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    Walker Evans Waterfront in New Orleans. French market sidewalk scene 1935   • WHO Declares International Health Emergency Over Coronavirus Outbre
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    • First two 2019nCoV cases in UK

    • First human-to-human transmission in US

    V. Arnold

    • First two 2019nCoV cases in UK

    • First human-to-human transmission in US

    As someone fairly new to the numbers; this looks grave indeed. For the first time, I’m concerned…

    V. Arnold

    LOL Calvin and Hobbes; hell no; we’ve done none of it…

    Dr. D

    You know, for a nation that wants war every time, every where, especially against Russia…

    “EU Army Ambitions Crushed as German Troops Forced to Use their Own Cars in War Drills”
    “RT News said only about one-fifth of Puma infantry fighting vehicles were operational in mid-2019, which is one of the top reasons why combat troops had to use non-military vehicles for transportation during drills.”

    Probably too busy shooting the eyes out of French women. On the plus side, here’s a nation that actually IS holding bake sales to fund its military while providing health care to all, so…#Winning. Priorities.

    Brexit is now going to blow a far bigger hole into that budget, though. And what was that? Britain would collapse, Pound would vanish, Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria if they left? Yes, just like HAVING the vote, just like WINNING the vote, just like WINNING the PM, just like having the NEXT vote, just like setting the date, …nothing has happened. It was all lies, totally fake, made up, scary nonsense to make you submit to losing your nation and laws.

    Okay, we’ll see what happens, but so far, every thing the Remainers and Labour has said has been 100% untrue. Will anyone ever notice? Will it ever matter? Probably not. Facts have no purpose here, only feelings. And I feel like if I give up more jobs, more power, import more poor, illiterate people, and paid higher taxes, only then would we get rich. It’s obvious. #Truthiness.

    “Ambassador Warns that Trump Will Put US Firms First in UK Trade Talks (G.)”

    And Europe is so bad it’s STILL better than the E.U. At least they won’t be bankrupted, starved, and sold to China like Greece.

    Here’s a telling headline: “U.S. Peace Plan Gives Israel All It Wants, which Could Be the Worst Thing for It” O Rly?

    So you’re saying that giving Israel all they wanted has backfired, just like giving them a decapitating Iranian strike has? Funny that. And it was brokered by compromised idiot son Kushner, which keeps him happily out of the way? And oh wait: isn’t Trump a racist Nazi that hates Israel and Jews like his daughter and son-in-law? #Facts Citizen of #Oppositeland

    Chinese people in Italy have been the target of racist abuse”

    So, people from China have a Chinese virus, and it’s “racist” to say that people from the center of the outbreak are more likely to have it than people from Iceland or Genoa? “Racism: 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” I don’t see anything about “primary determinants” or “inherent superiority” in that someone got the flu. But “The Guardian”; so unable to use a dictionary as well as google.

    How about if the outbreak is in Texas, we look at Texans? Is that too hard? A: yes. Because it is #Logic, my arch ‘enemy of the state.’

    his account of Trump asserting that $391 million in military aid would be withheld until Ukraine announced investigations”

    Meanwhile, Bolton received $100,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch when it all started. Still reminiscing of sending him to outer Mongolia though. That was hilarious.

    Welcome to the Trump Recession (Ind.)”

    Don’t quit your day job and become a journalist, Independent. There’s nothing like a recession going on, nor one hovering. We’re just flatlined same as the last 20 years, and maybe 1-2% off the mat, or possibly just a shift of 1-2% from coastal cities to non-blessed areas. Possible? Sure. The economy is a zero with a fabricated stock market. But anything out there, especially as they indicate, present-tense? Not that I can find. Hopes and Dreams, man. Like everything, we make it up, say it, and hope it happens for us. When it always, always doesn’t, we are never discredited and just make up some more. Like Krugman and Bernanke.

    Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election (Webb)

    They’re on that Civil War as Bernie organizers promised, and hopefully a race war, as kept artificially boiling since the 70s, and attempted now to force open fighting in controlled Virginia. Don’t see it though. Look at the self-control exhibited by the gun owners there, compared to the ridiculous and unsupportable acts of Richmond. What will happen is they’ll just get rolled over and lose the election, hard as it is to take being socked in the teeth each day and not respond except legally and with overwhelming restraint. Not too different with the constantly-attempted race war. Race relations are actually improving, Trump’s approval is increasing, blacks as example with Kanye are getting more conservative, and not coincidentally as interracial marriage, households, children, etc, rise each year. None of that will be reported – ever, they’ll die a thousand deaths before it leaves their lips – so you can’t see it unless you live here.

    That simulation, organized and run by the Israeli-American company Cybereason,”

    Sort of like that Bill Gates simulation, eh? Amazing how many simulations then immediately appear in real life. Like I said, though, this cannot happen unless one side owns the government, and the other side is armed and steadfast. They don’t own the government, and double for being totally, almost hilariously divided amongst themselves.

    The first U.S. transmission, in Chicago, sounds hazardous until you realize the gal came home and kissed her husband: of course he got it. And did he die, or get the sniffles? He’s still alive so far, so…


    LOL Calvin and Hobbes; hell no; we’ve done none of it…

    We’ve lost track of what’s important. We grow up thinking the word applies to things that affect huge amounts of people. But what’s more important than kindness?


    A picture tells a thousand words. dried fruit .05/lb. Walmart (poorer quality now about $5.00/lb (10000% ?)


    Note to the few commenters TAE:
    Yesterday, the best comment are on page two.


    When the elites start fighting get off the battle field.

    • Was The Bolton Leak Too Perfect? (Turley)
    • Simon & Schuster Won’t Back Down On John Bolton’s Memoir (NYP)
    • Steele Trump-Russia Dossier Was “Completely Fabricated” (SHTF)

    Warning to Canadians who want/approve the new trade deal with the USA
    You are going to lose big time.
    (Theft of natural resource and overcharging of pharmaceutical. Destruction of your social/economic system.)

    • Ambassador Warns That Trump Will Put US Firms First In UK Trade Talks (G.)
    “They also want us to pay the same for American pharmaceuticals as they pay in their own market. Do they want us to pay more for their pharmaceuticals? Do the pharmaceutical companies want to use this leverage? Of course they do.”

    “Government and Media Are Prepping America for a Failed 2020 Election (Webb)”
    Advise to all the Hillaries:
    Does failed mean not the same as yesterday?
    Its going to be different. Accept the change.
    Impeachment is not the answer to your mental condition.

    Dr D Rich

    When I expressed concern to my Chinese immigrant friend for the mounting danger from the rising hysteria, here’s her response, eloquent and simply elegant:
    “We are not afraid, dare to face everything”


    Updates: are on youtubes
    Go look at the videos.
    Coronavirus: how China builds two hospitals at top speed at the heart of the virus outbreak

    Tell me if its all propaganda.
    Could your gov. be able to accomplish this.
    Will our society have a better response


    ” “Racism: 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” ”

    It contributes to the pile of Things That Drive Me Nuts that racism has been defined this way. This is not a definition of racism, this is the definition of racial bigotry. But then, we’ve been calling Semitic Arabs anti-Semites for over half a century or more, so why not?

    It’s like listening to a room full of first-graders cussing each other out with words they heard Daddy use last night (watching TV and yelling at the talking heads):

    “You’re a mother fucker.”

    “Oh yeah? Well you’re a fathermucker.”

    Nobody seems to know what the words mean anymore.


    “Still reminiscing of sending him to outer Mongolia though. That was hilarious.”

    Indeed. Add that Bolton wears a lousy imitation of Stalin’s mustache cuz, I guess, he doesn’t have the guts to do the full Hitler job. And that, after a probably very brief spate of sales, Bolton’s new book will probably hit the remainder bins faster than you can say, ‘Aw, shit. This is so lame.”

    (Don’t mind me, y’all. I’m on mild opiates per recovery from my latest sinus searing. Add a massive dose of IV steroids to a guy who can’t even take Advil without risking a major bleed, and I’m wired like a paper moon in a 30s musical.)

