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    René Magritte The evening gown 1954   • Biden Says He Is Proud To Be A ‘Black Woman’ (RT) • Michelle Obama Hears the Calls and Sees the Polls (Ta
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    The United States, the irascible and indignant nation.


    “journalists as activists because journalism at its best — and indeed history at its best — is all about morality.” Thus, “Journalists need to be overt and candid advocates for social justice, and it’s hard to do that under the constraints of objectivity.”

    Journalism as religion, the sort of religion that says it is okay to lie to people because you make better decisions than those people, so you should be making their decisions, not them. Oh dear, kind of arrogant twat religious nutcase.

    As for morality, those are the rules by which individuals deal with each other, they are the rules that form the society. This journalist says that it is good to lie to people and obvioussly, from the track record, good to demonise half of society, the Trump half. What sort of morality is that, other than the twisted morality of a two year old denying they stole all the cookies from the cookie jar while covered in crumbs.

    This person obviously believes that he is above everybody else, that everybody else should do as he says, that he should do the thinking and you do the hard labour; kind of like a prison camp commandant, now where did I last hear of those people? Mind you, he was editor of the NYT and only the most “obedient” (so who’s doing the thinking) camp commandants get that job; ironic.


    In China “Big” Mike would be called “Fat” Mike.


    “As 80% of Voters Say Biden ‘Too Old’”

    Biden is not too old, he is too senile. Not a criticism, he didn’t choose his genes, but that is the way things have worked out. Kissinger – may he, Biden, in fact all of them, burn/rot in hell – was lucid up to 100 years old. I am sure he could have done the job, at least he could be up front that AIPAC supported him and he could explain that he supported Israel first. That would not be a problem for the Americans, they love their Jews.


    Sir Les Patterson in possession of a nuclear arsenal staggering to the air of the Washington Post March.

    where is Joseph N. Welch when you need him?




    Labour: 410 seats. Tories: 131 seats. For a majority of about 170 seats. Not a typo.

    Labour stands for nothing, same as the tories. Labour will keep all the shit that is pissing people off – like crazy immigration, police at your door because you called someone a wanker, prison for teaching your dog Nazi tricks – just the same as the tories, except that Labour will be forgiven for raising taxes and giving them to their private sector friends as “grants”. I am interested to see the turnout figures.

    The UK needs proportional representation and some decent politicians.

    A reminder; Keir Starmer protected Jimmy Saville from prosecution when Starmer was DPP (Director of Public Prosecution) under Margaret Thatcher. Jimmy was a good friend of Thatcher’s, she gave him a knighthood despite the honours commitee raising concerns about his “lifestyle”, his pedophilia, which was well known in the upper echelons. Jimmy and Maggie used to spend Christmas together at Chequers, the PM’s official residence.

    Starmer was well aware of the reputation of Saville and when his reports decided to criminally investigate Saville, Starmer put a stop to it, in order to protect his career. Now look at him. He was nicely rewarded, today he is PM of the UK. Shame about all the buggered boys and girls – many of whom were mental patients in hospitals – that litter his path through the establishment. May he burn in hell with Biden and the rest.

    In case you don’t know of Jimmy Saville, the BBC and Keir Starmer helped him to become the UK’s biggest pedophile. Only after Saville died were his crimes investigated, but only the little people were punished, the big shots like Starmer got promotions.

    Savile sexually abused 450 people, 328 of whom were minors

    Starmer helped him by not stopping him; Starmer is a coward, so don’t expect much.


    In October 2012 it was announced that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, would investigate why proceedings against Savile in 2009 were dropped.

    Starmer’s job was to investigate Saville, his job was to run the department that investigates criminals. They have turned the story around so that people don’t think it was Starmer who stopped the investigation. I guess this is how they fire some hapless flunky for dropping the investigation into one of the country’s most famous people …. but Keir Starmer was not aware of it, or asking for daily updates which he passed to Maggie. Give is a break.


    when asked for a comment Sir Les compared Kamala to his wife, “she could bore the asshole of a wooden horse”.

