes and Trump indeed tried to do so. So anyone explain to me how even now, where they are demonstrably losing solely because they have exported all manufacturing, they STILL refuse to restart U.S. manufacturing and therefore tariff, embargo, and weaken China? ‘Cause it looks a lot like they’re on China’s side if they don’t, leaving us helpless. It’s like they say we’re in a war with them, but we’ll use anything but bullets.

    “as could be seen already in the arrogant claim of Obama on 25 March 2014 that Russia was just ‘a regional power’.”

    Russia IS a regional power: they are entirely incapable of moving their army into even Europe as it moves on Russia-gauge trains. BUT – and here’s the point – Obama went into HIS region, 5,000 miles from home. And said he would win any war in HIS backyard. That’s so dumb it defies words. Is Russia a world power? It’s hard to say what that means, but since they can take out the United States in 30 minutes I’d have to say yes. That’s the Big Guy, far away, and with total destruction.

    “Washington is testing the water for reactions,”

    It would seem this has something to do with the “cleaning house” in the Ze administration, since no intelligent person could believe it has to do with “corruption.” Again: what corruption? Yes, they are, but no specifics are offered, which means it’s a lie, not the real reason.

    German Politician Thinks Interaction With Russia Necessary (TASS) “

    Very weak sauce. He’s essentially saying “How about it that we don’t ALL DIE. Anybody with me here?” No takers. I’d say that’s worthless, but I guess somebody has to say it and start somewhere?

    “That said, he specified that equipment and particularly munitions were limited.”

    Now that Germany sends them, few tanks, no armor, no ammunition. Nice. I’m sure Putin will return the Army to Moscow in fear. Listen, either DO, or DON’T. Don’t do and then undermine yourself.

    “last week after it was spotted near Billings, Montana.”

    Explain? No one keeps track of nothing? I know this is 90,000ft, but still…

    saiga antelope” certainly is an alien creature, isn’t it?

    Guar certainly looks like an Auroch, doesn’t it? And no surprise. When the old books talk about the Bull and the power, this is what they have in mind. It’s like a bulldozer, probably nearly unstoppable even with a bullet.

    Okay, This is the same news and important, but what are we NOT seeing? I’d say the far slower slip into AI and Carbon-credits to enforce the wholly-created food shortage. If we buckle to that, we’ve picked a path.


    14,445 excess deaths in 2022 and since the largest state funded Dutch news broadcaster is completely silent about it, protesters put a post-it on their headquarters for every person who died ‘suddenly’.

    Not mentioning it just makes it appear to be part of a conspiracy. Why would the Dutch news broadcaster not mention it when they repeat the news of a motorcycle accident? You telling me that they can cope with one dead person on a motocycle but not 14,445? That does not sound odd at all, so I wonder why people are losing their trust in the people who are now not “news companies” but “hide-the-news companies”. It is a bit like British pantomine except that this time it is the villain pretending that he does not know that the bigger villain is behind him. The villain insist he is not aware of the extra bad guy, yet the alternative press is like the front rows of children screaming at the villain “He’s behind you” but the villain still won’t turn round to discover Pfizer is behind him. Meanwhile the audience reduces in number as Pfizer kills them with its magic potion.


    He secretly told them that Ukraine had lost 257.000 people since the beginning of the conflict.

    Meeting a Ukrainian man under 65 is going to become a rare event. Unless that have all had the sense to get out of that hell hole and camp out elsewhere.


    According to Bennett, his mediation “was coordinated down to the last detail with the US, France and Germany.

    Will Russia ever trust anyone from the western countries ever again? Russians are intelligent, they have obviously been making excuses for the western people, but at some stage they have to realise that those excuses are a mistake, the western people are fucking them over … every single time.


    Does Zelensky get to commit suicide when Ukraine loses?


    Among the measures being proposed are an embargo on imports of fossil fuels and uranium from Russia, further arms shipments to Ukraine, and for the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines to “be completely abandoned.”

    Got to wonder whether AFKTT is an EU advisor …. “Kill them all of force them to live like chimps”. The EU certainly looks sufficiently insane.


