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    Marion Post Wolcott Main Street. Sheridan, Wyoming 1941   • Number Of Coronavirus Cases Surpasses SARS (ZH) • Coronavirus May Disrupt Apple’s iPh
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle January 29 2020]


    ““For viewers, the result is the equivalent to watching professional wrestling with the same fake matches but without the thrill of an occasional pile driver.””

    Impeach the Fuckah!


    “Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. In China, in the eighth century, it entered the realm of poetry as one of the polite amusements. The fifteenth century saw Japan ennoble it into a religion of aestheticism–Teaism. Teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. It inculcates purity and harmony, the mystery of mutual charity, the romanticism of the social order. It is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.”

    from The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. I correlate Kakuzo with, say, C.S. Lewis or G.K. Chesterton, a person who takes ancient traditions and codices and relates them to modern times in language as luminescent as the original scriptures and sacred secular texts they build on.


    ““The system of multilateral cooperation, which took years to build, is no longer allowed to evolve. It is being broken in a very crude way. Breaking the rules is becoming the new rule,” he said.”

    from Putin warns of financial crisis , an almost two-year old article. From the damage of war-by-sanctions to the folly of trade protectionism in an economy dependent upon globalism (which sucks but that’s what we’ve made and mostly still believe in), he’s right.

    This is nothing new to most readers here, but I find it a useful restrospective anchor.

    While I appreciate Trump’s willingness to avoid antagonizing Russia, I personally see him as the USA’s Empress Dowager.

    Dowagess emperor

    I am surprised to see no photoshops of Trump’s face under the Dowager’s headress. The internet is slacking off, it seems.


    With Twitter as the silk screen from behind which she directed her “puppy emperors”. Oh, it’s a convoluted metaphor, but these are convoluted times.

    For example:

    Real or photoshopped, this image seems apt:



    Apparently, it’s real:

    Bojo no go

    I take that as a signal to retreat into my Platonic cave.




    Never mind. Stupid robots. The internet and digitech in general are already broken but the announcement has not yet been made.

    Dr. D

    Am I wrong or is 132 of 6,000 (known) cases 0.02% death rate? I think given the choice, you should jump at Corona instead of contracting the common cold. So what’s driving this still?
    Is it “Harvard Chemistry Chair & Two Chinese Nationals Arrested For Lying About China Ties, Smuggling “Biological Material” ?

    So as we saw, Bill Gates foundation has Coronavirus test, a month or so later, Corona smuggled from Harvard/Canada to China and caught. 30 days later, a real corona just like the two in question accidentally and coincidentally runs the Corona epidemic as tested. Huh. Funny ol’ world.

    Next: so far as anyone can prove, Wuhan is not dangerous. So…we have China, with labs, testing such things, doesn’t want to be embarrassed when it comes out they not only were doing it, but exposes/pressures their thousands of compromised ‘agent’ types, in Harvard and in Feinstein’s office? Now that makes some sense at least. U.S. services say “You broke it, you buy it: clean it up quick or we’ll start talking.” China starts taking drastic – and somewhat weird — actions. The real, dangerous corona is forestalled, and the excuse to crash the economy (instead of pointing at runaway compounding interest) is a squib. Nice try though.

    Following yesterday’s gloves, also note there are 3-4 sizes. And possibly latex v. nitrile. So at 200/box x 4 sizes, I think you’ll find 100,000 gloves would be average in the smallest hospital known, and possibly no more than one shipping container. But hey! Journalists asking questions? Nevah! Give me any big number that sounds exciting and I’ll print it.

    British Airways Suspends All Direct Flights to and from Mainland China (BBC)”

    At the same time – and I hate to bring this up – AOC was at a Bernie campaign and said Bernie signed on to 100% open borders, erasing the departments, no border guards at all. No door, No wall, No one testing, no one stamping passports, NOTHING. And Bernie is the DNC front-runner, which kind of makes it official party policy. So everyone from Wuhan is fully, totally welcome to fly to Nebraska, buy a house, re-align the census and Congress, elect our politicians, and we won’t even know.

    …I can NOT see how that is a winning campaign. Who are they talking to? I mean, they were campaigning IN MEXICO the other month, but surely they still think there are SOME existing citizens who go to the polls. …No clue.

    Anyway: Vote YES! to Wuhan. Open borders! Import some today! Bad timing, man.

    “It would be interesting to conduct a secret ballot asking members of Congress — and indeed, members of the media — to confide whether they actually read the report.”

    Don’t be ridiculous, everyone knows Congress and the Media are illiterate. They didn’t issue a comic book, so…

    unlikely horse trade of a witness like former National Security Adviser John Bolton for Hunter Biden.”

