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    Arthur Rothstein Cow at Wabash Farms cooperative, Indiana May 1938 At this point, you may want to consider making it personal. Your government, wherev
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    Humm,,,in a Proxy War between East and West, what region separates the two? Should I rephrase that to ‘What, for the most part, unarmed region?’

    Certainly not the Middle East, which fights back.

    If one could find a way to, it might be a good time to short European infrastructure. It’s total destruction, again, is long overdue. Europe will once more be the battleground in the struggle between the super powers.

    It has to be that way because military aggression on either Russian or US soil would bring out the nukes, negating the usefulness of any preceived “win.”

    When the elephants fight, the grass suffers. European grass.

    Another interesting aspect in this, is the absolute faith Europeans have in the US ability to protect them forever. Europe will ALL be considered “periphery,” and disposable when the chips are down.

    An armed household can defend itself. An unarmed one must call 911, or the UN, and sit and wait.

    Seems to me, when the logical money figures this out, it will run, not walk, out of the Euro, leaving a substantial enough vacuum that even evil money can’t hope to fill.

    Oh, but won’t the $50 billion Yukos settlement keep the lights on a little longer? Sure, check’s in the mail.


    Americans as fools? Well, what other animal finances an energy consuming McMansion for 30 years, buys a depreciating $65,000 SUV which gobbles $4 gas, on credit, while dumping any residual left over into Netflix, Amazon and Facebook backed paper?

    Or, for the “conservative,” piling into Junk Bonds like they are the Holy Grail.

    All while the World goes haywire?

    Yup, definitely there is some old time religion coming down the pike.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    The thing I have the hardest time trying to understand is why The Big Club I’m Not a Member of (thanks George Carlin) behaves as if its member list is exclusively populated with lying sociopaths who ALL AGREE that stomping on humanity is a good way to work toward the feudal, totalitarian New World Order they so deeply crave.

    Up until 9/11, I was unaware that ANYBODY on Earth was quite so f***ed in the head as to think that way, but now it seems to have become the chief requirement for employment in politics, journalism, military and intelligence, policing, banking and finance, big corporations and some universities. At least, if you’re employed by one of those professions and don’t think that way, you’re NOT a member of The Big Club.

    I read somewhere that the Rothschild dynasty is worth some multiple of a hundred trillion dollars. Are the Rothschilds bribing everybody in The Big Club to cooperate with their sinister plans? I also read that blackmail is rampant in The Big Club. Have they ALL been filmed raping and murdering other people’s kids? I read about the endless, well-stocked underground tunnels that will protect them from the coming epidemics, nuclear wars, mass starvations, etc. Are they each worried that their dissent from The Big Club program will leave them outside the tunnel doors? It’s as if all the politicians, media personalities and other Big Club members share a horrifying secret that none of the rest of us ever before had the slightest inkling about. What would that be?

    Maybe they’re actually space aliens or lizards in disguise. I find it hard to believe that there are actually people who believe those explanations, but they would explain The Big Club more adequately than any other explanations I can conjure. Or maybe EVERYBODY in The Big Club just desperately wants radical population reduction. Crashing airliners, murdering Palestinians and Ukrainian “separatists,” and chemtrails aren’t putting much of a dent in the seven-odd billion rest of us serfs (or are we up to eight now), and don’t even keep up with all the new humans born every day, so that’s not much of a plan.

    Some pundits say power and greed are sufficiently motivating to keep everybody in The Big Club on the same page. But what has their power and greed gotten them? They fly around the world telling lies, stomping on people, high-fiving other club members, and occasionally doing things the rest of us do (like play golf) when they aren’t engaging in pedophilia. Their lives look a lot like dog shit to me. Their souls look like dog shit to me. Their prospects for bright futures look like maggot-infested dog shit to me. These are lives without beauty, without honor, and without anything resembling “good.” But then, maybe I just don’t know how thrilling dishonesty, mass murder, child rape and being a self-actualized pile of dog shit can be.

    If you know what compels the members of the Big Club to conspire so dishonestly, callously and egregiously against mankind in their tight-lipped conspiracy, please tell me. I want to know. By the way, “Satan” is at best a metaphor and in no way answers the question, so please don’t resort to fairy tales as an explanation. TIA.


    “If you were a religious person, and one of those helpful arrows . . .”
    “By the way, “Satan” is at best a metaphor and in no way answers the question . . .”

    I don’t really understand the anti-religious angle.

    The more I see what is happening in the world today, the more I think the atheist mindset is pure madness. How could anything thinking person conclude otherwise? For centuries there has been a push in the West to de-tooth the religious tiger in our public discourse. Is the world better off for it? Has enlightenment brought us paradise on earth? I suppose if you are one of the elite and you don’t mind trampling the planet and 99% of the people on it, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

    The warmongering, the fraud, the propaganda, the mind control, the corruption, the desecration of the planet, the mass surveillance, where does the list end? … it’s all evil. And no, I do not mean that as a metaphor.


