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    Arthur Siegel Zoot suit, business district, Detroit, Michigan 1942 • Trump Loves Debt, But It Won’t Love Him Back (BBG) • US Tax Reforms Could ‘Transf
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 26 2017]

    John Day

    Bloomberg: “Trump loves debt, but it won’t love him back”
    Ellen Brown: “Lend it to yourself, Duh!”

    Trump and the Debate on America’s Infrastructure: How to Cut Infrastructure Costs in Half

    Ken Barrows

    For laughs, look at a circa 2000 CBO forecast. My guess is that they’re over optimistic, again.


    Trump will do no harm to ….. ????


    ” Why the Corrupt, Worker-Hating New Democrats Must Be Purged”

    Their recidivistic hubris is a shotgun sticking down their throats. Let’s not distract them from pulling the trigger. (Actually, they already have and are in their agonal phase, they’re just too narrow-visioned to realize it.)


    I note that the controlled mainstream media hardly ever makes reference to Russia any more. The fact that this has happened simultaneously and in so many different publications worldwide is the ultimate proof that there is no “free press” – if there ever were such a thing.

    Check out for the front pages for yourselves: – They do have an article about Russia’s domestic policies – this is truly amazing. A leading German newspaper has nothing to say about Russia on its front page not even Berlin’s local paper

    The only dissenter is Israel’s Haaretz – Israel is desperate to split up Syria and all its plans are failing:

    The Japanese have gone one better and have an article that supports Russia:

    We certainly live in interesting times. :=)


    I have no idea whether this article is true of not. However, if it is true, the leaders of Israel, the UK, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be having a bad case of diarrhoea. :=)

    “Trump tells Egypt’s Sisi that Assad is a brave man fighting terrorism”

    E. Swanson

    “Victoria Nuland, who had been the top diplomat in charge of U.S. policy in Europe and Eurasia, resigned ahead of the inauguration. ”

    Chris M


    I checked out your link about Trotskyism.

    It’s my understanding that the neo-cons originally had latched themselves onto the Democratic Party until the Democrats wouldn’t be the “war party” anymore. Then they moved to the Republican Party where there were “greener pastures” for their combative politics, I guess you could say.

    So, without doing further research, I guess I can see the link between them and the Trotskyites.

    To me, the neo-cons represent the pursuit of empire….their empire. Some see the cozy relationship between them and the powers-that-be in Israel, and conclude that their goal is to help Israel establish empire in the Middle East and beyond. I don’t know. That claim is beyond my means to verify.

    What Israel’s role in the world is, is a debate that can get quite theological in nature very quickly. I guess that’s inevitable, when you make the claim that you’re God’s Chosen People. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one, but the first question I’ll ask is this: chosen to do what?

    The thing that I find hard in all this, is that nearly everytime you try to make some kind of criticism of something that the powers-that-be in Israel does, somebody, somewhere, labels you as an anti-Semite. Does that mean that the leadership in Israel is beyond reproach? If that’s true, that’s a dangerous position for them to take, both for them, and for the rest of the world.



    Interesting story. Your source is WaPo, and that’s no longer reliable. Did all these people leave of their own accord, in some kind of protest, as we’re led to believe, or were they either asked to leave or not asked to stay on? White House says it wanted to “clean house at Foggy Bottom.” It’s tradition that they all send resignation letters when presidents change, but not that these letters are readily accepted. Anyway, great to get rid of Nuland.



    I believe that when there is a change of regime, those who are above a certain high grade hand in their resignations. The new president then decides whether to ask some of them to stay on or not. This president seems to have decided to invite none of them to stay on.

    They showed that they were no impartial bureaucracy during the election by signing that idiotic letter against Trump.


    Chris M,

    It is a very difficult subject to discuss because:

    1- Not all Neocons are Jewish

    2- Not all Jews are Zionists

    3- All Neocons are Zionists

    There are some monstrous lies that have been perpetuated for so long that they form part of most peoples’ beliefs. A bit like how people a long time ago who believed that the sun circled the earth.

    1- There is absolutely no evidence that the Jews were “promised” the area that is called Palestine/Israel

    Archaeologists have been frantically searching for over 100 years in that area to try to find any artifact whatsoever that dates from that period that show a Jewish presence – without success. Plenty of stuff of non-Jewish origin.

    On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that the Jews were established in the South-West of Saudi Arabia – names of villages, tribes and suchlike.

    2- Ancient Egypt had kings and queens and not pharaohs. The Jews were not in Egypt at the time they were allegedly enslaved. There is no archaeological evidence that the Jews were ever there. Egyptians were great at writing down everything. Recently, the papyrus notes of workers who built the pyramids were found near the Red Sea – 4,600 years ago.

    The Torah refers to Pharaohs. The country they claim to have been imprisoned in was Mizraim/ Misrim/ Mizrima. The ancient name of Egypt was Gobt – and that is the name of Egypt’s Christians – Copts.

    The Setuagint bible made these claims as it was translated by the Jews of Alexandria who wanted to convince the Greeks that they had been in Egypt for thousands of years. Alexandria was build by the Greeks.

    A vast amount of circumstanital evidence exists that the Exodus took place elsewhere.

    The bible constantly refers to slavery in this country. Egypt was an agricultural country without slaves. There was never any shortage of cheap servants. Nomadic tribes – Arabs and Jews – enslave others. Even today, you can buy someone’s kidney in Israel and Saudi Arabia, but not in Egypt.

    The Ashkenazi Jews did not even come from the Middle East – that is another lie.


    Ashkenazi Jews Are Middle Eastern & European Hybrids

    Rather ironically, many Palestinians are probably direct descendants of Jesus and his family.


    Whew! What a spate of comments! Politics, theology, and what’s missing? Beer! Down at the Railhead Brewing Company, a sign hangs on the wall: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Remember to include yeast in the survival supplies.

    E. Swanson

    One may not agree with the WaPo on some issues, however, our present predicament in the USA is the result of our President’s lack of understanding of the word TRUTH, as described in THIS WaPo OP-ED. Others have also made similar comments about the man. After 1 week as President, Trump appears to be a pathological liar, perhaps a symptom of a real sociopath. And now he has his finger on the button, thus threatening all humanity if we don’t follow along with his whims and magical thinking.

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