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    Dr. D

    “The Democratic party is falling apart before our eyes, and they have only themselves to blame. This should have happened about 4 years ago,”

    Sad. Don’t do it! #ComeBack

    “USA’s use of atomic bombs on Hiro-Saki will see that it was a lunatic decision”

    Not at all. It WAS a pack of lies though. Sure, they wanted to avoid a Normandy landing of Tokyo, and rightfully so…but Japan was already surrendering and only wanted their 1,000-year emperor, an easy ask, as proven. No, they were really talking to the Russians, moving seamlessly on to that war, as shown. And also we leaked that nuclear info to them (also consensus reality now, look it up) to have your MICC arms-war, as Eisenhower, who was RIGHT THERE at the time, warned us about, but was already too far. Hype aside, the atom bombs were a joke. Dresden was much more bombed, attacking civilians not just incidentally but specifically. And the radiation that would salt them for 1,000 years, people live nicely there and almost right away. So yes, sure, bigger bomb. But so? Does it matter to get hit with 50 .22s instead of one 10-gauge slug? Not to the guy dying. Anyway, hardly lunatic, totally rational, such as military planners murdering everyone can ever be called “rational.”

    Also the whole premise is gone now. We’re beyond battlefield nukes down to pocket nukes, and they were probably tested out in Syria and Ukraine already, though hard to pin down. They too do not leave lingering radiation. The smaller and more conventional they are, the more likely to be used, so no one knows where the threshold to “Hold on” is anymore.

    Hunter Biden Ordered to Explain Why He Shouldn’t Be Held in Contempt Of Court”

    I was more concerned this is a Contempt of the Mother of his child. Everyone finds courts contemptible, what about your infant son, a Biden?

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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