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    Pablo Picasso Family of Saltimbanques 1905   • Trump Makes Biden Election Prediction (RT) • A Second Spousal Regency Is Now Underway (Stockman) •
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    @ Wes
    Agreed on the GDP however that’s not how these people think. An increase in GDP is used to make it look like they’re doing something right. The general public doesn’t understand that GDP is a measure of transactions only and nothing to do with production of real things. So an increase in the GDP plays well to the public and would allow them to increase military spending even if it doesn’t get to 2%. 1% 0f 1000 is a much larger slice than 1% of 10.


    The result was populists got by far the most votes — 10 million out of 25. Yet they got just a quarter of seats, falling to #3 and locked out of power.

    And rightly so, if you support democracy. The 15 million who did not vote for populists will now reap the benefit of their votes, they will see France turn black – it is mid brown already – and will be filled with people who are not of French descendants, but from all over the world. The Jewish world order, where the Jews live their pledge; if we cannot hava a nation, then neither can you. George Soros is one of them, he is funnelling Jew money into destroying the western world, how else will the Jews take over? Trouble is that the west is full of retarded idiots who seem to think that this is all paranoia.

    Nationalism has gone, welcome the new globalism, where you are told by someone the other side of the world whether you can have a shit today. Lovely.


    US President Joe Biden “doesn’t want to quit” and “may very well stay” in the race for the White House, Republican rival Donald Trump has said. According to Trump, the Democratic Party will find it difficult to force Biden to quit.

    So the progressives, the “good people” with “good values” will have to vote for Senile Biden, Trump, RFK Jr or nobody. A whole 81 million votes may just disappear from the election. Fantastic. Which choice will be the in virtue signalling choice, they will need a virtue signalling option otherwise how will they talk to their friends over their latte coffees? Who cares.

    Alternatively we get the democrat progressives voting for Kennedy the Gaza baby killer, Jew baby lover. God, there will be nothing worse than listening to that voice on the news, it will drive the Americans insaner. I don’t watch or listen to news so I will not be hearing him, I will read of his exploits here on TAE.

    Don’t worry folks, nothing will change before it gets much much worse for you in the west.


    espite this, however, Krugman, the 2008 Nobel Prize winner in economics, said Biden should stand aside as his party’s candidate for president.

    That there is a Nobel prize for economics is about as insane as Biden being president.


    “Trump has stayed out of the public eye.” -RT
    “And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;” – Shakespeare
    as the script unfolds

    The script was written as a campaign colluded with a middle eastern nation hold a group of hostages until an entire nation could be taken hostage.

    who is the greatest criminal in the United States? Jamie Dimon, who funnels the digits of The Federal Reserve System into the abyss of the Darkness.
    Do you really believe the hundreds of millions of dollars being used to manage the current global slave trade are untraceable?

    what is in it for you?
    “Then he laughs and jokes with you, and gets intimate with you; he takes your hand, and gets his fingers between yours, and grasps them, and then you are his.” Newman

    starve, maim, poison and murder a few million more children, it’s sure to work out just fine
    sure, sure, sure, it’s them what’s doin’ it

    “The Wild Children” (Morrison) are the War Children. Thank you Dr. Benjamin Spock

    “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject.” – John Stuart Mill
    Proverbs 24:11-12 – if you care

    bitch, bitch, bitch a bitter solace


    and yet, it IS profitable
    that child dying of thirst from diarrhea and dysentery

    there’s yer GDP and your noble standard of living – PROFIT to your heart’s content


    A nation with dementia. Nothing you say or write will change it. There is no cure.


    I thought the main side effect from the jabs was Stupid Person Syndrome. Still see them in public, wearing masks in the middle of July!


    Given the internet’s take on MEPs like Nigel Farage and Claire Daly – The Good Guys! I have a question: Have they ever made public how much money they get as MEPs? Have they ever refused the money?(sorry 2 questions).

    Dr. D

    Family of Saltimbanques 1905 = Clown world.

    The level of “I drink the Kool-aid” is incredible. Rabobank follows “Powell Pivot!!!” It’s Happening!!! These 10 weird tricks local housewives use to crash the market!

    They then admit they’ve been saying Powell Pivot for a YEAR. So…hmmm…let me think, Powell always pivots with record all-time highs in the Dow, record low unemployment, record speculation in Tesla and Nvidia, record inflation of 10%, Bitcoin recently hitting all time highs, gold zooming, and in an election year.

    You just point on the doll where that ever happened before.

