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    Collateral damages are unavoidable.
    Peace will arise from the rubble of destruction.
    The world, (WEST/NATO), is disarming. It is shipping armaments, ammunition and fanatic war mongers to Ukraine for destruction and recycling.

    D Benton Smith

    Floods occur primarily in flood plains. They’re called flood plains because millions of years of seasonal flooding creates plains. Flood plains become very very wet when flooded. If you don’t like being wet then don’t go to or live in or build on a flood plain. If you don’t mind taking your chances (because there are many advantages to living there, too. Like ample water and fertile soil) then go for it & good luck to you and yours.

    I have experienced up close and personal TWO such events (even got my ugly mug in the local Daily AND the N.Y. Times because I looked so pathetically flooded) . I rather enjoyed the whole thing, even though it cost me about $20 Grand and was REALLY hard work !! It floods. There is a great photo op for the media. It goes away. Life goes on.


    Historical Mind Fuckery:

    Our masters keep imposing new laws and taxation burdens to better control us.
    People often wonder when will this break and come to an end?
    I think of what happened to Rome.
    Rome’s masters did exactly the same thing.
    They constantly increased the burden of taxes and laws on productive people.

    Then one day Rome supposedly fell
    However the next day Rome was still there.
    So what really fell then?
    The burdens of supporting all of Rome’s laws and taxation!
    Do you think it is possible life in Rome might have improved for productive people there after?

    Did the barbarians really cause Rome to fall?
    Or did civilization drive out the barbarians out of Rome?
    Just asking!

    D Benton Smith


    I think you just hit the nail smack on its head.

    TAE Summary

    A Summary in Limericks

    George Santos, the consummate liar
    His hair and his pants are on fire
    So congressmen shout
    “His needs to get out!
    We won’t have him preach to the choir!”

    Ukraine is in NATO defacto
    The plan is proceeding exacto
    While Joe sports a grin
    So sure he will win
    It’s chess, but he’s playing tic-tac-toe

    Diogenes sought a man truthful
    And spoke Cynic dicta forsoothful
    But some have averred
    That what he preferred
    Was fair Cynicesses quite youthful

    The FDA: No tests on people.
    They’re sure that a public asleep’ll
    Accept as precise
    Drugs tested on mice
    Hurt mice won’t sue as might the sheeple

    Jeff Epstein’s death sidestepped his warders
    All unseen by broken recorders
    He sang us no song
    Of all he did wrong
    Of rich men for whom he filled orders

    Jill Stevenson: Married, and yet
    She borrowed her husband’s Corvette
    And did some joy ridin’
    With Senator Biden
    But afterwards … hadn’t yet met


    Its not my story
    According to CDC, WHO, because China ended, zero covid, means 100% of China will get covid-19, before end of jan., because they got no immunity, (even though it has been replaced by omicron variant 1.5 which give a drippy nose), and the next epidemic will come from China.


    “Could we have some anecdotal comments of hope?”

    I awoke happy for no discernible reason. We’ll see how it goes.

    Meanwhilwe this has something genlting asbout it:

    Freedom Ride


    “I know this is an old question, but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to include a small image in my comments. Can anybody offer help?”

    First, make sure you’ve copied ‘image address’.

    Click IMG.

    Remove the http stuff in the IMG box. Paste your image address. (If it’s more than a few sentences long, it won’t work.)

    Click OK twice.

    Dr. D

    Global warming causes dry California
    Global warming causes wet California.
    No matter what haps
    It’s true that these chaps
    Say everything is cause to warn ya.

    Doc Robinson

    Speaking of Rome, it’s impressive how Rome’s population fell massively in the 3rd century AD (the city lost over 90% of it’s population) and it stayed that way for more than 1,000 years!


    It’s not my story
    You won’t be able to get your ducks from China.
    Because there will be supply line production problems for 2 – 3 months due to covid.
    Therefore, you won’t be able to get your ducks in line.


