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    John Vachon Window in home of unemployed steelworker, Ambridge, PA 1941   • Chinese Hospitals In Chaos As Lockdown Spreads To Affect 33m People (
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    V. Arnold

    The depth of the manure today exceeds the height of my boots; oh wow, I hate that squishy sound/feeling… 😉

    Dr. D

    Am I crazy here, or does China have a different health perspective based on Chinese medicine and therefore not “General Practitioners” who are Western? Not sure what that means, but sounds similar to complaining there are only 27,000 TCM doctors in the U.S. Well, yes. We’re not China, China’s not us. We’re different.

    That’s not to say Western medicine isn’t better in a crisis or epidemic, it may be; it’s to say I don’t know and those numbers won’t tell me.

    In death tolls, when it was a dozen, apparently 8 were over 80, 5 were over 70, and three had serious underlying health conditions. Like usual, that ain’t much of a death toll, hardly greater than the common cold. Yet they are reacting very seriously and not blaming us, and I don’t know why. Isn’t it legally REQUIRED to blame America for everything? Also didn’t entirely grasp that sure, a dozen people at first, but 0.01% of 1.38 Billion is 13 million people, as we’re rapidly realizing.

    So, to commenters, given some weird elements here, a test run for plausible lockdowns? Why? For upcoming food shortages? How many journalists have gotten sick and “disappeared” compared to the general population, as set by a few years of their social-credit scores?

    Wuhan Virus Will Shape China’s Smart City Vision (R.)” Aha.

    Take a peep at the U.S. system: so everyone is catastrophically sick with completely voluntary diseases and the hospitals are full. Well-stocked, sure, but dizzying consumers of all supplies under our present procedures. So you think we can absorb 10,000 new patients per city? And what, kick all the heart patients and diabetics out on the street? Profit says you have to run at 100% capacity though, and with no cost or consequence to your bad lifestyle choices, it’s somebody else’s cost, somebody else’s fault.

    Doomsday Clock Moves within 100 Seconds of Midnight (NPR)

    So after being wrong for 60 years, they move the clock again? It’s been a second to midnight my whole life. Nothing’s happened but they sure scared the heck out of me and caused a lot of child suicides over the years. That was before I realized if a adult human said it, it’s a bat-s—t, fabricated, self-serving bald-faced lie. Children lie only half the time, a pleasant relief. So the clock is run by adults? It’s a lie. It’s run by schmarty-guyz, in the media? It’s definitely and COMPLETELY a lie, and almost certainly a knowing one. Known because smart people can’t say it’s two minutes to midnight for 60 years without failing statistics 120 semesters in a row. Lookin’ at you NPR, Yale graduates and the dumbest guys in the room.

    More productively? It’s political. Propaganda. Theatre. Now just look for the stage director and the script.

    ““the law of attempts,” a category of crimes”

    It cannot be a crime if it wasn’t committed. Even if you had a brain-intent recording machine on tape – which you don’t — it still wouldn’t be a crime. We don’t arrest people for wanting to swear and not, or thinking about not paying their rent. But isn’t this a caution about the problems of “Thoughtcrime”, which is not a joke to these people but actually believed and actually prosecuted? Just had this in a Danish interview with Facebook about a certain British Mr. Robinson. The Dane said, “Oh yes, I totally, totally believe everything you say about Robinson, of course! So…can you point me to the quotes where he said anything bad, incited or promoted ay violence?”

    Facebook say: “…Er…he has, that is…der…we all know…it’s more a contextual that WE at Facebook know what he MEANT by what he’s never even once said…”

    O RLY? So you know and bann people – forever, without trial or appeal – not even on what they’ve DONE, but on what YOU THINK THEY MIGHT SAY, BUT NEVER HAVE? = Thoughtcrime. Coming to your town, but it’s already there, planetwide, down to the tiniest Boy Scout meeting.

    Since y’all like fascism and tyranny so much and won’t lift a finger, You’re Next. Might what to brush up on your Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, it’ll come in handy in ‘Bernie’s’ education camps.