    …Now he COULD be right. I wouldn’t rule it out. But that would mean EUROPE has crashed and we’re in GFC 3.0 HOT and heavy. Then the Fed cuts once and sits, while Europe implodes and capital flight to the U.S. save us, ‘cause the core currency fails LAST.×900GoldenBooks

    Yes, Zelensky can’t be Hitler because his family is Jewish and he takes Jewish money including top donors and Central Bankers from Israel. But Trump IS Hitler because of his Jewish family, and because his top donors are Israeli and Jewish. Got it.

    Nothing says “Hitler” quite like, “Everyone who supports me is a Jew” right? These two things are equal, BothNeitherAi says New Republic.

    If only Trump had been President so we would know how he would act. If only Time existed, and Reality itself…

    “Zelensky: Poland Has Committed To Shooting Down Russian Missiles Over Ukraine Territory

    Asked yesterday, what is this dumb-show keeping our eyes off of? No fly zone in Europe. Remember kids: that was Hillary Clinton’s instant path to WWIII!!!

    “Authorities Are Literally Losing Control Of The Streets As America’s Societal Collapse Accelerates” –Snyder, Collapse Blog.

    Stop doing their work for them, they can restore order any time they like. That ALSO means there is any disorder now ONLY because they WANT and CHOSE for it to be so. They didn’t “Lose” control. They didn’t “Lose” anything. They’re doing this TO you. By active choice, knowing every moment while they eat wagu beef and fly 250,000 miles to Climate Conferences, that they are doing this TO you, back in Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, particularly all you brown people.

    In the article: “Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, a total of 109 people were shot in the city of Chicago…” #Black Lives Matter!

    ” in Chicago, about half the time there isn’t even a police officer available when someone calls in to report a violent crime…All over this country, the police are completely and utterly overwhelmed by the tsunami of lawlessness that we are witnessing all around us.”

    No they’re not, they’re still doing all kinds of things: arresting misfiling legal docs, writing tickets, enforcing codes on railing heights, and arresting anyone defending themselves. Budget is still nearly unlimited. Almost infinite. For example, London bought 10 helicopters for an afternoon to wave Assange goodbye. Lots of money.

    “Unfortunately, this is the most law and order that we are going to get.
    From this point forward, our society will only become even more chaotic.

    No. It won’t. Let us defend our property and it’ll end practically overnight. Police can’t be everywhere, but we sure are. And have 400 million guns. I’m standing 20 feet from my car all night if you want to steal it, I got a great line of sight from the windowsill. See what I mean? Whoops! Goes to show THE POLICE ARE THE CRIMINALS.

    …Same as “We all suddenly Knewd! Biden wasn’t well.” GTFO. It’s impossible not to know unless you wanted, shouted, cried, covered your ears, kicked, and DEMANDED not to know.

    A New American Fault line. (On trans)

    Good thing to wait and not take it up on abortion. This is so, SO much harder to defend. With far fewer people involved. I’m really fed up with the slogan “Gender Affirming Care”. You can say gender DENYING care, which is obviously is, but also sex change surgery or something neutral and obvious like we did before the country went insane.

    I’m not even all that hepped up about doing it. But you’re demanding I talk, I think, and BELIEVE about it, crawling into my mind and breaking stuff like a felon.

    WHY would you do away with rapid DNA testing? I thought we loved to buy tests and pay pharma?

    “That’s how out of control we are down there…” No, that’s how BROKE we/they are, that this is now their level of self-funding outside of tax dollars. We shut off CIA heroin in F-stan, shot down the trafficking bases in Turkey, Ukraine laundering is being very cut off, Africa is now out of zone. China owns the trafficking in the Pacific and their territories. That leaves only this.

    Cut off the money.

    “Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán exposes George Soros’ overt plan to flood the EU with “at least a million asylum seekers annually”.

    First, about 5 specific people of those out of a million are actual asylum. Probably not even that. Second, he’s not “Exposing” anything, Soros writes this on the front page of his mission statement.

    So, conclusion in France? They aren’t a democracy. So therefore, what happens next? “The CONSENT of the governed.” That’s 300 years old. What happens when the people realize everything government is doing, it’s doing without their consent, AGAINST their will? Well, since the magic of democracy is like swapping slavery to sharecropping so you work harder, therefore the nation, and its government can steal more, so if you UN-do this, then everyone STOPS cooperating, working harder, and obeying, cooperating at all, especially with any government will or function.

    So let’s say you got to goose up from 30% > 40% as you installed “democracy”, removing the friction of non-cooperation. You and the people split that 80-20. That took 50 or 100 years. Now in 2-5 years, you UN-do that, and drop 10% WHILE you’re already at your economic limits because that’s why you’re in this stress and breaking point to begin with. Yeah, instant collapse into an irreversible crater.