    This could not possibly be more foreseen and expected. If they fall for this trap, I don’t know what to say. Weren’t the other 500 traps since ’16 a warning? Even this minute, Kelly is out there saying “Oh golly! Don’t throw Bolton in the briar patch! Anything but Bolton who we salted with fake intel, to get Hunter under oath! Ow, ow!” YGTBKM.

    Trump and Netanyahu Dictate Terms of Palestinian Surrender (IC)”

    Since Gaza is the world’s largest open-air concentration camp, forgive me if I don’t like the plan to make more.

    Israel Will Now Officially Become an Apartheid State (Lauria)

    Yes, and the most officially racist state on earth. You must be proud. Maybe it’s better for it to be open and official though, so we can stop 50 years of idiotic denials. Not just racist, but violent and theocratic, like their good pal Saudi Arabia.

    shipping weapons to Kiev would effectively amount to the US turning its back on Ukrainian”

    So apparently if you ship arms you’re Russian, and if you DON’T ship arms, you’re Russian. If you help, you’re Russian and if you leave you’re Russian. If you break treaties you’re Russian and if you make treaties you’re Russian. Newsflash: You’re Russian! RussiaRussiaRussia! Who knew a nation the size of New Jersey was running the U.S. and setting elections worldwide! If only Karl Rove and John Podesta could access this technology that controls all minds, all matter, all nations on earth! Who knew a mere $10,000 could throw every election into disarray? If only I’d racked a credit card and taken over the world myself! Cleverly, they’ve surrounded themselves with U.S. nukes and military bases! No one will suspect when they finally push their own button and nuke themselves from Belarus! Hahaha! Then they’ll see!

    …Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter what I say, or how illogical it is, it is still believed without the slightest hesitation. That’s what happens when in your religion, logic is your arch-enemy. The crazier it is, the more counterproductive, the better they like it.

    Dr. D

    Posting for this job in Wuhan last month:

    “Dr. Peng Zhou (周鹏), Ph.D., a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Leader of the Bat Virus Infection and Immunization Group. Some more on Zhou’s background from the Institute (google translated):
    He received his PhD in Wuhan Virus Research Institute in 2010 and has worked on bat virus and immunology in Australia and Singapore. In 2009 , he took the lead in starting the research on the immune mechanism of bat long-term carrying and transmitting virus in the world. So far, he has published more than 30 SCI articles, including the first and corresponding author’s Nature , Cell Host Microbe and PNAS . At present, research on bat virus and immunology is continuing, and it has received support from the National “You Qing” Fund, the pilot project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the major project of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
    Below is a list of several recent papers published by Dr. Zhou
    • Dampened STING-Dependent Interferon Activation in Bats
    • Fatal swine acute diarrhoea syndrome caused by an HKU2-related coronavirus of bat origin
    • IFNAR2-dependent gene expression profile induced by IFN-α in Pteropus alecto bat cells and impact of IFNAR2 knockout on virus infection
    • Immunogenicity of the spike glycoprotein of Bat SARS-like coronavirus
    • Bat severe acute respiratory syndrome-like coronavirus ORF3b homologues display different interferon antagonist activities”

    But that is a total coincidence and is not suspicious at all.

    Dr. D

    Your tunnel vision reminds me of the old monks who would read scrolls by the light of a single incense stick. The ember lights up one Kanji at a time before passing into darkness.



    I think it’s more like 2% mortality rate Dr. D, and that’s 2% of a very small test sample of possibly dubiious provenance. Even test samples acquired with impeccable data hygiene have much wider error boundaries than larger test samples.

    2% of a billion people is 20 million people.

    Then there’s the time factor: how fast/how many people die. (Like the old cyberpunk t-shirt that asked How Fast? How dense? regarding data transmission.)

    Then there’s the cost to those who didn’t die, the myriad connections between the living, the dying and the newly dead.

    Then there’s how many people are laid up how long to keep from dying, and how many don’t die but recovered seriously weakened.

    (Regarding that, here is a pretty good short someone wrote recently that uses this as its central plot pivot.)

    The Spanish Flu is estimated to have had a 10-20% mortality rate.

    Some context a la conspiracy thought motifs:

    “To maintain morale, wartime censors minimized early reports of illness and mortality in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and the United States.[10][11] Papers were free to report the epidemic’s effects in neutral Spain (such as the grave illness of King Alfonso XIII).[12] These stories created a false impression of Spain as especially hard hit,[13] thereby giving rise to the pandemic’s nickname, “Spanish flu”.[14]”

    The problem with conspiracies isn’t that they aren’t common or insidious or secret or… the problem is that meanwhile, life is going one and life at best is difficult unto death. Meddling ruling elites’ worst sin is that while they’re creating havoc they’re inadvertantly breeding havoc via their incompetence, inciompetence which results from, if nothing else, the fact that they’re too busy screwing the pooch to notice the problems occurring while they screw said pooch, some of which they are directly responsible for, many even most of which are simply the result of ignoring the facts until the facts no longer ignore you.