    Am I kidding? Germany just outlawed, “Climate Hysteria” as a plausible word yesterday. A French author was just jailed for having the opinion that a few million sudden immigrants could plausibly be characterized as an “Invasion”. Invasion /ɪnˈveɪ·ʒən The entering or taking over of a place, or being entered by force.

    Opinions are treason. When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.

    “Fed’s Repos Drop to Oct Level, T-Bills Surge, But MBS Fall (WS)”

    Finally to something important, the number hasn’t dropped, it’s $730B, what they’re doing is hiding it, but only a little since everybody loves fraud and nobody cares. For instance, FICC has now bought $60B. Who’s the FICC? Funny you should as: it’s an empty shell corporation, a clearinghouse with no assets run by the DTCC. Whos the DTCC? Since they’re the nexus of all stocks in the U.S. of $34 Trillion, maybe should look it up.
    They’re a shell corporation that’s owned by Cede and Co. (as in, surrender, give up), a shell entity that keeps bookwork on who owes what stocks to whom among EVERY bank, Hedge Fund, and Person on earth. –And owning paper copies are now illegal. That’s odd, why dat? So…when you have a “flash-crash” sale and Fargo doesn’t like taking a loss? DTCC reverses the trade so they win. When you have a stock vote in Taser and 130% more people vote than shares exist? That’s DTCC having so completely lost track of stock certificates that there are double, triple, quadruple more shares in Morgan and Citi slush than were ever issued: that is to say, they’re counterfeited. At will. Any time they like. For any reason. How to you think Sachs make 400 winning trading days in a row? With ONLY insider trading? And stock is now issued like with, at 2x, 5x, 25x multiples created out of thin air – because nobody’s watching the books – and used to short troublemakers like Overstock, or Blackberry, or whoever Tesla’s or Amazon’s enemies are today, and run them out of business.
    Every day of the year. It’s called “failures to deliver” and it’s been going on almost 20 years in numbers that beggar the imagination.

    So FICC, like the DTCC, has no assets and no oversight and no accountants. So they just say, “I have a used pack of Wrigley’s gum, and I can now borrow against that chewing gum to the tune of $60B, and $6,000 Billion tomorrow if I want”, and nobody says anything. And they did so earlier this month.

    Okay, so what’s the problem here, aside from the obvious one: money if worthless and everybody (that’s you) loves fraud more than air?

    We can be almost completely sure that, like Taser and Overstock, EVERY SINGLE SIFI BANK – all of them, UBS, Santander, Sumitomo, DeutscheBank, Morgan – has for historic reasons, to rig that price, to win that extra trade, 25 years ago, has COUNTERFEITED U.S. Treasury bonds in the system. …Because nobody’s checking the system. Nobody cares, so long as it expands and not contracts, so long as it wins and not loses. So we have a case where, if you check the serial numbers, SOME HUGE NUMBER OF BONDS ARE DUPLICATES, triplicates, googleplexacates. —Hey, just like all those MBS mortgages, back in the ’08 crisis, Docktor? Yes, Virginia, just like that. Like selling the same house 20x to Norwegian pensions, owned by Fargo, owned by 20 other funds in the MERS system, owned by YOU too – because they’re trying to foreclose and you have no mortgage at all —

    “...until neither the Plain nor the Star-Bellies knew
    whether this one was that one… or that one was this one…
    or which one was what one… or what one was who

    So when you have a REPO crisis, and somebody’s going down, maybe the real problem is that the banks are aware that 10%, 1/3, HALF of all bonds they are posting for overnight are FAKE? And they could get caught with the counterfeit? The whole system is essentially a fake? And being system-wide and going back to the 90’s, it literally can’t BE unfaked? No method on earth can possibly un-f—k the system this corrupt?

    What does the Fed do? Well the “Fed” is merely the SIFI banks and the banks are the Fed. So what do the banks do for themselves? They say, “We’re in a crisis. You just have to buy EVERYTHING, with NO QUESTIONS asked, FOREVER,” and therefore LAUNDER all the money, all the fraud, and make it money-good.

    Hey, Herr Docktor, is that like when the Fed bought AIG and the MBS at 100c on the $ when they were worth 15c? You know, making the banks whole at the taxpayers’ expense, and not only not PROSECUTING crime, but actually REWARDING it with multi-billion in bonuses, THAT YEAR and every years since? Yes, Virginia.

