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    Jackson Pollock Man with knife 1938-40   • WHO Warns That PCR COVID Tests Are More Likely To Give False Positives (PM) • No Decline In Very High
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    V. Arnold

    Jackson Pollock Man with knife 1938-40

    My first impression was; it’s a pile of worms. After a second look I saw the knife; so now; it’s looking like a pile of worms with a knife… 😉

    The last few days have been a mish-mash of thoughts and emotions; fuck it!
    It just no longer matters…
    The only ones that can change it, don’t know they can actually change “it”…
    May the gods help us………………………………….

    V. Arnold

    …but, of course it matters; else why would I rail so much and so often?
    I can never completely acquiesce to the powers; my self exile is certainly better than living in the hellscape of the U.S….
    ……….there is nothing perfect out there; but tolerable can be found; and does suffice…

    Dr. D

    Mostly from yesterday:

    Ah, Madamski, it’s the Left-Right problem again. The GOP cannot create a populist dictator ever. It’s not a risk.

    Two reasons: one, if you’re “Populist” you’re not going to be a dictator. Because you can just be freely elected, and that’s called “Democracy.” So it’s a contradiction in terms. Second, you can’t be a Dictator if your Conservative/GOP platform is to have a “government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub.” And a heavily-armed populace, which openly and willingly includes arms for Leftists. So the GOP is going to have tiny government, a strong, armed population of individual citizens, with free speech and free arms to their opposition, and they’re going to be “Dictators” of what, exactly? Who would they dictate to? Nor is this theoretical. The Right has been delighted to see the Left prepping and on gun ranges. Particularly Black and Brown, although it’s offensive to say, apparently when dealing with race-diving race-fascinated they only hear sentences if you inject race into them.

    Don’t worry: this is the single most common political misunderstanding, injected with the first lie that Germany was a “Right-wing” government. When it’s clearly, by name and definition and heritage and outlook and premise, the “Socialist Worker’s Party.” Only Communists, Socialists…and Kings I suppose now gone these 200 years…want total authoritarian power. Which includes in or outside of government, complete control over corporate power as well.

    So from our side, anyone who proposes larger government, or even larger military, is a RINO by definition, and not a Conservative but a sellout to be driven out. Which they’ve been doing all along, and just did again a minute ago finally driving out Fox news, Lindsay Graham and McConnell, all of whom sided with government and war. Yay.

    But on this subject, like I said, the DNC is not a party. BOTH AntiFa, and the Progressives have opened artillery on them in just hours. AntiFa now says they hate Joe and got him in a weak leader they can overthrow in the glorious people’s revolution. Of murder and arson. Not talk but proven these 200 days in 60 deaths, 20x Jan 6, as the news refuses to report the “deadly event” is counting two heart attacks. Heck, AntiFa’s NYC riot yesterday hurt more people. Not reported. Having shown true colors, all true Democrats are now going to split the Party by moving to the People’s Party that might, maybe, actually HAVE a vote, winning or losing, on M4A, during a deadly, bankrupting pandemic with maybe more than $600/year in support payments.

    Dr. D

    Benton, looking for a pattern for the pieces? Don’t know how to communicate my meaning but, do we not know how bureaucracies work?

    Okay, what newly incredible events are we coming up to now? Cheeto, asking for 50,000 things, being denied at every level, for all time, by the government-state protecting itself by grinding and enslaving, killing the people. No method of law, no request of any sort, no direct order was obeyed, anywhere, ever. Huh. Somehow this was a shock to 80 million of the population and totally denied with hysterical shrieking by the other 80 million, no matter how many times a day it was reported as (nothing was) happening.

    Okay, up to the election. Totally predictable, and was predicted, by John Podesta and the TIP, reported by USA Today in July. Apparently that’s too much for people to read or understand. It’s a “Conspiracy Theory”, like all things openly reported by the NY Times (election fraud), Politico, and heads of the NAACP in New Jersey. So everybody knows it would be rigged. You’d have the “Red mirage” he promised, as their vote-rigging kicked in. Podesta said Trump will refuse to concede, this is our plan, and we’re going to call on the military to expel him…which they wouldn’t.

