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    D Benton Smith

    There is one last scenario for which the psychopaths do not already have a full spectrum set of scripted pre-planned responses all worked out for. It’s the scenario where outraged peasants by the uncountable tens of thousands track them down to wreak vengeance.
    Maybe the elites should put their vaunted AI systems onto the problem to see what kind of solution it comes up with.. Maybe something like the old A-Bomb drills they put us school kids through back in the day.
    1. Retreat to the shelter.
    2. Crouch under a desk or other heavy furniture
    3. Place your head between your legs, and . . .
    4. . . . . kiss your ass good-bye.

    John Day

    @Dr.D: Zephania Phiri Maseko sounds like a swale guy.
    I store water in the soil like that, watching in heavy rains, then using a shovel to block its egress next time that happens.
    He has some special land features and he is using them well. This is sort of an old story by now.
    I should probably use the past tense.



    GM introduced OnStar way back in 1996, so yes all GM used cars have kill switches!


    Dr. D:

    Too bad the linked story of the water farmer didn’t have photos showing what he did.
    Spent some time down that way so know the annual cycle of rain/drought.

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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