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    Horacio Coppola Florida, Buenos Aires 1936   • Rising Rates and Decelerating Deficits Spell Doom For US Housing -Again (CH) • Global Pension Ponz
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    Dr. D

    “…seeking to determine whether there was a “pattern” of behavior”

    A pattern of behavior where an employer fires his employees? Not to be crass but wtf are they talking about? Does Mueller’s investigation travel through all time, space, and reality to all events past and present, all decisions he approves or denies? Is it treason or collusion to fire your employees? Or is it only treason when the President didn’t get authorization from the actual controllers before making his mascot/spokesman decisions? Oi.

    I don’t know what to do with counterpunch. Maybe this should be their mascot?
    Look, yes, governments tax ONLY TO MAKE YOU USE THEIR CRAPPY MONEY. It creates a false demand for their worthless garbage. That’s why the Federal Reserve coincided with the Income Tax. And yes, they can just print the money instead and not tax at all.


    Wealth comes from real people doing real things. The U.S. can print a million billion dollars. That may make you THINK they can buy a billion trillion 2x4s with it, but they can’t. There are still only so many forests, so many saw mills, and so many men. You can get exactly the same number of 2x4s after printing as before: the amount your economy is physically able to produce. What the money printing WILL do, however, is raise prices, via inflation, the expansion/dilution of the money supply. That generally means the economy comes unglued and you’ll get even LESS 2x4s than before. And while he’s suggesting that ‘leftists’ are off-base with austerity and should just pump the skittle-crapping unicorn to help the poor, in fact inflation and printing money HURT EXACTLY THE POOR THE MOST.

    It ain’t rocket science: that’s why they use it. That’s why they built it in 1913, and that’s why it goes on every day since: inflation is a tax on the poorest and a direct transfer of wealth from the outsiders to the insiders. At the rate they suggest, 2%, it will cause the poorest to lose HALF their money in 40 years, and the real inflation rate is far higher than that. Sound familiar yet, where the inflation tax — the most regressive tax ever known — doubles the number of people in poverty and compounding effect leads to a runaway wealth gap? Yes, that’s the skittles-crapping unicorn of “free money” counterpunch and every other economic illiterate promotes. And believe you me, the insiders are going to say “Yes sir! Right away sir! We’re going to give that poverty-inducing, wealth-transferring, money-printing solution to you good and hard, night and day!” We already have 5 people owning more than half the U.S. due to such policies, 100% of national wealth is in a stock market owned only by the 1% and higher, when are they going to wake up?

    You can’t print your way to prosperity. Real things take real work. There ain’t no free lunch, there ain’t no magic clown to give it to you. You, YOU create the wealth.

    According to Kavanagh you could land on a desert island, double the money supply, and Lo! A condo and an open-bar cabana would appear! Double it again and an inground pool and lounge chairs, maybe a hospital with a fully-stocked operating room and well-trained ER staff appears! See? Easy! Nobody had to pour concrete, drill and burn oil, manufacture parts. Nobody studied in medical school for 8 years, no one made bagels. No work at all. Just print money!

    If this is the state of the discussion, we are absolutely going to print more, with the absolute consequence of poverty and income disparity doubling again. And again. And again. Until we get it right. He-zeus.

    Read this from Bart Simpson:

    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.
    I can not print my way to prosperity.

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D


    Ken Barrows

    So why have taxes at all? All borrowing, all of the time. A lot is written about MMT but little about its assumptions. Its proponents advocate for the average Joe/Jane but take us to the same resource deprived world.


    Why have money at all, Ken? Why have exchange? Both are demonstrably the basis of a majority of societal dysfunction. Why continue with them? Because it’s all we know? That’s not a reason, that’s a rationalization (and I don’t intend to put that on you, except to the extent that you’re one of billions, including me, who are complicit–knowingly or not–in this cultural confusion). All else is deck chair management in this context.



    “Free Democratic Party (FDP) MP Graf Alexander Lambsdorff also expressed sharp criticism of the Turkish action against the Kurds in Syria. “This invasion is not legitimized by international law. There is no mandate from the United Nations and it is not self-defense. All states should call on Turkey to end the campaign and ask them to work on a political solution instead.””

    What a creep! What a vile human being! No murmer that the US presence has no UN mandate in Syria and in itself constitutes a war crime. No complaint that the US is trying to continue war in Syria by arming the Kurds. Also there are strong claims by Russian media that the US are training the remnants of ISIS in the south.

    Another thing he may ponder : Turkey has 3.5 million Syrian refugees. There are two options : Stabilise Syria and repatriate them or send them on to Europe. Which is better for Germany?


    Groundbreaking AGW-Undermining Study: Greenland’s Warming, Ice Loss Due To Geothermal Heat

    A few years ago, all the talk was of the ice on Greenland melting resulting in rising sea levels and so on. Catastrophe. Here is an example:

    Greenland melt speeds East Coast sea level rise

    After every such alarm – polar bears drowning, penguins starving, arctic ice disappearing, Antarctic ice shelf collapsing, Elk population dropping – with a delay of a year or two, scientific reports come out disproving the claims. However, the camel train has moved on and the media find some new catastrophe to parrot. An obvious manipulation of peoples’ perceptions.

    BTW, despite all the hot volcanoes under Greenland, the ice cover is doing fine this year. Not as splendid as last year, just average.

    It should be clear by now that whatever melting there may be in Greenland, it has nothing to do with the AGW hypothesis. The ice is melting from below full stop.

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