    Side from not HELPING, everyone hides their money like late Rome, burying it like Denninger did. He had several plans that could have made several companies, employing hundreds of people. And aside from employment –which I know gov’t doesn’t care — you would get to TAX all those people. No 5 companies. No millions in new revenue. No continued growth. Because when you spend, or more like BULLY, and ORDER, and WASTE, it has to stop somewhere. Government is supposed to help enforce what WE want, as a society. Now that’s extremely difficult to discern as “Society” is a lot of very different people, but in concept, and that’s why in America, the idea is to do as little as possible and leave them alone. But this, every, government is now doing the #Opposite of EVERY thing their people and society want, and demanding we pay for it or they’ll jail us and shoot our women in the eye.

    #AntiLogos. HOW would you ever get to a point where the random people you pull from an aggregate society are EACH AND EVERY 100% the #Opposite of the body they’re pulled from? DETERMINED to MAKE SURE the trains never run on time, all the bridges fall, they do the #Opposite of law, order, reason, and justice? …Because they’re carefully hand-picked to be against #Logos, God, Reason, Order. That’s their RELIGION.

    I’ll leave it to you to figure out who that must be then. But it ain’t “France”, it ain’t “The People.”

    ““He has the delegates, he doesn’t have to get out. There’s nothing they can do to get him out.”

    Ain’t that a bitch? And why/how is it TRUMP advocating for him? Is this all a show? But okay, next problem: There isn’t going to be an election. No one is going to authorize/believe it. They ALREADY registered 10,000 a month who have no documents, and ALREADY granted amnesty, and ALREADY – as that Ford guy said – have documents, SS#, Driver’s Licenses in NY and IL. By the ten-millions. Okay then. The Election is ALREADY over, called off.

    “I don’t think [Biden] wants to get out – but if he gets out then it will be [Kamala].”

    Yes, they had all kinds of amazing “Plans” that got face-planted into “Reality” for a change. They’re totally willing to do any illegal thing, every illegal thing, and it still doesn’t matter for a change. And there’s no time. If they don’t jump up and willingly help, nothing’s going to move, or not far enough, and why should they? They “just decided” Kamala’s going to go. Everyone always “just decided” for her, without asking or explaining, telling her she doesn’t exist. Well No one asked Kamala, so she can very well prove she exists by not going! Then she’ll get the tiny minimum of respect she – or rather the position – deserve.

    Hannity – reminds more of Joe Scarboro yesterday, all this week, “Best Biden Ever”. Yeah, he was the CONSERVATIVE commenter who they walked in and there was a dead hooker under his desk? At Fox news or wherever? Oh wait, dead pretty Student Intern? But nobody knewd nothin’ and she died of natural causes! Which is why we didn’t check! As interns often do under your desk at work, like stink bugs. Then SUDDENLY! His whole career changed! He was already out of Congress, but now saw the light! The Progressive Far-left Democratic light! Who knew?

    …How do we forget these things, I asked Brian Williams, live from the moon? Or Hillary, taking fire as a helicopter pilot in ‘nam (or was is Iraq), and after that time Biden was a cannibal. Or lunch. Or something.

    STOP HELPING. They’re literally insane, covering up for their meth-head crack breakdown at the church social isn’t helping. It’s not helping us and it’s not fixing them. Tell the Truth for the love of God and all things holy. Mourning. Joe.

    “They are scared to death of Jill Giacoppo!”

    Totally don’t believe this, although she’s evil, no more evil and probably less than like Hillary and all the rest. Also forgot she was his babysitter, and his friend’s wife when he started an affair on his OWN wife, who then very conveniently died soon after? Then immediately made it to Congress? Do I have that right, ‘cause I don’t care?

    The good point in this one was from “Drunk History” of Edith hiding the President, and yeah Suuuuuuuuure nobody knewd. When he never showed up for the last YEAR. No, Wilson wasn’t a politico, he was hand-picked and air dropped from 30,000 feet by Rockefeller and some such exactly TO make sure we’d fight, or be the total backstop of Europe in WWI. …As they put in the unlimited-money-lending Federal Reserve the year before to fund England. So not like he WAS A PUPPET ALL ALONG. He never existed in the FIRST place, what’s the difference?

    Anyway, the good point was, “they had a perfectly workable VP sitting in the next room all along.” And then ILLEGALLY avoided him and stuck with Wilson as he would have stopped the Euro-WWI plan, of exhaustion, turnover, and the staged, paid-for Russian Revolution. He would have been even slightly American. But we got to stop League of Nations and stall them for 30 more years.

    “• Paul Krugman Urges Biden to Drop Out (RT)

    Well, Krugman is always wrong about everything, so good to see he’s not ending his unbroken record of epic public failure. “The internet will never be more than a fax machine” –1999.

    “After all, Harris is literally “next in line.” Picking anyone else, therefore, would be like cutting ahead of the line.”