    The US will drop the Ukraine because it is corrupt/not fighting well/keeps losing equipment and will turn its attention to ‘the real enemy’ – China.

    What a ridiculous statement. None of that makes sense, it has been corrupt since before 2014, it has been fighting badly since 2014, it has been losing equipment since 2014, and the USA has only just noticed? What a ridiculous idea that the USA only now realised that the DNC was receiving funds from Ukraine. Whatever.


    “This never happened. It would have never happened,” Trump told the outlet, adding that the Chinese regime “respected us greatly” under his leadership. “It never happened with us under the Trump administration and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately,” added Trump. “It’s disinformation.”

    How would Trump even know whether it happened … this stretches credibility a bit too far. Trump probably knew as much about balloons as he did about vaccines and the US debt, which he managed to accelerate. He could have back tracked the vaccine support, but his ego just will not let him do it.


    credibility > credulity


    Terrifying to think that we in the west are funding these Nazis:


    This is what a short-tailed fruit bat Carollia perspicillata looks like at the embryonic stage

    Five fingers, five toes.


    Vermont had DOUBLE the Number of Fatal Cardiac Arrests in 2022 Compared to the Pre-Pandemic Average

    And it’s all just a mystery.




    The entire Covid scam was a military program from the beginning.



    Scientists develop a “Fairy” inspired tiny robot

    Oh joy, oh Hallelujah!

    Is it for spreading spike protein, or depleted uranium or tiny little incendiary bomblets to burn vast swaths of territory to the ground?

    Oh I hope so, ‘scientists’ are such plus for humanity.



    File this under:

    ‘Progress is Our Most Important Product’

    Imagine, they didn’t have safety crash helmets or cell phones and they still managed to have fun!



    Watching from the wings, no, it’s not a ‘selfie’



    Posted it late last night but it bares review

    Russian helicopter destroy Ukronazi tanks like an arcade game.

    With TOTAL air dominance, they can just stand off and snuff hundreds and hundreds of tanks, a dozen Leopards with their little Iron Crosses, takes about a dozen minutes to send them to bejesus.


    Entertainment – escapism – pretending – avoiding reality/truth
    Joseph-Désiré Court Le Masque 1843
    avoiding reality – seek entertainment/

    14,445 excess deaths in 2022 and since the largest state funded Dutch news broadcaster is completely silent about it, protesters put a post-it on their headquarters for every person who died ‘suddenly’.

    the spike protein

    blood clotting

    Famine/food scarcity/affordable

    War deaths in Ukraine

    Spy balloon

    Carbon credit scam

    Washington’s crimes against humanity

    COL. (RET.) RICHARD BLACK: In 2014, Obama, through the CIA, helped topple a democratically elected government in Ukraine. The US then handpicked replacement officials. Those officials persecuted Russian-speaking people in Ukraine.

    Hunter laptop

    tariff, embargo,


    drug deaths


    Russian rescuers flew to the catastrophic earthquake zone in Turkey and Syria, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported

    The group includes 7 crews and more than 100 specialists for rescue operations in the zone of catastrophic destruction. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment for search and rescue of victims.

    In addition, Russian rescuers will deliver an airmobile hospital to the emergency zone. On the basis of this hospital, more than 40 specialists from the Russian Emergencies Ministry will be able to provide local residents with qualified medical care.


    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Marowiecki called on Zelenskyy to “temporarily” transfer the territories of western Ukraine to Poland.

    “I don’t think Putin would dare attack a country that is an active member of NATO. He’s anything but suicidal. The western territories of Ukraine will be safe if they temporarily fall under the protectorate of the Polish state,” he said.


    You can’t make this stuff up.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s the same people who put up (and then blew up) the Georgia Guide Stones, that are running all of the really big AI systems.

    What if they are using those AI’s to achieve the goals carved into the stones?

    Sure hope not, because an AI programmed to facilitate a goal, adaptively reprogramming itself to remove all obstacles, sure isn’t going to tell them that a goal it was designed to reach is a rotten idea.


    Short-tailed fruit bat Carollia perspicillata looks like at the embryonic stage.

