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    So “shale” is the new term for leveraged debt??

    V. Arnold

    Good, let’s accelerate the whole nine yards of extiction; the sooner the better, IMO.
    Of course, given my age (72), that may not be entirely fair to the youngsters striving for their share of; essentially nothing.
    A Russian movie Solaris, is one of my very favorites; it’s about a sentient planet rejecting the Russian presence on it.
    I’m of the Giaia hypothisis; which simply states Giaia (Earth) is a sentient planet; just a bit less obvious than in the movie about Solaris.
    As the old man in the movie Deliverence said; You don’t know nuthin…

    Dr. D

    “We know today that the staggering productivity gains in farming were a blessing.”

    Really? In 1776 America people worked and ate on a low, ground-level fashion. So did we have coast-to-coast environmental devastation? Cities more hollow and abandoned than Chernobyl? Murder rates of 5 per 100,000 and >15 per 100,000 in major cities? Even in the day of King George, the income disparity was far lower…and that’s really saying something. So exactly what “blessing” does Warren infer? The blessing of dying alone, bankrupt, without family, community, belief, or purpose but with the SandwichMaster burning Velveeta over the sound of Hannity on cable TV? How far we’ve come.

    He refers to the “$96 Trillion” Orlov’s “Technosphere” gained from this change, by destroying every life form it could find, including most humans who run it. That’s a great gain for the Big Machine, and all credit to it, however, it took that gain out of the lives of the humans and citizens it was supposedly created to serve.

    But don’t worry, they never rest. No matter how much Frankenstein’s monster of science and technology makes the world worse, 10x a day, through one’s entire life and generations since Shelly wrote it in 1818, they never rest and figure that was just an anomaly, a one-time mistake, and surely if we just add a little MORE science and technology, everything will be fixed. Science instead of life, instead of spirit, instead of freedom, always splitting and rendering things instead of joining them and seeing the whole. Yes Warren, somebody won that $96 Trillion fight, and as you said elsewhere, “there’s been class warfare going on for the last 20 years, and my class has won.” There’s been a war against humans for longer than that, and every year the humans lose more.

    “Keep doing what you’ve always done, and you’ll keep getting what you always got.” As Smith points out, “you optimize what you measure,” so maybe we should stop measuring success in terms of money instead of misery?

    V. Arnold

    It’s simple really; just stop doing what you’re doing.


    re: Intel

    The Fake News machinery is running overtime:

    Who found it?

    Meltdown was independently discovered and reported by three teams, including Jann Horn from Google’s Project Zero, Werner Haas and Thomas Prescher from Cyberus Technology and Daniel Gruss, Moritz Lipp, Stefan Mangard and Michael Schwarz from Graz University of Technology in Austria.”

    Spectre and Meltdown processor security flaws – explained

    Now, we are expected to believe that this feature that has been embedded in all those hundreds of millions of processors for 10+ years was “independently” and simultaeously discovered by 3 different teams. Wow!

    My take on it is that the Americans knew all along about this feature – since they, with the help of the Israeli research centre, had designed it. When the Austrians started coming close to their discovery, the Americans rapidly moved in and showed that they were no laggards. This also enabled them to capture the news and control it in their MSM 🙂


    What about blackberry?
    is it still free from hackers?

    As practically all smartphones run on iOS and Android—sorry, BlackBerry holdouts—this pretty much covers the mobile-device landscape.


    I understand that many North American are experiencing a “weather bomb”

    Here in Melbourne they don’t want to be outdone so they are calling one day with a temperature of 42C (108F) a “blast furnace.” Happily, the temperature is already plummeting and it is now 25C (77F) at 6PM. Tonight, it will go down to 17C (63F) and tomorrow it will be a maximum of 22C (72F). Great. BTW, yesterday was a maximum of 22C too.

    Not so very long ago, a heatwave in Australia was something that went on for 4 days or more – not a one-day wonder. It must be tough to be a fake journalist when you are ordered to produce some sort of scary piece of news – on the hot side of course. 🙂

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