    My point. It’s hazy but it can’t be done although I agree anyone who’s ever seen a “Harris” instantly decides to ignore and avoid her to save their sanity. Too bad. And it’s not her color: black people hate her MOAR, but the AWFLs will go crazy, as they have to always tell black people what to do and how to vote. They are but wee Jungle children, and need mommy’s help like that. (Stop. Trying to keep my blood pressure down.)

    Harris is on Team Harris, as Luongo says. She may not want/need to be President, but you’re going to PAY. A lot. Whatever she asks. Or suck it, she knows the hand she holds. As well she should, by the way. You started it.

    “• Orban: “China Has A Peace Plan, America Has A War Policy” (SCF)

    That’s true, but America ALSO has a peace plan: Leave everyone the f—k alone. That’s the peace plan of 330 million Americans minus about 1,000 maniacs from Harvard. Remove them and you’re good to go. They also weren’t elected in the first place, to make it easier for you. We also hate them like cancer and wish they all died.

    “• The Big Picture behind Viktor The Mediator’s Peace Shuttle (Pepe Escobar)

    Alexander points out this is OBVIOUS, normal, rational diplomacy, as done for 1,000 years. He is merely being a mediator, not deciding ahead of time, being the conditions and conduit to have Peace. That doesn’t make it happen, but he can only make the CONDITIONS: the participants are the ones who talk and decide.

    It’s so odd to see a single person behave rationally, they go crazy about it.

    How do you know it’s serious? “Orban also made a point of emphasizing the airtight pre-meeting secrecy,” Because that. And they were at a press conference with Putin and asked him the same thing. He said, “No”. The End. He’s not going to blow diplomatic secrecy during a negotiation, as that is a breach of trust. Again: serious. Compare to the West, any where, any time.

    “• EU Might ‘End’ Hungary’s Presidency – Politico (RT)

    Um, how? Then it’s not a Presidency, is it? Go ahead, then you’ll reveal the entire EU as a scam and a sham, as discussed with France, above. Then 100% of people and governments make every move to ignore you and go around.

    ““They do not want to hear anything..”
    • West Doesn’t Want To Listen – Kremlin (RT)

    This is actually a big help to Russia, as we are deeply predictable, and as last week, they can offer amazing things that make them look super-good, knowing there’s no risk as the West will never agree, no risk, while we look super-evil. It’s handing them a win every day, day after day. #Winning!

    Also they are PAID not to hear anything. $40,000 a month I hear. Shut off the money.

    “Turkey “is among five NATO countries that make up the backbone of the organization,”

    Turkey has the largest and only army in Europe and they only army outside of the U.S.’s Britain acts like they matter, Germany, even France. But Especially Britain’s Army could be taken out by the Bread-baker’s union of Ankara. They don’t exist. And yet! And yet all Europe f—s Turkey every day, treating them like a coolie, not part of the “Garden People.” Right. How’s that working?

    “• UK Finances Worst Since 1945 – New Chancellor (RT)

    And this is the UK WITH no army or navy at all. Imagine what would happen if they tried to do that too. Um, one question: “Where’s my Money, Brian? Where is it???”

    “Of late the Israelis have also been openly threatening to launch a full-scale attack on Hezbollah, the political and military movement that controls southern Lebanon. This, too, bears interpretation.”

    Yes, it’s insane. They can’t beat an army 1/10th the size of Lebanon’s that’s barely shooting. They’re already entirely exhausted and the battle hasn’t started yet. That’s like the U.S. Army being winded after boot camp, walking across the tarmac to the transport jet. Whew! Too much. Guess I should lose 250 of my 450 pounds. They’re hopeless.

    “This syndrome was one of the ADVERSE EVENTS reported by PFIZER to the FDA,”

    No it isn’t. Yes it is. BothNeitherAi. And you wonder why all Liberals are mentally ill. YES! It will do that to you. Insanity is basically a conflict in mind, or at least one major kind is. Conflicting programming. That’s why I don’t do it either, although it would make my life a lot easier. …But I guess not at job interviews anymore? Now they pick via (perceived) race, gender, orientation. Actually I should go in gayer than Queer Eye and get hired in no time. I can do that for an hour, and HR is so COMPLETELY un-real and uninvolved with operations, — being the work prevention crew – that they’ll never see me again anyway.


    I’m sold. They have a point. Now obviously we must kill all the irrational ones.


    Quick, of-the-hip remark is not always the smartest.

    Family of Saltimbanques 1905 = Clown world.

