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    A quick search will show that the “Viking” double agent is not and has never been a BLM supporter. The picture being bandied about showing him at both the AZ BLM rally and the DC Trump rally is misleading as hell and is cropped to hide the fact that he is carrying a “Q sent me” poster.

    madamski cafone


    My impression is that we come here to vent, get some sense of temporary relief, a touch of camaraderie, obtain some idea of what reports are accurate enough to mentally digest, amuse ourselves, show off a bit, and even exchange ideas.

    I note that you didn’t provide any solution-oriented material in your post.

    Got some? Wanna share? Got some capital we can borrow? I’m broke.

    madamski cafone

    As for John Sullivan from Utah, the assumption that his presence somehow stinks is just that.

    This article sheds some light:

    Utahn inside US Capitol describes chaotic scene

    His words, however, do smell funny to me. He estimated there were 10K people in the Capitol. Another reporter estimated 1K pushing at the inauguration stage. BUt what do I know? I haven’t done the math. Maybe 10K is a reasonmable estimate.

    I think it hardly matters insomuch as you can’t polish a turd. False flag “color” revolutions only work if the populace is already unhappy with their governments. Whoever is pulling whomever’s strings behind the scenes, the unhappiness and discontent they manipulate is genuine.

    Divide’n’conquer. BLM/Antifa vs Q-anon/Proud Boys. We love to look down on the other.

    Doc Robinson

    346 dead, criminal charges get settled with a fine, and most of the $2.5bn goes to airline companies.

    Boeing to pay $2.5bn to settle criminal charges stemming from 737 MAX crisis

    Dominic Gates of the Seattle Times points out that “Only $243.6 million, less than 10%, is a fine for the criminal conduct. And Boeing must pay an additional $500 million compensation to the MAX crash victim families. However, 70% of the $2.5 billion cited is compensation to airline customers that Boeing has already agreed to pay.”

    madamski cafone

    “A quick search will show that the “Viking” double agent is not and has never been a BLM supporter.”

    Close. The correct version would be that no evidence as yet demonstrates that he is a BLM supporter or a double-agent, but there is evidence that he supports and is involved in the Trump jihad. Proving a negative is difficult, like squaring a circle.

    I’ll venture this paranoiac notion: he could indeed be a paid agent provocateur aimed at the q-anon crowd to incite them to violence and rabid displays. That the q-right has taken a liking to a photocropped deception adds further confusion and distrust, which Emperor Palpatine always enjoys.

    One problem with crowds is that accountability and credibility lessens as numbers increase. Get that many dogs together there’s bound to be a son of a bitch in the bunch.

    Old school perspective


    “There’s more trouble at the depot
    With the general workers union
    And you said, “They’ll never change a thing
    Well, they won’t fight and they’re not working”

    madamski cafone

    And now, a brief moment of reflective sanity:

    The Moral Dilemma of Every Color Revolution Coup and Democratic Security Movement

    “The world is divided over Wednesday’s events in Washington DC and whether or not the protesters were justified in storming the US Capitol to protest what they sincerely believe was last year’s rigged election. In my analysis later that day titled “Color Revolution In DC: Anti-Constitutional Coup Or Democratic Security Movement?”, I explained that the difference between Color Revolution coups and “Democratic Security” movements is intent since they both practically employ the same political technologies. The former aims for regime change and was represented most notoriously in recent months by Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), whereas the latter aspires for regime reinforcement (the opposite of regime change) and is driven by members of the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement that Trump inspired. What’s most interesting to observe when discussing these two very similarly executed events is that each side passionately hates the other despite embracing the same tactics. It’s also curious to note that the Mainstream Media vehemently supported Antifa-BLM but is dead-set against its MAGA manifestation.

