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    René Magritte The son of man 1946   • Trump Sentencing Delayed Two Months, ‘If Such Is Still Necessary’ (ZH) • SCOTUS Ruled For The Office of the
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    V. Arnold

    René Magritte The son of man 1946

    The art is amazing as usual; keep it coming please…
    The rest is is just incomprehensible bullshit; illustrating just how fucked we normal humans have become in the day to day world we inhabit…
    Fortunately there are still many avenue’s of escape…


    Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous – Smith


    She said, you don’t look like my type, but I guess you’ll do

    She kept saying, I’ve never really done this kind of thing before, have you
    Third rate romance, low rent rendezvous
    And he said, yes I have, but only a time or two – Smith


    How can you tell an ally has your back?

    “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security.”
    Perfidious Albion

    MAGA – Murderous Assholes Gaming Again


    what was that Nenner said yesterday?
    Nenner told me this is a trend that has been going on for about 5 years, but it has picked up speed in the last year and a half.

    In NYC, Nenner points out, “I have very wealthy clients that just got out of commercial real estate with a 67% loss. I also know the banks, they are holding all these bad loans.”

    get a booster that’ll help


    a toast to Maggie and Ronnie

    Dr. D

    “WEF Kingpin Klaus Schwab Accused Of Sexual Harassment
    One female staffer claimed that Schwab posed in a sexually suggestive manner in front of her…

    I’m no fan of the Klausenschwabber, but what? He put his hand on his hip, fully clothed? Wtf is wrong with you people?

    Brittany said he’s (hush) “not. Cool.” So now he’s not cool. Can you believe all the not. Cool. Things I just remembered he did over the last 50 years and never noticed before now?

    Sh–t me. I can’t take it.

    Moving on, there’s a lot to do here with Biden donors. The Biden-Harris fund is only theirs. It can’t be made to be transferred to Newsom/HRC. So….all those Billionaire Liberals (now the party of the ultra-rich) would have to donate the same amount AGAIN? To the new persons? And if Biden (Or Jill, actually) is just puppeted by Team Trump to skip prison? (you can only IMAGINE what she’s done all these years) Well, they’ve just stolen $2B that would be used to deliver fake ballots. Etc. It’s a thought. Either way, if money counts for anything (and why, no one reads their ads) And apparently the ads no one cares about on the TVs no one watches ALSO cost $2B? …Or was there some other election manpower you needed to pay for some reason, to do something really expensive you don’t want to talk about with us?

    “Dems Stick With Biden As It Would Be A Real Pain To Reprint These Ballots They Already Filled Out” – BBee

    “‘Trump Will Imprison His Political Opponents!’ Says Guy Imprisoning His Political Opponents “ –BBee

    Wait, that’s an old joke.

    ‘Who’s A Good Boy? Huh? Who’s A Good Boy?’ Says Jill Biden Congratulating Biden With A Treat “ –BBee

    Or not. She literally said, “What a good job, Joe!!!! You answered ALL the questions!” I was unaware we had lowered to bar to “Used words that may/may not make any sense” to “good President”.

    (Yet Another) BBC Presenter advocates open political murder. Yes, and look at the media thing now: Joe “Suddenly Salad” Biden only today was there any indication he was a plagiarist, racist, cheater, liar, stole his best friend’s/campaign manager’s wife, supported KKK Grand Wizard, killing of Black nations in Africa, genocide Joe in Ukraine & Gaza, has brain aging.

    BBC Connection: Suddenly! All UK papers are running with this, after denying it, The Guardian, and Luke (of Assange fame) being the top deniers on the planet, who provably “tampered” with the 2016 election and after in the Steele Dossier, in direct coordination with HRC/Comey/Obama, an act of arguable treason. So I’m saying OUR election is run/affected from our colonial masters, LONDON. THEY suddenly decided to change position on Joe Biden. 100% denials to POP! 100% ousters, in 24 hours, right on command, like Orwell said.

    Biden Short speech: If only. That’s a 0, at par. While if he had spoken, he would have lied, and that would score -5 per lie, under par.

    “Does anybody remember that time Tucker Carlson said that Former President Barack Obama’s homosexual and drug use rumors are true.”

    All the time, but nobody cared because that was reality and we had one of his party buddies willing to give testimony under oath over it. So they had to make up OTHER lies about O-man instead that were NOT true, and spread those instead. Who? Well a lot of Republicans that way. Professional courtesy. They were at the same gay coke parties.

    “there’s never been an independent candidate in American history who’s been in as strong a position as I am right now.” -RFK

    Thanks for not knowing history, I can think of two. You have to say things like this for the modern camera, though.

    “• Trump Sentencing Delayed Two Months, ‘If Such Is Still Necessary’ (ZH)

    I kinda don’t see how this particular charge is “Presidential immunity” as in theory he took the actions before office, but okay. What I see is it’s important for US, the moronic gaslighted PEOPLE to see the DNC act like this. And the WAY he escapes is also important and equally staged. If a riot broke out in the Jury room, that would be different, if the GOP shot the prosecutor using MS13, that would be different, etc. So the WAY they make up, stage, tell this completely fabricated story to morons is that the Supreme Court (authority) says, “You can’t have rando individuals/towns just attack Presidents/Candidates for sport” (authority). Meh, that’s alright I guess. Europe is running a colony coup on us to have us break all authority and sink the United States…and our tasty bond market.

    They still need to be arrested as the spotlight being on them has revealed they each took multi-millions in bribes, Fani, Merchan, Bragg, among dozens of others. Don’t stop til they are.

    ““..the legal machinery the corrupt Democrats have employed against Trump is too corrupt to be able to do its assigned political assassination.” — Turley

    My same point. Since they COULD have done this otherwise, WHY was it done this way? Are the hidden geniuses above the WEF level really that stupid? They never were before that I recall. Que Pasa?

    “In other words, the Court’s decision is based on elementary common sense.”

    Or in this case, Revolutionary Common Sense. Haven’t seen that used in +20 years.

    “CNN’s Van Jones declared that it was “almost a license to thug, in a way.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) declared: “My stomach turns with fear and anger that our democracy can be so endangered by an out-of-control court” and denounced six justices as “extreme and nakedly partisan hacks — politicians in robes.”

    But, but, “Activist judges!” “Have to obey all the court says on R v Wade!” In other words “We Make S—t Up!
    “ which is fine. You can, people will do that. But WHY are they not discredited? Why did YOU not discredit them and therefore immediately ignore them, forever, until such time as – maybe – they can repent and prove to claw themselves back into good graces with a halo of suspicion on them thereafter?

    A: They are infants. If you give me POWER without restraint, you are good and my friend. If you limit my POWER in any way, I hate you and you are my enemy. Hour to hour, second to second. I hate Mommy foreveh!!!

    DGAF: Sit down, shut up, and eat your broccoli or I’ll ground you too. Which is Love? Giving Augustus Gloop and Varuca Salt everything she wants? Or saying “no”? As Kunstler says, they hate every representation of “Daddy” with the rage of 10,000 suns including “Sky Father” and “Trump.”

    The radical idea that there are limits in a finite world as they say. “You’ve come a long way, baby.”™ “You can have it all.”™ No. No, you can’t. And now your eggs are in a freezer with no man in sight. Stop. The purpose of life is to have CHOICES. There would be no CHOICES if by making one, we didn’t ALSO reject and close all alternatives. That would be the madness of staring into infinity. Therefore the basis and foundation of this world – and also your SANITY – is that there are LIMITS to the world.

    The entire Turley article is a laundry list of “I want POWER” and oppose any limits to my personal tyranny. Yeah: we know. These people ALSO believe that when the glorious Communist Revolution comes and they can kill everyone, they will be running it all after and telling everyone what to do. Hahahahaha! No. “Dear Leader” will shoot you all the next day in a Brownshirt Purge as dangerous, uppity, troublemakers, too selfish, moronic and unstrategic to see it coming. If you can’t pass that test, I guess you are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.

