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    President Trump can not release any documents.


    Because Barr, on his way out the door, secretely named Durham a special prosecutor to block any documents from being released.


    The troops must have been called back.
    There are 20,000 surrounding Capitol Hill.
    Trump will get to ride off into the sunset in his golf cart.
    I don’t think that Nancy will vote to allow Trump to lie in state on Capital Hill or to have the flag go half mast.

    Big Dick Kennedy

    Maxwell Quest

    Marvel sucks.
    Doom Patrol that’s where the action is.


    Do you want to know something really interesting about Israel and Russia?

    Russia has a high tech center. It just isn’t located in Russia!

    It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel!

    Veracious Poet

    I UNDERSTAND the universe is ONE thing.

    Either God (a convenient term for the Infinite) is Everything, or God is nothing.

    If the Infinite is everything, it is WAY beyond religion, which is mostly made up by scammers seeking to gain money, power, prestige by exploiting the experience(s) of the enlightened…

    If the Infinite is everything, it inhabits Infinite dimensions, while we experience only four…

    If the Infinite is everything, then seeking faith or belief is a non sequitur ~ If you haven’t Experienced a Miracle today, you aren’t paying attention.

    Previously I mentioned the lust of the eye, but failed to mention the pride of life

    Pride justifies a multitude of atrocities, and when combined with vanity forms a temporarily impenetrable wall.

    Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.
    Life is the dancer and you are the dance.
    Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.
    ~ Eckhart Tolle


    The troops could not find a hotel room to sleep.
    Trump hotel was overbooked??????



    It would be poetic justice if the guards outnumber joe’s attendees.

    Noticed that Abnb has canceled all bookings for the week joe arrives.

    Mr. House

    The thing about food hampers is that they are only considered a success, if corrupt people can skim 90% of the value out of the baskets for themselves!



    I hope TAE is not dependent upon the graces of google, facebook, amazon, etc.?

    madamski cafone

    @ Big Dick K

    “Now actually follow the pieces of the puzzle I’ve laid out.”

    I’ll pass, assuming you lack either the patience or ability to explain yourself.

    But do continue with the intriguing excerpts and anecdotes. You can stay right there if you want, but I’m Going On.


    Big businesses have used the pandemic to eliminate many of their small business competitors.

    Big tech are using the current political witch hunt as cover to eliminate any rising competitors.

    Big media are using the current witch hunt to shutdown alternate media competitors too.

    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Veracious Poet

    and hold a grudge forever

    The brain was designed for a great many functions, but allowing others to live rent free in our neurons wasn’t one of them : )

    Which comes first? The mental disturbance, or the bipolar disorder?

    The mind reels.


    About that climate hockey stick.

    As many of you know I worked in coal mines all over the world.

    The most disappointing thing about my first career, despite my best efforts, I failed to warm up the planet at all!

    The global warmest have been promising global warming for decades now.

    However I am getting old waiting for them to deliver on their promises!

    There is snow on the ground!

    I want global warming now!



    Kind of a chicken/egg thing.

    Madamski’s Thorazine Girls fit the latter!



    One thing I have noticed about the brain, is that over time it tends to block out (forget?) the bad things and only remember the good things.

    During my travels I experienced many hardships and dangers but in my old age I can only seem to remember the good things.

    Is this the brain’s way of staying sane?

    Veracious Poet

    Depends on your definition of good things vs. bad things…

    Letting go is a spiritual axiom, usually involving forgiveness, although certain bad things should be known, but not allowed to disturb.

    John Day

    @Phoenix Voice: Yes, you can catch COVID repeatedly, forever. That’s the new normal. Antibodies and cellular immunity are pretty good at 6 months, and negligible at a year. I have already had 2 patients who got it twice in less than 6 months, and numerous others who might have.
    Humans do not mount much antibody response to coronaviruses, and really do not sustain it. What response we do mount effectively is from frequent exposure, or the immune system forgets.


    I am old enough not to trust my memories. Beliefs are like that, the ones that calm the force are reinforced. The top 10% Congress Creatures are shell-shocked. The brain does not like unpleasantness – pain. This is what causes addictions. Drugs make the brain feel better. To take away the pain, the Swamp is going to blame the 90% that don’t look or talk like them. They will never ever blame corporate government, themselves, for 1) the loss of jobs, 2) the lower life expectancy of Americans due to illness, homelessness and drug addiction or 3) their use of identity politics which are the root causes of the unrest.

    There is no indication that the Joe Biden will govern any different than before when 10 million Americans lost their homes and the endless wars expanded to Libya, Syria and Ukraine. Forever War Veterans deeply in debt with nothing left to lose add to the volatility. Surveillance and jailing won’t work.

    Peace is only possible if the pandemic and the economic depression are controlled which is unlikely unless a unified national program is undertaken to control the virus and jobs are given to all able-bodied workers. Food, shelter and healthcare must be provided for all Americans. Banning corporate election money and paper ballots counted in public are necessary as starters. Violence and eventually secession are a given unless true democracy is restored.


    One thing I have noticed about the brain, is that over time it tends to block out (forget?) the bad things and only remember the good things.

    Count your blessings. In life’s lottery I drew the opposite cards – I’ve had many good experiences (and some not good at all). But when my brain presses “random select”, the memory it returns is a negative one 95%+ of the time.

    I’ve spent plenty of time actively working with my “stuff”, but that random selector has never skipped a beat. Now in my young daughter I see the same process of memory selection – fear etc over joy.

    It’s a genetic lottery, which is why the White Privilege idiocy chafes me so bad. So many genetic (and some social/developmental) inheritances we just gotta accept and do our best with.. people work with the material of their inheritance, but ain’t no caste/race/gender whatever gets off universally free..


    Sharon Astyk on fire with some nice system analysis and tainter collapsy-stuff on her facebook. Best read in a little while.

    Dr. D

    The good Docktor is not Mr. Kennedy. Promise.

    Titor is a lot more than that: he predicted the Space Shuttle exploding, and the nation splitting over a he/she Presidential rivalry that went on years and was never solved. Suppose he was real: his job was to tell them as he implied that the original decay came over Y2K (economic) collapse. The rest of his civil war /nuclear strike just followed on as the stresses surfaced.

    But who has his vaunted IBM model? Who was aware that the cross-platform ability in that wildly-obsolete model was really true? Like 10 people alive on the planet? Who was his uncle he was looking for? Suppose he told…shooting sparks here…Alan Greenspan at the Fed. For once in their life (as Stevie Wonder would say) just ONCE, ever, the government ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING, ahead of time, spearheaded by Greenspan, printed money and swapped out all the computers. Almost as if their life depended on it. The money + the sales created the biggest bubble in history to that time, the NASDAQ pop.

    So what happens? Were the stresses solved? Were 40 years of engineering a civil/race war reversed? Of course not: it bought time. And lowered severity. We had the Tech pop, then the real estate bubble, then the GFC, and then, delaying one cycle, the He/She presidency. The first that could be called that. And here we are.

    Okay, now go back and replace “John Titor” with “We created the first quantum supercomputer in the 90’s in military intel and asked it to predict the future of the U.S.” and “What we found was so important, so fatal, so grave — but being the future also so abstract and prophet-like — that we didn’t dare leave it at the bottom of a locked cabinet, but needed the people of the U.S. to know and be warned, so we created some implausible backstory, complete with tech-insider-only details, to get it out there and get people prepared and preparing.”

    Sound a little more interesting now? Especially as exactly what you might expect has actually happened? You can read all his posts yourself: they’re archived in several places.

    “Q is for quantum, that’s good enough for me.”

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