    And torture, I forgot to mention torture. How could I leave that one off the list?

    Diogenes Shrugged

    You don’t need religion or the threat of angry Supreme Beings to lead a moral life. I’m an atheist. My decision has nothing at all to do with groupthink, communism, TPTB or Satan’s seductive allure. Once you understand what science has established, and I admit that takes a hell of a lot more hard work than most people are willing to commit to, gods become utterly superfluous and unnecessary, and their introduction to any discussion only raises dozens of additional un-answerable fantasy questions. Not to mention a lot of one-upsmanship from those who fancy they’ll be living for eternity at the foot of an imaginary throne. And not to mention the religious wars that arise when you get different religions in the same room. Theocracy is most assuredly NOT the answer to mankind’s dilemmas.

    I made a bumper sticker several decades ago by hand. It read, “Christianity is totalitarian.” It could have mentioned any other religion, but they’re all the same that way. Totalitarian. (Incidentally, I said religion is totalitarian; I did NOT say the Christian God is totalitarian.) Perhaps it was a “good” Christian who smashed the back of my tricked-out, classic Camaro to destroy that bumper sticker, and perhaps that made God happy. Who knows. But the vandal, like Obama and Bush,, got away Scot-free.

    Atheism does not imply a political objective. I’m not part of any political group, though I do advocate for anarchism simply because mankind is incapable of devising a government that doesn’t wind up getting staffed by thieves and tyrants.

    I want a real answer to my question, not gibberish about supreme beings, magic, bad vibes, the significance of the number seven, karma, planetary positions or unicorns. I don’t believe for a minute that Obama and Bush will be punished after they die, nor that they’ll be forgiven. I do believe they’ll get away with their crimes, though, thanks to cronies like Holder and Boehner and Roberts being in charge of their judicial fates.

    BTW, torture heads the list, and I personally would never advocate for its use on anybody under any circumstances whatsoever. Execution, yes. Torture, no. Where does the list of evil end? It doesn’t, but evil can be made a whole lot less attractive if we start executing the villains.

    V. Arnold

    I’m left with only one possibility for the madness perpetrated by the west (especially the U.S.), and that is a permanently destabilized world, particularly the M.E.
    As to U.S. citizens? They are certainly complicit; either by omission or commission, IMO.
    Minus very radical action, it’s not apparent to me that it’s any longer possible to control the government or its policies…


    Diogenes, not looking for a debate. I spent the first half of my life as an atheist, and never even set foot in a church or any other house of worship until my college days. I was repulsed by religion in general, and Christianity in particular. Then I read Dostoevsky, and it changed everything about the way I see the world. For the first half of my life I saw the world as Ivan in the Brothers Karamazov, but now Alyosha is my hero …. I feel I could never go back to being an atheist now, even if I wanted to.

    I know that Raul occasionally throws in an anti-religious dig here and there, and I respect that because he’s got so many other insights and intelligent things to say. I agree with him at least 90% of the time. How could someone so like-minded be so anti-religious? I don’t get it — I really don’t. Same with Yves over at NC. She’s brilliant, insightful, and has great judgment on just about everything … except when it comes to religion. IMO. Oh well ….


    Hi Diogenes, Boogaloo

    I think most people with or without religion know how to behave well. This is about unsuitable people in positions of power and what they are doing to abuse it, We don’t need to split into factions to condemn it!

    I reckon most well connected politicians with access to intelligence services know very well what is going on. the question I want to ask is what will the BRICS do. Are the US and Russia frantically trying to make deals with allies before any more evidence, whether true or fabricated, comes out.

    In short, has America gone too far this time? What is China going to do?



    Diogenes – good rant. I hear you and agree. “But then, maybe I just don’t know how thrilling dishonesty, mass murder, child rape and being a self-actualized pile of dog shit can be.” The thing is, none of this would be thrilling to you. You’d actually stop yourself long before the game got started. Your conscience wouldn’t allow you to do things like this. These guys are so far from self-actualization, it isn’t even funny. I don’t envy their empty existence. The sad thing is, they’re not even aware they’re empty. Completely oblivious.

    They don’t have a working conscience. Every sociopath works at a different level. Some will run into a burning house to save a person, then an hour later rape someone. Their rationale is, “Well, of course I had to save the person in the burning house,” yet they see nothing wrong with the rape. Strange ethics. Of course, now they’re saying that sociopaths may just be born that way, deficient in empathy. Never had it, never will. Unfortunately, that makes them perfect for CEO’s and politicians: thick-skinned, outspoken, confident, narcissistic.

