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    Claude Monet Houses of Parliament, Sunset 1904   • South Africa Halts AstraZeneca Vaccinations Over Variant Data (R.) • New Israeli Drug Cured 29
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    Mister Roboto

    Well, this EXO-CD24 had better be nice and expensive, otherwise its success will mean you’re not allowed to discuss it on social media!

    Dr. D

    “60% of cases are kids from kindergarten and primary school,”

    …Who show no symptoms and can’t even tell without a test. Amirite? Cases. = NOTHING. I HAVE cancer. Somewhere in my body, there is a cancer. If I had a test amped up enough I could even detect it. But that’s not what we mean when we say “I have cancer.” Which is exactly the bold, bald-faced lie science and medicine is saying now. For profit.

    So if we already have 3, 4, 5 de-facto “cures”, why do we need Israel’s new ‘cure”? Because theirs makes mo’ dough. All the benjamins. Murder for profit. I deny we have anything like “Pressure” and “Stitches” for your arterial bleeding, then make you die unless we can invent some new unknown response that we can profit by someday, like 3D printed nanosurgery. In the meantime: sucks to be you, hope you die, maggot. P.S. don’t report to a hospital until you’re pale white and we probably can’t save you. Before then is too early.

    How am I wrong here? Do we not have near-cures? Are we not using them? Are we denying them? Are we therefore refusing to save patients we could save? Where’s the Hippocratic Oath? In the toilet. Flushed with everyone else’s honesty and integrity.

    Sorry, John, you and many people are doing your best, but

    If you pay your AMA dues, don’t run these criminal out of business at the Lancet, NEJM, Pfizer…

    “How much of the good news is due to adjusting PCR testing cycles?”

    I’d like to snip “all of it” but really it’s a lot of Vitamin D too. You know, the lifesaving Vitamin D that every medical expert is desperate to keep us from getting, trapped inside? Look at the chart I posted (where as of inauguration cases drop off a cliff). Looked at another way, you could say it’s the darkest day (northern hemisphere) plus 2-week lag. That’s why they can predict it so well 6 months out. Aaaaaaaaaand that’s why they’re murdering, psychopathic liars. If you KNOW that the peak is in the darkest day, therefore tightly caused by Vitamin D, and you DON’T advertise and take measures when you KNOW that, you might as well start billboards telling people not to wash their hands, sterilize their food, and use antibiotics. Same thing. Millions will die from your lies and fraud science.

    one year ago today, Zero Hedge was ‘enjoying’ our suspension by Twitter after we pointed out that scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology”

    Thus murdering, psychopathic liars. So you know or suspect the mystery disease going around is measles, you know the Case Zero kid, but instead you deny it, cover it up, and jail anyone who tells the truth about what you already know. …Which in this case was the U.N. director on bioweapons, among many others, that Chinese Doctor on Fox comes to mind. Gosh, ZeroHedge, why do you listen to conspiracy cranks like life-long experts on bioweapons who wrote the signature treaty? Clearly you should only listen to “Experts.” Like BuzzFeed and Twitter. Zuck and Gates. You’ve seen their M.D. right? Are they going to pay damages to Zero Durden for their catastrophic failure? Not on your life. They’ll lie more and fail more tomorrow if you let them. Stop listening. CNN is not news. H-ll, The Lancet is no longer news or a credible medical source and hasn’t been in years. It’s two years now the editors of Lancet and NEJM had emails exposed that none of their studies were probably real, all fabricated by pharma. Read the people who were right for a change, not wrong.

    US Moves to Rejoin UN Human Rights Council (AP)”

    Wow, anti-Semitic. From censuring an apartheid nation that every day proceeds with further ethnic cleansing by murder. Maybe that doesn’t matter to anyone because Palestinians are unhuman scum who committed the capital offense of being born? Well, how about this: they cut down all the olive trees and last week a whole nature reserve. Save the spotted owl and snail darter. Muh Rainforests, Global Warming. Does someone care now?