    Well the VP does not have the grace, charm and flair of Dame Edna, much to our chagrin.
    Maybe Michelle

    Dr. D

    “NATO Expected To Tell Ukraine It’s Too Corrupt To Join

    But ALSO, “Here’s $200B dollars. No we don’t need receipts.” What did the Pentagon say only yesterday? $6B already missing from this last one alone? Someone probably risked their job or life saying that, nobody looks, nobody cares. How many elections can you buy for $6B? A: All of them, clearly. Just look around.

    “Reporters Blame “Right-Wing Media” For Their Failure To Disclose Biden’s Infirmity

    Not the first time: Covid too was our fault. As we again point out that Irony and Hypocrisy are dead. That goes with the “Activist” reporters who are, no surprise and to a very man, all communists. And we all remember the Communist Slogan, famous through the ages, “This is all YOUR fault!!!” Nothing is my fault. Nothing is my responsibility. Daddy save me.

    “Ukronazis Are Now Press Ganging Women
    I wonder how Duh’merica Lib-tard feminists will respond when the DC Satanists do this to them?”

    “Daddy Save Me”, as this happens. What will they do? A: Whatever Blue Square tells them. If it’s the opposite of yesterday, opposite of right now, no problem! It’s YOUR fault. THat’s why it’s a perfect fit to politics, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” As we see right now in France, as Macron poisons the well, lights the dumpster fire, the drops it on the “Right”.

    “Not-Transitioning: India burns more coal than the US and Europe combined and just ordered $33b in “new coal plants”

    We can point fingers, Aaaaaaaand then Google builds their own coal plant that burns baby seals to go “Net Zero”, I mean “Net +50” in AI. ‘Cause one day they just woke up and wanted to. AI will save the world! The charred, dead 200-degree world.

    And adding China’s coal, for which they will take Australia, whether soft or hard? I wasn’t thinking of Europe, I was thinking of China deniers from New Zealand.

    “[Hillary] made the comment in a phone call with Russian prankster duo Vovan and Lexus”

    Apparently they only JUST finished running the same scam on Cameron, last week? Who said the same things? And you think these guys are “elite” and smart enough to be electable?

    “So y’all wanna REALLY piss off some liberals? Share THIS!!”

    No, I don’t, and, You are very silly. It is “Reality”, so nobody cares. I mean, among the two parties, who is dumber? The one who can’t learn? Doesn’t adjust their tactics? I guess this is why they’re made for each other.

    “A heavily slurring Biden starts to stumble through the debunked “suckers and losers” hoax at the White House Independence Day celebration — in front of our great military families”

    Laying it on real thick now. 1) This is all a show. Biden isn’t real. 2) This is not a show, this all makes perfect sense. But with the world’s most fantastic timing. Pick 1 or 2.

    Obama: the “Not running for President” thing, yeah, everybody says that. Maybe they should take it as a warning if they say that, then run anyway, they are a pathological liar? Maybe not the best choice? Nevertheless, this is done every time they can manage it and so means nothing.

    “Trounced … hurling insults at that 81-year-old”

    Thanks NPR writers at RT, you’re fired. Practically every word used is Op-Ed only and is on total ban in any newsroom. WHEN you get that one Op-Ed a year, feel free to use them. But for the other 364 days a year, STFU.

    Just…none of this seems relevant, and we don’t know what’s up with Ukraine, London, Israel, Iran, collapse of Egypt, etc, but that doesn’t mean this is somehow important. It’s not. And there’s too much to cover in Africa, new financial systems all on-line worldwide, etc, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

    What the Feds do hardly matters even here because everyone will ignore them. So how much more the rest of the world? Why do I care who is elected to a position everyone ignores and can project no power?

    ““We are confident no matter what that we will be victorious in tying any Democrat on the ballot to Biden and to the Democratic Party,”

    You can tie them to the DNC because they’re all Democrats? Genius. So there won’t be an election.