    Sure sign of forgetting.
    More secret pages are discovered.

    Maxwell Quest

    John Waterhouse does an excellent job of capturing the dichotomy between the pursuits of Diogenes and the culture in which he lived. It’s clear that the ladies, adorned with fine clothing (and parasols to protect their complexion from the harsh sun), were not there to receive instruction, but to observe the curiosity of a man living in a jar. His reality and character were light years from the follies and vanities of his curiosity seekers.

    It’s hard to know who the man really was based on the limited anecdotal evidence that has been passed down, but I’m guessing he could give anyone’s egoistic house of cards a thorough thrashing and have it begging for mercy.

    Luckily, we’ve outgrown the primeval days of ancient Greece, where wisdom schools competed with one another in attempts to find the surest path to a sterling and indestructible character. Today, the best minds are trained in ivy league schools on how to program supercomputers to front-run and spoof trading on Wall St exchanges. To commit fraud and plunder the less connected. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    Poor Diogenes, he would’ve starved to death in D.C., and then shot in the head to ensure that no more embarrassing truths escaped his lips…Think Julian Assange.


    Be happy to be where you are

    New wave of strikes reported against Ukrainian power grid

    Nord Stream must be repaired – German state official


    “Could we have some anecdotal comments of hope?

    Never forget that hope was the greatest of the curses of Pandora’s Box.

    Hope: the irrational desire for outcomes that do not match current circumstances or reality, and often with respect to matters we have no control over.

    Hope: a psychological method for avoiding action that can change circumstances.

    I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

    I hope an alien spaceship will deliver a pile of gold to my house tomorrow.

    I hope to complete the project I have been working on before it rains.


    ‘Global warming causes dry California

    Global warming causes wet California.’

    Congratulations! You got it at last!.

    Planetary Overheating causes Climate Instability and wild extremes of weather.

    That’s why Planetary Overheating is so dangerous.


    Been thinking a bit more about this weird phenomenon that has manifested on TAE.

    If it’s to do with ‘vaccines’, participants are really keen on scientific data, scientific analysis and scientific conclusions.

    But if it’s to do with Planetary Overheating via CO2 emissions, the same people attempt to discredit scientific data and scientific analysis and attempt to tear-down scientific conclusions.

    Weird beyond belief.

    But there’s nowt queer as folks.


    Schumacher argues [in A Guide for the Perplexed, 1977] that the evolutionist doctrine starts with the perfectly reasonable explanation of change in living beings, and then jumps to using it as an explanation for the development of consciousness, self-awareness, language, social institutions and the origin of life itself. Schumacher points out that making this conceptual leap simply does not meet the standards of scientific rigor and the uncritical acceptance of this leap is, for Schumacher, completely unscientific..”

    It’s admirable to admit uncertainty, especially these days, when there is so little of it around. I wonder what flora thinks.

    D Benton Smith

    Excessive combustion of fossil fuels of all kinds is already the least of humankind’s problems, and is about to become no problem at all.



    That seems the wrong way around to me.

    All it is scepticism at proposed human intervention in complex systems to solve an apparent problem, where the intervention might make things worse or may not be needed at all. Or the apparent problem is being used to push other things through.

    Problem – proposed solution- skepticism

    Global warming -‘green’ energy, techno utopia etc – are we sure about all this?

    COVID 19 – Gene therapy – are we sure about all this?

    If you’re merely standing in the town square shouting about the end times, good for you, but it’s not helpful to anyone else. Stand witness to your apocalypse I suppose. The rest will get on with life.

    The future belongs to those who show up.


    @russellnblbs: “That seems the wrong way around to me.”

    You nailed it.


    Afewknowthetruth commented today:

    However, when it comes to atmospheric CO2, they go into reverse mode and declare thatiindependent researchers who point out there is censorship and lies must be wrong, and in the latest twist to their distorted logic, even declare that the data, i.e. the actual atmospheric CO2 numbers reported, are fake!

