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    Jack Delano Long stairway in mill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1941   • Chinese Virus Deaths Rise To 56, 2,000 Infected & More Cases
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    V. Arnold

    Jack Delano Long stairway in mill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1941

    That picture tells a story; we actually worked like that; just as that picture shows.
    And far worse; worse than all, but a few posters here, can relate directly to their own lives…if they’re lucky enough to have survived…
    Long stairway to hell’s kitchen is more like it…
    I could go on for quite a bit, given my long voyage through the blue collar working life in the U.S. of A.
    Politics went from the top, all the way to the bottom; janitors included…
    I’ll leave it there…

    Dr. D

    I was going to say, and NOW they complain we’re terrible, ecological wrecks, compared to THAT. …But what we’ve done is worse, in a way, paving all land from sea to sea and putting concrete houses on it it will take a glacier to erase. That’s “Clean” you see. Whereas having one coal-laden hot spot and 91% forest is “dirty”. Ah, humans!

    We may have found out why China didn’t immediately blame the U.S.

    I remember the airport stop but didn’t lodge the exact virus name, since it wasn’t relevant then. Too much going on.

    On that, a bad 2nd piece: “This Is How China Is Hiding The True Number Of Coronavirus Deaths”
    “Coronavirus Kills Man In Shanghai As China Confirms Nearly 2,000 Cases”

    And viewers are right: China doesn’t screw everything up and go into worldwide lockdown unless there’s a LOT more people affected, and it’s a LOT more dangerous (or embarrassing) than they admit.

    I have to suggest from their behavior that it’s not 100 dead. That would be what 50 Million lockdown / 200 cases, or they shut down their economy and blew $1B for 1:250,000 or even one in a million chance-death. No mas. No way. Nyet. The media is also lying and I wouldn’t credit different article that there are 10,000 cases in Wuhan 5 days ago, but that has to be a lot lot closer than 200 deaths.

    Still random, still very low count, single%, but we now know it can kill healthy people without issue, the transmission says everyone in the world will have it very soon, and the usual suspects – vaccine salesmen, authoritarian lockdown experts, even fear mongers mostly – are nowhere to be found even now. So they are not on the list. Similarly not buying the “random animal market” story, which then they knew where and when a day later? C’mon, make it plausible. No, China knew instantly, and how serious instantly, in a vast land of bureaucratic denial instantly, and responded with shock and awe instantly, which means they knew something.

    “The first person known to have been infected by the Wuhan coronavirus had never visited the city’s seafood market”

    “ US Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000 (Gallup)”

    Although confidence is nice, it’s a feeling and not reality. After 20 years of contraction (hidden by erroneous inflation subtractor) we’ve barely risen 1%. So we cut the country 30% in a 20-year depression and rose off the mat? Well, better than not, I guess.

    Stock Market A ‘Ponzi Scheme’ That Eventually Must Collapse – Guggenheim (RT) “

    Sure but in inflationary nations with a crippled economy like Argentina and Zimbabwe, money hides in the stock market and it goes up wildly, losing money less. It never collapsed numbers, only in real money terms.

    hung jury strategy.”

    That’s a good point and meshes perfectly with the plan to inspire a new civil war to hide everything. Bernie’s guys – although only one or two, again – said if they didn’t get their way it was “obvious” that like Nadler says, there’s a “cover up” maybe plus a rigged vote – 100% of the time that I don’t win – and therefore they would “take to the streets” and “burn it down.” Then the criminals that inspire it, just like the teachers and professors, can make their getaway, claiming “oh those violent people, those peasants left and right, we need violent, oppressive authoritarianism to control them”. …Or more than now, apparently, which is impressive indeed. I hate the plan, yes. But it’s a pretty good one. They’re just unarmed and some numbers short, which is why they’ve been importing and protecting MS-13.

    P.S. the Clinton trial was a much rigged nonsense with no “high crime” as the present one is. And just like now, there was a wide sweep of real crimes they COULD have presented and didn’t. Then everyone cries about ‘honesty’ and ‘what we did before’. What we did before? We lied, covered our side, and made it up. Why would we repeat that? Tradition?