    Anyway what could go wrong with Sudan and Saudi Arabia leading the human rights council? The only thing worse would be to have the United States, initiator of 10 wars of worldwide aggression in a mere 20 years…oh wait. Well at least we don’t have a President who oversaw the last 5 wars, droned children, re-started slavery, reduced the richest nation to the poorest, and took money for it. Cause surely the media would report that.

    “The Censorship Industry Suffers Several Well-Deserved Blows (Greenwald)”

    SNL, occasionally telling jokes of the Left at last, is also mocking Cancel Culture. I wouldn’t get excited, but. I’d say the only way to handle this is to shoot up all of Congress at a baseball game. Since nobody cared, censured, or cancelled anyone, clearly that is the way to go compared to, you know, posting questions and opinions online or attending a Presidential rally and going home. Yes, /sarc, you FBI bots. Go investigate a garage door or something. There’s only arson-threatening protests nationwide, and police macing 9-year-olds daily. Clearly there’s nothing better to do.

    Dear Abbey: My neighbors plowed my driveway but are Trump supporters. Should I kill them?

    I mean, you have to keep your common sense and moderation in these confusing times. Have the FBI remove them from Congress and then kill them. Oh and take their kids to the PBS Lawyer internment camp. One must have standards. And one of those standards is, I’ll approve of anything so long as I don’t have to take any responsibility or do any work myself. Remember: we’re most diverse when we’re all the same. The same death cult that is against all life planetwide.

    Reddit: We have a board for you unless we don’t approve of what you care about. Then we cancel you and millions like you. For posts you made that were already not allowed and being properly removed. And then banned you for these posts AFTER the whole board was locked, un-postable, and everyone had left. Because when you’re Reddit, you always ban free-speech boards for posts that can’t have been made to boards that no longer exist. That’s just common sense. Ask. You’d think I was making this up, but aren’t we way past that now?


    modern moderation

    Does your “post” get no comment on what you said?
    Does your “post” get lost?
    Does your “post” get delayed?
    That is because there exist a way for “post” to NOT appear in the comment sections.
    You will not know because it will appear only to you.


    You will not know because it will appear only to you.

    Huh, what?


    “..Schwab thinks that the coronavirus provides a great opportunity for his Great Reset. Indeed, this horrible plague has already killed over a third of the world’s population and the world will never be the same again. Oh, wait, that’s the Great Plague I was thinking of. Great Plague, Great Reset—I keep getting the two confused…

    Looking up the latest official numbers, the coronavirus has only killed 0.02821% of the world’s population, 73.6% of them retirees, most of the rest gravely ill with something else already. A lot of them actually died of the common cold or the flu or some bacterial or fungal infection and tested positive for coronavirus on the ever-so-unreliable PCR test, but we’ll never know how many. The coronavirus has killed a *RoundingError* of children and less than 0.001% of healthy people in their productive years (18 to 45). That’s less than one person in a million.

    Significantly fewer people have died as a result of shoving dangerous foreign objects, such as light bulbs, up their anuses, though one may wonder just how significantly. Taken in this light (pun intended) New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s stance that “no measure, no matter how draconian, could be deemed unwise if it saves but a single life” would lean one to ban all light bulbs and safely sit around in the dark. Perfect safety is impossible and if it were it would be a bad idea: we’d be up to our necks in Darwin award winners. Perfect safety shouldn’t exist. Idiots occur naturally and do us all a great service by dying as soon as possible.

    Something else that shouldn’t exist is SARS-COV-19. As you may have surmised by now, it is a coronavirus. Coronaviruses are very common in all sorts of species; there is at least a dozen common human ones that don’t cause any particularly severe illness. A commonly understood fact about coronaviruses (and most other viruses, with the specific exception of lyssavirus which causes rabies) is that they are species-specific. There is a dog coronavirus that gives them diarrhea; there is a cat coronavirus that kills them; no amount of mingling of cats, dogs and humans over thousands of years has caused any of these coronaviruses to jump species.

    And then we are expected to believe that a bat virus jumped to humans. Analysis of the virus genome showed that it simultaneously borrowed a spike protein from a human coronavirus allowing it to penetrate human cells and the replication mechanism from HIV (which causes AIDS) that allowed it to replicate itself within human cells. Sure, anything is possible, but what’s more likely is that somebody went ahead and made this virus..”