    ““President Biden’s hyper-ventilated response is crushingly ironic.”

    Yes but irony is Hypocrisy Lite and so is long since dead now. I think it died around 1999.

    This is why they’re loveless, lemon-sucking nags and scolds. There is no longer any sense of humor. They’re worse than evil, they’re BORING. Communists are BORING. Boring as all the American women trying to NOT be boring with that new tattoo. There’s nothing that says more “I’m empty and boring hollow shell of impressing others” than that. Everything is political. BORING. Your razors are political. BORING. Your Beer is even political. BO-RING! They think they’re edgy talking about killing people, everyone. No, sorry there is nothing more shallow, boring, and vacuous than that. At least, for the love of God, if you’re going to be a revolutionary, be an INTERESTING one: you’re ruining the source material here. Be like Earth First or something and run massive media pranks. It’ll still be DUMB, but it at least won’t be boring.

    “When former Attorney General Eric Holder announced the “kill list” policy (that included the right to kill any American citizen),

    BO-RING! This it the highest heights his imagination could reach. What are you, five? “If someone bugs me, I’ll kill them, pew-pew.” Wow. Amazing insight there, skippy. Make that up yourself?

    “Indeed, Biden has often displayed a cavalier attitude toward such violations.”

    Yeah, well we expect HIM to, what about US? Why did WE have a cavalier attitude and let them? We didn’t. The Republican base was all over this, being burned from Bush. But the GOP/DNC and the “Thinking” Class at Harvard, loved it and clapped like seals, shouting us down and arresting us if we made a peep about it. So speak for yourself. ALSO the Progressive Left was on a bunch of this then, before TDS stole their brains.

    “But he ignored their advice and went with that of Harvard University Professor Laurence Tribe,”

    DingDingDing! WHERE could they find the dumbest people in America? People so dumb they would even tell you this? Hahhh-Vourd, of course. Where all the retards live. I mean, they let Larry Summers in who stole lost $2B in the Harvard endowment fund by channeling it to all his cronies with bad trades. That was the WhiteWater plan HRC used “Nobody couldn’t but figure out, too schmartz!” AYFKM.

    “• Ex-Hillary Aide: Debate Setup “Soft Coup” By Democrats To Replace Biden (MN)

    Really? And Jill just said “Yes, sure, Biden is fine! Totally debate! I’m sure nothin’ bad will happen.”

    ““..72% of Americans say Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health capabilities to serve as president.”

    Yes, but they mean “serve as President AGAIN”. IF Biden can’t run a campaign because he can’t serve as President, then “Time Exists” and he can’t serve as President NOW. That means you immediately must discuss 25th. They don’t, so it’s all a scam. And yes, time is short, but it would have to be EXPLAINED that time is short, so why bother AND who is running things worldwide while we’re in two major wars. They don’t. It’s a scam. No one cares. EVERYONE KNOWS Biden never ran anything, as President nor Senator either. The Democratic base didn’t care. ‘Cause: #Winning.

    ““If you have a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter that I’m holding in my hand, … you go to jail for five years.”

    Same party, same Progressives, same Democrats, that supported the KKK and lynchings for the same reasons in 1919. Superpredators! Same people supported mostly, entirely by White, Liberal, Suburban Womens both times. Save the Chillin’s! So. Proud!!

    AFTER all this, they are STILL the core and almost sole remaining category of support for Joe and his crack-dodging son, WHILE berating Black support for Republicans. “Know Your Place!!!”

    Continuing the article, there were any number of good Democrats, sort of, though we have our differences. Bernie, Manchin, Union-supporters, etc. Biden is not from that part of the Party, but the Hillary Neo-Liberal Billionaire CIA part. And you may notice, no matter what happens anywhere, the real party and people are set aside and Magic! This CIA-Billionaire part claims “Socialism! Little Peoples! Workers Unite!” and somehow gets the money, somehow Magic! Their opposition dies in small plane crashes like JFK Jr. Funny ol world.

    That is to say, they’re wearing the REST of the Party, the Unions, the Black, the Gay, etc LIKE A SKIN SUIT. And the appalling, horrifying, nightmarish part of that, is when Buffalo Bill Clinton comes out in public WEARING the skin suit made of murdered, sewn-up women, no one notices and the media cheers. …While the rest of us sit horrified, terrorized at the nightmare we endure. They’re having thunderous applause as no one notices, am I going to stand up and start shouting at the crowd so they tear ME apart? No, like a Twilight Zone Episode, I am not. I am going to find out what they’ve been putting in the town’s water and stop it, very quietly.

    ““..Democratic Party apparatchiks are engaging in Orwellian falsifications to cover Biden’s catastrophic cognitive failure..”

    Wait, what? Biden was TOO GOOD. He practiced and rehearsed TOO WELL, I heard. He wore out 5 more young aides, and answered ALL the questions – with WORDS even.

    So he was too good but ALSO too bad? Prepared too much but also not enough? BothNeitherAi.

    “• Democrats Hint At Assassination In Response To SCOTUS Immunity Decision (ZH)

    They’re goin’ Worldwide. …He’s only following the Germans on this. Wait, no not THOSE Germans (wait, yes, those Germans too) but the MODERN Germans, outlawing, arresting and possibly assassinating AfD as we speak. German Secret Service knew AfD were talking to …somebody, unclear, didn’t warn them, then arrest them for talking to the people German Secret Service refused to protect them from. Remember? It was like last week.

    “Satire? Switch around the names Trump and Biden, and see how that feels.
    • BBC Presenter Calls For Trump To Be Assassinated (RT)

    You can’t. The Left is happy to assassinate and kill anyone, they don’t really care who. THey hate all human equally. Including themselves. “Burn it down!”

    Sooo…. How many hundred Trump assassinations have we seen each year? Magazine covers, ad hints from Soros, Broadway plays, Rap videos? Well, all of them, of course! If you want to be super-edgy and not BORING, you need to do exactly what everybody else is doing, and what Nike, Coke, and Dick-Rockets like Bezos support! Supporting billionaires and billionaire companies against the People is what Socialist Revolutions are all about! …In America, apparently.

    I swear to God I am not making this up. And I swear to God no one notices.

    “• Trump Could End NATO Expansion – Politico (RT)

    This is their talk. Like “We’ll just call a DMZ freeze and take 4/5 of Ukraine into NATO.” No, you won’t. NATO is not going to “Not expand” it’s going to CONTRACT and cease to exist.

    “UK Military Unprepared For Conflict Of Any Kind – Ex-Defense Official (RT)

    Like Biden, we “Just noticed!!!!! Honest!!!!!” Not like an entire army decayign to literally a girl scout troop takes +25 years or something. While we have carriers that can’t sail off harbor and have no jets on them.

    Bird and Fortune. Again. And again, and you’ll watch it again until you DO something about it.

    How long ago? Oh wait, this COMEDY clip was SIXTEEN YEARS ago. That means the problem must have been even 16 years before that. And we have done….?????

    We knew all this 35 years ago and we did…..???? That’s right: NOTHING. Nothing, nothing at all, not a thing, didn’t lift a finger, did nothing, got rid of all shipyards, all steel plants, all men, all sailors, all coal, all oil, all nuclear, all …everything.

    And then did nothing. I’m sure– pretty sure – SOMEbody, more than one somebodies, WROTE this to you on the top of every report they send you every day for all 35 years. And you did…NOTHING.

    Al-Rightie Then! So. Surprised! Joe “Suddenly Salad” Biden!

    ““I remind you that France has an official public debt of 3,000 billion euros, and that this sum is absolutely non-repayable..”

    Yes, but the debts of ALL Western countries are un-payable. Worldwide, the only country that could actually pay their debt is Russia. If you hadn’t caught on to what that means, it means we’re not going to pay it. We’re going to DEFAULT. On China, specifically, which is why we need a war. But ALSO all pensioners that somehow survive our medical system. They’re going to draft you and kill you so you can’t riot when they do.

    Dr D Rich

    An equals One.
    Just one?