    That’s not what the painting depicts. Quite the opposite.


    move the capitol(capital) to Jerusalem said the coherent ONE, the lucid One
    didn’t start any wars, just lit the fuse, cocked his oddly coiffered head and looked away
    Major Asshole Grifting Away

    who in their right mind believes winning has anything to do with any western initiated conflict
    “Under My Thumb’s a squirming dog who’s just had her day” Jagger/Richards

    Just Some Randomer

    Has anyone else noticed that Ukraine is, apparently, carpeted from top to bottom with ‘Children’s Hospitals?’ Seems like one can barely launch a potato in the country, never mind a missile, without hitting a ‘Children’s Hospital’.

    Particularly if the aforementioned potato happens to be sent on it’s airborne way a couple of days before an important decision about funding/arming Ukraine is to be taken.

    I’m recalling various incidents like the ‘Maternity Hospital’ strike that was widely reported early last year following which one of the Nurses featuring in the widely distributed video of the event spoke to the media complaining that Ukrainian forces had taken over the hospital and basically kicked the women out several days previously to use the building as a base.

    Seems like, once again, a ‘Russian strike on civilians’ was in fact the inevitable outcome of firing lots of air defence missiles into the sky from the middle of cities, most of them hitting nothing and falling back to where they came from, warhead intact.









    • Orban: “China Has A Peace Plan, America Has A War Policy” (SCF)

    Ukraine has a no-fly zone but it’s not controlled by NATO.

    John Day

    Dr. D suggested “Gender Denying Care” as an appropriate term.

    Indeed, that might just fit.


    Notice to NATO,
    Canada is not at war.
    Canada is supposed to be at peace.
    Defense spending is not war spending.


    There is no Nobel Prize for Economics. It’s a fake award (The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel) funded by a bank, Sveriges Riksbank.


    Copilot Using the web

    Israel is currently facing a multi-front war, being attacked from seven different arenas: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Iraq, Yemen, and Iran1. Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has emphasized that anyone acting against Israel is a potential target, with no immunity for anyone1



    by John Helmer, Moscow

    The latest Russian Defense Ministry daily bulletin was issued on Tuesday afternoon, July 9. Since then the Pentagon and the White House have been as silent as the tomb.

    Make that thirty-five American tombs.

    “During the day [July 9],” said the Defense Ministry briefer in Moscow, “the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out a group strike with high-precision weapons on American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems prepared for strikes on the territory of Crimea, as well as the venue of an official meeting of the AFU [Armed Forces of the Ukraine] command staff. The objectives of the strike have been achieved. Four US-made HIMARS MLRS launchers were destroyed, as well as up to 35 foreign specialists who serviced them.”

    Several hours later, the Pentagon briefer, Major General Pat Ryder, announced “a great kickoff to NATO summit events this week.” General Ryder wasn’t referring to the largest number of US battlefield deaths ever recorded under hostile Russian fire. He had nothing to say about the Ukraine battlefield action, and the reporters attending failed to ask him about it.

    Autonomous Unit

    Perhaps Celine Dion is moaning because she can’t stand some well meaning asshole telling her “everything is ok” when everything is obviously not ok.

    Michael Reid

    The final nail in the coffin for the “human-induced climate change” scam.

    An absolute MUST-WATCH!

    Climate the Movie: The Cold Truth


    The New Republic cover, Trump

    In The True Believer, Eric Hoffer suggests that all mass movements have similar beginning traits and that they progress to a “messy phase” and that they can go in directions that morality suggests are ultimately positive or negative. Due to this, it may be difficult to know at the dawn of a movement whether it will ultimately be mostly good or mostly bad.

    The mass movement coalescing around Trump could go either way — it could be a new dawn for the US Constitution, a nationalistic movement that helps the nation find its footing as the empire fades. Or, it could be a nasty repression that lashes out at those currently in power and represses the minorities that have been out of the closet in the past few decades. Either way, it is not very likely that Trump could “become another Hitler/Stalin,” etc. He is, quite frankly, too old. Although Trump’s personality is a sun when contrasted with Biden’s “dwarf star” persona, Trump is less vibrant than he was 8 years ago. If the nationalistic movement doesn’t fizzle after the election, other leaders will start to gain prominence.

    Hannah Arendt was studying totalitarianism specifically, rather than mass movements generally. Based on what we witnessed during Covid, the mass movement that is being stoked by the globalists already has clear hallmarks of totalitarianism as explored by Arendt.

    I’m sure that from the globalists’ point of view, the Covid time was a mass movement that they could steer, while the nationalistic Trump movement is out of their control. Therefore, the Trump movement is “bad” and “like Hitler,” while they view their own movement as benign, beneficial and “progressive.”


    Well this morning hurricane Beryl’s thunderstorms are slowly rumbling through eastern Ontario!6l

    Sure Biden has all those primary delegates that don’t count.
    Only the super delegates count and Joe has none of these.
    That Biden/Harris $91 million trust is butt a mere slush fund!
    Dems will have no problems dissolving it!