    From Dmitry Orlov this morning. For a buck a month you can read the rest on his site (no affiliation).


    Do a search for “post not showing up” – 230,000,000 Results


    Do a search for “post not showing up” – 230,000,000 Results

    A search where?


    CJ Hopkins- ‘The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror[™]’:

    “..In short, GloboCap has simply expanded, recontextualized, and pathologized the “War on Terror” (i.e., the war on resistance to global capitalism and its post-ideological ideology). This was always inevitable, of course. A globally-hegemonic system (e.g., global capitalism) has no external enemies, as there is no territory “outside” the system. Its only enemies are within the system, and thus, by definition, are insurgents, also known as “terrorists” and “extremists.” These terms are utterly meaningless, obviously. They are purely strategic, deployed against anyone who deviates from GloboCap’s official ideology … which, in case you were wondering, is called “normality” (or, in our case, currently, “New Normality”).

    In earlier times, these “terrorists” and “extremists” were known as “heretics,” “apostates,” and “blasphemers.” Today, they are also known as “deniers,” e.g., “science deniers,” “Covid deniers,” and recently, more disturbingly, “reality deniers.” This is an essential part of the pathologization of the “War on Terror” narrative. The new breed of “terrorists” do not just hate us for our freedom … they hate us because they hate “reality.” They are no longer our political or ideological opponents … they are suffering from a psychiatric disorder. They no longer need to be argued with or listened to … they need to be “treated,” “reeducated,” and “deprogrammed,” until they accept “Reality.” If you think I’m exaggerating the totalitarian nature of the “New Normal/War on Terror” narrative, read this op-ed in The New York Times exploring the concept of a “Reality Czar” to deal with our “Reality Crisis.”..”

    The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror

    Ah jus caint figger..


    Polder dweller on prev. thread:

    A general question for those of us who live in Europe is why there’s no promotion of alternatives to vaccines at all? If I even mention this kind of thing to friends and colleagues then they roll their eyes, call me a “wappie” (a Dutch colloquial term for a conspiracy theorist) and the conversation is shut down.

    The so-called rich Western countries (EU, USA..) have suffered big time from COV-19.

    Demographic reasons: 1) Far more older ppl, e.g. over 80, vulnerable / many with underlying conditions, 2) More obese ppl, 3) Societal, more consumption, more moving around, more crowds, more ‘lotsa contacts’ as in partying in discos, etc. A short list, one could go on.

    What also counts is Health Authorities (Ministers, Advisors, > their directives, etc.) who are incompetent and arrogant with it.

    Ex. Macron and his ex-Health Minister Buzyn, Boris Johnson and Neil Ferguson. These ‘leaders’, plus their previous incarnations, have been running ‘Austerity’ on health services since the nineties if not before. They themselves know they can pay for their own health care, and ‘smart technology’ and ‘just in time’ and ‘wonderful new scientific advances’ will be ‘innovative’ and … will do the job. What the job is remains unspecified.

    The Gov. top dogs, EU, are in lien with Big Pharma, and even subservient to it. Because they are lackeys to Mega Corps, in a general way, and Pharma is of course a fantastic money maker, it occupies a no. 1 spot on the Podium. (Many will pay their last cent and go into enormous debt to save a loved one.)

    The links between Pharma Cos, health personnel – Docs, Hospitals, makers of equipment, etc. – Lobbyists who are well paid – the Parasites on the system (Insurance Cos. for ex.) and elected representatives (corrupted), plus Organisations like GAVI, the Wellcome Trust, the Gates Foundation, are very consequent, robust, and together they steer what happens.

    The MSM, the easily accessible media, supports the powerful, and of course prioritize fear, anxiety, as that awards them profits (views, clicks, ads, donations, etc.) They serve, and align with, the ppl behind the scenes who are directing, if confusedly.

    The top dogs in “W” countries, hard-hit, and facing unwelcome difficulties (finances, disruptions, loss of income, trade, energy questions, etc.), put their efforts behind vaccines, which would “solve” all in one stroke, while also feeding their 5-star club-member, Big Pharma. Deaths of old people and others are not a consideration.