    “Race relations are actually improving”

    I agree but tenously. Black and white relations have benefitted from interracial marriage and a We’re All One Big Diverse Rainbow campaign of cotton candy nonsense spun over the very real underlying injustices that brought about the various “XYZ rights” movements of the 60s and 70s, but while the mixed marriages produce a lessening of the old starkly drawn racial divide, I can feel, here in Portland’s decrepit-before-even-born urban utopia, the kind of subliminal tension that can rapidly send people to opposing camps in a single employment crisis.

    Which is not to say at all that the manipulators aren’t fomenting racial discord even as they wave their blowup diversity unicorn squeaky toys.

    Teach Your Dog Social Tolerance AND Freshen Its Teeth!

    There’s a growing passive-aggressive demeanor between the perceived races here. With China being the epicenter of a looming flu epidemic, all the Asiatics who are, how shall I say it, like the New White People (NWP) in the Pacific Northwest (Pac NW), will probably find that those almond eyes peeking over a face mask concealing that uncanny ability to smile like a Cheshire cat on mushrooms, are greeted with growing body language hostility and a certain dimming of the currently de rigeur false enthusiasm toward people of undisguisable ethnic difference. Meanwhile, those face masks won’t conceal that said almond eyes aren’t smiling back; they’re either anxious or angry. I’m enjoying best I can this Universal Family of Mine show while it last. Which is not very much, really, but one obtains pleasure as one can.

    As for Hispanic/white relations out here: it is glaringly hostile albeit quiet and tight-lipped. White people aren’t allowed to do menial labor requiring prolonged exposure to the outdoors, significant physical exertion, and Hispanics (and , it seems, blacks) are significantly absent in Portland’s non-yuppie sector of the Euromerican employment sector, the tipping economy.

    Which is gonna crash hard when people are serving food wearing face masks, or employees are forced to discard same while getting sick.


    Kung flu. The Oscar awards this year should be telling. All that kissy-kissy cheeky-cheek stuff should be noticeably reduced, even absent, by then. Backstage, people will be wearing masks, I suspect, and squirting liquid bandage and saline sprays up their noses while gargling Airborne and chugalugging vitamin/zinc kool-aid.


    So there’s no evidence that Trump peed the bed in Moscow with a bunch of hookers, but there is evidence that we were told so by a gaggle of sawed-off buck-tooth liars who, to quote a former sociopathic boss’s favorite politically incorrect insult, “wouldn’t recognize the truth if it walked up and smacked them in their dick-suckers”. I learned a lot from that man. An ethical sociopath who spent the latter 60s<>late 70s working flat joints (scam booths) in the Everyone’s A Winnah! walkways of the already dying country/state fair carnival industry, an industry dominated by Real! Live! Gypsies! who knew more about the foolish underside of human asocial consciousness than Vladimir Putin and W.C. Fields combined, he knew stuff.

    It kind of pissed him off that I was smarter than him, who was used to being the smartest guy in the room, and was so naively trusting that his manipulations just back-fired on him.

    He was stunned to find himself calling me and begging me to come back to work for him after I walked off the job when he tried his standard prison/gypsy domination tactics.

    Back to Trump hookers: the Steele dossier was SO stupid. If they wanted to discredit Trump, all they had to do was treat him with unenthusiastic respect and let him talk. This is a case where I see plain stupidity/craven banal evil running the show with no hidden agenda but the one they so poorly hide, that grows more visible everyday.

    It was succinctly described here recently how America hit its domestic peak oil sometime in the 60s (or very early 70s? my memory is performing Alzheimer Neural Epidemic Test Drills of late). As a second-string Boomer born in 1956 (9 months after Einstein died; I’m sure metempsychosis placed his soul into my fetus, so there!), I was raised on American Peak Culture, something especially evinced by those glorious Rogers and Hammerstein musicals. I’ve been crudely hammering my digital Steinway to achieve a rudimentary performance of the miraculous musical number below, also a cinematic miracle of humane considerations enacted by deft performers:

    A Hundred Million Miracles

    A voice in the back of my foggy brain says I might have shared the above already. Oh well. At least I remember that I already shared a shot awhile ago of the enchanted evening shown below. Both song and image bear repetition:


    But this one, even sans balloons, is the best. Look Bawss! De plane!!!! We’re going to Pedophile Island! I love to watch!