    “• One Of Biggest Democratic Donors Says Biden Should Step Aside (TASS)

    And P.S., “I want my money back”.

    “On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough stated “start your tape right now because I’m about to tell you the truth. And F— you if you can’t handle the truth. This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever. Not a close second. And I have known him for years…If it weren’t the truth I wouldn’t say it.”

    I want this played on loop on every TV in America. Every diner, every sports bar, every airport. Then they can blame the Right who told them since before 2019 because they have eyes.

    ““Journalists need to be overt and candid advocates for social justice, and it’s hard to do that under the constraints of objectivity.” Stanford, Ted Glasser.

    It’s right there for you: “Social” justice is a particular kind of Justice that is not generic. It’s the “Socialist” type. Just ask them. “Justice” for example would have to follow up on Assange and J6. “Social” justice only follows up on how many people can get killed in the Glorious Revolution. Cultural Revolution. Again: I’m not saying anything controversial here, just ask them. Here’s a phone.

    So translated, they are saying they need to be “Overt” that is, radical, very highly prioritize being an advocate, and more or less dispense with all other requirements of journalism, such as truth, sourcing, credibility, getting statements, etc. Not only is “objectivity” not a priority, but his sentence very clearly indicates that he perceives objectivity as a direct enemy, to be discarded at all possible times. That is, “The only enemy is Truth.” He is, by his position, top “Journalist” at top School in America, setting the tone. Okay, what if Fox news said, “We need to dispense with all objectivity” concerning the RIGHT’s view? All. Every. Not even a tiiiiiiy bit of objectivity are allowed in Fox News Headquarters. See any problem here?

    Well, no because they are incapable of irony, parallelism, hypocrisy, as they all depend on “Objectivity”, that is, a fixed sense of “Reality” at all. That a thing is a thing that remains a thing outside of their mind and ego. Water isn’t wet if they don’t wish it to be, really hard. Magical thinking the Occult, or really “The Power of Positive Thinking.” Manifestly Name it and Claim it. The world conforms to me. Of course!

    …And the world does NOT manifest and conform to anyone else around you, to THEIR beliefs instead, for why? Like any toddler, they are the center of the universe.

    “We are going to turn this thing around, but let’s not sugarcoat it. It needs turning around,” Lewis said. “We are losing large amounts of money.” “Staff [tried] to get him fired. For telling the Truth. The Truth is the enemy, wherever it is found. Whoever states it. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy. “A goose needs to lay 100 eggs a day. OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Capitalism” deals with “money” so they say. Socialism doesn’t deal with filthy things like “losing large amounts of money”. No! They’re much more enlightened than that. They deal with Social Popularity, which is their currency instead. 1,000 times more narrow and shallow than money ever was. Chelsea said so. And being “Popular” vanishes overnight with a single word, no recourse, no process, no takebacks. It’s all about POWER, who has the POWER to day you’re uncool, and the other kids have to fall in line and agree, for your sheer amusement to make them run around.

    See what a better, more rich, stable, heartwarming, loving world that is?

    “It includes air defense munitions, HIMARS missiles, artillery rounds, anti-tank weapons and other equipment.“

    Back to those Patriots, we aren’t sending them. Israel isn’t going to let them go. As stated, IF they moved an inch, they would only defend “Us” but the Us, would be Western F16 landing strips, and Russia is heavy-bombing all airbases this week, as well as captured an ATACMs and back-engineered it, soon to be worthless on the battlefield.

    “Current transformation of the Russian economy is a marathon race with barriers and not a short distance, Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said.”

    Again, IF in 1999, Russia had got in, hung all the traitors, jailed all the corruption, stole all the Oligarchs, Russia would have collapsed since there was nothing BUT corrupt traitor oligarchs there. You have to rotate out, transform it or it’s just “Disaster Capitalism”, ripe for the John Perkins picking. …And ALSO WITH US.