    The handmaiden MSM supports all this 100% and will not give any space to any alternative voices, while ridiculing and mocking anybody for what they imagine or claim to be total loopy BS.

    Danish citizens who watch TV can only dismiss any questions or objections to the MSM mantras as coming from ‘conspiracy theorists,’ crazy people.

    Propaganda is astonishingly effective.

    madamski cafone

    By fall, covid will be passe and we’ll be on to some new fad.

    Now seems a good time to lay down our bets. What will be the new Great Danger next Xmas? Seems to me the weather’s poised to be become bigger than any of this stuff.


    Turn out the lights, the party’s over
    They say that, ‘All good things must end’
    Let’s call it a night, the party’s over
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again

    What a crazy, crazy party
    Never seen so many people
    Laughin’, dancin’
    Look at you, you’re havin’ fun

    But look at me I’m almost cryin’
    That don’t keep her love from dyin’
    Misery, ’cause for me the party’s over

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over
    They say that, ‘All good things must end’
    Let’s call it a night, the party’s over
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again

    Once I had a love undyin’
    I didn’t keep it but I tried
    Life for me was just one party
    And then another

    I had to have my party wife
    Broke her heart so many times
    And then one night she said
    “Sweetheart, the party’s over”

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over
    They say that, ‘All good things must end’
    Let’s call it a night, the party’s over
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again

    Songwriters: Willie Nelson


    Shadowbans, I’m guessing (after awhile).



    Yeah the ocean’s sharks have a problem. We stole their breakfast, lunch, and supper!

    The land sharks, however, are doing great! They have more breakfasts, lunches, and suppers, to eat than ever!


    So with joe, we are rejoining the dictatorship’s clubs where war is peace, or waging war peacefully, droning only means blowing out the candles on children’s birthday party cakes, or providing fireworks to celebrate family weddings, the virus and blm crisis are suddenly gone with Trump, redefining journalists as propagandists, and eliminating any jobs for real journalists, money flowing freely again in the swamp, no more reports of corruption, foxes back in charge of all government chicken coup, generals free to start new wars of peace.

    How simple our world is now with joe at the helm.

    Farmer McGregor

    “Do a search for “post not showing up” – 230,000,000 Results” –zerosum
    “A search where” –R.I.M.

    FWIW, I have had comments on this very site (as well as others) that I could not get to post. Or they appeared to me to have posted, but were gone the next day. These were not scurrilous or offensive but intended as constructive contributions to the conversational thread which I cannot imagine needed to be deleted by the moderator. I have quit trying to comment because of this (until right now — we will see what happens).

    re: Houses Of Parliament, Sunset: Very surreal; coal smoke sure played hell with the London skyline.


    Farmer McGregor,
    I see you.

    madamski cafone

    Thanx for the Willie Nelson chestnut.

    And yes, smog is bad for the lungs but great for sunsets.

    Flipping the Bird



    My Father’s ancestors left England in part due to the terrible coal smogs in the late 1890s.

    Big bird would have liked that flip!


    Now that the US media have canceled Trump, what are they going to cover to keep their rating from falling even further than they already have?

    I am waiting to see if MAGA voters decide to cancel the Republican party by forming a new third party?

    So far 5 long time never-trumper Republican senators have said they won’t run in 2022 when 20 Republican senators are up for re-election. Why so many quiting?


    WES: they’re quitting ahead of pissed off “Republican” voters kicking them out in the next primary. This way they keep their dignity, if not also their millions.



    I doubt they are too worried about being primaried since the votes can easily be rigged.

    There not being enough Republican voters seems more likely. Expect Dem sweep of senate in 2022.

    Would be really nice to see corrupt republican party go the way of the dodo bird but that will take a long time due to billionaire supporters. Maybe another generation?

    V. Arnold

    Would be really nice to see corrupt republican party go the way of the dodo bird but that will take a long time due to billionaire supporters. Maybe another generation?

    My guess would be that the U.S. of today will not exist in another generation…
    I won’t hazard a guess other than we will likely hate whatever replaces the present U.S….
    The trends all point in one direction…down…

    That Monet is quite spectacular…

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