    But how’s the narrative for those 160 million people who clearly haven’t a clue what’s going on? Okay, the election’s stolen and it was. The lower levels from the county chair to the Chief of the Supreme court know for a fact that it was the safest, most legit election ever because everyone refused to look, to recount, or to move any evidence into a courtroom. Any courtroom.

    And this is a surprise how? Okay, like most I expected less of it, less rigging and less cover-up, as this is epic, but here we are with daughter’s boyfriends and husbands-of-judges getting shot in the face in Jersey on a Tuesday afternoon as a reg’lar point of business. But the basis is the same, and people with a) embedded agents b) the ability to read all FBI/CIA/NSA files at a high level and c) open, legit FISA warrants know this. They might not know Kemp or McConnell will flip but when you can count how many, everywhere, are by their own texts and meetings back-stabbing moles even by D.C. standards you can’t really pin all hopes on politicians doing the right thing.

    Halt: erase all that. Just say “you can’t really pin all hopes on politicians doing the right thing.” All that needs to be said.

    So what’s a guy put in and run by military intel to do? Military Intel just says, “Oh well, you got us, every Trump family member will shortly be killed. Here’s the country. MilIntel will immediately be purged by Congress and the CIA and we soldiers are too gosh-darned honest and law-abiding to do anything about it”?

    I don’t think so.

    Back to the problem. Yes, we would LIKE law to be followed, we PREFER in a big way that happen, but it’s not certain enough and it’s not realistic. So we go through all the legal measures, count heads…and then?

    Original question: do we not know how bureaucracies work?

    Suppose Trump says – and he did – legally and publicly “the election was clearly rigged, here is the evidence.” Yeah, so? WTF is going to receive your complaint? Who will care and do anything about it? Not Congress. Not the Supreme Court. And although the people WILL bloody well do something about it, then you lose and China wins in a civil war that could kill 100,000 people an hour. I mean, the people WILL do it and they WILL win, but is that really winning? Ask Syria.

    So he sends Rudy’s info to Wray at the FBI. Sorry — all their agents are busy with garage pull straps and now national billboards asking for snitches-for-selfies from Jan 6th. Toddle over to Barr, who says, “Oh Mr. President, yes, yes, we have wonderful cases, wonderful. We just need another thousand days to lick the stamp.” Over to the AG, Federal Courts, who say, “You know, shucks, these cases are just too durn hard for us. Sensitive stuff, don’t ya know. Top Secret. National Security. Redact. No living juror on earth can safely hear(what is so obvious they already know).” The press then? No. For one, the “Press” doesn’t arrest people and if the people do…and they will…Civil War.

    Okay, no shock. We’ve had 1,460 days in a row of this. But no nuttin’ the whole Pentagon and 10 quantum supercomputers can’t figure it out. Why?

    Because Trump can, and should, and DID, send all this self-same information over to the Pentagon. And you know what they said, what they have to say? Sounds like a civilian matter to me. Why do they say that, even out of MilIntel, with foreign nations involved in the transparent, on-camera rigging of an election, mostly by the British? (as always) Because it’s true. Elections, policing, objections, all that is completely the civilian side. You do not WANT the military involved in shoving courts, vetting all candidates because if they do, they’ll do it good and hard and as the military ought and should, they’ll level and wreck everything in sight. If they get done, there won’t BE a civilian side. …And down goes America by another means. It is really a Coup.

    So…MilIntel knows the Pentagon and MilIntel. The Generals are all well aware and have been for years, those that are in the Club, and those outside, that is, the Globalists, let’s-take-over-the-world, and the Nationalists, Let’s-Be-America-and-Stay-Home. Just said the other day it looks like the Nationalists keep winning.