    The problem with consistently paranoiac explanations involving hidden puppet masters is that it assigns responsibility for events that said puppet masters are unaware of and to which they often fall prey themselves. (Like King Alfonso above.)



    “Scientists offer several possible explanations for the high mortality rate of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Some analyses have shown the virus to be particularly deadly because it triggers a cytokine storm, which ravages the stronger immune system of young adults.[15] In contrast, a 2007 analysis of medical journals from the period of the pandemic[16][17] found that the viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains. Instead, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene promoted bacterial superinfection. This superinfection killed most of the victims, typically after a somewhat prolonged death bed.[18][19]”

    Sometimes we just don’t know, but I’ll make this prediction: a major public health awareness PR program is likely in our near future. LIke they had in the 1920s, when my Mum was deeply indoctrinated with the importance of washing hands suystematically and throughly, etc.


    “Your tunnel vision”

    I think it’s usually best to address whom you’re talking to by name when speaking in a group discursive forum. Since I’m the only poster so far, I tend to assume it’s me, which only adds to my WTF is he talking about?

    I’d hoped the image posted would help, but it’s unavailable.

    So I light a Kanji and caress the darkness…


    Oops. The story staked upon the Spanish flu epidemic:

    The Paper Doll Golems


    The story cites 1915 but, well, fiction is fiction (even when it’s journalism). I think they meant 1925, since it is set some time after the epidemic that it mentions.


    “2019-nCOV” “Wuhan coronavirus”

    Let’s look at the response organizations. Is there a link with the preplanning and the execution.

    Who was involved in the planning? Names of the enablers
    Event 201
    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019,

    What did they discuss?
    Selected moments from the October 18th Event 201 Exercise (Length: ~12 minutes)
    These five segments include discussions among high-level leaders of global businesses, governments, policy and public health. (Length ~3 hours)

    Segment 1 – Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion
    Segment 2 – Trade & Travel Discussion
    Segment 3 – Finance Discussion
    Segment 4 – Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video
    Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion

    If you are short of time, At the very less LISTEN TO Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion
    Now, find out, are the knowledgeable players of the planning also the same people doing the execution of controlling this pandemic?
    The International Health Regulations, or IHR (2005), represent an agreement between 196 countries including all WHO Member States to work together for global health security.
    Through IHR, countries have agreed to build their capacities to detect, assess and report public health events. WHO plays the coordinating role in IHR and, together with its partners, helps countries to build capacities.
    IHR also includes specific measures at ports, airports and ground crossings to limit the spread of health risks to neighboring countries, and to prevent unwarranted travel and trade restrictions so that traffic and trade disruption is kept to a minimum.


    I’m not as smart or knowledgeable as the participants/enablers of any of those people attending. I’m also glad that I don’t need to make the decisions.
    As I’m typing, the World Health Organization is giving a news conference

    Dr. D

    @ WES was the answer.

    You are correct: 6,000 / 130 = 0.02 which is how to express 2%.

    2% of 6B = 120M. If I can only math correctly this time.

    What we don’t know is the alternative, that 300,000 people have it because how would you test more than 6k unsymptomatic people? Then the numbers shift magnitudes again.

    John Day
    Larry,from Medina Texas, traveling between homesteads in Southwest Australia and Thailand, where wife Timi originates, has coronavirus protections in place for ride and arrival, including masks, wipes and vitamin-D.
    “Bu-Hao” is the Chinese word-of-the-day, according to Larry.
    Hao is “good” or working properly, and Bu is a negation, so not good, or not right.
    The translation he provided was profane.
    Disgust or disapproval appears to be implied.

    I did not see many projection pieces for 2020 or even the 2020s, last month. Maybe I wasn’t looking.
    The 2020s is a crunch-decade. Everything has to change, no matter how you look at it, whatever your worldview, whatever your value-system. We can’t continue exponential growth on a finite planet, and our biomass, humans and domestic livestock, is already some bizarre statistic like 97% of surface mammal & bird biomass. “Conventional oil” production still peaked in 2004-2005. They always knew the tight-oil and gas existed, but were not economically recoverable. Still true-ish. Shale oil is a government supported Ponzi-scheme, that gives the empire an oil-weapon to wield for awhile. “Investors” just have to keep getting dividend checks.

    Pollution and weather-weirding are never out of the news. Those chemtrails we’ve been seeing for 30 years are about to become official government policy. Calcium carbonate (bone-meal) haze will be the new-normal. Good sunsets…

    The globalized economy will have to change drastically, but it can only make tiny little changes, as it has already maxed out, not only the present, but the next 30 years, with promises of dividends to investors and retirees.
    Those promises have been magically monetized into the present day to keep the system spinning, but once the spinning stops, and the dividends stop, the cookie jar will be seen empty.
    The future is empty of your-money-working-for-you.