    As already commented, Afewknowthetruth had prior commented

    If I were to speak totally literally I would have to say more than 90% of what The Empire of Lies say and does is fake or fraudulent or fabricated. The 10% that is not fraudulent/fake/fabricated is more-or-less insignificant.

    This was Afewknowthetruth’s response to my observation that when Afewknowthetruth links us to the “actual data” he intends for us to use to infer the truth of Planetary Meltdown, he is linking us to websites managed by institutions funded and maintained and supported by The Empire of Lies.

    So, here we are yet again with a curious thing. It is Afewknowthetruth who is telling us that The Empire of Lies is 90% lying to us (after having told us that everything, all of it, is fabricated, false, and fake, he modified this upon challenge) and the other 10% is insignificant. How else are we supposed to take this, if he’s speaking totally literally? Yet, it is Afewknowthetruth who is declaring the data is fake (or insignificant) while also citing that data for us, and then accusing others of being the ones who are calling the data fake.

    Cake: hold it in one hand, eat in the other.


    The “opposition” to the curious events of the last three years provide explanations of them that are *way* too tidy and image-happy, while not even suggesting organized, real opposition to those events.

    When’s the last time you’ve read one of their diatribes that ends with something like “contact me here so we can collectively do something, if we’re in substantive agreement”? I know someone who *did* do that. IOW, their stuff is stultifying doom-porn from yet another angle- as if there was not enough of that stuff on the darpaNet already.

    cui bono?

    ’tis strange.


    Russellnblbs- I had to delete my post- and you said it better, anyway.

    Let me throw my old poem in here:

    And I also like yours, too, DBS. Zerosum was your muse!


    “The opportunity to settle the conflict “will only present itself once Ukraine stops posing a threat to Russia and discriminating against Russian-speaking Ukrainians,” he said.

    Nebenzia noted that “if this result can be achieved through negotiations, we stand ready for this scenario. If not – then our tasks will be achieved by military means.”

    Full mobilisation and another year or so to get their shit together might get them back the annexed territory but is that the “end ” of it . Probably not. Good thing Putin , like Merkel has not allowed any other possible leader to emerge or he would be shown the door. There is only Medvedev and he is a Putin clone and bootlicker so it won’t be him. You know Medvedev is the only one who has survived right through from Putin’s election , obviously he is a sycophant.


    Humanity Enlightenment argued who owned God. Now we argue who owns Science. IF AI goes far enough, will we argue who owns GodScience?

    I notice how most thematically opposed discussion fades from the subject to the manners of its discussants. We seem better at identifying each other’s hypocriticisms than we are at separating fact from fictions.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Lost in his Carbon Cult religiosity, AFKTT simply seems unwilling to recognize that his precious standard-narrative climate “science” is as willfully corrupt and incompetent as the standard-narrative “vaccine science.” Both are terminally politicized, and both have ben falsified by genuine, legitimate, actual-factual scientific refutation. Both are an integral part of the fear-mongering (etc.) manipulations he so abhors.
    Every “factoid” AFKTT offers in support of his dogma is either irrelevant, trivial, nugatory, based on false premises, or just flat wrong. Yet he persists in his folly, and demolishes his credibility with ad hominem rhetoric.
    Perhaps he is neurotically hungry for something, anything, anything at all, to believe in.



    First, I agree with most of the same things you do, so we are more a like than different.

    I worked in coal mines all over the world building large electric mining equipment.
    So I should be considered TAE’s biggest climate change sinner by far!
    I don’t think anyone else on TAE even comes close!

    I come from a cold country called Canada, so naturally I am interested in global warming.
    I hate being cold.
    Just 15,000 years ago both my house and cottage were buried under a mile of ice.
    So I think it is in my best interests to ensure this ice doesn’t come back anytime soon.
    Now after 69 years, I am getting a little tired of waiting for global warming to show up!
    Actually, I sort of have given up that I will ever see global warming in my lifetime, despite my best efforts.

