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    Eugene de Salignac Painters suspended on cables of the Brooklyn Bridge Oct 7 1914   • If Bull Market For Stocks Ends In 2018, Blame The Credit Ma
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    V. Arnold

    The seafood industry in New Zealand has asked the government to withhold graphic video of dead sea life caught in trawler nets as they are potentially damaging to fisheries and to brand New Zealand.

    We manage to fuck up everything we touch.
    I worked on a salmon troller (not trawler!) in the north Pacific (off Oregon and Washington) in the 70’s. I was the only crew and the skipper was, what I call, a genuine human; in the ways of most of the native peoples. I learned a lot that year.
    He loathed the trawlers and knew full well the damaged they wraught.
    That year I learned the NW salmon were doomed.
    The only way it will get “better” is if we, as an apex predator, disappear.
    It is abundantly clear our behavior will not change…

    Dr. D

    As you say, the “apex predator”, your Skipper, did not participate in the damage they wrought. Nor did the exact same humans for 100,000 years. Even up to 100 years ago, huge areas, whole continents of humans did not behave this way. Yet this is “our” behavior? “Human” behavior?

    No, if anything, this demonstrates that the present methods are IN-human behavior, not familiar and natural to our species. Which leaves the question, then where did it come from and why has it spread from a tiny outpost of madness to encompassing the globe?

    This is not human behavior. Leave me out of it.

    Dr. D

    • Bitcoin, Ethereum Suffer Massive Drops, Many Crypto’s Fare Even Worse (CNBC)

    Repeating the comment of yesterday, except adding that CNBC also doesn’t know grammar: please remember not every “s” needs an apostrophe. It’s not bacon and egg’s (yes this happens). An apostrophe is either “crypto owns” or “crypto IS”. If you were a journalist, or a news organization, and/or had a copy editor like actual newsrooms do, you’d know that. /rant, but honestly! Front page? In the Headline? And people should think the facts are correct when you don’t even check grammar?

    A double-digit drop? Oh heavens! Well, at least we’re finally anywhere near the 50% drop that is the common, standard, boring correction among very young markets like bitcoin, as illustrated by not just all the 50% drops, but a couple of 80/90% drops as recently as 2014. Again, if CNBC read an article or looked at a chart, they’d know this. Heck, 20% drops aren’t “massive” even in tech, biotech, and mining and those markets are a lot older.

    Apropos to nothing, did you know that Jan 15th was the worst year for cryptos 3 years in a row? Ain’t that funny?

    Hey, you know what else happens Jan 15? Wall Street receives their yearly bonuses. How cool would it be if, when you got your free $500k taken from taxpayer bailouts, that all the prices of the things you want to buy would just happen to be on sale? Say because of basically fake news planted on the AP pressline out of Asia? You know, like Jim Cramer said he used to do.
    –Even if they were the same stories posted 3 months ago. Wouldn’t it be awesome if somehow that would happen? Especially if like Ripple, the day after I buy it goes up 36,000% for the year? And then when it falls 50% after rising 36,000% everybody would be scared? Gosh that would be awesome, but we know there’s no insider trading, influence peddling, or market rigging. If there were, somebody would go to jail, right?

    Beam me up, Scotty.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D

    It is indeed human behavior; you choose, as do I, not to be part of that behavior.
    For my part; everything humans do is a part of “our” nature; there are in fact, no unatural acts by humans.
    Repugnant? Cerntainly. But un-natural? Impossible; everything we do is within our nature. We cannot possibly operate outside of our “nature”, IMO.
    Like you; I have that question; I’ve never been able to pin down why most of our worst offenders seem to be of European ancestry.
    Could it be our inate aggressiveness?
    The only other thought that occurs is; the war god Yahweh; starting roughly 6,000 years ago.
    A case can be made, IMO. Riane Eisler; The Chalice and the Blade; has done some credible work along those lines.


    Human Nature!!!!

    Check out the definition

    Perhaps its also human nature not to change your mind when the facts will not agree with what you believe.


    Hi gang! I met Nicole and Ilargi on The Oil Drum website several years ago, and my life has been much improved through the wisdom they shared. The Oil Drum was a good place to ponder the ramifications of human mischief as we exploited, then exhausted the amazing resource which is fossil fuel. Depletion of fisheries is connected to depletion of fossil fuels. Our genius is connected to our hubris. Find a young person looking to start out in life and help him/her find a way forward. Enjoy the reward their success affords you; that the species may survive.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    “Nomi Prins’ New Book: Central Banks Have Become the Markets (Martens)”

    Chiming in with Dr. D here.

    That headline literally means that there is more than one person named Nomi Prin. More than one Nomi Prin, and you have multiple Nomi Prins. The apostrophe indicates that these women possess something.

    So few people punctuate properly around the letter ‘s’ that proper punctuation looks wrong. But that headline should have read, “Nomi Prins’s New Book: Central Banks Have Become the Markets (Martens).”

    Should we chalk up all the grammatical and spelling mistakes to a living language that’s evolving? No, chalk it up to a dying language devolving. Don’t even get me started on the increasing misuse of ‘is’ and ‘are.’

    Peak American English — a milestone passed years ago. Hopefully it won’t be long now before we communicate all our vaunted “thoughts” with hand signals and grunts.

    But who knows, maybe that’s just part of the plan.

    Dr. D

    It’s hard to pin down history but I doubt it’s European. Starting Middle Eastern? The Chinese certainly pitched in, albeit only within the Middle Kingdom. The history of Africa is lost, but it seems they liked war and destruction as much as any. The Incas and Aztecs were no joke, chopping heads and spreading 1,000 miles. The Iroquois were proud to be cannibals, and feared.

    It seems hard to imagine since the Euros spread dat Roamin’ Empire worldwide, but what we call Euros — not Romans — are barely a scratch in history, only some 300 years.


    The BBC is losing credibility at an accelerating pace. Not only is all the nonsense about the “White Helmets”, “Assad poisoning his own people” pure lie, but their climate stories / threatened species are constantly being shown to be lies

    Why the BBC Was Wrong to Make Reindeer Climate Scare

    Instead of apologising, they came out with this:

    “This programme suggested that many reindeer populations are in steep decline because of climate change. It would have been more accurate to say that many reindeer populations are threatened by it”

    Of course, for every million people who digested the lie, only a few thousand ever heard about this about-face. Propaganda does work guys!


    The media seems to be strangely silent about temperature records being broken in the world’s biggest country. I wonder why? 🙂

    “In the diamond-rich Russian region of Yakutia, temperature hit minus 88.6 degrees Fahrenheit (-67 Celsius) in some areas Tuesday. As a result, school was cancelled in the region of 1 million people. That’s understandable considering cars are usually kept running even when not being used to prevent batteries from going kaput in temperature that average minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If you have no idea how cold is minus 88.6 degrees Fahrenheit, imagine that a higher temperature of minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient to freeze your eyelashes, as shown by 24-year-old wedding shop worker, Anastasia Gruzdeva, who took selfies with two of her friends. Of course, there were other crazy stunts done by people under the freezing cold.”

    Forget Global Warming – It’s -67F (-55C) in This Russian Village

    V. Arnold

    The bullie keep doing their thing and the people keep being victimes

    Dr. D

    It’s the victim game. Quick! Everyone pick a side:

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    It’s been a long time since I read JMG; this post by him is especially poignant.
    I probably should re-connect with him; he speaks truth to perceived reality.
    Thanks for that.


    Good link Dr. D
    And the band kept playing on the titanic until all were drowned.

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