    Okay, suppose the military gets involved, follows Podesta’s plan for them? Military jumps in, hands the nation to Trump…and what? “It’s a Coooooooouuuuuppppp!!!!” say people who have never seen a coup, or a dictionary, in their lives. Trump and the Pentagon hold trials, present evidence…presented to the people by CNN and Rachael Maddow on MSNBC. “The evidence is fake! He told them to do it because he lost! Because he’s going to jail! It’s the end of Democracy! They’re Putin puppets! It’s a coup, illegitimate government, RussiaRussiaRussia We’re under attack, burn the other 20 cities, Democrats!!!! Kill every one Right of AOC!!!”

    It’s obvious, but the first rule of winning is not losing. That sounds stupid but it’s not: the Viet Cong showed that well, and doing that is #NotWinning. If I had 10 quantum supercomputers in the White House basement, and only one chance that’s what I would ask them too. Maybe DON’T do what your enemy tells you to do? You need a break, as much daylight as possible between Trump and events? You need to follow all, and I mean ALL civilian processes?

    So when DOES this problem STOP being a civilian government problem, and START becoming a Military problem?

    When the country is in danger. When is that? Well, foreign governments would have to attack us, obvoulsly. What does that mean, though? Suppose they did, suppose they created an “insurrection”, a “coup”? Well, if it’s in South Carolina, it’s a couple loose nuts, it’s the FBI’s jurisdiction. It’s domestic. And if they took a State? The courts still, many levels distant.


    Yes, what if you had foreign nationals conspire and install an illegitimate government, backed entirely by foreigners, in tight coordination with plausible existing officials? …And this is how all coups are. Do they air-drop a Trotsky in from New York with a train full of gold out of Morgan? …Well not usually. You grab some random Guido, and claim he’s legit even though nobody voted for him and all him money and direction arises from foreign intel services. THAT would be a coup. …Or rather, that would still be the FBI’s problem. It would be the Pentagon’s problem, only IF THEY WERE INSTALLED AS THE OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT. That’s a threat to the military.

    Doesn’t matter that most of the people involved are Americans. Doesn’t matter that they are existing political officeholders. That’s how these things always are. Even if China attacked, occupied Maryland with a 10-million-man army, they would OF COURSE hire the nearest Governor as their puppet and “elect” him into office using slightly-altered rules under a plausible cause.

    So…that’s the Red Line. That’s when the Pentagon has jurisdiction and is activated. Not before.

    What would the “Military” do? What is their proper authority once activated? To install Presidents? H-ll no! Their job, having identified an illegitimate, foreign-installed government would be to ARREST the INDIVIDUALS involved. Not shell Capitol Square, for instance. Then? Try them in a military court for treason and insurrection. Where? Just FangFang? Just Sir Stefan Helper? No. If there is evidence of treason, bribery, sellouts, in Congress, they can arrest it. If there is are foreign agents and moles in the FBI, CIA, DoJ, they can arrest it. They can arrest everyone involved for every crime involved and be home for lunch. Legally. Do they reinstall Trump? NO. That is not their jurisdiction. But what if the Pres, Vice, Speaker of House and Senate are all indicted? Well, the Civilian side would just have to make other arrangements, wouldn’t they? If you ran a re-election, you’d just have to re-propose candidates, new or old, and re-vote without the now militarily-indicted fraudsters.

    Big picture. Where are we?

    Well, there’s only one question, and there was only ever one question: Will the U.S. Military hand over control of the world’s most powerful nation to a guy who took a BILLION dollars from China? And incidentally a couple million from Moscow? Or won’t they?

    That question is going on right now, and they’ve only had 24 official hours to look at it. All the dossiers and evidence have been distributed to the DNI down to all the officers. All the legal proof is sitting on their desks. Their Courts are not the Federal courts, their Prosecutors are not the Federal Prosecutors. What will they do? Side with China, which is feverishly gloating across the ocean? Or not? What do you think?