    “President Barack Obama killed an American citizen without a trial or a charge”

    Anwar, Nawar, and Abdulrahman.
    Was John Murtha one of Obama’s victims also?

    Vis a vis Jack Murtha again:
    “…these “theories” on how Biden could respond to the Supreme Court are not simple hypotheticals for the sake of argument, there is an element of desperation and bloodlust.”

    Punk-ass bitches

    those darned kids

    just wishing everyone a very happy 3rd of july!!!


    anyone wish they had taken Greer’s sage advice in 2012?

    “Collapse now and avoid the rush.” – Greer

    happy third tdk. The parts to repair the three year old $800.00 washing machine come today. the ability to repair appliances convinces the lady of the house to let me stay. i collapsed shortly after Ronnie’s Tax Reform Act of 1986. ahead of the curve, ahead of the curve.

    those darned kids

    tdk’s theory of humans:

    4% of humans are socio/psychopaths – the ones with bad teeth become criminals, the ones with good teeth become politicians. these are the people who will become the “leaders” (i.e. “leachers”) regardless of governmental structure. the scum always climbs to the top.

    80% of humans do what the above tell them to do.

    16% of humans jump up and down in front of the 80% trying to awaken, and ultimately, rescue the 80% from the 4%

    if you are here at tae blah, blahing day after day, it is because you are of the 16%.

    and i salute thee, o frustrated, frustrated warrior for sanity.

    and so, A PROPOSAL: Beginning today, July, the Third, 2024 and henceforth, every July, the Third, to be proclaimed GLOBAL 16%ER DAY to honour those who try, try, try..

    perhaps we can call it “julytoonth” informally..


    • Ex-Hillary Aide: Debate Setup “Soft Coup” By Democrats To Replace Biden

    The Biden Crime Family is just one of multiple Satanic crime families.

    Frankly, they are the low-rent ones compared to the Clintons and Obomber.

    You remember the Godfather movies.

    They have rituals to work this out among themselves.

    Rituals of violence, of human sacrifice, of ritual humiliation

    It will play out just like the movies.

    Like King Kong (Obama) vs Godzilla (Hillary)

    They don’t care a flyingfuck about Duh’merica or it’s Sheeple

    They are merely props or a backdrop for their Titanic Satanic Egoes (TSE)

    Bucket up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

    Would you rather date an illegal immigrant or a Liberal Demonrat?


    Meanwhile back in Ukronaziland:

    Yuzmash plant in Dnepropetrovsk is rocked with some nasty ordnance

    Wave after wave after wave


    Presidential Immunity.

    Was it an official act or a personal act?

    Make a list of official acts for ALL presidents, including Biden.

    (When vice president Biden bragged on TV that he forced by withholding billions of dollars in US aid from the Ukraine government unless it fired the prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian company that paid his son $50,000 a month as a director.
    Self-serving use of presidential authority?)

    (If a president believes an election is fraudulent, it is his responsibility, and thereby an official act, for him to have the election verified.)
    Dementia affect ability to make decisions

    President Biden attacked the Supreme Court ruling, urging citizens to “dissent” against the verdict.

    • Ex-Hillary Aide: Debate Setup “Soft Coup” By Democrats To Replace Biden (MN)

    Traditionally, the debates are held after the Republican and Democratic conventions, which are in July and August.” “There is a growing belief this was a ‘soft coup’ because they know he isn’t fit to govern and have known for some time,” the aide further asserted. “They wanted to test him against Trump early while there was still time to replace him if he failed to rise to the occasion. Which, of course, he did spectacularly,” the source added.
    If you don’t listen to the voters, they won’t vote for you.

    “..72% of Americans say Biden does not have the mental and cognitive health capabilities to serve as president.”
    Extremely urgent public interest are up to a totally unaccountable ‘family council’ – such as whether a dementia case should have final say over almost 5,000 nuclear weapons – does not qualify as a democracy.
    Democrats also have a tendency to abandon the democratic process when that process interferes with their intentions to remain in power.
    keep in mind, if Trump does not have immunity for previous actions as president, then neither does any other president. How many skeletons are in the closets of men like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barack Obama?

    Formerly T-Bear

    From RT:

    Biden doesn’t suffer from dementia – White House

    Then it must be Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, exactly what is expected from a professional lying bullshitter, aka politician at national levels.

    Which WH spoks.lier put that pile out for public consumption? There are great stables to be cleaned and not a Hercules about when needed.

    John Day

    Your Lying Eyes

    ​ 72% of voters say Biden not mentally fit to serve as president: Poll
    Poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov comes amid concern over president’s cognitive health following 1st live TV debate​

    For whatever it may be worth, ​I did a Google search and found 5 specific COVID “vaccine” and “booster” administrations to Joe Biden announced in the news.

    ​ Record Number of ‘Double Haters’ Loathe Both US Major Party Presidential Candidates
    ​ “Biden, Trump are least-liked pair of major party presidential candidates in at least 3 decades,” declared a report by the Pew Research Center polling firm. “With the 2024 U.S. presidential election about five months away, a quarter of Americans hold unfavorable views of both major party candidates – President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.”
    ​ “That is the highest share expressing negative views of both candidates in surveys conducted at about this point in the election cycle by the Center and other organizations dating back to the 1988 election.”​ …
    ​..Perhaps the largest group of “double haters” are pro-Palestinian voters, including Arab-Americans and young people who oppose Biden’s support for Israel’s deadly military operation in Gaza. Trump also remains unpalatable for this segment of the population given the former president’s steadfast pro-Israel stance and threats to deport pro-Palestine campus demonstrators studying in America on student visas.
    ​ “Activists are increasingly rejecting the ‘lesser of two evils’ paradigm that historically has benefited Democrats, raising the risk that they’ll boycott the election or vote third party,” Axios reported. Among prominent third-party US candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has also expressed a pro-Zionist stance, but Green Party candidate Jill Stein has distinguished herself as a supporter of the Palestinian cause. The activist and physician was arrested at a pro-Palestine demonstration in St. Louis in April.​ Libertarian Party candidate Chase Oliver has also pledged to “end the genocide” against Palestinians if elected president.​

    ​ Kamala’s Ace In The Hole? $91 Million Biden-Harris Campaign Fund Looms Large​ (Mean, stupid and ​”rich​”…)
    ​ Discussion of Vice President Kamala Harris’s prospects for becoming the party’s new 2024 standard-bearer tend to focus on her (lack of) electability and Democrats’ reluctance to pass over a black woman who holds the title that makes her a natural successor.
    ​ Little attention has been paid to what might be Kamala’s greatest asset: her name on the $91.2 million Biden-Harris campaign account. Per federal election rules, in the event Biden drops out, that account can’t simply be handed over to whomever the party eventually nominates for president — unless it’s Harris.​

    ​I have always liked Lloyd, though he was bamboozled on “vaccines”, as was his MD daughter, who I also always liked when we worked together.
    ​ House Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) has become the first House Democrat to publicly urge President Biden to quit the 2024 race following last week’s debate performance which showed the commander-in-chief’s obvious dementia on full display…
    ..”My decision to make these strong reservations public is not done lightly nor does it in any way diminish my respect for all that President Biden has achieved,” said Doggett. “Recognizing that, unlike Trump, President Biden’s first commitment has always been to our country, not himself, I am hopeful that he will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw. I respectfully call on him to do so.”
    (TOUCHE’!) “I represent the heart of a congressional district once represented by Lyndon Johnson,” Doggett added in a statement. “Under very different circumstances, he made the painful decision to withdraw. President Biden should do the same.”…
    ..Doggett’s call for Biden to step out of the race comes as a new post-debate CNN poll reveals that 75% of voters think Democrats would have a better chance in November with someone else as the nominee.​..
    ..Meanwhile, one day after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) suggested Trump is actually the candidate with Dementia, she appeared​ to ‘clarify’ during a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC to suggest that Biden’s cognitive decline is more of an ‘episode’ than what’s going on at all times, saying “I think it’s a legitimate question to say, is this an episode or is this a condition?”…​
    ..Democratic governors held a call Monday afternoon.
    Just governors – no staffs – no one from campaign or WH…
    Organized by Gov Tim Walz of Minnesota for the DGA.
    On the call Dem. governors expressed concern about what’s going on with the president
    They know if they come forward publicly with concern that likely will cause Biden to dig in more
    They were also surprised none of them had heard from him (!)
    There was discussion on the call about wanting to have a call with the campaign or White House…
    Some discussion about having VP Harris address them…
    There was strong sentiment that they needed to hear directly from President Biden​