    The Ukrainian war isn’t going to end anytime soon.
    Russia says maybe in 2026?
    Notice in all the Ukrainian videos all the military aged men in the videos?
    Ukraine’s elites havn’t yet run out of cannon fodder to sell to the US!

    Notice when Russia eliminates frontline Ukrainian troops, they just sit and wait until the Ukrainians replace their dead.
    Russia doesn’t want to end the war now because the Ukrainians aren’t tired of war yet.
    Russia doesn’t want the war to dissolve into a long gorilla war.
    The people in the Ukraine must be utterly exhausted of war before the war can end.
    That usually takes at least 5 years minimm to happen.

    Recent daytime Russian missile strikes in Keiv is going to make it harder to get employees to now show up for work.
    Before the Russians only hit factories at night when workers were safely at home.
    Russian Roulette anyone?
    The Russian version is played with one bullet removed, not 5 bullets removed!

    So Israel “might” manage to kill 1 in 8 Palestinians in Gaza if they get more time?
    US has supplied over 20,000 big bombs that kill less than 2 Palestinians per bomb?
    Pretty sad extermination effort. /s

    Maybe Israel can bum rush the Palestinians into Egypt?
    How is that CIA color revolution destabilizing Egypt going?


    The World Gold Council WGC says there was a large exit from western gold ETFs of over $6 Billion while Asian good ETFs saw a modest gain.
    The WGC say western investors preferred stocks and bonds over gold.
    Eastern investors modestly preferred gold.

    English Translation:

    First of all please note the WGC is a 100% captured stooge of the western gold manipulatin banks.

    What really happened is the banks controlling western gold ETFs drained physical gold from their gold ETFs to meet the rising demand for phyical gold in the east and west!

    Only the banks can redeem ETFs for physical gold!
    ETF investors can only redeem in paper dollars!

    those darned kids

    drunkard in central park: celtic biker*
    lion hunter in jungle dark: doc day
    chinese dentist: doc dee
    british queen: zerosum ;•)

    nice karass we’ve got here.

    “nice, nice, very nice”

    *just teasin’, but c’mon, man, find a new instrument to play ’cause that didgerijew is worn out.


    Biden should resign the presidency or the 25th amendment should be followed. Unfortunately, that leaves Kamala Harris as president…which is a sad thing, as I would prefer that the first female US President be a noble, capable woman, that young women could aspire to emulate. Harris does not fit the bill. Bummer.


    Has anyone else noticed that Ukraine is, apparently, carpeted from top to bottom with ‘Children’s Hospitals?’ Seems like one can barely launch a potato in the country, never mind a missile, without hitting a ‘Children’s Hospital’.

    Seems like hazy, ancient history now, but weren’t the Moderate Terrorist controlled sections in Syria coated with a layer of children’s’ hospitals a decade ago as well?


    Liberals and therapists

    I would guess that many Christians seek out clergy, rather than therapists. Clergy advice can help in many of life’s quandaries…but not all. And, for those where clergy/doctrinal advice does not work well, the seeker may be more likely to abandon religion generally. Also, there are Christian-oriented places with therapists, and I wonder if this tendency is also true among the therapists who work there?

    One interesting corollary: Elizabeth Smart. I was living in the Salt Lake area when she was abducted and when she returned to her family. I ran across her book last year and read it out of curiosity. After her return, she never went to a therapist. Instead, she folded back into the embrace of her family and Mormon culture and picked her life back up. I mused on that, and supposed that her Mormon upbringing adequately explained what had happened — essentially, an evil couple had abducted her, she was tried, (like Job), through no fault of her own, she relied upon God, connections with deceased ancestors (angels?), and her own grit, and was eventually delivered from her oppressors. She lived the hero’s journey. What did she need a therapist for?

    those darned kids

    “that the first female US President be a noble, capable woman, that young women could aspire to emulate.” ~ phoenixvoice, lion hunter










    “oh, momma, i’m gonna be the next gerry ford!”


    On, Trump makes Biden Election Prediction, 1st link at top post.

    Sounds roughly right, though the situation is so volatile, who knows.

    Biden represents, is an emblem of, a dying breed.

    In corrupted Political / Hegemonic systems, there is always a need, an obligation, to ‘elect’ or ‘choose’, or boost, v. elderly leader figures, because they are at the Apex of the Oligarchic Arrangements that stretch downwards into the hierarchy with multiple control switches (Yes! trickle down works.. in these cases.. ) For a rough image, Mafia, with da bosses.

    As the servants of the LEADER have spent so much time and influence setting that state of affairs up, all the syncophants, hangers-on, profiteers, courtisans, party belongers, group bosses and all those further down in the hierarchy, can’t see a path away from The Arrangement.