    John Day

    D. Benton Smith said: “Good Conspiracy Theory Wanted
    I could really use one right now. Hell, I’d settle for a half-baked hypothesis or lame explanation. Whatever it takes to make any kind of sense out of the events of the past few years , and especially the past couple of months.”

    Hokay; mine is simpler. The Limits To Growth graph was right and we hit peak industrial production around late 2014, with little bumps against the top until late 2017 or early 2018, when no amount of financial chicanery could make the wells and machines put out more. They didn’t
    My post “Reset in Progress”, March 9.2020 dealt with that, graph and all:

    The Club of Rome paid for all the work and computation that went into Limits To Growth. It was conventional wisdom in the 1970s. The elites always knew, but they saw the advantage to sprinting to the front before the fuel ran out. Reagan saw it. Deng Xiaopeng saw it. Bush, Clinton, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc. It’s all right there.
    It’s happening now. They are ready, and we are Wile-E-Coyote, already in fall.
    We looked down LAST YEAR.
    We can’t do anything when we are already falling. this is their moment.
    2020: MASKS
    2021: MASKS OFF

    John Day

    @anninvancouver: I don’t know if you saw this a few nights ago, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance website is here:



    With Trump, that was that. Unfunded hate toward him, at least compared to ‘the 3’ from last night congratulatory speech who rather walked away scorn free. Democracy is telling us that is perfectly OK – that’s is exactly how people had wanted all along and that is something to celebrate for no other reason but “just-because”. I can see Kamala practicing her maniacal laugh in the WH hallways.

    Young Pollock in his 20’s and, naturally, under the influence of Picasso. Penchant for swirls, indeed.


    The future master plan …. will be good for ????

    • Biden To Sign 53 Executive Orders In First 10 Days (Hill)

    Name names

    • Globalist “Manifesto” For Post-Trump Economic “Reset” (ZH)

    the Trilateral Commission are joining with a gaggle of former cabinet-level officials (both Dems and GOP) along with the CEO of one of America’s largest banks, former British Labour Party Prime Minister Tony Blair and – who else? – Henry Kissinger, have essentially penned a manifesto that is being circulated among lawmakers, along with top-level officials in the cabinet and the West Wing, to help restore the globalist system that Trump helped to disrupt.

    Who better to leak the story to than Andrew Sorkin, who first brought up the existence of the memo during an interview during Tuesday morning’s episode of “Squawk Box” on CNBC during a conversation with Harvard economist Austan Goolsbee. According to Sorkin’s column, “the memo comes from an under-the-radar group of global boldfaced names that act as a private advisory committee to JPMorgan Chase. They include Tony Blair, the former British prime minister; Condoleezza Rice and Henry Kissinger, two former secretaries of state; Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense; Alex Gorsky, chief executive of Johnson & Johnson; Bernard Arnault, chairman of LVMH; and Joseph C. Tsai, executive vice chairman of Alibaba, among others.” The group, which even Sorkin concedes is exclusively staffed with members of the “globalist part of the globalist establishment that fell out of favor during the Trump years, typically meets once a year in a far-flung location with JPMorgan’s chief, Jamie Dimon.”

    Who is the boss during nap time? Blinken

    • Biden Will Recognize Guaido As Venezuela’s Leader – Blinken (R.)

    U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s administration will continue to recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the South American country’s president, Anthony Blinken, Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, said on Tuesday.

    • US To Keep Embassy In Jerusalem – Blinken (AlJ)
    Michael Lebowitz Avoided telling the truth

    The Fed’s Inconvenient Truth: Inflation Is “M.I.A.”

    “The amount of money in the US economy is 25% higher than it was at the start of 2020, eclipsing any pace of money growth seen since the Federal Reserve was established (1913)” RB Advisors Deputy CIO Dan Suzuki.

    In recent weeks we have seen a non-stop flow of ominous statements like the one above.

    The author is 100% factual and it should be a cause for deep concern. Historically, such surges in the money supply were often met with significant inflation. Here is why.