    John Day

    ​Obama telling people Biden can’t win – Tucker Carlson
    ​ Publicly, however, many Democratic heavyweights, including Obama, reaffirmed their support for Biden. While admitting that “bad debate nights happen,” the former president insisted that “this election is still a choice between someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life and someone who only cares about himself.”
    ​ Writing on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday, Carlson said, citing an “unusually good source,” that Obama’s post had been “disingenuous.”
    ​ “In private, Obama is telling people Biden can’t win, and he is therefore in favor of an open convention,” the journalist claimed. He added Obama is not saying whom he supports, but recently met with Biden in person to deliver the message.
    ​ Carlson also claimed that relations between Obama and Biden – who served as vice president between 2009 and 2017 – have never been warm, and were at times even “hostile.” According to the journalist, those ties “recently… deteriorated further,” mostly due to First Lady Jill Biden, who allegedly “kept her husband cloistered away from anyone who might convince him to drop out” of the race for the White House after the disastrous debate.
    ​ Carlson added that Biden’s wife remains “the driving force behind her husband’s reelection campaign,” echoing a recent NBC report naming her as the only person who could convince the president to “change course.”
    ​ However, CNN reported on Monday that Biden’s family, including Jill, had urged him not to end his campaign, blaming his poor performance on his team.​

    ​ US Supreme Court rules Trump has presidential immunity
    The Republican front-runner’s “official conduct” while in office is protected from prosecution, the justices found

    ​ Trump Sentencing Delayed Two Months, ‘If Such Is Still Necessary’
    ​ Hours after the US Supreme Court granted Donald Trump immunity for official acts committed in office, the former president began an effort to toss his recent conviction in Manhattan and postpone his upcoming sentencing over 34 felony counts related to his cover-up of a sex scandal leading up to the 2016 US election.

    ​ NATO Allies Oppose Biden’s Withdrawal From Presidential Race
    ​ Washington’s NATO allies fear the replacement of President Joe Biden with another candidate from the Democratic Party would undermine the stability of Western countries, CNN reported Sunday.
    ​ European leaders worry the move would allow Russia and China to portray the United States’ democratic system as weak and would create an opportunity for adversaries to spread propaganda, ​(Ha, Ha, Ha, ’cause nobody knows) according to the report. The move could also prompt discord among Western allies, it is feared.
    ​ The New York Times wrote in an op-ed Friday urging Biden to suspend his campaign after a poor showing in the first presidential debate, allowing another Democrat to take his place. Meanwhile Biden and his campaign admitted the US president had a rough night at the event in Atlanta, but they assured the public they would not end the reelection bid.​–report-1119198925.html

    ​Alastair Crooke, The West – indubitably – has lost Russia, and is losing Eurasia too
    ​ Not just ‘no longer at peace’, Russia was holding the U.S. responsible for the ‘cluster strike’ on a Crimean beach on last Sunday’s Pentecost holiday, killing several (including children) and injuring many more. The U.S. thereby “became party” to the proxy war in Ukraine (it was an American-supplied ATACM; programmed by American specialists; and drawing on U.S. data), Russia’s statement read; “Retaliatory measures will certainly follow”.
    ​ Evidently, somewhere an amber light flashed hues of pink and red. The Pentagon grasped that something had happened – ‘No going around it; This could escalate badly’. The U.S. Defence Secretary (after a pause since March 2023) reached for the phone to call his Russian counterpart: ‘The U.S. regretted civilian deaths; the Ukrainians had full targeting discretion’.
    ​ The Russian public however, is plain furious.​..
    ​..President Putin – in his statement to the Foreign Ministry Board in wake of the G7 sword-rattling – detailed just how we had arrived at this pivotal juncture (of inevitable escalation). Putin indicated that the gravity of the situation demanded a ‘last chance’ offer to the West, one that Putin emphatically said was to be “No temporary ceasefire for Kiev to prepare a new offensive; nor a freezing the conflict – but rather, needed to be about the war’s final completion”.​..
    ​ It has been widely understood that the only credible way to end the Ukraine war would be a ‘peace’ agreement emerging through negotiation between Russia and the U.S…​ ..Moscow (and China) are not simply waiting upon the whims of the West, but plan to invert completely the security architecture paradigm: To create an ‘Alt’ architecture for the ‘vast space’ of Eurasia, no less.
    ​ It is intended to exit the existing bloc zero-sum confrontation. A new confrontation is not envisaged; however the new architecture nevertheless is intended to force ‘external actors’ to curtail their hegemony across the continent…
    ..“This speech [of Putin at the Russian Foreign Ministry], I would say, sets the vector of further activities of our country at the international stage, including the building of a single and indivisible security system in Eurasia,” Ushakov said.​..
    ..So, as Lavrov has underlined, Eurasian countries have come to the realization that security on the continent must be built from within – free and far from American influence. In this conceptualisation, the principle of indivisibility of security – a quality not implemented in the Euro-Atlantic project – can and should become the key notion around which the Eurasian structure can be built, Lavrov specified.
    ​ Here, in this ‘indivisibility’, is to be found the real, and not the nominal, implementation of the provisions of the UN Charter, including the principle of sovereign equality…
    ​..Lavrov predicted:
    ​ “This is a geopolitical struggle. This has always been; and will perhaps, last for long – and maybe we will not see an end to this process. Yet it is a fact that the course towards control from the ocean of everything that occurs everywhere – is now countered by the course towards uniting the efforts of Eurasian countries”.​.. ..“Initially, it may well exist in the form of a forum or consultation mechanism of interested countries, not burdened with excessive organisational and institutional obligations”, writes Ivan Timofeev.​
    ​ However, the “parameters” to this system, explained Maria Zakharova,​ “… will not only ensure long-lasting peace, but also avoid major geo-political upheavals due to the crisis of globalization, built according to Western patterns. It will create reliable military-political guarantees for the protection of both the Russian Federation and other countries of the macro-region from external threats, create a space free from conflicts and favourable for development – by eliminating the destabilizing influence of extra-regional players on Eurasian processes. In the future, this will mean curtailing the military presence of external powers in Eurasia”.​..
    ​..Sergei Karaganov, (in a recent interview) however, inserts his more sober analysis:​ “Unfortunately, we are heading for a real world war, a full-blown war. The foundation of the old world system is bulging at the seams, and conflicts will break out. It is necessary to block the way leading to such a war … conflicts are already brewing and taking place in all areas”.​..
    ..The simple logic of inverting the NATO military paradigm to yield an ‘Alt’ Eurasian security system would seem through force of logic alone, to argue that if the security paradigm is to be inverted, then the western financial and trading hegemony be inverted too.
    ​ De-dollarisation, of course, is already on the agenda, with tangible mechanisms likely to be unveiled in October. But if the West now feels free to sanction Eurasia at whim, the potential is also there for Eurasia reciprocally to sanction both the U.S. or Europe – or both.
    ​ Yes. We have ‘lost’ Russia (not forever). And we may lose much more. Is not President Putin’s purpose in visiting North Korea and Vietnam now clear in the context of the Eurasian security architecture project? They are part of it.​

    John Day

    Hungary’s Orbán announces new ‘Patriots for Europe’ alliance with Austrian and Czech nationalists
    The new alliance is expected to become the strongest right-wing political group in the European Parliament​

