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    Utagawa Hiroshige Sudden Evening Shower on the Great Bridge near Atake 1857   • US Debt Explosion & Weimar II (von Greyerz) • China Threatened By
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    V. Arnold

    The rescue of the 12 footballers and their coach is underway. The first child, aged 14 is scheduled to be out by 9 pm (it’s 7:00 pm now).
    The rains started back up today in Chiang Rai and forecast to continue for the next couple of days; depending on severity, it may bode trouble; so they decided to act .
    From what I’ve seen in the video they’re (the 12 kids) pretty calm, cool, and collected; no doubt because of their coach. I think the worry they’ll panic is not born by the evidence seen thus far.


    Contradicting reports that the first two boys have been saved from the Thai cave. But it looks good; it’s about whether they are already out or have ‘only’ completed the swim.


    I’m following this here:

    Reuters says they’ve been told the first two boys are out. “More than two hours ahead of even the most optimistic schedule”

    V. Arnold

    All the reporters were kicked out to a point a kilometer or so away.
    A quick look at the BKK Post and the Nation have no news like that.
    Curious, what source have you got?

    Oof, the Guardian; not buying it…yet.
    Keep your powder dry; it’s just starting… 😉

    Hookay; BKK Post “confirms” the first two boys are out and airlifted to hospital.
    Far fucking out!!!!
    Yeah, they can do it! Yes!


    It wasn’t the Guardian, it was Reuters, V. Arnold. The link I posted above also has video of ambulances leaving for hospitals(s). What a story!

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Okay, I stand corrected, sorry.
    And indeed, what a story.
    Probably a movie will follow; I just hope it does justice to the real event.

    A point of interest; my wife has said there has been no “official” announcement about any of this. She’s waiting for that before believing any of the news.
    One report on Line (social media site) was that 6 boys are out.
    See, it gets a bit crazy when it comes to stories like this one.
    Anyhoo, Ilargi, I’m happy to see you are following this; if one can look between the lines, a lot of Thai culture has been revealed. Most of it is very positive.


    Four boys expected to walk out, says AFP. They’re at the divers’ base camp, according to an army official.


    I see your wife’s point, VA, but Reuters, AFP are really on this and won’t risk their reputations by reporting fake shit.


    Interesting: The Guardian link cites someone who says doctors went into the cave to assess the boys, and decided to get the weakest ones out first. That’s the opposite of what was reported yesterday they would do. So we already have the 6 weakest out, 7 more to go.

    V. Arnold

    It’s interesting; down in Phuket 2 boats sank killing 60 Chinese tourists and the cave story is riveting the nation; as it should.
    This story is about life and hope and courage in the face of death.
    The Phuket story is about corruption and death.

    A story like this puts reporters on edge and mistakes are made.
    It’s almost 8 pm here (lol, 9 o’clock for first boy) and a hell of a lot has happened in stacatto fashion which is hard to keep up with.
    Nothing new at this point (at least my sources), so I’ll sign off for now.
    Thanks again Ilargi for following this on your blog; you are obviously better than I at news aquisition.

    Re: your latest; I have no idea. Nothing here yet about that (weakest).
    I will admit, Thai news is a bit quirky in their reporting; not western style by any means…


    Also funny: Trump just tweeted that the the US is working closely with Thailand to get the boys out.

    Guardian suggests the boys may have been sedated. Three more ambulances have left the site.


    Next batch out in 10-12hrs. One boy out closely monitored. 50 foreign, 40 Thai divers involved.

    Dr. D

    Hiroshige say “A hard rain’s a-gonna fall”

    It’s certainly hard to comment when everything’s both manipulated and a state secret, we can only speculate according to our confirmation bias. The previous Helsinki agreement looks as hilariously breached by every single thing the West ever did since 1990. So we’re concerned about that now? And to set up something new, since we weren’t even using the old one (although they were for the most part)?

    We’re in violation of every treaty we ever signed. This week we just added the Space Weapons treaty, after illegally posting short-range nuclear missiles surrounding Russia, after being in violation of all International law and norms by invading Syria (and a few other nations) without UN mandate, without the slightest plausible defense, and without a declaration of war. Britain just broke the Chemical Weapons treaty by refusing procedures and evidence in the Skripal case. So is Helsinki really relevant here? Russia has openly used a Russian phrase that the U.S. is “not agreement capable”. That seems at a minimum.

    What’s worse is MacKinder’s ‘geopolitics’ had an obsessive, addict’s focus on preventing Asia uniting against Oceana (Britain). Thanks to their bone-headed, murderous, and completely illegal policies, the Anglos have themselves FORCED the unification of Russia and China, and probably South Asia, Iran and India, perhaps permanently. They did that, on top of starting a dozen wars and killing a few million people.

    It doesn’t take Trump to be a threat to that empire. They already lost, and China just said war with the U.S. was inevitable and strongly increased their military budget, so we got that going for us. But you knew if you did what we have done there would be something to pay, decades before now. And so now we pay the punishing bill we never enjoyed, at least since 1970.

    Their scientific model has problems in that few of these real-life computer models work at all. Certainly no climate model has been accurate, ever, so that’s humbling, but you can learn things from models, which is what they’re trying to do. Unfortunately, their model has a critical flaw in like most science, they have both a linear and a static bias. Environmental factors, like populations, will be tipped on rough schedules of weather, climate, resources –like Ice Ages — that are cyclical and extraneous to the model. It’s not all internal any more than the economy is, and we know how bare-faced wrong economists are. They also assume that nothing truly strange can happen, an asteroid, planetary travel, zero-point energy, but those are so rare, such true black swans, that you cannot hypothesize them. Yet they DO happen and we do not end up in the rocket future of the 30’s or the 60’s. So I wouldn’t put any stake in a model as bad as this, it’s probably no better than Sid Meier’s Civilization (R) we all play. Now if we could only get THEM to feel humble before their utter failures. Or us. Are we sorry for losing ourselves, Asia and the world yet?

    V. Arnold

    Three children and their coach are out and in the hospital.
    The coach was the weakest of all because he gave what food he had to the kids.
    Rescue resumes today AM.

    On another note the U.S. really is evil;

    Trump is trying to get the UN and WHO to stop promoting breast milk for infants.
    Leaving the U.S. was not enough; I want off this fucking planet…
    Or, better yet, isolate the west and its sycophantic followers.

    V. Arnold

    The above links to a cartoon of the first rescuer and the kids.
    As can be seen, the Brit is dressed in a traditional costume of Thai deity and says; How many of you?.
    The kid replys to his friend: “Why can’t the Farang god speak Thai.”
    Anyhoo, I though it might be of interest. 🙂

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