    No inflation because the printed money is being use to purchase junk, and keep the elites in power. Just like in Japan.
    Is it too late?
    What will happen to all the contract that have been signed for “vaccines”?
    No proof of wrong doing.
    Laughing all the way to the bank.

    Ivermectin is Now a Therapeutic Option for
    Doctors & Prescribers
    NEW YORK, N.Y. — JANUARY 15, 2021
    “ Ivermectin is one of the world’s safest, cheapest and most widely available drugs,” noted Dr. Kory,
    President of the FLCCC Alliance. “The studies we presented to the NIH revealed high levels of
    statistical significance showing large magnitude benefit in transmission rates, need for hospitalization, and death. What’s more, the totality of trials data supporting ivermectin is without


    Senator Ran Paul is not taking a nap

    Sen. Rand Paul challenges new Sec. of State over regime change in Syria: video

    Sen. Rand Paul challenges new Sec. of State over regime change in Syria (Blinken)

    U.S. Senator (Kentucky) Rand Paul recently challenged the new Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken on his history of pushing regime change in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Sen. Paul began his argument by questioning Blinken’s role in the NATO intervention of Libya in 2001 and his support for the U.S. military invasion of Iraq in 2003, which the Kentucky congressman said was a major disaster that paved the way for a stronger Iran.

    The congressman argued that Blinken continued to push regime change in Syria, which he said was a significant blunder, especially with the amount of money spent training “moderate rebel forces”.

    Mr. House

    So is the conspiracy fact yet?


    Laughing all the way to the bank

    Because on Wednesday, Dr. Nachman Ash, better known to some as “Israel’s Dr. Fauci”, said the first batch of COVID jabs didn’t increase immunity as much as they had hoped.

    He told local media Army Radio that “many people have been infected between the first and second injections of the vaccine,” adding that It can take 10 days or more for the immunity to kick in.

    Of course, none of this is particularly unexpected. As we first reported three weeks ago, local media in Israel reported that hundreds of patients had been infected after receiving their first dose.

    Israel also saw its fair share of patients with “adverse” health reactions, with one doctor even passing away shortly after receiving the first dose, as the country rushed to vaccinate its citizens with jabs that are still very much untested.

    Meanwhile, in the US, Joe Biden and his administration are invoking wartime powers to secure supplies of critical raw materials needed for vaccine production, as a recent logistical slip-up ruined 21 shipments of the Moderna vaccine, forcing NYC to delay more than 20K jab appointments.

    Dr D Rich

    Dear Dr. D,
    We had our coup.
    The most important elements were present.
    1. The military occupied Washington DC the capital of the nation notwithstanding the absence of violence by the military. The regular military failed to participate as a non-participatory act of ‘aggressive passivity’.
    2. The means of communications were seized; seized away from the sitting head of government by silencing President Trump, but nevertheless seized.
    3. The president of the United States was silenced, ignored and alternately threatened by the victorious coup faction over the past two weeks of HIS presidency while Joe Biden, coup victor, publicly encouraged the coup plotters.

    John Day

    I updated the update that I started here this morning with the best graphs I could find, that only show at the links. You Are Probably Here

    The 1972 Limits to Growth graph, the projection if society did nothing to change, is here in my blog post from March 9, 2020 , “Reset In Progress”

    It is hard to find graphic updates to that original, but here is one that shows it tracking quite well to the year 2000. It’s from the 30 year update by the original authors. It’s a good book.
    One thing is different. They updated the computer program with further observed data.
    Look; the population peak moved from 2050 to 2030.
    Industrial output per capita would already be falling in 2020. Check. Services per capita would be falling in 2021. Check. {Image won’t transfer to blog. Second image in scroll at link]

    Here is absolutely the most recent update I have been able to find, and I look several times per year. It tracks observed world data and overlays it on the 2002 graphics.
    Yep, food, industrial stuff and services per capita all peak by 2020, and population peaks by 2030.
    Testable hypothesis? How are we looking these days?
    [Darn! This one won’t transfer, either]

    Updates on Limits to Growth, finally!