    “On the surface, it appears as though both sides are behaving hypocritically, but the reality is that they each have their reasons for holding their respective positions. The moral dilemma of every Color Revolution coup and “Democratic Security” movement is whether or not they’re legitimate, which is a subjective determination made by each and every person based primarily upon the political cause that they strive to advance. Upon reaching a decision on this, each person then asks themselves whether “the ends justify the means” or not. In fact, since Color Revolution coups are strategically offensive whereas “Democratic Security” movements are strategically defensive, it can even be said that labeling each manifestation as one or the other implies tacit support or opposition to whatever the cause may be. Playing devil’s advocate, Antifa-BLM wanted to violently overthrow Trump, yet they sincerely believed that they were doing so to defend democracy. Regarding MAGA, it resorted to violence to stop the steal which they sincerely believed had defrauded democracy. In other words, both movements are simultaneously Color Revolution coups and “Democratic Security” movements.”


    Mr. House, the only party I envision is new forms of communes, small collectives and monasteries to ride out the latest iteration of the collapse of the Roman Empire.

    Btw, I’m “tagio” over at Tim Morgan’s site.

    Mr. House

    Welcome Tagio! Enjoy your posts generally. Tim has some good points and such, but part of me thinks he is naive i suppose. Another dark age eh?

    Mr. House

    Another dark age would truly be a great reset 😉 but more fair in a strange way.


    The circle Dr. D posted is very apt.

    What it reminds me is of the Roman empire, especially it’s demise stage.

    Rome’s demise started with the state purposely destroying it’s middle class, the very foundation of the empire. Rome’s decline was driven by the ruling elites constant desire for ever more power and wealth.

    Free Roman citizens made up Rome’s middle class. They were made up of independent small land owning farmers, trades people, merchants, etc. who created Rome’s initial wealth. They were also the source of Rome’s early military might.

    As the Roman empire expanded, things slowly started to change over time. Success sowed the seeds of failure. The rich became very rich. The rich obtained slaves. Slaves started displacing free Romans by undercutting their wages to the point free Romans could no longer compete (open borders- sound familiar?).

    The elites wanting ever more power and wealth, began increasing taxes on free Roman citizens, passed laws restricting what economic activities free Romans could do to earn a living to reduce competition to their monopolies (corporate farming, walmart, google, amazon, – sound familiar?). This forced many productive free Romans to flee to the conquered provinces, like Spain, to survive.

    Eventfully taxes rose so high that small free Roman farmers could no longer pay the land taxes and faced imprisonment. The only escape was to seek protection under an elite landowner, thus becoming tenant farmers on their own land! (debt slaves – sound familiar?)

    Once there were no productive free Romans left in Rome, the elites had to put on bread and circus (state welfare/stimulus checks – sound familiar?) shows at the Coliseum. The bread came from enslaved Egypt (poor buggers!).

    Roman armies became 100% mercenary, leading to a succession of successful elite Roman generals marching on Rome to oust other Roman elites! (Ceasar crossing Rubicon/Biden’s election fraud – sound familiar?)

    After the elites (Dem/Rep uniparty) had become so corrupt, debasing the money, having laid waste to Rome’s foundation, by destroying it’s free Roman middle class, the barbarians started coming and knocking on Rome’s doors! The elites could no longer raise an army of free Romans (because there were no free Romans, only slaves – US army says less than 25% (marines 7%) of Americans suitable to join – sound familiar?), with which to defend themselves, as their unpaid mercenaries had fled.

    We are experiencing Rome all over again! We don’t study history anymore. It more than rhymes!

    Mr. House

    Excellent recap WES

    Fiat justitia ruat caelum


    Paranoid notion indeed but, in these times, in this land, not at all out of the question. Just flash a few greenbacks around and you can get people to bark like seals and most anything else.



    What are you going to do, after waving a few greenbacks, the seals don’t bark?

    Blame; the seals for being stupid, or the greenbacks for being worthless?


    In Australia the ABC is telling us “how an armed mob forced its way into one of Washington DC’s buildings.” As we would expect, my reading on this site and other non-MSM sources sorta contradicts that.

    People here who rely on the MSM for their ideas, values and opinions seem to end up regarding Trump as only evil continually, a treasonous psychopath who is best erased from history.