    The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins.” ― G.K. Chesterton

    “VP Pence Appears To Suggest Americans, Nor Russians, Liberated Auschwitz”

    We’ve been at this since before it happened. Wow, Normandy! Bigliest in the war. …You know except every day on the Eastern front in Stalingrad and elsewhere. What was it, 60 divisions east to 10 west or something? And we didn’t take Italy and still couldn’t make it to Berlin on time? It’s amazing the Anglos flapping gums and polishing office-chairs until their bums are red-hot works so well for them. Not trying to diminish what was pretty hard for us dog-faces — just put it into context. Most things reported in history are true — it’s just that their opposites are also true. Which is real? Which is more accurate? One probably is but how do we know? We don’t even know what’s going on now, and it’s around us.

    christopher cobb

    Great Christ look at yourselves- did any of you sinoboobs check the links in that article? No evidence. Pure fantasy. You’re fecking hopeless. Great Game India!

    Christ, heard of projection?





    Dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with your daily life. It isn’t a specific disease, but several different diseases may cause dementia.
    Though dementia generally involves memory loss, memory loss has different causes. Having memory loss alone doesn’t mean you have dementia.

    Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of a progressive dementia in older adults, but there are a number of causes of dementia. Depending on the cause, some dementia symptoms may be reversible.
    ” …. which means they knew something…..”
    10 Steps for Developing the Emergency Response Plan

    testing response testing epidemic testing pandemic testing crowd control testing readiness testing training testing preparedness testing evacuation testing lockdown testing emergency preparedness plan testing Emergency Response Plan testing


    .”US Economic Confidence at Highest Point Since 2000 (Gallup)”

    Most of us here remember the gasoline price hike of 2008. I still see this as the primary causative trigger that ended the derivatives-of-derivatives-of-derivatives greed festival burning out the hamster cage bearings of the economy at that time (only to be replaced by more of the same with mutant hamsters on steroids).

    I recall a tv news article showing your typical white collar white dude (dockers, unbuttoned burtton-down shirt, no tie) filling up his gas hog SUV as a reporter asked him if he’d seen this coming.

    “No,” he replied blithely, no hint of embarrassment, perhaps a teensy bit peeved at the question.

    Everything about him spoke of boundless confidence in the New Economy (or whatever was the popular bullshit designation tag of the time). If anything, he probably believed it was market manipulation by greedy speculators rather than fundamental reality catching up and biting out tushies while folks debated silly but damning stuff like “Is torture OK?” and “Who should we bomb next?”

    Then everything crashed, including the price of oil/gas/rubber hoses up yer noses.


    When I read revisionist Holocaust history, I often imagine what it would have been like had Jesus Christ’s advent happened not two millennia ago but, say, 1939. Despite hpotographs, newsreels, eye witness accounts up the yin-yang, our addiction to bullshit would have obfuscated the facts so much that by now we would find it rational to believe that the whole thing was a Zionist plot.

    This is to say nothing against nor for the holocaust post above. I keep my mind so open I tend to cause fits of agoraphobia in unsuspecting souls should I speak my mind at social gatherings (I remember those, vaguely;) ). The sad fact is that, once one has been lied to chronically and even systematically, one who is honest with oneself dinds it very difficult to know what or whom to believe


    My. Someone named Chris seems to be upset over the links associated somehow with some article, he didn’t bother mentioning which. He uses a neologism, sinoboob, which I infer means something like ‘Chinese stupidheads’ or perhaps ‘people who are stupid concernning China’.

    What is it about Sundays? Is it something in the aether?

    Speaking of which, I wrote a wee prayer this pre-dawn that some of you might relate to:

    “O lord, help me tame my restless mind. Not tame as a captive horse that lives in a stable bounded by a corral, but tame as in willing to come when I call if I respect it and share the ride together, that is pleased as I am at ride’s end with the day’s ramble.”

    My Brain

    Y’all hold still a moment, ‘k? I wanna take a pitcher of yez with this little flashy thing. Just stare into the neuro-laser… POP!



    “C’mon, make it plausible. No, China knew instantly, and how serious instantly, in a vast land of bureaucratic denial instantly, and responded with shock and awe instantly, which means they knew something.”

    Makes sense to me.

    I wonder if Russia’s response to this might serve as a coal mine canary bellwether. Lord I love that word. I love it so much I actually looked it up. I’d thought it was an archaically spelt term meaning something like ‘weatherbell’ which, once I stop to think about it, is dumb dumb dumb of me.

    A bellwether is “the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck; an indicator or predictor of something.”



    duds redux


    I remember when the internet’s html pushbutton appliances worked reliably. One more attempt:

    duds 3

    duds 4


    Apparently, people tried to visit me via the aunicator system of a blog of mine that has been moth-balled forever:

    Wanna Know How Nuts I Really Am?