    My son, as of recent, is experimenting with 3-D printer.
    So no wonder that association to product of it came to my mind.


    Who is this homunculus Hotez?

    He’s a god damn freak monster:



    The spy balloon found out that NORAD did not spot it.


    Ukrainian recruitment officers chose
    “ethnic cleansing”
    “cannon fodder”
    do not take “pure blood Ukrainians”, “the chosen”, “the entitled”,


    Regarding stocking up on rice and other basic foodstuffs promoted in the video: since the total quantity of food is finite, buying larger quantities of what is in store educes the total stored quantity and means that another person will go without/starve.

    Am I my brother’s keeper?

    Not really, despite all the rhetoric that comes from ‘Christians’.

    The correct response to looming food shortages is to produce food in home gardens and within communities. However, the controllers have been trying to stamp out home food production and local foraging, whilst promoting increased reliance on corporate systems, for centuries -except for a brief period when Airstrip One’s globalised food systems were nearly brought to a standstill between 1940 and 1943: then the controllers were very much in favour of home gardens and local foraging because they needed to ensure there would be cannon-fodder in the future.

    The local Deceit and Crime organisation (Hurunui District Council), the local local government sector of Airstrip Five, remains fully committed to promoting future starvation via the conversion of pastoral land into concrete-and-asphalt dystopia, accompanied by the mandatory planting of trees that produce no edible fruits.

    Also, very high on the priority list of the various Deceit and Crime organisations that constitute government on Airstrip Five is tourism, especially that involving long international flights and involving long journeys on roads facilitated by the use of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

    Judging by what is happening both internationally and locally, it all comes to an ignominious end some time over the next year or so.

    That said, we are always amazed just how adept the controllers are at shifting the deck chairs on the ‘Titanic’ to make it appear that it is not sinking very rapidly.

    Michael Reid

    Thanks Germ for #128326

    The US department of defence is responsible for
    ordering all of these COVID countermeasures including injections
    ordered the same way as it orders secret weapons

    COVID is a US secret weapon and the injections result in too many people dying and too few being born.


    Whatever that pink painting is worth, I would sell it in a heartbeat.


    Woke up to this article in The Conversation:
    Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don’t

    Claims and counter-claims. I note that it argues against one meta-analysis (Cochrane Review). Otherwise I don’t have time to go into it in any depth.

    So tired of all of this.

    There is no nazism in ukraine.


    Latypova and Watt are invaluable, and what they have put together explains so much- except the Big Question: WHY
    Did China already win ww3 and this is what it looks like? People are stepping into the booth (as in Star Trek’s “A Taste of Armageddon”)? Our military is providing the booth interventions executions?


    This shit really happened.

    And what on earth will future historians make of it all.

    The absolute madness of a military grade psy-op, coupled with the mass poisoning of the population.

    If I hadn’t actually lived through it, I would never have believed it really happened at all.
    But it really did. And a whole lot more.

    And now TVASF

    John Day

    @AFKTT Re: Last comment yesterday. Yeah, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink, as pertaining to educating people on the mortal threats to themselves and their families, posed by the “owners” of the means of production and “their” government.
    The strategy of staying in the middle of the herd works fairly well until it doesn’t.
    We’re there again.

    John Day

    @Germ: Surreal… 😮


    Went to the supermarket for a few things I can’t grow. Whilst 99% of the populace have now rejected the masks bollocks, there are still a few diehards. An old fellow front of me, wearing a mask, asked the assistant for cigarettes (kept in a locked cabinet these days, as they should be).

    Does he have a special mask with a large hole in it for smoking?

    I was tempted to ask him but didn’t.

    Now for something completely different, and especially for those who deny CO2-induced Planetary Meltdown, largely induced by utterly corrupt NATOstan governments, but also participated in my most other governments around the world:

    ‘Dire situation gets even more dire

    Sea ice extent is very low at both poles at the moment, and the outlook is that the situation is getting even worse.

    Around Antarctica, sea ice extent was 2.23 million km² on February 2, 2023. Later in February this year, extent looks set to go below the 1.924 million km² all-time record low reached on February 25, 2022.’