    Video clips reveal body language. Zelensky looks a bit relieved, and Orban resolute. Hungary’s Orban, in Kyiv, proposes ceasefire to speed up peace talks
    ​ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Tuesday to consider a ceasefire to accelerate an end to the war with Russia, but Kyiv said it saw its own approach as the path to peace.
    ​ Orban, who is an outspoken critic of Western military aid to Ukraine and has the warmest relations of any EU leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin, held talks with Zelenskiy during his first trip to Kyiv in more than a decade…
    ​..In his statement to reporters, Zelenskiy touted the possibility of a broad bilateral cooperation agreement between Ukraine and Hungary.​ “…the content of our dialogue today on all issues can become the basis for a bilateral document between our states, a document that will regulate all our mutual relations,” he said.
    ​ Welcoming Zelenskiy’s comments, Orban said Hungary would like to help in modernising Ukraine’s economy.​

    ​ Analyzing The Alleged J6-Like Plot That Was Just Foiled In Kiev, Andrew Korybko
    It appears as though the conspirators are homegrown dissidents without any ties to Russia, though they might have some connections to disgruntled members of the military.
    ​ The Ukrainian Prosecutor General revealed on Monday that the SBU foiled an alleged J6-like plot to seize power in Kiev the day prior by orchestrating a protest that would deliberately descend into a riot whose participants, including military personnel and PMCs, would then storm the Rada. Zelensky has been fearmongering since November about a so-called “Maidan 3” that he claimed was being organized by Russia against him so it’s very likely that he’ll spin this latest development as proof of that supposed plot.​

    ​ 2019: Peak (Western) Civilization, The Honest Sorcerer ​ (The context is that ​global net oil​ +​ liquids peaked in late 2018.)
    Perhaps needless to say, few if any western politician will admit that the good days are over. One exception could be France’s Macron, openly floating the idea almost exactly two years ago, that the “end of abundance” is indeed around the corner. (Macron is a Rothschild banker. They write his lines.​ They know.) Little did he know back then that the entire collective West would still be on the slippery slope of the long decline two years later, accelerating towards a de-industrialized low-tech future. Just like two years ago, these unfortunate turn of events are still blamed on external enemies. If one understands the importance and role of energy in the economic life of any country on Earth, however, it becomes clear as daylight that this decline was a) inevitable due to geologic reasons, and b) was only accelerated by the pandemic response and the economic sanctions war.
    Consequently, the decline did not start in 2020, or 2022 either, but a year earlier, when the extraction of oil — the master resource, essential to everything this civilization does — hit a peak both in absolute and in net energy terms. None of this could’ve been seen in GDP figures, of course. Economists and politicians alike are flying high and blind, as they fixate on this entirely fictitious metric, which — contrary to common wisdom — has very little to do with economic activity, much more with the amount of monetary transactions taking place. GDP is thus easily distorted by taking on debt, printing money, measuring the transactional activity of the financial sector, or simply by under-reporting inflation… The prime economic metric used to guide policy is thus an abstraction of an abstraction, not a measure of real life activity or wealth.
    What really matters in the economy takes energy to make. Be it a service like running a restaurant, or manufacturing vehicles, every economic activity requires energy, and that in our world unfortunately means burning fossil fuels…
    ..The world of limited resources has turned globalization into a zero-sum game, where economic growth in one place increasingly comes at a cost of economic decline somewhere else. Natural gas is a vital input to many industrial processes from making fertilizer to melting glass, smelting metals, making concrete — and the list goes on. And when you have to burn half of your supply to heat people’s homes (whereas warmer regions in Asia do not) then it puts your economy into a massive disadvantage. Simply put the European and North American economy requires twice as much gas to make the same amount of fertilizer, glass or metal… And while Europe no longer has ample access to cheap pipeline gas, the US might pull it out somewhat longer — at least until their natural gas production embarks on its own long decline. Think about that…
    ..If my understanding of the role of energy in energy production — and ultimately in economic output — is correct, then it’s no mystery why the West is facing so many hardships all at the same time. Inflation and rising food prices. A cost of living “crisis” not willing to recede. Homelessness, rising inequality, falling living standards, failing institutions. Geopolitical tensions, and an increasingly ineffective (profit, not purpose driven) weapons industry unable to manufacture enough ammo, missiles, tanks, you name it. Well, no energy, no economy, no hegemony…
    ​..The collective West’s heydays are definitely over, but its rivals face a difficult to navigate future as well. The long decline has begun, and although it looks like a slow and steady process, it can accelerate rather abruptly. As all the buffers, safety stocks and barriers are removed to preserve a semblance of normalcy, the system will eventually lose all its resiliency and become fragile. Western economies are skating on ever thinner ice, without taking notice of the cracks and pops all around them. ​ Will this end in a massive world war for the last remaining resources then?

    ​ Downhill Since Bretton Woods: ‘Unipolar US Dollar’ Mutated Into ‘Politically Weaponized’ Tool
    ​ Since the US dollar was made the “de facto steward of the global economic system” by the Bretton Woods Agreement it has abused that role, Paul Goncharoff, chief manager of consulting firm Goncharoff LLC, told Sputnik. The greenback has degenerated into a “unipolar and unreliable, politically weaponized” tool, he noted.
    ​ The creation of BRICS has motivated many countries to embark on an organized effort to dedollarize and break free from the vicious political cycle, as pointed out by the experienced financial analyst.
    ​ “The “extraordinary privilege” enjoyed by the USD as the lead global reserve currency has over time tested the discipline, resolve, and trust of the United States government… It was found wanting, as what should have been economically sound objective decisions steadily degenerated into politically “weaponized” short-term actions that were hugely expensive for the rest of the world,” he said.​..
    ​..In effect, the system had all of the worlds’ currencies pegged to the dollar, and the dollar pegged to gold. The fixed exchange rate system required non-reserve countries to give up the independence of their own monetary policy, regardless of the need for adjustments in response to changing domestic economic circumstances.
    ​ By the 1960s, the dollar was grossly overvalued, as the US did not have enough gold to cover the volume of greenbacks in worldwide circulation due to the “constant and growing US balance-of-payments deficits​.”​ (The spending on Vietnam and Korea sucked the gold out of the US. Trade was​ balanced without that draw.) When then-President Richard M. Nixon rolled out his New Economic Policy in 1971, it signaled the demise of the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates. By 1973, all currencies were permitted to float freely.​..
    ..“In essence, the more the United States prints and spends USD, the more the rest of the world is expected to invest in US government paper, and subsidize this debt-spending. The BRICS nations and their adherents are advocating for the use of national currencies for cross-border trade, eventually de-linking from the increasingly unipolar and visibly unreliable US Dollar,” Goncharoff explained.​..
    ​..“One proposal for a unified BRICS trade unit is the “BRICS Bridge” allowing the ten current members to exchange units based 60% of their sovereign currencies and 40% backed by their gold reserves,” noted Goncharoff, and summed up:.
    ​ “For Russia, and most other nations, there is a far bigger picture – where non-US dominated, global trade opportunities beckon.”​

    John Day

    “​Green Economy?” Direct cash infusions for US retail banks, so they don’t fail. Fed Paid Banks And Funds $400 Billion Over 2 Years For Sitting On Cash
    ​After a rate hike spree in 2022 and 2023, the central bank now pays 5.4 percent annual interest on “reserves” – any money a bank leaves parked at the Fed overnight.
    ​ The banks, on the other hand, haven’t necessarily passed on the windfall to its customers, as deposit rates remain very low compared to the rates banks receive from the Fed.​

    ​ Ben Gvir calls for execution of Palestinian prisoners with ‘shot in the head’
    Israel is holding almost 10,000 Palestinians in its prisons and detention camps, where torture is widespread
    ​ Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has called for the execution of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, WAFA reported on 30 June.
    In a video statement, Ben-Gvir said that Israel should kill Palestinian prisoners with a “shot to the head.”
    ​ He urged the passing of the bill in the Israeli Knesset for executing prisoners, saying they should be given just enough food to keep them alive until the law is enacted.​