    WE are exactly like that here. Now do you want to arrest all 535 of the Federal government, every agency, every bank, every court? Because they too are on the take and corrupt as they come. Yeah? Then an even MORE corrupt Europe (or China, your pick) will see us collapse, chop us up and eat our corpse. What kind of plan is that again? Oh noes: Magic Orange Man wasn’t able to do everything to everybody in one term. I guess it’s all over then! Might as well give up!

    Take a clue here: reversing America and her shattered economy is a marathon race with many barriers and not a short distance jaunt. That means we shouldn’t bother, I guess.

    And the first step was not even Exxon. It was to make America and the world SEE IT. They have to know what’s happening for each person at their own desk know what to do next. We’re fighting two different wars: “THEY” are fighting a war for CONTROL. Actual, physical, mental CONTROL. We are only fighting to make them EXPOSE themselves. By acting, by overreacting. Once the People see what’s going on, they’ll naturally pivot without any help, as they have. That’s so easy we can’t lose. In fact, we only win by not losing.

    Concern Over Reports Of Orban Planning Moscow Trip (BBC)

    Excellent examples of the level of mental illness and insanity as is done by Europe. Every sentence has a new psychosis, imaginary dragon that’s flying monkeys at them. So Peace comes because we never talk with the participants of war? No? I thought all wars end in a Peace treaty, signed by both parts. Huh. Can’t talk to Russia without Ukraine (why? They could talk 10,000 other things. Nope! Only the Ukr war exists. The entire rest of planet, rest of subjects now no longer exist! But the war isn’t important and they’re not worried about losing it or nothin’.) So can’t talk without Ukraine being present but we CAN talk to Ukraine without Russia being present.

    So. Bored. Day after day after day. Mental illness, be it Cluster B narcissism or psychosis, is BORING. The people can’t get out of the narrow loop they spin on day after day, year after year, going nowhere. If they could broaden their mental process to the rest of the human palette, they would no longer be mentally ill. Don’t be mentally ill alongside them. Be human.

    “• Labour Set For Crushing 170 Seat Majority In UK General Election (ZH)

    …And now Starmer will say he has a “Mandate” and become High Chancellor of the Star Chamber, the new Hitler of Europe. Watch. Danger has only begun.

    “Former Tory minister Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg said it was “clearly a terrible night” and added that the Conservatives had taken votes for granted.”

    This is truly deserved and a long time coming, when you line up the entire population of Britain and piss in their eye one by one over Brexit. …Which they then double-crossed HARDER than even Labour did. And multiple times, like 50 times, with EVERY person in EVERY office, Johnson, May, Truss. What did Britain want? “UK First”. Get off the continent. Get at least fishing and steel mills back. No immigration. It was IMPOSSIBLE for Tories to do the opposite any harder, Uncle Joe Stalin himself could not have pushed the #AntiTory, #AntiBrexit agenda harder than they did. Okay, so the people had to make an example of them, shooting them on the field. And good riddance.

    …BUT, what now, with Adolf Starmer in office? But this does accomplish an important thing: the only thing that makes it work is co-dependence. They both work to RESTRAIN the other. Now we have Robespierre and that Democracy with no restraint at all.

    Bed-making. Tips and tricks, if only they had taught this in schools along with laundry, checkbooks, etc, they could still be perfectly illiterate and learn something.


    Only 4 seats for Reform? Liberal-Dems gained over 60! Sein Fein won 4 seats and ran candidates in less than a dozen ridings! To top it all off: the most anti-war politician in UK, George Galloway, lost his seat.

    Americans may lament that free and fair elections have become extinct, however what’s the point of having them? I don’t want to say people are too stupid to vote for change but… Perhaps they’re too fearful. Or is it too lazy to care? Too immature to take responsibility for their own society? No I’ll go with dumb because they can’t recognize the media propaganda demonizing politicians like Farage and Galloway. Just like 80% wanted the Clot shots!

    You can’t fix stupid. But we already know we can’t fix the real economy with voting. Live beyond your means for decades and you eventually must pay up.