    Tom Luongo: Epitaph for a Post Trump America
    Everyone’s eyes are now open. A fungus is president.
    Absent the false hope of Trump people are now free to conclude what I always have — politics got us into this, politics will not get us out.
    We can finally put the childish Red vs. Blue behind us.

    Epitaph for a Post-Trump America

    Babylon Bee, Thanks Eleni in Athens
    Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall Guarded By Thousands Of Soldiers


    Rob Slane: The Masks are Coming Off’:

    “..Yet despite 2020 craziness, it doesn’t seem like it will hold a candle to 2021. If the first week or so is any barometer, it may be that 2020 was just the trailer or the warm-up act for the real thing. We’ve already seen the Chief Medical Adviser telling people who don’t have an illness to act as if they do have an illness. We’ve already seen the rollout of a vaccine, the study for which is not due to be completed until on 27th January 2023. And we’ve already seen international organisations telling us that restrictions are likely to continue for the foreseeable future, Salvation by Vaccine notwithstanding – although those of us who have followed things carefully knew this anyway.

    Yet the real story of 2021 — if anyone is allowed to tell it — is likely to be mass censorship. What we are already seeing is, ironically, an unmasking. If 2020 was the year in which people put their Masks on, 2021 is already shaping up to be the year when the Globalists and Global Pravda really take theirs off. They are really going for it, blatantly censoring dissent, brazenly de-platforming alternative views, and shamelessly using technology to ensure that reasoned, fact-based challenges to establishment narratives are silenced.

    It is ugly, its sinister and its menacing. And unless you are someone who longs to live in a more totalitarian state, you need to get wise to it now, you need to pray against it now, and you need to fight against it now. The masks are coming off and freedom is being crushed. Choose which side you want to stand on.”

    The Masks Are Coming Off


    What is the truth
    The Biden Dream
    2. COVID-19
    The Biden-Harris plan to beat COVID-19
    3. National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response
    and Pandemic Preparedness
    January 21, 2021
    Trump Administration Plans to Provide Free COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Know

    The Trump administration announced their plan to release a COVID-19 vaccine for free.
    The CDC oversees the vaccine distribution process, as it’s the organization providing guidance to states and will be responsible for shipping out the vaccines.
    States will then partner with their local health departments and refer to the guidance as they develop their own vaccine distribution process
    The Trump administration released a 57-page playbook .Trusted Source on Wednesday detailing how the government plans to provide free vaccines for all U.S. citizens.

    The CDC has released three documents to help states develop strategies to store, administer, and track vaccines.

    The documents include a planning checklist, potential scenarios for vaccine availability, and considerations for storing and allocating vaccine doses.

    Though the CDC will provide guidance, it will ultimately be up to each state to figure out how they will handle the vaccination process
    COVID-19 Updates
    Written by Gillian Mohney and George Citroner on January 20, 2021 — Fact checked by Dana K. Cassell

    India begins exporting their vaccine
    India has begun exporting its COVID-19 vaccine to neighboring countries with the first batches shipping out to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, and Seychelles on Jan. 20, reported ABC News.

    According to ABC News, the world’s largest vaccine producer by volume is the Serum Institute of India (SII), based in Pune.

    The Institute is producing a vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca under brand-name COVISHIELD, and will distribute it within India, its neighboring countries, and other low and middle income countries.

    “In an ongoing effort, India will continue to supply countries all over the world with vaccines,” said the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in a statement. “This will be calibrated against domestic requirements and international demand and obligations, including under GAVI’s Covax facility to developing countries.”
    Serum Institute of India fire: Five charred bodies recovered from building, says Pune mayor; Covishield facility not affected

    Mr. House



    Expectin’ the Covid crisis to let up, in the sense of shifting from hyped-up to damped-down (see WHO directive on tests, > Ilargi post) now that the:

    New Era of O-Biden ushers in Better Life!