    Federal Reserve Admits It Pumped More than $6 Trillion to Wall Street in Recent Six Week Period

    That is the task before us, creating an economy that meets the physical needs of young people, who have to work productively, children, who need love, socialization, and preparation to work productively, middle aged people who have to work productively, not retire to luxury, and old people, who should grow vegetable gardens.

    This radical systemic transformation has not been worked out yet. This stuff never gets worked out from the top down, because the interests at the top diverge from the pressing needs of the bottom, and the interests at the top are willing to sacrifice at least the bottom 40% of humans to maintain continuity of control, “ownership”. (See “deplorables”)

    Is the Wuhan coronavirus Goldilocks just-right to disrupt the global financial regime? Just askin’.
    I don’t know if it’s military (Hi, Ft. Detrich, Maryland!), but it’s a form of “war by fire”, as classified by Sun Tzu, if it is.
    Anyway, the virus is spreading globally, but China has a 3 month lead from a calculated origin in October.
    China is hit hard and will be hit hardest, no matter what. Spread within China is assured.

    This Chinese research into bat immune systems and SARS, and EBOLA host-tolerance is very interesting, and they were recently hiring new research assistants to work long hours…
    Recall, RNA mutation regression analysis says this virus started spreading from an original October 2019 case.
    Can China be attacked AND blamed? Is this a Chinese “own-goal”?
    In light of growing speculation, most of it within less than official circles, that the official theory for the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic, namely because someone ate bat soup at a Wuhan seafood and animal market is a fabricated farce, and that the real reason behind the viral spread is because a weaponized version of the coronavirus (one which may have originally been obtained from Canada), was released by Wuhan’s Institute of Virology (accidentally or not), a top, level-4 biohazard lab which was studying “the world’s most dangerous pathogens”, perhaps it would be a good idea for the same Wuhan Institute of Virology to remove the following “help wanted” notice, posted on November 18, 2019, according to which the institute is seeking to hire one or two post-doc fellows, who will use “bats to research the molecular mechanism that allows Ebola and SARS-associated coronaviruses to lie dormant for a long time without causing diseases.”

    White Pawn Takes Black Knight. Thanks Tony
    ​ ​Russian intelligence sources have claimed that Michael D’Andrea, head of CIA operations in Iran and who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, was killed in a US spy plane downed yesterday in Ghazni, Afghanistan.
    ​ ​The plane with US Air Force markings reportedly served as the CIA’s mobile command for D’Andrea, who earnt several nicknames including: Ayatollah Mike, the Dark Prince, and the Undertaker. He is one of the most prominent CIA figures in the region, appointed head of the agency’s Iran Mission Centre in 2017. Under his leadership, the agency was perceived to take a more “aggressive stance toward Iran”.

    Charles Hugh Smith says the “Titanic” global financial system has already been breached by the Wuhan coronavirus iceberg, has stabilized, feels ok, has released a few half-full lifeboats, steams on, and is doomed.


    The Black Death turned out to be somewhat favorable to the peasant class when it had passed. Who knows? A plague that primarily killed people my age and older would be a bonanza for everybody else. It would kick the SS can down the road longer, the amount of GDP used to keep geezers alive would be less, a lot of young people would receive an inheritance and pay down debt….
    Yikes! don’t expect much of an effort to cure this once the realization sets in.


    btw, editing online is still risky practice at least from my ancient steampunk PC. With or without the edit log box checked, it works when it wants to and doesn’t when it don’t. I’ll try again below


    Nope. It insists there is a duplicate already posted, but it doesn’t show. It’s corny to say but, Look out for stobor”


    I’ll post it tomorrow, see if the robots can remember to forget what they can’t forget today.


    @ boscohorowitz
    My work around is if it says, “there is a duplicate already posted”
    change the first sentence.


    If the numbers hold ….. there could be a 2% reduction of seniors and therefore, a transfer of their wealth.
    Since the rich are going to be able to travel out by private jets, don’t expect too much wealth transfer.


    If the economic down turn are going to continue to affect the rich then expect that those that can will raise prices to compensate for their lost of income.
    I would also expect increase of printing/liquidity.
    Powell says its too early to tell.


    That people prefer Hollywood’s Soap Operas over Congress’s fake threatre is no surprise at all!

    Hollywood produces real fake stuff!

    Congress produces fake fake stuff!

    Hollywood wants to entertain you! They want to be paid!

    Congress wants you to take their fake fake stuff seriously! Congress already has your money!

    Dumb people aren’t stupid! They want Hollywood’s real fake stuff so they don’t have take it seriously!


    Lier D quotes Lier R
    Lier R quotes Lier D

    Some of these lies should get a round of applause
    Dumb people aren’t stupid!


    Good news
    Corona virus results in less air pollution

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