    However, your talking about rising CO2 levels, has given me a sliver of renewed hope!
    So I am secretly hoping you are right!
    So whenever I can, I am creating as much CO2 as I can, even though it isn’t much these days, as I am old.

    As an ex-coal miner, amoung other career sins, can you explain how all those thick coal seams that I mined, came to exist?
    Surely there must have an awful lot of CO2 back then to create all these coal seams?


    Sitting Ducks

    Ukrainian Tank Stuck In Mud, 2nd Comes To Help, Gets Stuck, Then 3rd …Also Gets Stuck

    Ukronazis can’t even get out of the mud, much less engage the Russians


    US Army Vet From Iowa Rats Out Ukrainian Corruption

    US Army Vet From Iowa Rats Out Ukrainian Corruption

    From Larry Johnson’s blog:

    “Meet Ryan O’Leary. He currently is in the Bakhmut area of operations fighting under the command of Ukrainian officers. Mr. O’Leary is not happy. He is a 34 year old alumni of Carroll High School in Iowa and a National Guard veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq,

    Ryan O’Leary reports that his unit is undermanned and lacking in heavy weapons because “they’ve gone missing.” In other words, the weapons are being sold on the black market. O’Leary blames the logistics problems on the corrupt, criminal behavior of his Ukrainian chain of command — from the Major General to his Captain. He specifically calls out a Captain Baroda, noting that Baroda traffics in a host of illegal narcotics.”

    Larry figures he signed his own death sentence from utterly corrupt Ukronazi gangsters



    Dr. D

    There once was a man from Invercargill
    Whose theories he made un-disprovabill
    If light fog or typhoon
    Snow, drought, or monsoon
    All airs were his proof indisputable.


    “..The dominant theme of [Jacques] Ellul’s work proved to be the threat to human freedom and religion created by modern technology. He did not seek to eliminate modern technology or technique but sought to change our perception of modern technology and technique to that of a tool rather than regulator of the status quo. Among his most influential books are The Technological Society and Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes.

    Considered by many a philosopher, Ellul was trained as a sociologist, and approached the question of technology and human action from a dialectical viewpoint. His writings are frequently concerned with the emergence of a technological tyranny over humanity..”

    Who coulda ever known? Ellul, Illich, Mumford, Lasch, and Chesterton, to name a few.

    It’s hard to imagine a more useful, totalizing tool for shaping and governance than the opaque-darpaNet, and it seems to be working very, very well for its creators and their minions.


    Miss Universe Pageant

    Grace, Elegance, Poise

    Empire of Lies®, you Go Girl!

    Proud to be a Duh-Merica!!!!!!!


    Interesting painting. Diogenes seems appropriately grimy, the women clean and neat.

    However, according to the cultural norms of that era, for a woman (not a girl) to let her hair down in public was a sign of very loose morals. The other women have their hair decently covered. Was this depiction deliberate on Waterhouse’s part, or did he simply like his model’s hair?

    Figmund Sreud

    Miss Universe Pageant – Miss Ukraine


    I’m keeping books like Ellul’s The Technological Society. Illich’s Tools for Coniviviality, and Lasch’s The True and Only Heaven close at hand, now.

    The opaque-darpaNet “culture”- and whatever entities are pushiing it so hard in an anti-life, anti-human, totalizing direction- need counterweights.

    We’ll see how iy goes. Meanwhile, here’s my revised list of Trusted Online Sources:


    Go Look, for yourself.


    My apologies to a few individual commenters in this opaque medium, whom I do trust. They don’t need to toot their horns.

    John Day

    TAE Summary: Most excellent Limericks! Real talent!


    Who shall one trust?

    The opaqueNet makes that an difficult and important question.
    My provisonal answer is: those with whom I’m had face-to-face
    dealings, over a good period of time.


    So many exclamation marks

    Who shall one trust

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