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    Dr D Rich

    Gabbard pushes the limits of acceptable discourse within the ruling elite covered many times by Chomsky (no real threat) and Parenti (bonafide threat as evidenced by the way has been marginalized).
    Tulsi’s billlet and deployments were ticket punching exercises notwithstanding the questionable behavior of bragging on being a participant in an illegal war of aggression.
    Do you know if that MSM came with a combat V for valor? Who authored the award citation, Tulsi?
    Did her officer evaluation contain annotation as to the number of days in combat?
    Promotion ahead of her peers would indicate more successful performance with or without an MSM.

    The most notorious misuse of these military awards is that of Jeremy Boorda. It can come back to haunt you.

    Again, if Gabbard once challenged the ruling elite, she would most certainly have already received the Joseph Darby treatment. And we wouldn’t be witnessing her reemergence for any reason.


    I see Bill Gates is upset about what folks are saying about him!

    Poor guy! People are beginning to notice the differences between what he says and his actions!

    In this case actions speak louder than words!


    I know enough to know to stay away from the stock market. The 401K is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on working Americans. Linked above, the GameStop play comes down to; ‘The only “fundamental” that matters, 62M shs (shares) short with 50M share float. It is physical impossible to cover this short.’

    In 2008, the market seized up when value of the securities tied to real estate plummeted, inter-bank transfers stopped because of fear of who would be the next Lehman, and derivative calls could not be met (AIG went under).

    The big Casino could be on the point of not being able to make a payout despite all the digital dollars flowing into the market.

    However, it is only tens of billions of dollars. Perhaps trading will be stopped on the targeted stocks. The punters will lose their money and current system of shorting stocks will collapse. Janet Yellen (enriched by $800,000 from the hedge fund Citadel) and the FED will huff and puff and a new old system of shorting stocks will be implemented by the SEC with new restrictions on retail investors.

    We shall see what happens on Monday. Will the government cover all of the losses on Wall Street? Then everything stays the same in the middle of a pandemic depression with the shell-shocked managerial class about to implement a pacification program against Trump riffraff.

    Will Americans allow 6.2% of their salaries go to Wall Street with absolutely no guarantee of any retirement benefits when Social Security is privatized? If punters can’t play on their smart phone, who stays in the game?

    absolute galore

    WES wrote: Don’t kid yourself, Tulsa is 100% part of the uniparty. 100%. She plays the role of foil.

    Well, yeah. We all have our roles to play in life, that is true.

    verb: foil; 3rd person present: foils; past tense: foiled; past participle: foiled; gerund or present participle: foiling

    prevent (something considered wrong or undesirable) from succeeding.
    “a brave policewoman foiled the armed robbery”

    What I like about Chapman is he also embodied all the contradictions of being human, particularly the American variety. A promotional biography on the website of his adopted State probably leaves some of this out. So while he preached religion, the appletrees he sold or gave away were not the cultivated trees made by grafting that orchards are made of today. Apple trees grown from seed are a genetic toss-up. Most of the time, the fruit was more like a crabapple of today.

    Which was fine, because the orchards served two main purposes: providing the main ingredient the hard cider consumed in quantity by early frontiersmen and women, and to fulfill a requirement that land given away or sold cheaply by the government had to be “improved” to prove the intent of permanent settlement within a certain time period. So at the same time he was spreading the word, he also helped spread the hootch, and was a land speculator. He would go to the fringes of the westward push and plant orchards in places that were likely to develop into towns. And while he was respected and left alone by Native Americans, he also famously warned of an attack during a period of heightened hostilities. Underlying all this was his faith in the Swedenborgian religion, and his consideration for others and his generosity seemed to be his overruling drive.

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