    Europe tends to follow the US lead, so the “W” MSM hasten to adopt the same spin.

    Yet, manipulations of info even on the complex topic of Covid are being increasingly questioned / contested…difficult to maintain. (EU, …)

    For some years now, the comfortable classes in today’s America have lost track of the fact that control over the public narrative does not equal control over the facts underlying the narrative. (…) Convince yourself that something is true, and the universe has to play along:  that’s the mentality of a frighteningly large share of the privileged in America these days. John Michael Greer, 30 Dec. 2020

    Into the Unknown Region

    Interesting that the Rovian ‘reality’ was directed to outside rivals, competitors, enemies (“We construct the reality.. etc.” Karl Rove.) Now, with various dismaying constraints and downgraded conditions set to persist and increase (energy, water, climate, finance, agri, oligarchs, inequality rising, etc.) the recycled version applied at home is set to be difficult to enforce.

    Then there is “Nature bats last” – spin about viruses is not a good idea. Competition between MegaCorps about who can cash in on the virus is not a good idea. Pols posturing about masks-100-days or No-Masks – not a good idea…

    Mr. House

    Honestly, after witnessing the last five years. I think the goal is to get the “left” and the “right” to fight. Covid will stay around until that happens, just my opinion. The “media” is trying to stoke divisions and has been for quite some time. Academia is doing the same, in my opinion a big push has been made to unpeople the otherside for quite some time. If they can get some sort of civil conflict going, who needs covid to lockdown? The pie has been shrinking for most people since 2008, if we’ve reached peak oil and the total amount will begin to shrink from here on out, then economic depression is guaranteed until we come up with a new system that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels so much. It is also apparent that those who “rule” us are only interested in their own power and keeping as much as possible in a shrinking GDP situation. Look at the #forcethevote situation that occurred recently. Can’t vote for everyone to have healthcare during a pandemic where we’ve screwed up every other aspect of society, but can have an impeachment proceeding after the reichstag fire? Again, just my opinion, not trying to anger anyone.


    It’s unfortunate that the twitter link to the Richard Medhurst rant at the end was not a live link – you have to copy and paste into a URL address bar. The last sentence really says it all: “They got rid of Trump, and now they’re giving you the architect of the system that gave you Trump!”

    If you want an unvarnished look back at Biden’s history, I recommend the last free episode of the “Death Is Just Around the Corner” podcast, “#113: The Old Man’s Back Again:”

    D. Benton Smith: I also subscribe to the hypothesis that what we’re witnessing is the controlled demolition of society, to adjust the middle and lower classes to the new realities of energy depletion and financial overshoot. FWIW.


    So the media are gushing about obiden’s press conferences minus joe!

    The media are not commenting on obiden’s deterioration just like they covered for FDR.


    Inflation isn’t M.I.A.!

    The media refuses to report it!

    The Fed refuses to see it!

    You can refuse to look too!



    So obiden’s dr Fucsi CDC is shocked to discover the Trump’s dr Fucsi CDC had no vaccine roll out plan?


    ” I Have a Dream “ is a public speech that was delivered by American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963, in which he called for civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States.
    Author: Martin Luther King

    Biden -Paraphrasing
    civil and economic rights and an end to racism in the United States.

    Avoiding Plagiarism using Paraphrasing Tool Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work (in this case, a quotation, sentence, article, review, essay, etc.) and assigning it to yourself, thus concealing the real author. We divide plagiarisms into explicit, hidden, total, partial and autoplagic.


    I finally saw a picture of obiden and his small deep state crowd.

    I would say the guards out numbered the crowd by at least 25 to 1!


    “Trump’s dr Fucsi CDC had no vaccine roll out plan?”
    The new political figure heads are learning to use their forked tongues.