    We could change the wording slightly and instead of ‘is getting even worse’ substitute ‘is being made worse’ [by governments all around the world].

    Much the same for Lake Mead, of course. a miserable state of affairs [for industrial humans] is being made worse [by industrial humans].

    As George Carlin so presciently pointed out 20 years ago: “The Earth is fine. It’s the people who are fucked. Pack your bags, folks, were going away.”

    Obviously not before doing a whole lot more damage, though.

    Dr. D

    So for fun, posting a break:

    “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

    Sure, that’s called “Charity” and it’s one of the seven virtues.
    “The seven capital virtues are those opposite the seven deadly sins. Chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.” –Wiki I often comment on the sins, maybe I should focus more on the virtues.

    It’s an expression of Love. In that “Do for the least of them you do for me.” You don’t have to do this new-fangled Christianity, you could look at it as a Jewish mitzvah, making the world better. “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows,” –Psalms. There’s about 100 of these in the Bible, and since there’s no family remaining in America, everyone is fatherless, a widow or orphan.

    “The phrase Deus caritas est is translated in the King James Version as: “God is love”, and in the Douay-Rheims bible as: “God is charity” (1 John 4:8)” –Wiki

    This is where you don’t do it for a show. Not for a duty either I guess, you don’t get any “points” for that. But do you like people? Care for them? In love? However, you’ve got another problem: Am I my brother’s taskmaster? Follow him around, nagging and telling him what to do all the time? Is that your “Caritas”? “Agape”?

    How about that third one? Christian Charity. Which is VOLUNTARY. Which goes to the second part: Work, the opposite of Sloth. In Dante, Virgil, explains that sloth can be seen as the effect of an insufficient amount of love. Most times they’re talking about charity they mean: no love, no work, not voluntary, which is something else entirely. I guess lazy, hateful theft driven by envy? And when we give in this way – with a heaping dose of government – we wonder why charity goes so wrong, is nearly extinguished as an idea, and poverty is worse now than when they started?

    But second part: saving food. Well where do you think most of the few remaining Christians in America are? In the countryside. And not just ’cause, but because they also leave the cities and actively choose it. Why? A big reason is they want the stability and they want to be near the food. So yes, the Christians DO make the food, both as farmers and as residents. And share it? Yes. But they don’t as a mass live near Baltimore and D.C. and the other death zones but I think if you go there you’ll find the few churches are the only one who are. In our city anyway. Who else would? Local 101 of the Atheists and Gambler’s Club?

    Following on, do they just steal food from the mouths of others? No. One, they grow it, discussed. Two, they deliver food that would go to waste, mostly from grocery stores, but also from farms. But three, they tend to be those who store food. Isn’t that stealing it? Um, no, unless you’re in a weird world where every grain you eat is stolen from someone else. When you buy food, you commission it to be grown. When you buy it, you indicate to the market to make more. Which then expands. So yes, if you buy it “that day,” whatever day that is, you would be competing with someone, but Christians famously don’t. They bought it weeks, months, years ahead. So if anything, when there’s a shortage they are the buffer that buys less, as well as sharing some for others, especially in national emergencies.

    For example the Southern Baptists are basically the only Hurricane relief since the government if anything actively prevents recovery. Not kidding: In Katrina, a whole container ship of frozen chickens were blown everywhere, and they said, “Don’t you pick up that rotting, 90f chicken. That’s not yours, you just wait for FEMA and a judicial ruling on it.” GTFO before we show you the sharp end of a stick. Of course, they were only #Helping. That was before George Bush flew over waving, saying “Good job, Brownie.” #Charity, don’t you know.


    Cancer is striking more people in their 30s and 40s. Here’s what you need to know

    “A surprising number of new (cancer) diagnoses are in people under 50, according to a 2022 review of available research by Harvard University scientists.”

    Are you “surprised”? 🤣☠️🤣



    Indigenous Australians Being Paid $500 By Pfizer To Take Bioweapon Gene Therapy mRNA Killshot

    Pretty cheap price for your life

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