    So…this could be that kind of problem trader Armstrong was saying: a problem that is SO bad, SO systemic, SO insolvable, that no one will even TALK about it? Verboten, does not exist?
    Uh, yeah, something like that. Just a theory though. You can suggest it’s the trillions in negative Euro interest rates finally contaminating the Repo, or that it’s a generic bailout, but although those probably exist, from the actions I have to guess isn’t and is a lot bigger.

    “Tis a tangled web we weave / when first we practice to deceive.” The only way out is to come clean, stop lying. That will never happen, because the system itself is a lie and the system itself and all its power brokers will vanish and fail if truth returns. That’s why the only enemy, the only crime, is telling the truth. Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum. Because they will. Right now.

    America’s Radioactive Secret (Rolling Stone)”

    Oh if only it were this. In our area, a load costs, say, $10,000. However, if someone were to loosen the petcock on the back of the truck and it leaked out on the roads on the way there, well, you and the company would just have to split the $10,000, wouldn’t you? Accidents happen. Shucks, Gomer, I won. And then I took my daughter to get chemo. Was it all worthwhile? You can’t prove nothin’. “No evidence was published.”

    And you wonder why Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum. The only way to make it stop.

    “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”


    How to become wealthy and powerful
    – use printed money/liquidity

    “The whole system is essentially a fake? And being system-wide and going back to the 90’s, it literally can’t BE unfaked?”

    “nobody’s checking the system. Nobody cares, so long as it expands and not contracts, so long as it wins and not loses. “

    Impeachment Gonna backfire. Even if innocent or – guilty
    Say bye-bye to Yesterday.
    Say hello to a diferent tomorrow.


    The Coronavirus

    Didn’t you hear it?
    FLAP – FLAP -flap – flap
    Was it a butterfly or a black swan or a diversion or an excuse/exaggeration to do a drill/test of the response system
    Say bye-bye to Yesterday.
    Say hello to a different tomorrow.

    Dr D Rich

    Damn, Dr. D!
    You got your finger on the pulse today.
    Ponzi schemes and pyramids all around.


    Am I crazy here, or does China have a different health perspective based on Chinese medicine and therefore not “General Practitioners” who are Western? Not sure what that means, but sounds similar to complaining there are only 27,000 TCM doctors in the U.S. Well, yes. We’re not China, China’s not us. We’re different.

    Looks like China’s “health care model” works in isolated rural settings, not in the sort of concentrated and connected ones the country ended in post-Deng Xiao Ping.

    It’s easily a little bit strange that Xi Jinping and people like Hu Jintao before him haven’t addressed that issue. because these are bombs waiting to be ignited. It’s not just the lack of doctors and communication between them, it’s also the entire food system. “Eat everything on four legs except for the table” is an age-old idea that works only when a community has little connection with others. Deaths remain local and limited.

    Does Xi want to return to that? No. So there’s one choice only: sanitize it all. China’s also still the recipient for most rhino horns etc. They’re a major reason why many African species are under threat. “Chinese medicine”. F*ck that. Must also stop. Why do we still import any Chinese products while they refuse to solve that crime? Just say no more until it’s taken care of.

    it’s not about Chinese vs western medicine, but about organizational levels updated for increasing contact levels. They should have started this update 30 years ago. What happens when lots of people die and unrest breaks out? Xi’s going to kill them all?


    Jonathan Turley at his yet again lawyerly disingenuous best. First of all, the GAO has stated that what Trump did by withholding the aid was a violation of the Impoundment Control Act. The “law of attempt” consideration has been pretty well ruled out of existence for centuries. Attempted crimes such as extortion, murder, rape, robbery, etc, are crimes. Actions were taken to be fully successful in the commission of the “crime” in question by Trump and his cohorts. Well beyond the so called “thought crime” defense being offered to confuse the issue.

    Dr. D

    Meh, I dunno. He thought about not paying his rent, but eventually paid it. On time.

    …And that’s even if he ever thought about not paying, it, which I can’t prove.