    ​ ‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 269: Israeli leaders slam prison services over release of al-Shifa Hospital director
    ​ 37,877 + killed* and at least 86,969 wounded in the Gaza Strip. Among the killed, 28,152 have been fully identified. These include, as of May 1st, fully identified 7,779 children, 5466 women, and 2418 elderly. In addition, around 10,000 more are estimated to be under the rubble.*
    ​ 554+ Palestinians killed in occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. These include 135 children.​..
    ​..On Monday, Israeli forces released 50 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who had been detained during the current war, including the director of the Israeli-destroyed al-Shifa hospital, Dr. Muhammad Abu Salmiyah, who was detained by Israeli troops in November.
    ​ According to testimonies by survivors from al-Shifa and other released detainees, Dr. Abu Salmiyah was arrested after he refused to make public claims that Hamas fighters were using al-Shifa for military purposes. Testimonies of fellow detainees indicated that Dr. Abu Salmiyah was beaten and humiliated during his detention.
    ​ Upon his release, Abu Salmiyah said to Al Jazeera that Palestinian detainees were suffering very hard conditions due to the lack of food, humiliation, and mistreatment by Israeli forces.
    ​ In reaction, Israel’s security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said that Dr. Abu Salmiyah’s release was a “security neglect” by the Israeli intelligence and prison services. Benny Gantz, the opposition leader, also criticized the release of Dr. Abu Salmiyah and 50 other Palestinians, calling it “an operational and moral mistake.” In response, the Israeli public broadcasting service said that the release of the detainees on Monday was because Israeli jails were full.​

    ​ A settler shot my husband. Then Israel bulldozed my childhood home
    Zakariyah has suffered immensely since being wounded by an Israeli settler. Yet his attacker roams free, and demolitions continue to devastate our communities in Masafer Yatta.​

    ​ US lawmakers vote to censor Palestinian death toll in Gaza to cover Israel war crimes
    ​ In a 269 – 144 vote in favour of the bipartisan amendment at the US House of Representatives, the move attempts to bar the State Department from using international affairs budget funds to cite figures and statistics published by Gaza’s Health Ministry.​..
    ​..Having overwhelmingly been voted in and being backed by 62 Democrats and 207 Republicans, the proposed amendment is now set to go to the Senate for consideration.
    ​ If passed, the US government will be forbidden from acknowledging that the Israeli occupation has killed at least 37,765 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and wounded 86,429 others so far. Those statistics by Gaza’s health ministry are also suspected of far underestimating the true number of deaths and injuries.​

    John Day

    ​ ‘More horrific than Abu Ghraib’: Lawyer recounts visit to Israeli detention center
    At Sde Teiman, Khaled Mahajneh found a detained journalist unrecognizable as he described the facility’s violent and inhumane conditions.​
    ​..Mahajneh, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was initially approached by Al Araby TV, which was seeking information about Muhammad Arab, a reporter for the network who was arrested in March while covering the Israeli siege of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. “I contacted the Israeli army’s control center, and after providing them with a photo and an ID card of the detainee, as well as my official power of attorney document, I was informed that [Arab] was being held at Sde Teiman and that he could be visited.”…
    ​..Soldiers dragged out the detained journalist with his arms and legs tied, while Mahajneh remained behind a barrier. After soldiers removed his blindfold, Arab rubbed his eyes for five minutes, unaccustomed to the bright light. “Where am I?” was the first question he asked Mahajneh. Most Palestinians at Sde Teiman do not even know where they are being held; with at least 35 detainees having died in unknown circumstances since the war began, many simply call it “the death camp.”​…
    ​..Mahajneh told +972 that Arab was nearly unrecognizable after 100 days in the detention facility; his face, hair, and skin color had changed, and he was covered with dirt and pigeon droppings. The journalist had not been given new clothes for nearly two months, and was only allowed to change his pants for the first time that day because of the lawyer’s visit.
    ​ According to Arab, detainees are continually blindfolded and tied up with their hands behind their backs, forced to sleep hunched over on the floor without any bedding. Their iron handcuffs are removed only during a weekly, minute-long shower. “But the prisoners began refusing to shower because they don’t have watches, and going beyond the allotted minute exposes prisoners to severe punishments, including hours outside in the heat or rain,” Mahajneh said.
    ​ All detainees, Mahajneh noted, face deteriorating health conditions due to the poor quality of the daily prison diet: a small amount of labaneh and a piece of cucumber or tomato. They also suffer from severe constipation, and for every 100 prisoners, only one roll of toilet paper is provided per day…
    ..In its response to queries for this article, the Israeli army stated: “The IDF rejects allegations of systematic ill-treatment of detainees, including through violence or torture … If necessary, military police investigations are opened when there is suspicion of unusual behavior justifying it.” The army denied Arab’s and Mahajneh’s accounts of deprivation, and insisted that detainees are provided with sufficient clothing and blankets, food and water (“three meals a day”), access to toilets and showers (“between 7 and 10 minutes”), and other amenities.​

    ​ Ultra-Orthodox protest against order to enlist in Israeli military turns violent in Jerusalem
    ​ Thousands of Jewish ultra-Orthodox men clashed with Israeli police in central Jerusalem on Sunday during a protest against a Supreme Court order for them to begin enlisting for military service.
    ​ The landmark decision last week ordering the government to begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men could lead to the collapse of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition as Israel wages war in Gaza.
    ​ Tens of thousands of men rallied in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood to protest the order…
    ..Military service is compulsory for most Jewish men and women in Israel. But politically powerful ultra-Orthodox parties have won exemptions for their followers to skip military service and instead study in religious seminaries.
    ​ The long-standing arrangement has bred resentment among the broader public, a sentiment that has grown stronger during the eight-month war against Hamas.​

    ​ Israeli media reports alarming increase in soldiers seeking discharge
    Israeli media describes the sharp increase in officers seeking discharge as “a crisis of the state, not just the army alone,” characterizing it as “worrying”.​
    Israeli media reported a significant challenge for the military this year, with 900 officers of captain and major ranks requesting a discharge.​ ​

    ​ Celia Farber, Traveling Paramedic Harry Fisher May Be The Most Banned Account On Social Media: Banned Over 50 Times On TikTok, Banned On X, He Is Now Back:
    Tells Of Colleague Who Knows Shots Are Deadly But Says He Can’t Turn Down The $50 An Hour to Give Shots, Despite Urinating Blood After His Own

    Peter McCullough MD, A Critical Analysis of All-Cause Deaths during COVID-19 Vaccination in an Italian Province
    COVID-19 and All-Cause Mortality Increased with Shots–Vaccination Did Not “Save Lives”​

    John Day

    ​ Bearing Witness: Bobbo Sundgren’s Harrowing Account Of His Son’s Death​ (due to Moderna’s COVID vaccine)—The Case That Has Made The Cover Of Four Major Swedish Newspapers​

    ​Nicholas’ last days and passing from life are related here in Christian Gnostic perspective: Nicholas is The Resistance… that defies the archons and the ego
    ​ In the contemplation of Nicholas as “the golden one” who challenges the evil entities behind the idea of central power, I promised to share micro-observations from his 68 days in the hospital to support this insight.
    ​ It is slow and painful for me to write about this. For it involves situations where Nicholas was most exposed and vulnerable. Yet, he seemed to be carried by his strong love for his family and also by some sort of deep, mystical perspectives that he rarely spoke of but expressed a month before he fell ill.​

    ​ John Leake, US Government to give $176 million to Moderna to develop a human mRNA H5N1 Bird Flu Injection
    The VAX Racket Capo in Cambridge just got a capital infusion from Uncle Sam. Now all it needs is some widespread panic to get it into every arm.​

    ​Mexico is the ancestral home of corn. After a 4-year Legal Battle, Monsanto Drops Lawsuit Against Mexico’s GM Corn Ban

    Your invisible “friend”, BPA: Drinking from plastic bottles can raise type 2 diabetes risk, study warns
    Findings are first to provide evidence that chemical’s administration increases type 2 diabetes risk, researchers say​