    ” alt=”No Ballons” />

    And now, my daughter Chelsea will perform the Miracle of Changing Dynasties! If you approve, vote for me! If you don’t approve, vote for me too!

    Closing image: Nancy Pelosi as Cruella Deville. Hillary Clinton as Poseidon’s evil sister, Ursula, from The Little Mermaid


    News reporters are in short supply.
    Too may are printing before verifying if its true.


    “Tell me if its all propaganda.
    Could your gov. be able to accomplish this.
    Will our society have a better response”

    I believe it could. Not as fast as claimed by the PR soothies preceding the actual work, but amazingly fast. Also, China has the benefit of numerous almost empty brand-new “hungry ghost” towns:

    Hospitals and Hospices Awaiting Equipment and Patients

    China is an amazing nation with amazing people. Like Russia, they’re still crawling from their mid-20th century nightmare rubble, with China still poised for a major tumble as their economy does something similar to the USA’s. But, unlike the USA, they’ve been building actual infrastructure along with their mostly empty housing megaliths unlike USA’s increasingly empty Fishcer-Price building block toy neighborhoods for toy people that we now rely on China to manufacture for us like everything else/ (Look, hun! The DNA Store has a special on blonde Asiatics with blue eyes! Guaranteed Made in China!)

    I Shared This Already, Too, Right?


    Any questions?

    First Coronavirus Case Reported In New York

    I dare you, wait till tomorrow morning, and then go try and buy a face mask in NYC.

    Dr. D

    That didn’t take long: an hour? Assassination attempt on “The Donald” at Mar Lago.

    That is just non-peachy. So expected.

    Didn’t happen/not related/nothing to see here.


    One wonders if it was a real or staged incident. Deciphering meaningful reality from nonsensical surreal bullshit in the news is becoming harder than making sense of the Book of Revelations.

    I say staged, or a genuine angry kamikaze type. Not anything remotely professinal in terms of actual assassination attempt, it seems.



    A post split up to hopefully bypass the bots who are again mortified that I dare use the edit function to fix an especially glaring typo:

    Actually, there are a million wraparound your neck scarves in our fair country. They wrap around faces really well.

    And gloves don’t have to be latex and disposable to shield your hands. Really. There’s this stuff called leather. You can clean it periodically with anything from saddle soap to vinegar (vinegar is great stuff). Oil ’em up first, and replenish the oil as seems wise.

    And heartily decline to shake hands, a stupid custom from ancient times when we also liked to swore oaths of fraternal solidarity by reaching down and grasping the other fellow’s testicles while swearing an oath.

    After all, China makes all our face masks and latex gloves, right?

    Chuck Barris was maybe onto something with his protective gear, but the Unknown Comic kniows what’s most important in preventing infection and contagion:


    Either way, it’s our cherished goal to bop until we drop, diseased or not:

    Keeping the C-Jam Blues alive for another generation or three



    Yeah! The rest, which in this case is a case of ending with the beginning (because, like Grandpa Funk said, the way to trick robots is to walk in backwards like you’re going out, a line Robin possibly cribbed from a Pete Townsend song I’ma inflict on you cuz it has known flu-fighting properties):

    Keep Me Turning

    I’m sure I posted it before. Seems to be I’m going through a replay stage of my life… but I’m too head-addled to actually write fiction (which is a novel about an 84-year old man in love with a 72-year old woman with Alzheimers, ironically).


    I told my wife yesterday to stock up on cheap Vitamin D while we can. I think tonight’s the night.

    Face masks are not the only approach. Saline spray to keep your sinuses moist in public sp[aces, particularly indoors where AC/heat dries the air then thou. Moist sinuses are rich in moving snot that keeps the pathogens from getting under the skin. Snot is full of antyibodies per part of its major functions.