    By the way, the US and modern France were set up as countries of The Enlightenment. God was part of the arrangement but mainly in an Epicurean sense, i.e. very far away and not playing all that much part in worldly systems. “God’s in His heaven, all’s right with the world.” I suggest we are seeing the long-term results of those experiments in society and governance.

    It’d be nice to Make America Great, oops, GOOD Again (MAGA) but at the moment it looks more like Got America Griping Again, or GAGA. So sad.

    Mr. House

    The way the media is reacting you’d think we’ve had our reichstag fire. Except the person they’re accusing it of, doesn’t feel like the one who orchestrated it.

    V. Arnold

    People here who rely on the MSM for their ideas, values and opinions seem to end up regarding Trump as only evil continually, a treasonous psychopath who is best erased from history.

    Sad really; nothing and nobody, should be erased from history for any reason, if the history is accurate to the events…
    Regardless of how one views Trump; he represents an important milestone in the ongoing flow of the history of the U.S….


    @John Day

    Not sure if you saw this or pointed it out back in September. Came across it surfing around.


    A little tidbit on the other end from the ‘narrative’

    Great film, cinematography and an outstanding soundtrack:



    I have a different view of the history of the collapse of Rome.

    The key decision came in 325AD when Constantine the Great decided to move the capital to Constantinople. Almost all of the aristocracy went with him. The only lasting institution that was left in Rome was the Roman Catholic Church, which is why the church grew as powerful as it did. The church stepped in to fill the power vacuum — and along the way adopted a centralized top down power structure that was always shunned in the east.

    Although there were periods over the next 200 years where there was both a Western Empire and an Eastern Empire, Constantinople was the seat of real power, and the great estates of Anatolia generated much of the Empire’s wealth.

    The Fall of Rome cannot be properly understood except in connection with the Rise of Constantinople — which continued on, and continued to prosper — for centuries. But the history of Byzantium is not taught in the West, so most people think that there was some sort of collapse and period of Dark Ages — when in fact the center of learning had simply moved across the Mediterranean — deliberately and intentionally. It is wrong to think of Rome as the center from and after 325AD. Rome fell because of Constantine’s strategic decision – one of the key decisions that completely changed the course of Western history.


    The picture of the Deplorables inside the Capitol above reminds me of the 17 year old carrying a M-15 in Kenosha WI before he killed two. They look like what they are, losers. A professional job interviewer wouldn’t waste a second on them. They stormed with an assist by others the symbol of their suppression. They will keep it up until the USA splits apart. They have nothing better to do.

    This is a result of why the Western Empire has fallen and pandemic spread unchecked killing a third of a million Americans to date. The US government for the last decades solely worked to increase corporate profits not for the people. It’s failed. Jobs, security, health and a purpose in life are necessary to prevent the rising chaos or a reign of authoritarianism.

    The tragedy is the Inauguration in two weeks won’t change a thing; no New Deal nor an end to the perpetual war. Secession becomes inevitable.


    the Deplorables …. have no Jobs, no security, no health….
    ….. have the time to go to a demonstration, and will destroy in anger
    …. are not the ground troops of a uprising, not a riot, not a revolution
    ….. are the tools of hyper (everything), by the enablers


    Responding to your inquiry re: “solutions” in the comments to the last Debt Rattle. I don’t have any, other than a general direction that we should all go very local with our efforts esp. because centralized governments are not going to do anything that is remotely helpful. I think Nicole’s lengthy article from 2015 is a very good guide, especially on what NOT to waste time and energy on.

    Nicole Foss: The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space

    I agree we all need to vent and blow off steam from time to time, and confirm to one another that we see the insanity, to remain sane ourselves. I suspect it’s all going to get a lot worse, and soon, and keep getting worse. I just bemoan the constant focus on documenting the day-to-day progress of how America is / is becoming becoming a failed state. Morris Berman nailed it pretty comprehensively back in 2014 in his book, Why America Failed. Lots of youtube vids of him talking about it.

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