    John Day

    ​ Biden’s De Facto EV Mandate At Risk after Supreme Court ‘Chevron’ Ruling
    Biden’s strict tailpipe emissions standard has become vulnerable due to the Supreme Court decision on the Chevron Deference.
    The ruling adds to already heated debates about whether the EPA has authority to regulate emissions from vehicles.
    The U.S. top court ruling will have wide-reaching implications for the oil and gas industry because it will make it more difficult for federal agencies to regulate the environment and public health.​

    ​ More than she may know… The Big Air Con Elite climate hypocrisy is not sustainable
    ​ Airport world is a parallel dimension. No matter where they are geographically, all airports are essentially the same place, with a simplified “international English” and a time zone only loosely tethered to its location. Airport world even has its own climate: uniformly air-conditioned, typically somewhere in the 21-24°C zone that studies also suggest represents the zone of maximum human productivity and cognitive performance.
    ​ Last week, airport world deposited me in Boston for a few days, during a heatwave that reached humid highs of 36°C. But the heat barely registered as such, thanks to America’s ubiquitous climate control, which helpfully kept my seminar strictly in the productivity zone.
    ​ On the rare occasions when I did venture outside, feeling my mind, skin, and limbs adjusting to the solid presence of heat, I found myself mulling over the meaning of air conditioning.​..
    ..The denizens of airport world may currently profess to be both climate-conscious and egalitarian. But this lifestyle cannot sustainably be generalised to the whole planet. And as this becomes more obvious, even the most progressive among their number will surely abandon their egalitarianism long before they switch off the aircon. After all, the only other solution would be to try and move the planet’s entire human population to the temperate zones of Europe and North America, before retreating into (presumably air-conditioned) enclaves a safe distance from the resulting chaos. And surely not even an elite blinded by aircon culture to the real depth of global human cultural differences would consider something as reckless as that.​

    ​Kyle Young, S.A.I. (chemtrails) – photo documentation of how it’s done, the hateful destruction of the commons
    ​ On the chance that anything I present in my posts needs to be used as evidence, from now on – even though it’s an accurate description of what’s being carried out – I’m going to refrain from using the term chemtrails. Instead, I’m going to use the sterile term preferred by those who are conducting these criminal acts. From now on I’ll be referring to chemtrails as Strategic Aerosol Injection (SAI).​


    Leftists love ginormous corporations, especially ones that remove choice or free speech because it is part of Historicity (religious prophecy), Marx’s inevitable progression of “Conditions” that already failed in the 1800’s.

    Just like the scary Apocalyptic-Fundamentalist Christians of the Dubya era, they want to MAKE the bad conditions occur to fulfil the prophecy.

    Same reason Marxist AFKTT, once his all his circuits get blown by too much logic, just starts stammering “Conditions!!! CONDITIONS!!!!” because he’s running the same scam, just ported to “climate”

    CRT gender “theory,” climate “theory,” etc are all the cope for Historicity FAILING. The cope for Conditions NOT inevitably leading to Marx’s prophesied Next Thing. Yet they cannot stop themselves from simultaneously referencing the Cope for the failure alongside the very thing that failed.

    Jack London, uber-socialist, at least understood other systems COULD be very very stable. He had The Iron Heel period of history last for about 1,000 years or so in his story.

    Jack London – The Iron Heel

    Way better writer than Rand. Says a lot of the same things as Atlas Shrugged but in the space of a novella. It’s just when you get to methods, our new way of living there’s always a mental leap. Step #3 ??? Step 4 Profit.

    I mentioned a thing you care about. Really tugged at your heartstrings and gutted you emotionally even. Then meatsuited it. Kneel to Zod, I said That Thing You Care About. You service our needs now.

    Juxtaposition of a Thing with your religion isn’t proof of anything, isn’t a plan, doesn’t justify your thing. Juxtaposition is not an ARGUMENT. It’s maybe an attempt at operant conditioning? Like ringing a bell while a dog gets their food? Not an argument, but qualifies as “Pragmatic” per socialist thought. Inherently disrespectful and dehumanizing and their go-to thing. “Why does nobody like my Star Wars? I already TOLD YOU, I’VE got YOUR Star Wars and that there’s no discussion. wtf is this?”

    Why not make humanity the measure of things? Success, failure, goals? Never!


    Soon, Expected Critical Unpayable Loans

    What happens when gov. loans, are not paid back?
    Who will be the first losers/bag holders?
    Will your money manager/banks accept the lost/responsibilities?


    “We’re here to learn from YOU. We’re here to ASK you what YOU want and need, and then serve you accordingly”

    …said no Leftist ever

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz From yesterday, comment #162670

    The Jewish Christ-complex makes for a somewhat hystericized general attitude … which has become especially clear to me in the course of the present anti-Christian attacks upon myself. The mere fact that I speak of a difference between Jewish and Christian psychology suffices to allow anyone to voice the prejudice that I am an anti-Semite. … As you know, Freud previously accused me of anti-Semitism because I could not countenance his soulless materialism. The Jew truly solicits anti-Semitism with his readiness to scent out anti-Semitism everywhere. I cannot see why the Jew, like any so-called Christian, is incapable of assuming that he is being personally criticised when one has an opinion of him. Why must it always be assumed that one wants to condemn the Jewish people?”

    Excellent, in my opinion. That’s the kind of thinking that works. Especially the line which says. ” I cannot see why the Jew, like any so-called Christian, is incapable of assuming that he is being personally criticized when one has an opinion of him.”

    It suggests a question that leads in a potentially fruitful direction, namely, WHY? Why are so many Jews that way? That is a very important question, as I am sure you know. A question like that warrants very careful consideration, and research, and hopefully an ANSWER.

    In point of fact, there is an answer. I will waste no words in informing the room that the reason is that WITHIN Judaism (but not comprising the whole) is a cult that literally worships Satan. I do not mean that metaphorically. I mean it literally, and there are troves of literature by seriously professional historians that give evidence as proof of the veracity of what I just said.

    The modus operandi of that cult is to hide itself as it seeks to control and destroy all that is good, including humanity itself.

    The rabbit hole that I earnestly invite you to explore is as deep as deep can be. It is THE rabbit hole.


    The procedure was already written.
    That is why there is a VP
    Logical emergency solution
    Biden resigns, incapacitated, goes into care home
    Kamala Harris Vice President of the United States becomes president until election
    Open nomination at the party’s convention in Chicago on Aug. 19.


    The next presi-dented

    Separated at birth


    D Benton Smith


    What you say is true IF Biden submits to a request or command to leave office. All bets are off if his team doubles down and he refuses to go quietly. It all comes down to how the Bad Guys Party solves the Biden problem. They MUST decide, one way or the other. Does he stay or does he go NOW. That decision is the dependable criterion for us determining our strength vs the Bad Guys’ strength. If Biden goes before the election then we surely are winning, because if he goes then the Bad Guy Party automatically loses a significant chunk of their operational ability to control the multifarious levers of power, leading to catastrophic failure of the entire apparatus they depend on for their very lives.