    But don’t blow your nose, snorkle it back down your throat and swallow, preferably with water you keep with you, always, everywhere. Preferably from your notoriously oh so toxic public water from the tap (most of which is just fine and better for you than any bottled aqua velveeta). Blowing your nose drives pathogens toward yopur skin. Snorkling it back sends it into your stomach, the acidic hellhole that destroy all but actual stomach pathogens.


    Also, virgin coconut oil makes excellent snot-friendly coating to fortify all this, I would think. I use it every day to keep my nose less bleedy than it would otherwise be, and it’s hard to imagine much getting through it.

    Mouth-breathing happens, so use saline spray down your oral soap hole frequently when you’re Out There.

    Keep those entry passages moist and moving.

    As for face masks,if its good enough for the Sand People, it’s good enough for me:



    “Blowing your nose drives pathogens toward yopur skin”

    Meaning mucus membranes in your sinus.


    :”but I’m too head-addled to actually write fiction (which is a novel about an 84-year old man in love with a 72-year old woman with Alzheimers, ironically).”

    From opiates and a head full of mounting snot per post-op recovery. I don’t have Alzheimers but I do tend to burn out my bearings being such a hyper-mental mutant.

    I’ll have slowed down by tomorrow and will give y’all some rest. I promise.


    I note how Hillary’s refusal to be served papers, regarding a case whose cause is a statement she indisputably made and certainly worth hearing in court since being accused of liking russia is, after all, an impeachable offense, serves to defang the complaints we’ll hear regarding obstruction of witness by the Dems vs the GOP.

    Keep those heads glued to their increasingly undetachable screens. Anything but let people see how bad things are, and especially keep them from thinking about what Jeffrey Epstein means.

    I tend to agree with those who believe we’re headed toward a coup d’etat. Probably more cryptic than not, disguised as a hung election, maybe, and one that most definitely does not harm Donald or kin cuz no one wants to trigger that dead man switch of kompromat he has somewhere, including shots of Hillary peeing on American flag balloons while whipping 101 Dalmatians.


    FInally (I got hamsters in my head, y’allz!), I leave us be with a little known forgotten gem of hope after darkness:

    Morning Rain

    Danny Kirwan was so good, so very good. (Lead guitar on this song.)

    (falls over, eyes glazed…)


    ” alt=”No Ballons” />

    Sorry. It offends me that I forgot to include the html for this perfectly deranged image, so here goes again:

    No Ballons


    With so much of SE Australia burning to ashes, with a major fire burning out of control near Canberra (my home), and the national mood becoming quite depressed over the scale and extent of the devastation, the US antics with Trump and the others seem distantly, strangely irrelevant. I for one am totally bored with it all.

    But amid all of this I observe Britain escaping from the European frying pan only to fall into the US fire. The Empire has a new province to plunder and denude of assets. Prize-winning idiots, the lot of them.


    The 2020 election is doubt. But not from corporate (Imperialist) Democrats. In almost four years they have been a incompetent stumbling crazy bunch who could only shot themselves in both feet.

    Although the USA is about as isolated from China as a nation can be today, one patient zero can start a city wide epidemic. Especially if the Wuhan Coronavirus stays contagious with no symptoms. If the virus is as fatal as the Spanish Flu, it will kill hundreds of millions of people. A Quarantine is guaranteed to generate cabin fever, fear and Chinese scapegoats.

    China has been taken out of the global economy for at least a year. This is the economic equivalent of the shut off of oil from the Middle East.

    Although Donald Trump has turned his cheek twice, he is building two new bases on Iran’s border and refuses to end the occupations of Syria and Iraq.

    The ongoing mini-World War III with Iran and the Coronavirus Pandemic both at the same time. Oligarchs in their stocked Boltholes will terminate the kabuki elections among deplorable survivors in November.


    Zerosum:. Yes the Chinese can build a hospital in short order.