    The outcome is when things go south or ‘smell burnt’ as in a French expression, there is no New Figure willing to take on the challenge, because the whole power structure was vaccilating, set to crash, and all those close to the situation can see that — there isn’t a ‘throne’ anymore to aspire to. Glamour, profits, fun, sex, domination – all out the window, poof.

    Dr. D won the prize for the longest post on TAE see above. 🙂 Good post though.


    The latest Disney Star Wars fiasco…

    The Jedi and the Witches are in disagreement over what the education and general life path should be of a little girl who wants to be a Jedi. In the middle of this, the lead witch without warning shows a super angry expression, then turns into a scary bat-bird smoke monster, then begins dissolving the little girl.

    The Jedi nearest quite rightly stabs her with a light sabre. For once in Disney Star Wars, being run through with a light sabre actually kills you.

    With her dying breath, the evil witch that had already done a hostile possession on someone and told a mother she had zero rights over her own children croaks out that she was “freeing” the little girl, honest. Gaslighting 101. So shame on YOU Jedi, because I secretly was being “good” while to every appearance was attacking. (and probably actually was…)

    Then Witch #2 does a hostile possession of a big wookie jedi and uses his body to attack the other Jedi. They manage to subdue him without killing him, then use the force to free him. Losing this battle to enslave the wookie kills ALL the Witches – apparently they were ALL in on it.

    You get the sense that the Witches never, ever experienced conflict with a peer opponent before and functioned on the basis of steamrolling arrogance. There Shall Be No Discussion. Either they acted with arrogance because of assumed power disparity or they arrogantly assumed everyone else would be frozen, unable to respond, due to some obligation to be “nice” in the face of awfulness no matter what?

    So they keep going with no discussion and get themselves all killed. Glad they’re dead. The show tells you they are the good guys and Jedi are the bad guys. While you can see they’re essentially Sith or worse.

    Interestingly, the lead evil witch had a spiral tattooed on her forehead. This tattoo is used in some current-year circles to indicate someone identifies as a unicorn, the spiral intended to indicate a spiral horn. Unicorns being associated with the occult, bahomet, etc.

    14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Lost 75% of whatever viewership remained mid-episode last week. Company says they spent 180 million on this 8 episode tv series, but insiders are leaking figures well above 300 million.

    But they’re not done pouring hundreds of miillions of dollars in the garbage. We still have the puke-inducing travesties of Snow White and Captain America: Brave New World coming and that’s just for starters — infinite money coming from somewhere forever!

    Deadpool 3 is literally going to save Disney and Hollywood. I suspect there are a great number of movie theatres holding off on closure for Deadpool release later this month. If it flops there will be another wave of theatre closures and with the number left, I don’t think Hollywood will ever recover.

    Sadly and fortunately, I think it will be a hit. They found THE winning 2020’s formula, which is to allow depravity and awfulness to invade the heroic trope, but then invade that with meaning and fun. Deadpool 1 and 2 were a guilty pleasure. You forget what it’s like for someone to make a book, movie, toy, gadget, whatever, with the actual purpose of creating delight.

    wtf IS a Deadpool?


    find a new instrument to play ’cause that didgerijew is worn out.

    Sure, sure…. what the latest body count in Gaza compliments of the Jewish State and USG ?

    The Nazi “theme” is worn out too, yet ignored when applied to legit UkroNazis and the Jewish States Gaza concentration death camp, both fully supported by the USG. Are Biden and the Democrats Nazi supporters as they point their death fingers at Trump ?

    Liberals, particularly gays and women, constantly virtue signal about their therapist, their trauma, their mental health issues. I’ve experienced this first hand for decades…as a Bartending therapist that is. Within 5 minutes they will openly discuss all their problems, always their “ex”, and their therapist…all totally unsolicited.

    Liberalism has shifted to a cult of mental illness and intolerance mirroring the Chinese Cultural revolution where society cannibalized itself and destroyed its own historical culture. This is “wokeism” at its core. You will be re-educated by those with severe mental health issues. Kind of like during covid yes ?

    “my therapist told me….” Hence the lack of critcal thinking and basic reason. Therapists and Universities tell you what to think… not how to think for yourself. What a racket between therapy and pharma pills causing more harm than healing…kinda like those jabs right Celine ?

    Did Celine have concerts that only the Vax’d could attend if they showed their papers ?

    Psychotherapy East and West by Alan Watts is a great read btw.

    When did you last see a happy American ?

    I like people who buck the system. Individualists. I often warn people: “Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, “There is no “I” in team.’ What you should tell them is, Maybe not. But there is an “I” in independence, individuality and integrity.*”
    ~ George Carlin

    “People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right—especially if events prove you right while proving them wrong.”
    — Thomas Sowell

    Have Liberals declared they were wrong about every part of covid that they self righteously rammed down others throats ? No they sure have not. No pity for assholes like that.