    Nima’s place: Dialog Works

    Russia is Prepared for the Worst Coming from the West and Ukraine | Dmitry Orlov


    Kamala is such a Goof


    Where is your money?
    Who is abiding by “sound banking guidelines of 10X leverage?”
    U.S. publicly held debt 2013-2024
    Published by Statista Research Department, Jun 24, 2024
    In May 2024, the public debt of the United States was around 34.55 trillion U.S. dollars, a slight decrease from the previous month. The U.S. public debt ceiling has become one of the most prominent political issues in the States in recent years, with debate over how to handle it causing political turmoil between Democrats and Republicans.
    The public debt
    The public debt of the United States has risen quickly since 2000, and in 2022 was more than five times higher than in 2000. The public debt is the total outstanding debt that is owed by the federal government. This figure is comprised of debt owed to the public (for example, through bonds) and intragovernmental debt (debt owed to various governmental departments), such as Social Security.
    Debt in Politics
    The debt issue has become a highly contentious topic within the U.S. government. Measures such as stimulus packages, social programs and tax cuts add to the public debt. Additionally, spending tends to peak during large global events, such as the Great Depression, the 2008 financial crisis, or the COVID-19 pandemic – all of which had a detrimental impact on the U.S. economy. Although both major political parties in the U.S. tend to blame one another for increases in the country’s debt, a recent analysis found that both parties have contributed almost equally to national expenditure.
    Debate on raising the debt ceiling, or the amount of debt the federal government is allowed to have at any one time, was a leading topic in the government shutdown in October 2013. Despite plans from both Democrats and Republicans on how to lower the national debt, it is only expected to increase over the next decade.
    U.S. treasury securities major foreign holders 2024
    Published by Statista Research Department, May 24, 2024
    As of January 2024, Japan held United States treasury securities totaling about 1.15 trillion U.S. dollars.
    Foreign holders of United States treasury debt
    According to the Federal Reserve and U.S. Department of the Treasury, foreign countries held a total of eight trillion U.S. dollars in U.S. treasury securities as of January 2024. Of the total held by foreign countries, Japan and Mainland China held the greatest portions, with China holding 797.7 billion U.S. dollars in U.S. securities. Other foreign holders included oil exporting countries and Caribbean banking centers.
    The U.S. public debt
    In 2022, the United States had a total public national debt of 30.9 trillion U.S. dollars, an amount that has been rising steadily, particularly since 2008. In 2022, the total interest expense on debt held by the public of the United States reached 497 billion U.S. dollars, while 227 billion U.S. dollars in interest expense were intragovernmental debt holdings. Total outlays of the U.S. government were 6.37 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022. By 2028, spending is projected to reach eight trillion U.S. dollars.

    Hunter Biden joins White House meeting, befuddles Biden staff: report
    Experts have called Hunter Biden’s role as a top adviser a conflict of interest
    By Michael Lee Fox News
    Published July 2, 2024 4:38pm EDT

    Hunter Biden has joined the president in meetings with top aides, closely advising his father and popping into meetings and phone calls with the president, according to a report from NBC News, citing multiple White House sources.

    The White House sources told NBC News that the president’s son’s sudden presence at meetings has caused confusion for some White House staff, with the reaction being, “What the hell is happening?”



    “It’s just a pure and simple massive interest in his dad staying president so he can pardon not only Hunter, but Joe and the rest of the family for the crimes they committed, and probably Merrick Garland, too, for his role in the cover-up,” Mike Howell, the executive director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation, told Fox News Digital.

    (Boxes, and boxes of highly secured information need to be taken to Biden’s garage)


    Karine Jean-Pierre White House Press Secretary deserve an Oscar


    “He’s staying in the race”
    Trump – “Where are the keys to the white house”

    D Benton Smith

    Joe Biden (and all who flock around him) are just doing what they are told. At this juncture, especially, (because it is so critical to future plans) they will do EXACTLY what their handlers demand because if they do not obey orders they will be killed. That “on pain of death” clause in the contract is a key part of the bargain they struck when they agreed to the plan. How else could their handlers “trust” that their willing puppets would not try to back out of the deal when the going got tough?

    D Benton Smith

    The way to deal with people is to fully receive, but NOT automatically believe, all that they say. Only believe what they DO. Regardless of what they might or might not SAY, their adherence to what they believe to be true is revealed by their action. Only when people believe something to be true will they commit to act upon that knowledge, because action is the commitment to reality. Once done an action cannot be rescinded from what IS. So watch carefully and make sure that you’re getting an accurate view of of it all.

    Okay, after you see what they actually are DOING, then go back and compare that to what they were (or are) saying. Do the two scenes match? Are they essentially the same? Did they do what they said they would, or did they do something else instead? If what they said is the same as what they did then you can believe them. It might not be a nice thing that they wanted and did, but you can believe that they did it, and had reasons. Otherwise, it is highly advisable to NOT believe them, because they ARE lying. Your recourse is to get to the bottom of that lie.

    Too simple? Well, if that seems childishly simplistic to you then I have a question for you. The question is, if you’re such a sophisticated thinker why then do you continue to BELIEVE people who are LYING to you? I apologize if that seems patronizing or snide, but it is nevertheless an importantly legitimate question that deserves and answer, because LOTS of folks are doing that very thing. And by “lots of people” I mean that upwards of HALF of the entire more or less consciously aware adults in the world are doing EXACTLY that. They are continuing to believe people who are transparently lying to them.

    That’s worse than sad, but there is a simple (there’s that darned word again!) solution, and it is to pay heed to the people who do what they say. BELIEVE only that what you see and hear from them is an accurate representation of reality (as best you can know it at the time). All the rest are lying, and should be treated accordingly. By “accordingly” I mean determine what is the truth beneath their lie, and THEN take action to either support or oppose it. Easy in concept, arduous in practice, I know.

    To recap, action reveals belief so watch what people do in comparison to their statements. And remember this easily overlooked caveat about lying, lies have no immunity from reality, but are still subject to it. Lies are, in fact, an overt attempt to VIOLATE reality, which simply does not allow violation. Period. Kind of like karma, only stricter and with no further explanation or apology.

    Those who believe that lies (deceit, tricks, falsehoods, secrets, hidden motives and punitive force) are the best and preferred method of success are in pretty deep shit, and there is only ONE way out.

    That way is the truth.


    Jeff Childers at the Coffee and Covid substack has a detailed, and dare I say it, optimistic take on recent Supreme Court activity:

    Let’s cut through all the noise right now. I’ll tell you what it actually said, and then I will explain why it changes everything. And after explaining how it doesn’t help Trump much, I’ll tell you how the Supreme Court sneakily helped Trump anyway, even though this decision largely ignored his actual cases. Stick with me for a minute, it will be worth it.

    D Benton Smith

    I know there are some on this forum who would prefer that I stop harping on this narrow set of basic topics like the nature of Truth, the Universe and Everything. There’s a solid reason why I do, which is that all I’m doing thereby is telling you the truth. That’s my job, so to speak. I intend to continue telling you such truths until I can’t.

    One of those truths is that folks have been lying to you, and they are full time professional experts at it. One of those lies that the liars want you to believe is that God is not real. They further suggest that since there is no God then He could not possibly be in charge of things, and that people who think otherwise are a few bricks short of a load.

    Part of the technique is to heap ridicule (unsupported by facts, I might add) upon those who entertain the quaint notion that we and the World came from something of some kind rather than from nothing whatsoever at all. (Imagine that. An effect with no cause whatsoever.)

    Well, what would expect from a pack of liars? They are LYING, and they’re so good at it that no small percentage of you have fallen victim and actually do think that all of this God and religious stuff is basically feel-good-stories for the mentally challenged.

    Well, that is not the case, and if you think that so-called “worldly” events are not the product of Divine action then I don’t know what else I can tell you about other than to just keep on telling you the truth. Who knows, somebody might actually listen up and get the point.

    For example, it may have come to your attention that virtually every institution on Earth dedicated to legitimately virtuous purposes (and especially in the Empire of lies) has in recent years been turned perfectly upside-down and is now delivering the exact OPPOSITE of its original stated purpose.

    That is neither unfortunate accident nor the vagary of imperfect human nature. It is the result of explicit plans and specific vows by Satanist worshippers, in two simultaneous Black Masses held inside the Vatican and a Catholic Church in the United States, on June 29, 1963. The current Pope is a practicing Satanist.

    The Globalist NWO agenda is the expression of that plan, and there is nothing even vaguely accidental about it.

    Anyone who thinks that any part of these heinous events and consequences are going to be (or even CAN be) resolved while in denial of the core truth of the reality of God, might as well just go fishing and wait for Hell to get there. It won’t be a long wait. Even the dimwits are becoming aware of the preternatural convergence of calamities. Neither the crises nor their convergences are accidental.

    If you know this already, then fine. If you do NOT yet see it (or are inclined to scoff indulgently) then perform your due diligence investigation of the historical record, and don’t make any long range plans until you’ve finished doing your homework.

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