    I do think we need to lose this idea that the citizens of the West are innocent victims. Unless Marie Antoinette was an innocent victim. Let’s put 100% of the blame on the political class and the media and the billionaires. But no blame on me because I won’t take responsibility for anything!


    Micro managing micro-attention spans

    It’s far easier to do than you think

    Egypt is being setup for Chaos & Coup,

    ….so the Gazans can be stampeded across the border into the Sinai and the border door permanently shut behind them.

    Clever plan if it works.

    In the mayhem of a failing debt ridden Egyptian state, slip it in the back door, the Islamic world isn’t united or decisive enough to stop it.

    Just look a the weak willed limp wristed response to the massive genocide in Gaza they have shown so far.

    The western great Satans are busy leading their Sheeple around with the Punch & Judy, Tweedle Dumb & Dumber puppet show of ‘elections’ (cough,gag,cough)

    No one will notice the coup in Egypt til it’s too late for the Palestinians.

    You know this is true in your bones don’t ya?

    Look at Duh’mericans

    They can be lead around like a pig with a ring through it’s nose and a micro-attention span world view.

    Oink, oink!

    Look, over there!



    Talking of Les Patterson

    “What’s the difference between a poofta and a microwave? A microwave doesn’t brown your meat.”

    A poofta drills for vegemite!


    A barely living metaphor for Duh’merica the Beautiful

    What an sad old Turd-Tard

    Cat got your tongue?

    ‘Sharp And Focused But Sometimes Confused’: AP Gaslights With New ‘Fiery But Mostly Peaceful’ Propaganda



    The Wind Cries Mary

    After all the jacks are in their boxes
    And the clowns have all gone to bed
    You can hear happiness
    Staggering on down the street
    Footprints dressed in red
    And the wind whispers
    A broom is drearily sweeping
    Up the broken pieces
    Of yesterday’s life
    Somewhere, a queen is weeping
    A king has no wife
    And the wind, it cries
    The traffic lights, they turn blue tomorrow
    And shine their emptiness down on my bed
    The tiny island sags downstream
    ‘Cause the life that lived is dead
    And the wind screams
    Will the wind ever remember
    The names it has blown in the past?
    And with this crutch
    Its old age and its wisdom
    It whispers, “No, this will be the last”
    And the wind cries
    “Mary” – Hendrix

    “And so castles made of sand fall in the sea
    Eventually” – Hendrix

    just clarifying the obvious, just clarifying the obvious

    “I do think we need to lose this idea that the citizens of the West are innocent victims.” – EoinW
    save your breath bubba, neither Plato nor Socrates could not win that dialogue
    experience is the best teacher



    Welcome to the Future Baby, It is Murder


    thanks aspnaz!!!!


    happy fingers! could win – a Peskov double negative


    The Collective Satanic West is putting on quite the Shitshow for the Global Majority to take in and come to some kind of conclusion that the ‘free world’ is batshit insane.

    It’s not a good look but the West can’t see how bad they come across to most of the world.

    The Empire of Lies and it’s little rhinestone collared bitch Euroturdistan are trapped inside Kafka Kastle, a hall of PR mirrors with no escape possible, just madness and death.

    With headlines like this:

    NATO Expected To Tell Ukraine It’s Too Corrupt To Join


    Wow, hard to top that baby

    How about this:

    Reporters Blame “Right-Wing Media” For Their Failure To Disclose Biden’s Infirmity



    Yes, thank a real word now, see, it’s got a registered trademark symbol after it, it must be true.

    “Former New York Times writer (and now Howard University Journalism Professor) Nikole Hannah-Jones is a leading voice for advocacy journalism.

    Indeed, Hannah-Jones has declared “all journalism is activism.” The problem comes with these little embarrassing moments when the public suddenly sees that prior coverage was false.

    “All journalism is activism” means: “All journalism is Propaganda”

    It then concludes as the night follows the day: “All journalism is Gaslighting”

    It then means that reporting what goes on with a minimum of spin is “racist” and “hateful”

    The mediawhore meltdown is delicious


    Can’t wait for seconds

    Vintage poster

    Cue the Woketurd heads exploding



    journalism has the power to shape your thoughts?