    I’d forgotten about the thing, just about. Fwiw, here is my definitive take on Donald Trump and why I’m kinda glad he’s the boss, current circumstances and choices being what they are:

    Nine Billion Names and Counting

    christopher cobb

    Sunday, January 26, 2020
    Some Practical Questions about the Coronavirus Epidemic
    Restrictions that allow a significant number of people to move about, either with official approval or unsanctioned “black market” activity, cannot stop the spread of contagious diseases.


    The ‘shits’ is dipshits is spelled with a final s. Thank you for your concern.


    Well I wish I wasn’t writing this, the horse has left the barn
    So, I bought a pinebookpro (, this batch assembled very late 2019
    or beginning 2020. Shipped after a few days, received jan 14. Assembled shenzen or
    After about 8 days I started to get a cold, turned into maybe worst cold I have ever had
    And I can see how it is really trying to turn into pneumonia
    Now, about 3/4 over, take lots C and D to keep it from pneumonia
    Most unpleasant. One point, the virus is somewhat long-lived, 10+ days
    Wife and child now having their turn


    Raul:. Your don’t insult the jury comment, reminds me of my dear Father.

    My Father served in a jury for a murder trial. Oddly both the defendant’s lawyer and prosecutor had agreed beforehand the defendant had committed the murder, so the jury’s only decision was it manslaughter or second degree.

    The trial started Monday morning after jury selection. During a break, for unknown reasons, the judge let slip he was looking forward to go fishing the coming weekend.

    Thursday morning the procecutor and defense nicely wrapped up their arguments. For the jury reaching a verdict would be quick.

    Rather than have the jury begin deliberations right away, the judge dismissed the jury for the day!

    By doing this, the judge manipulated the his court schedule so he wouldn’t have to start a new trial Friday morning and could get an early start to go fishing.

    My Father, an engineer, was decidedly angered about his valueable time being needlessly wasted.

    Friday morning the jury met for what they and the judge thought would be a quick easy verdict since the murder case was not complicated.

    Well, my Father was so pissed at the judge that he hung the jury 11 – 1 all day Friday!

    This forced the judge to order the jury to reconvene Saturday morning to continue their deliberations.

    Saturday morning came and the jury quickly reached a 12 – 0 verdict in less than 5 minutes!

    The judge was royally pissed! Not only did he not get to leave early Friday morning to go fishing, he had been forced to cancel his fishing plans so he could work Saturday!

    Yes, the judge knew exactly who the trouble maker was! An engineer!

    The funny thing is this type of behavior was so unlike my Father! I still shake my head in disbelief that he would ever have done such a thing! But then again the judge had pissed my Father off! I think my Father was rather proud of this!

    V. Arnold

    Pence: an evangelical, rapturist, fascist, U.S. sycophant. A tool, which unfortunately, works all too well, in the twisted fantasy land called the USA…
    I seriously doubt he knows actual history of anything, including Chistianity…
    Out here, in the real world, fewer and fewer listen to the isolated, western hegemon…

    US Embassy dining hall in Baghdad hit by rocket, senior US official says
    By Bradford Betz, Jennifer Griffin | Fox News

    Former Deputy Prime Minister Hoshyar Zebari blamed the rocket attack on an “unruly militia.”
    “The Embassy restaurant or canteen was damaged and burned. This is a very dangerous game by #PMF uncontrolled factions to galvanize the tense situation. It must stop,” he tweeted, referring to the Popular Mobilization Forces, an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq.

    See what happens when you piss off the cook.
    More coughing and spittle on the way.
    Listen, they are sayin, “Go home.”

    V. Arnold

    US Embassy dining hall in Baghdad hit by rocket, senior US official says
    By Bradford Betz, Jennifer Griffin | Fox News

    Yeah, but no serious injuries; just some traumatic brain damage…


    update: A US offical has confirmed to CNN that a total of three rockets struck the US Embassy in Baghdad Sunday evening. And importantly, the US has further confirmed one injured in the attack.

    The attack injured some embassy staff, Al Arabiya reported. One rocket hit an embassy cafeteria at dinner time while two others landed near by, a security source said
    Over the past days hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, possibly over a million, have demonstrated in the streets demanding all US forces exit. .

    What! Did someone spill his hot coffee in his lap!!!!
    Listen. The message is “go home”

    V. Arnold

    Thailand now has 8 confirmed cases of CV; about 80 under observation…


    V. Arnold:. Sadly we are in the exponential stage. The numbers will get worse before they get better.

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold:. Sadly we are in the exponential stage. The numbers will get worse before they get better.

    You may well be correct.
    This CV is new; nobody yet knows much about it.
    I’m with the Zen monk; we’ll see…
    One could say; I expect the worst, but hope for the best.

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