    However you might not be so inspired if you knew how they do it. Basically they conscript every male in the area! My wife saw a message from a local Chinese woman saying her elderly father was being forced to work long hours on building this hospital. When these people can’t continue, they force replacements.

    Also diverting enormous resources to building a building does nothing to help fight the spreading virus! It is nothing more than a “Oh, look at the squirrel!” we are doing something even if it is the wrong thing to be doing! Aren’t we great!

    Imagine if these same enormous resources where used to help deal with the virus instead what could have been done to help the local people?

    Instead of building a new building, how about setting up beds in existing large buildings to immediately help the local people? And direct outside medical personel to staff these temporary emergency hospitals?

    No, of course not! That might actually work! That is just too easy!

    Let’s continue with the communist party’s 3 monkeys policy!


    Being an inherently diabolical advocate, I’ll say that the Chinese are basically as humanly foolish as any race, and the symbolism of a new hospital going up zip fast can be inspiring, while conscripoted work forces have their morale boosting virtues also. Like the Russkies, the chinese people are coomfortable with hard times in a manner of reassurance. They’ve survived incredibly hard times and it made them stronger. Moderately hard times are like a diet regiment with a workout routine: getting back in shape.

    As far as actually containing the virus: let’s get serious. We and they can’t control our banking systems, things entirely under our purview. No way we can contain those shape-shifting genii, the coronaviruses, whether we manufactured them or not.

    I am like the Russians and Chinese. Abundance leads me to extravagant excess (mostly giving money away; it’s so much fun) and diminished focus, while hard times focus me like a sharpened pencil.

    Remember: this epidemic is something REAL, a product of nature, however lab-preocessed it may be, and we are helpless before nature. It’as not a product of politics or human imagination. It’s a virus we were dumb enough to fuck with, although I can’t say for certainty that our lab follies are what caused this outbreak.

    Every attempt to control nature leads to short-term victory then long-term failure. This virus gonna kick our vbutts, and that’s good, cuz like my maternal grandma, Nanny Ruth liked to say, “Some mules you have to talk to on the hind end with a stout hickory stick.” If its true for plain old mules, it thrice as true for dumb asses like ourselves.

    This is a time for us to help ourselves and not worry about what the big systems are up to: they’re of little consequence in times like this. When the volcano blows, Pompei is no longer a political city but a place in which to attempt survival somehow. Planetary Surface Reality 101 refresher course.


    Zerosum:. Regarding Canada signing the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

    You are 100% Correct!

    Due to Trudope being in China’s pocket, the bulk of the trade agreement was written by the US and Mexico!

    Trudope wanted more Chinese stuff put into Canadian produced cars, the opposite to the US and Mexico!

    Trudope boycotted further trade talks per instructions from US speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, and US Chamber of Commerce.

    So the US and Mexico continued bilateral trade talks until reaching an agreement.

    Being polite neighbors, Mexico informed Trudope 48 hours before they were going to sign the US-Mexico trade agreement!

    Trudope had 2 bad choices created solely of his own making! Sign or be left out!

    He signed in 36 hours!

    To this day most Canadians have no idea what happened because Trudope controls the media.


    I haven’t paid too much attention to DC’s political fake Impeachment threatre.

    When it comes to having witnesses appear, both sides are playing chicken big time!

    Neither side really wants witnesses because it would expose the involvement of both sides in their Ukraine money laundromat!

    So far the dumb people seem to be preferring real fake soap operas that they don’t have to take seriously!


    Tulsi is the best most entertaining person in this campain not to mention a person of integrity. thinking about Clinton the dragon queen running away from a process server is worth telling a pollster you would vote for her I hope she stays in and keeps preaching the anti war message as long as possible. please tell the pollster shes the one.


    @ WES

    I’m told that wisdom comes with age.
    I glad not to be making decisions.

    Also, like the slot machines,95%, if the coronavirus takes 5% of the population, it will be years, if ever, before the remaining 95% will be able to get over the trama.


    Russian Space Age Elevator Music

    It just seemed to fit.