    These people are really at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy, fearful they’re never going to have enough, or that someone else will have more. If they are not born this way, but are nurtured this way, with parents who are highly competitive, ruthless, self-centered, shallow egos, no real time for the child, then it’s not surprising that they would turn out the way they do. It’s all they know – beat the other guy, come out on top no matter what it takes.

    Once you get a particular belief system in your head as a child, you continue on this path until something stops you (an object in motion…) Your belief system becomes like an addiction. To tell them to stop is like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking – panic and desperation!

    That’s why I think that they will not stop themselves; we must stop them, just like we’d stop a disease from spreading. They simply must be stopped before the world is totally ruined.


    Ah: A quick search reveals China’s public position:

    “China defends Russia”




    I think this is a misunderstanding. There is no anti-religious angle.

    I simply don’t think politics should become a religion in and of itself.

    What I criticize is the fact that US politics have become a faith-based affair: since evidence and fact finding are MIA, people have to believe politicians on their word, and they do. That is a dangerous situation, because it means they can make people believe anything, no matter how false, untrue and motivated by personal agendas. Politicians claim there is an economic recovery, and people believe them. Joe Biden says Putin has no soul (a purely religious statement), and that is – symbolically or not – taken for granted.


    Just reading comments section on a BBC story about Sarah Palin

    All straightforward, except look at the bbc URL, it contains the word echochambers. is that what they think of comment sections?




    “Once you understand what science has established…”

    This “science” cult you speak of sounds very interesting. Where do I sign up? Is there a secret handshake? Do I get a special ring? 🙂

    Religion, science, philosophy, flying spaghetti monsters… all just constructs we use to perceive the natural world? Maybe yes, maybe no…

    Sorry, I know this doesn’t add much to the conversation…

    Ilargi, any updates on how Nicole is doing out at Atamai?



    While I appreciate your incisive analysis, I object to your making derogatory remarks about those who believe in Jesus, which I am. I know many Christians will be glad to discuss why they believe Jesus is the Truth. Just because Jesus championed forgiveness of sins, it does not mean he was weak. Please do not make fun of his followers.


    Alfalfa, please read again, I do not do that. I really don’t.

    Diogenes Shrugged


    I suspect you caught a bullet (from Alfalfafan) meant for me. Sorry if that was in fact the case.


    Sorry if you felt I was denigrating or making fun of Christians. My intention was to dismiss metaphysical explanations before they might have been offered, but certainly not to attack the people who harbor them. I regard all ideas, without exception, to be fair game – – nobody’s ideas are sacrosanct or unassailable. FWIW, my best male friend since 1980 also happens to be the most devout Christian I’ve ever met.

    Diogenes Shrugged


    Science isn’t a cult, but people calling themselves scientists can be gregarious however they wish. In order to misunderstand the world, there are many, many promising and comforting paradigms to choose from. In order to understand the world, evidence is required. As evidence changes, the understanding changes, and we call that particular paradigm “science.”

    Diogenes Shrugged


    Thank you for the great expository of what certainly appears to be rampant sociopathy among Big Club members. What you say makes sense, but I’m still mystified as to why there seems to be cohesiveness in their plans for the world. If false flag disasters, gun confiscation, FEMA camps, planned epidemics, wars and bail-ins are some of the means, what are their common ends, and why? Do they all share a common fantasy of total, centralized control over the entire planet due to childish feelings of insecurity? Or are dishonesty and sadism just things that happen to a person once they reach a certain level of wealth or power?

    My favorite Bible quote is Mark 8:36:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    Of course, the quote refers to a loss of immortality, but as an atheist, I define “soul” differently. To me, the soul is the sum of a person’s thoughts, actions and reactions over his lifetime. Each of us is a growing empire in a way, as we each exercise dominion over our own thoughts and actions throughout life. So why would the people in charge defile their own souls to achieve a hugely destructive and immoral common objective? I really can’t wrap my head around that.

    You wrote, “These people are really at the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy, fearful they’re never going to have enough, or that someone else will have more.” It’s possible that’s exactly the explanation I was looking for. The richest, most powerful person in The Club – – a moving target – – represents something the other members permanently want to match or exceed. A simple “King of the Hill” game mentality in the rich and powerful serves to explain all the madness in the world?

    Maybe somewhere in the explanations lies an undiscovered Achilles heel. Still looking …


    The russia sanctions thing seems to have dropped priority on the BBC News website over the last few days. I have noticed a change in tone and where they have previously said approximately that the “west believes that the separatists were responsible”, it now says that the “west says that the separatists were responsible”
    Today’s story is not on the top headlines and does not have a caption picture:
    Ukraine crisis: Malysian and Dutch PMs discuss MH17 access

    Weren’t they going to do a press release about sanctions today? It be interesting to see how much they back down.

    I guess the balance of evidence is now strongly implicates Kiev and to shout about sanctions looks ridiculous, The main stream media are trying to throw the whole thing down the memory hole.



    Another excellent post, thanks for your insights!

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