    “..They fear that the 81-year-old incumbent’s continued candidacy would lead to a Republican sweep of Washington and an unchecked Donald Trump presidency..”

    5 days to cure senility?

    • Biden Has Five Days To Prove Himself – Top Donor (RT)

    shaping the news, which is now the priority in journalism.

    the rise of advocacy journalism and the rejection of objectivity in journalism schools.

    embraced rising calls for censorship and speech controls,



    Britain just voted for “Change You Can Believe In!”
    Britain is so screwed!
    Now the screw will turn faster!
    The “City of London” screwdrivers are in heaven!
    The wealth transfer rate from the poor to the rich will now accelerate!


    60% voter turnout in the UK. It is clear that the electorate is disillusioned. 33% of the vote for Labour is less than Corbyn’s 40% back in 2019 but works against a Tory govt with only 22% of the vote.

    Only 4 seats for Reform but check out the percentage who voted for them – equal to or higher than the amount that voted Lib Dem – around 14%. Lib Dem gets 61 seats with 12% of the vote. Reform gets 4 seats with 14% of the vote.

    Confused? Welcome to the UK. Now you know a bit more about how we feel about politics and this probably explains the low voter turnout somewhat


    Hello, userzeroid! Thanks for clearing that up. ; )


    War games
    Zelensky just said they have 14 new ‘volunteer brigades’ ready to go, but no REAL weapons.

    Dr D Rich

    I wonder where this preternaturally entitled guy worships.

    Joshua Jacobs

      Of the 182 executives, 148 were VHA employees whose bonuses were signed off on by Elnahal. The rest were VBA employees, signed off by Under Secretary for Benefits Joshua Jacobs. The awards ranged from $38,986 to $106,473.

      September 2023, VA revealed that it had erroneously awarded $10.8 million in bonuses to 182 senior executives at its central office using retention provisions included in the PACT Act. The provisions had been meant to ensure difficult-to-replace employees with highly needed skills were incentivized to stay at VA

      That investigation has now been concluded, and the resulting report focuses blame on VA leaders, particularly Under Secretary for Health Shereef Elnahal, MD

      incentive (CSI) bonuses can be issued when an employee possesses a high-demand skill or skill that there is a shortage of; that skill is directly related to their duties and responsibilities; and employment of an individual with that skill serves a critical, mission-related need. With regard to the $10.8 million provided to these executives, the investigators suggested that VA provided no market factors to justify the bonuses, the amount was determined haphazardly, and the executives were grouped together despite having a wide range of skills and being employed in different departments.

    Don’t ever think for a second these malevolent shits, JACOBS and ELNAHAL, Salute The Veterans

    TPTB used to call this stealing of money meant for the troops and veterans as it trickled down to the intended recipients, TAXATION….

    …..or that essential part of Capitalism called Banking and Financialization.

    Meanwhile +35,000 remain homeless. We have no one else to blame except JACOBS & ELNAHAL, pilferers extraordinaire.

    Under the Leadership of ELNAHAL & JACOBS the current and two immediate prior Directors at VA Butler distinguished themselves separately and individually by:

    1. DUI…. director that happens to be a nurse
    2. Retired navy chief that happened to have misrepresented his credentials as being equivalent to a Navy Captain or Admiral
    3. Caught canoodling the hot female chief of the medical staff on the company’s dime and time and ensnared the head of hospital security in the inept cover-up.

    What the 3 situations have in common IS each miscreant was retained and all received bonuses courtesy of ELNAHAL & JACOBS

    Bought and Paid For.

    Everyone knows these employment circumstances are very, very dangerous.
    No one dares tug on Superman’s cape or pull the mask off the Lone Ranger.


    Hey- if fancy-pants Obama can think about being president, why not me? I have more experience! (Jill B.)

    Don’t think it hasn’t crossed her mind.


    The Empire of Lies is looking like the south end of a north bound horse.