    Dr. D

    Besides, the GAO is the House. Yeah, we know they dinna’ like: big surprise. There’s a parallel inspector that also saw it and did NOT care, showing it’s debatable. But in any case we already KNOW the House and Congress disagree with the GAO and didn’t care since THEY WATCHED IT, saw it, recorded it, marked it, AND SAID NOTHING. So if they — the House — were concerned why isn’t his –still potential — withholding of aid in front of the Supreme Court? Why? Because the House never brought suit to compel. …Which they never had to, because he provided all that aid, plus naughty Javelin missiles that Obama wouldn’t.

    Which shows they never cared a bit. They just make stuff up, like everybody else. My side, right or wrong. I thought it, now it’s real.

    Muqtada al-Sadr, who had called for the protests but is hardly a ‘radical’, demanded that the U.S. follows the decision of the Iraqi parliament and ends its occupation. All U.S. bases in Iraq must be closed, all security agreements with the U.S. and with U.S. security companies must be ended and a schedule for the exit of all U.S. forces must be announced.

    Who is going to serve, mop, cook and not leave The Coronavirus polluting the Americans with phlegm..


    Thursday, 23 January 2020

    India’s minister of state for external affairs said on Thursday an Indian nurse working at a hospital in southern Saudi Arabia had been infected by the coronavirus amid an outbreak that has killed 17 people in China.
    However hours later the Saudi Center For Disease Prevention and Control said that there were “no cases of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Saudi Arabia so far.”
    “About 100 Indian nurses mostly from Kerala working at Al-Hayat hospital have been tested and none except one nurse was found infected by Corona virus,” said Vellamvelly Muraleedharan, Indian Minister of State for External Affairs.
    The nurse is being treated at Aseer National Hospital and “is recovering well,” he added.

    My observation.
    Are all the servants going to be sent home?
    More USA troop on the way.
    Who is going to serve, mop, cook and not leave The Coronavirus polluting the Americans with phlegm..

    V. Arnold

    Shakes head in dis-belief; the liar nation, U.S., now admits 34 soldiers suffered brain injuries from Iran missile counter attack…
    Surprise, surprise…NOT!


    Raul:. China’s health care system reflects it’s ridgid communist past. The communists promised free health care for all.

    However implementing such a massive and “expensive” scheme suddenly required training new health care workers.

    The only way to produce the required number of needed health care workers and “keep costs down” was to reduce the standards of what was called a doctor! The same for nurses! Pay was kept at levels similar to average workers!

    The fallicy of this system is self evident! Why would any bright person to go to all the trouble of working extra hard in school to excell, then take on more years of schooling just to be a lowly paid doctor?

    Now let this disfunctional system fester for 7 decades and what do you think you get? A functioning system?

    I worked for 6 months in a Siberian coal mine back in 1983.

    A co-worker and room mate, Ken, suddenly developed accute appendicitus and was operated upon that very night. Everything went fine according to Ken, an experienced 3rd world traveler. They gave him the best of what they had.

    However the regional health authority, not trusting the locals, none-the-less sent out one of their doctors to check up on Ken to make sure everything was O.K. I remember Ken joking about this!

    This illustrates a key point. Even the real good Russian doctors did not think very highly of their community health care doctors!

    I suspect many of China’s so called comminity doctors are not trained to the level of what we call nurses. Their best doctors all reside in the big cities just like our doctors do!

    One of the take a ways I learned about communists, is they do not like anyone rocking their boat! Trust me I rocked their boat many times!

    V. Arnold

    This is interesting:

    True? I do not know. But certainly worth a thought, no?
    Here in LOS we went from 4 cases, to 5 this morning.
    We’ll see…


    V.Arnold:. It is simply the power of compounding!

    The only variables are the timing between compounding (i.e. the time interval between catching the virus and becoming infectious) and how many people you infect.

    With 400 million Chinese traveling this week, what better conditions could you ask for to spread this virus far and wide?

    V. Arnold

    With 400 million Chinese traveling this week, what better conditions could you ask for to spread this virus far and wide?

    Yes indeed; ripe for an epidemic.
    The potential for a 1918 repeat is certainly there…
    We’ll see…and that’s a certainty…

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