    Liberal is Thomas Jefferson. The Founding Fathers were liberals who understood a certain degree of willing savagery may be required to maintain it. Liberalism is ALL the Bill of Rights including both 1st AND 2nd Amendments. I just cannot find hardly any Liberals anywhere, current year.

    Sheep who went along with whatever they heard the majority or TV say mouthed some of the words of Liberalism, but interpreted it into “Be nice no matter what.” They just wanted to avoid being shamed by the group if not be popular.

    I’m still reading through Will Durant’s The Story of Civilization. It not being the first history I ever read, I quite clearly recognize every time he counterfactually effusively tries to credit non-European civilizations with advancements and achievements. It’s the impulse of generosity from a person who believes their own civilization is totally, utterly predominant, such that they can even give anything away for free if they wish

    A bit reminiscent of Dawkins, one of the Big 4 New Atheists. wishing in his very old age for the fruits OF Christianity, feeling at the end we missed out on…. something. You cannot chop down the tree and have just the fruit-bearing branches continue to levitate in midair bearing fruit. Just like science was emergent from values. You take away the values-foundation built over thousands of years and you get junk science and junk medicine. As we saw in the past few years.

    The “just be nice” in which people who felt they were part of an invulnerable dominant culture and civilization felt that ANY bending over backwards would be virtuous – since we cannot lose anything, we would only be continuing to EXTEND our accomplishments and virtue, no? – dovetailed nicely into current-year wokeists, who think that “there shall be no civility” and “there shall be no discussion” is the cheat code to go into God Mode in the computer game.

    “Hold them to their rules” means no rules for me, irrational, double bind rules for thee. No discussion, but plenty of “make this a conversation” as a simulacra-of-discussion. But the fat kid who sits in his basement only playing video games on god mode never even gains the mental-emotional fortitude that a normal gamer develops.

    So you have people who just want to avoid any shame or guilt, want to not be unpopular, and believe they are in a totally unshakeable dominant, victorious civilization, therefore feeling free, as if on God Mode, to give away absolutely anything. Paired with Wokeist-Marxist-Frankfurt Skool losers that think dispensing with all civility, all basis of even discussion, is going on God Mode, thinking they’ve found the key to invincibility.

    You cannot Grima-Wormtongue your way through everything because it isn’t actually god mode. Eventually people get tired of your master, Saruman-of-Many-Colors and you get to see everything you thought was wondrous and unstoppable laid waste. The Witches in Harvey Weinstein’s acolyte’s Acolyte, even when she, in all her square-headed malevolence, tries to portray good as evil and evil as good, ends up showing us the evil Black Knight out of Monty Python that just cannot stop pushing their luck.

    Please for the love of god, stop making Ayn Rand right. “You can ignore reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of ignoring reality” Argh. Makes me want to stab my eye out to have to keep acknowledging this super long-winded hack writer.


    The Ninth Circuit ruled that because the COVID shots do not stop the spread of disease, they cannot be classified as vaccines.

    This means it was completely illegal for the US Government and its various tyrannical health agencies to force anyone to take these shots.

    Sooooo, Brandon any comments ? Jay Inslee you pos scum, anything to say cocksucker ?
    Covid cult Liberals ?

    No health care for the unxaxd, Pandemic of the unvaxd, Show me your papers ?

    Offering a therapeutic is one thing. Forcing your entire population is fucking insanity, especially an untested experimental test run ! Boosters for kids in booster chairs…again insane.

    Blaming those my body / my choice unvaxd for the problems reflects deep mental illness from guess who ? Liberal cult members.

    In a just civil society… Democrats who forced jabs would be banned from office and power indefinately.

    those darned kids
    Dr D Rich

    We were never in Laos or Cambodia either.


    I finally understand
    The truth is what Biden remembers!



    Your rant above made me think of this and the current state of ‘Western Civilization’ (cough, gag, cough)



    Ritual Humiliation No. 9

    Having Exhausted All Other Options, Obama Invites Biden Paddle Boarding.

    “Hey, Joe old buddy? I didn’t want to have to ask this, but…uh…are you up for a spot of paddle boarding over at my place this afternoon?”

    Obama asked his former Vice President. “It’ll be just the two of us, all alone, nothing to worry about. I’ve got a lake property way out in the middle of nowhere — we’ll have a splash!

    We’ve already asked you to step down several times, but you just never seem to be amenable. Maybe we can just talk things over, you and me, on a couple of paddle boards out on the lake.”



    “At publishing time, Obama had been seen wiping tears out of his eyes and paddling back to shore after a two-and-a-half-hour excursion. President Biden is still nowhere to be found.”

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