    BRICS is soaring in popularity because of this.

    Duh’merica looks like a retarded monkey because that’s you heads it up.

    The ‘brand’ going the way of Bud-Lite, in the toilet.

    Unconditional support for the Murdering Mafia Monsters of Is-real-hell

    Unconditional support for Ukronaziland and the bottomless corruption is a PR disaster for the Global Majority.

    The western Sheeple will believe anything be the rest of the global doesn’t want the West .

    The West are girlie-man losers.

    And at this point no amount of horseshit spin will convince that Global Majority that the West is the best.

    Quite the opposite now.

    Dr D Rich

    What happened to Scott Ritter?

    It’s been like a week or so.
    Something’s afoot.


    zerosum said

    War games
    Zelensky just said they have 14 new ‘volunteer brigades’ ready to go, but no REAL weapons.

    Oroboros showed us the middle aged mum being kidnapped by the Zelensky Nazis. I wonder how many of these brigades contain that sort of volunteer. All maybe?


    Russian woman post this about fixing something in Russia, all I could think of in Duh’merica was a woman friend who had the same problem to fix

    “I called Housing and Communal services( ЖКХ) last night. This morning first thing I had an electrician over to fix my faulted light switch.

    It cost me $6.81.

    My friend in the Empire of lies had a light switch fixed too

    It was $79 for an electrician to come over for less than 5 minutes and put in a new switch.

    Russia is making artillery shells for $500 a piece, the Empire of Lies is over 4K each.

    Duh’merica is on the knife edge of insolvency and unaffordably of Life’s basic necessities.

    Leadership, it’s just an illusion



    Hot off the press

    Scott Ritter: Full-Scale War with Hezbollah Could Spell Israel’s Doom

    Sure hope so


    Cheers MPSK – Yeah, the British electoral system is as clear as mud, on the face of it, it doesn’t make much sense. As aspnaz states, proportional representation would be a good start… Dr. D and EoinW have also got some good criticism and insight as to how to improve it. But hey, we are just old people, shouting at clouds over here

    D Benton Smith

    As crazy as it may seem to the sane, Joe Biden has overwhelming official support from the top of the Democrat Party all the way down through their ranks. There are no dissenters in top positions that I’ve been able to find. And yet the Mainstream media and pundits are all in the “Just step down, Joe” camp.

    The point I make is that every single one of the entire Uni-Party MUST decide and personally take a firm stance on one side of the question or the other. Should Joe stay or should Joe go? That is the question.

    Pay very close attention, because this question is of existential importance. In today’s political atmosphere the golden White House rubber-stamp “plum” goes to the guy team who make the right choice. So, does Joe stay or does Joe go?

    Which choice gives the Blob the greatest chance of survival? Tough call, and the Blob is split. If they remain split then they lose.

    It is coming down to the wire on making that call, and there shall be blood in the gutters either way.

    The controllers are being forced to step out of the shadows to make their play, and when they do then we will know who they are. This is all on the well founded assumption that they are ALL bad guys. All we want to know is to discover the INDIVIDUALS who declare themselves to be on the side that winds up winning the big question about good old Joe. That will be the faction of the bad guys that is in command.

    The side that is NOT in command (that is, the side that makes the opposite choice on the Joe question) will find themselves in a rather unsurvivably delicate position of having taken sides against the boss. I would not want to be in any of their shoes.

    But in either case, judgement days is coming REAL soon now. Does Joe stay or does Joe go?


    Does Joe stay or does Joe go?
    Goes … Until an open convention. The mechanism exist for the VP to do the campaigning.
    Then let the people decide if they want him or someone else for 4 more years


    Are “they” defending Biden or their scamming system?

    D Benton Smith

    If I was Trump’s campaign manager I would run on the sound byte question, What was your life like 5 years ago when Trump was President, compared to how things are going for you today?

    D Benton Smith


    That was a rhetorical question, right?


    Those pretending around Joe have no choice but to keep pretending!
    If they stop pretending, then their out of power.*

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