    Bosco:. One thing I can vouch for personally, is the incredible stupidity of communist beaurocrats!

    Yes, our western beaurocrats are incredibly stupid too.

    What gives the communists the upper edge is their communist system!

    The communist system makes good people look bad!

    Saw this first hand working in a Siberian coal mine in 1983!


    I worked briefly in a tunnel-digging operation in late 70s Chicago. Huge central sewer main. The digging machine was, I think, 36′ across. No bureaucrats as normally thought of were necessary, just bosses, management. Which is, of course, bureaucracy, but we like to think of bureaucrats as white collar paper-pushers.

    Anyway, the guys in charge were West Virginia coal miners. Dumber than the rocks they tunneled through. Almost got me killed playing a practical joke. I was gonna deck the fuc ker but the guy who got me the job, held me back, said something about weird stringent laws concerning violence in mines or something.

    Glad he did. I know now that I might well have killed the fucker. Didn’t know at that time how accessible my inner sociopath can be.

    Communists, capitalists, you name it: make an organization of human beings working ensemble in some kind of ideologically defined way (including the ideology of “let’s make some money if we can”, everyone’s favorite doxology), and it will be uselessly fucked up. Only thing that works in our culture is print a bunch of money and wave it in front of our noses. Money is the only leader people will reliably and reasonably follow. We’re cattle. Actually, more like ants. Social insects who follow the $$$ pheromone chemtrail wherever it leads us.

    When the dollar collapses, the social collapse in Euromerica will be breath-takling, yea, often even one’s last breath.

    We have no social cooperation skills other than go to school, get a job, watch some commercials cuz you have to if you want to enjoy diversion via the Magic Screen, and buy what those commercials tell you.

    Like Harlan Ellison said (paraphrase alert since the internet currently doesn’t remember the original altho it did a year ago): “Americans? Hopeless. Corporate purchasing machines. It’s the tyranny of the stupid.”

    You can’t have a democracy run by blind followers, especially of a system that actively discourages voter turnout because smaller herds are easier to roundup and herd.

    Reason Russia runs as well as it does now is because it’s a relatively benevolent dictatorship.

    All systems make people look bad unless directed by a powerful shepherd.

    V. Arnold

    Walker Evans Waterfront in New Orleans. French market sidewalk scene 1935

    What a great photo! What’s not to love?
    It’s all there, in that one shot…
    …tomorrow will come soon enough…

    Dr. D

    WES: That was a sad thing. I have no idea what’s up with Canadians lately. Distracted? Disconnected? Maybe they have the rural-urban disorder on steroids, and makes sense: if things are pretty good in T’ronto, must be good in St. Johns’, amirite? They’re not. They were strong on community, and that seems all but missing lately. But I’m not there and the disorder seems quite subtle.

    But electing a Minister-in-blackface? Are you kidding me? And Virginia too, no less. Is which side of the aisle ironic or expected here, it’s always the opposite in history.

    Zero: I don’t know about that. It seems a genuine mystery that there is so little trauma afterwards for the Plague or the Spanish Flu. I’ve looked because it seems illogical. I think like war, when it’s a shared experience its somehow digested far better than being alone, in chemo, where only one friend drops by. That is hard to take. When everybody does it, everybody understands. And sadly, there is generally benefits for wars, pandemics, etc, AFTER, like the Renaissance-Middle Class was. So therefore the psychopaths at the tops say, “Why wait? If it’s so good, like market collapses I organize and short, why not CAUSE this wonderful effects AND kill a bunch of people and repossess their wealth? It’s only logical.” Rules for Radicals. Why, you lunatic? Because we’re HUMAN and that’s not what HUMANS do. We keep the sick, the weak, the elderly alive for NO logical reason, but for a HUMAN reason. Because we have a conscience, something you wouldn’t understand.

    That may be the anti-ant pheromone. We’re a mixed bunch: body-mind, trapped here where mind or spirit will get you killed and we do it anyway. Why?

    John Day

    Thanks everybody.
    Catching up after a whole lot of work Friday and a lot of gardening-without-internet Saturday.

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