    In Canada, Trudeau is getting criticized for the same thing and forgetting that health is a Provincial responsibility.
    (Everyone is using code words. They are all asking for more money)


    John Day:

    The ironic thing about so called green energy technology (putting in more energy in than you get out) such as solar and wind (disclosure: my son is a GE wind tech) is that it requires using increasingly scarce fossil fuels to just to keep these green energy operations running!



    No worries for little potato! He has broad shoulders! He also has a printing press!

    No mention in the media about half the people not wanting the vaccine shot!

    Israel is now revealing vaccine less than 95% effective! They should know as they have vaccinated over 20% of their population!


    Pfizer demanding Canadian tax breaks from Sparkle Socks!

    Not to mention no side order of vaccine!

    Pfizer also pissed off with Sparkle Sock’s demanding lowest price for vaccine!


    I have been studying the sudden fall of the 3rd French Republic and the quick rise of the Vichy government in 1940, after Germany invaded France.

    If you see any parallels, you are definately paranoid!


    Very few people realize that it wasn’t the Panzers tanks that destroyed France and the rest of conquered Europe!

    It was the German bankers and their control of the money that truely laid waste to France and Europe!


    I see among obiden’s first EOs, to provide gender equality, by letting transgender men to legally compete against women in sports. This should help women feel “gender equality” for the first time.

    V. Arnold

    I see among obiden’s first EOs, to provide gender equality, by letting transgender men to legally compete against women in sports.

    Yet once again women get the ass end of a woke society…
    Usians dismantling the mores and norms that have been the glue of their society…rip…not!


    There is no getting around the fact that 25,000 troops and turning DC into a Green Zone were necessary for the peaceful transfer of power back to the new/old Obama Administration. PR won’t hide overflowing for-profit hospitals or an economic depression. When nothing changes, the same old same old, geriatric Democrats will blame the 75 million Trump voters led by the Russians.

    Former middle-class Americans will not continue the fall into poverty, homeless, addiction, illness and death peacefully. The Obama’s response to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis of PR (propaganda) while bailing out Wall Street with no reforms or jail time and making millions of Americans homeless (which elected Donald Trump in the first place) will not work the second time around in this existential Pandemic/Depression. The 10% multi-cultural global bi-coastal elite cannot continue the financial bloodletting of the heartland, there is nothing left. Indeed, the Biden/Harris Administration has a perilous challenge ahead. They must actually end the pandemic, provide family supporting jobs, and halt climate change, all of which require taxes and competence. Good luck with that.

    John Day

    @WES: Local solar cells can be really energy efficient if you have demand that matches the photoelectric production. Pumping a well to a tank is great. Running an AC unit in Texas summer is good, too, but it might still be 90 degrees some nights.
    Cornahol is a boondoggle and always was. Wind turbine blades are not recycleable, nor do they repurpose to anything I know of.
    “Renewables” are more like “replaceables”. Don’t even get into battery technology yet if you need electricity on demand, or those looong transmission lines from wind and solar farms to cities. Suddenly, it’s not cost effective. It’s the energy dump you just said.


    I once saw a pretty picture of a whole bunch of wind turbines blades being buried by a D9 CAT in a Wyoming landfill!

    I think turbine blades need to be replaced every 7 to 10 years.

    Have noticed nobody wants to recycle used Tesla cars.



    Actually obiden plans to stay in power forever by increasing the dependency of more Americans on the government and by adding 6 more states to the union. The number of SCOTUS judges is also going to be increased.

    The border is being opened to create more competition for jobs to decrease the size of the middle class..

    They are also weaponizing the virus to gain more control of the domestic population. More selective enforcement of virus regulations will help reduce the # of small and medium businesses so large companies face less competition.

    Once poorer, Americans will be happier!

    I saw all of this in Siberia in 1983! The Russians were so happy they drank vodka 24/7!


    “ Okay, the election’s stolen and it was. The lower levels from the county chair to the Chief of the Supreme court know for a fact that it was the safest, most legit election ever because everyone refused to look, to recount, or to move any evidence into a courtroom. Any courtroom.”


    Well said, Dr D

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