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    Jacques-Louis David Erasistratus Discovering the Cause of Antiochus’ Disease 1774   • Democratic Party ‘Clans Clash’ in Wake of Biden’s Debate Pe
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle July 8 2024]

    Michael Reid

    “If you are wealthy, you might assume that,
    because the system has allowed you to accumulate wealth,
    you will be protected in some way, that you are special.

    You are special.

    They’re saving you for dessert.”

    The Great Dessert: The Geopolitical – Financial Endgame
    Part I of III

    The Great Dessert: The Geopolitical – Financial Endgame
    Part II of III

    The Great Dessert: The Geopolitical – Financial Endgame
    Part III of III


    The Biden crime family is holed up in the world’s most luxurious nursing home!
    They now look like the Emperor with no clothes (power)!
    Jill and Hunter can no longer trust anybody in the White House!
    Someone has suddenly cut Joe’s puppet strings!
    Watch puppet Joe fall!


    “Tuberville: “Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Obama…..”

    and 533 members of Congress have been going along to get along.

    Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Obama. Do you wonder who else does not want to get Epsteined?

    pedophiles going after Gaetz for chasin’ coochie

    Pilgrim’s Progress – seven ways to Sunday and that ain’t the missionary position


    spend your money wisely – buy a load of Bull with a credit card, or even better with a home equity loan

    as the Intuit ads recommend – “Get What You DESERVE”

    “best Biden ever” – spoken by mr. late nite infomercial who rode a conservative wave and landed on the beach at MSNBC, only stopping long enough to spend “time with my family”.
    My congressional district is mighty proud of ole Morning Joe

    keepin up with the jones


    people who take themself seriously taking the current state of affairs serioulsy

    i need a paregoric Pall Mall

    Mister Roboto

    An article from The Daily Sceptic that was posted as part of yesterday’s line-up made an excellent point: Namely that Biden has a one hundred million dollar campaign war-chest that can only go to Kamala Harris in the even he can’t or won’t run for re-election. So if the Democratic establishment is all-in on replacing Biden as the Turley article today says, they have one of two choices: Either Kamala Harris, or kiss that existing war-chest good-bye and start fundraising efforts for the new candidate from scratch four months prior to the election.


    Doesn’t it feel strange that our owners are briefly letting us stop pretending, after years of pretending?

    Mister Roboto

    Yes, it makes me wonder what the blazes they might be up to.

    John Day

    Houston gets the storm, and Yoakum is getting rained on now, but Austin looks to stay dry, by current projections.
    I’ll go out and turn the drip system back on.

    Comments format is back to normal, though…

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: Thanks for that trilogy of articles about “saving the merely-rich for dessert”.


    Dr. John Day:

    It looks like by Friday/Saturday southern Ontario will get hit by the hurricane.
    However local weather doesn’t seem to have been updated to reflex this yet!?


    Thought of the Day



    As in many issues in Life you have to properly identify the problem before you can arrive at a satisfactory solution



    Take for instance, preconceived notions



    Oh Boy!

    Goin’ shoppin’ today!



    It looks like that woman radio host was fired for publically revealing that the White House was sending out pre-scripted questions to the media!
    MSM still pretending!
    Can’t tell the truth or you will lose your job!


    More of beloved “other people’s money” iron lady.
    Other people’s money, just a different kind – indeed

    those darned kids

    when the remnants of katrina came through southern ontario, we went to point pelee for a swim in the torrential downpour.

    it was simply magical.

    see ya’ at the beach in a couple days, wes!



    Doesn’t it feel strange that our owners are briefly letting us stop pretending, after years of pretending?

    Safety valve.


    Democrats have only one fact to accept – WHEN will the VP become president.

    Look at how the voting is going
    the peasants aren’t all that happy about the king’s latest solution.

    US Democracy – You cannot have changes that affects the chosen power establishment.
    • Democratic Party ‘Clans Clash’ in Wake of Biden’s Debate Performance (Sp.)
    • Get a Dog: The Political and Media Establishment Turns on Biden (Turley)

    HATE of Trump

    Weekly events would be held where the candidates put forward their ideas and vision, moderated by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Smith and Michelle Obama in order to stir voter interest. After one month’s time the party leaders would vote to select a ticket from the group of contenders, making the decision before the start of the Democratic National Convention on August 19.

    they are terrified of losing control of the party to its voters, who may choose to back a forbidden candidate. All of which suggests Democratic Party luminaries are likely to continue to stick with Biden, maintaining their influence within the organization even if it means defeat in November.
    “peace mission”
    The criticism Hungary faced during this week showed that the crisis in the European Union is being fueled by politicians who are supplying Ukraine with weapons, mulling sending troops there, and talking about nuclear weapons,
    • Xi Jinping Welcomes Viktor Orban To Beijing (RT)


    D Benton Smith

    Hey, the TAE commenting format is back. Thank you, Raul (and any techno elves who help you do the magic.)

    D Benton Smith

    It does little good for a would-be conqueror to seize new territory if it does not have enough cooperatively loyal people of its own to move into that space and successfully suppress the local population who just had their lands and livelihoods stolen by seizure.

    Continual and expanding armed rebellions against the occupier are a dependable sign that the would-be occupier is incapable of successfully doing that.

    The Israeli Zionist attempted conquest of Palestine has clearly failed. In the process of that failure the Israeli Zionists (and their investors) have revealed to the world who and what they really are. Who they really are is a consortium of morally perverted murderous thieves who are so craven that they actually venerate the evil that they do by calling it good.

    They pay the terrorist to terrorize and they pay the victims to kill terrorists, because they want BOTH of them dead, and it pays extremely well to have both aggressor and defender PAY them to do it. Which is exactly and precisely what the entire current civilization of Earth is doing! It’s citizens are paying their leaders to kill terrorists, and the leaders are being made fabulously rich and “powerful” in the process.

    Who ARE these leaders, anyway? And why the HELL are we paying them?

    Why not just defend your self and let the chips fall where they may? It sure couldn’t be any worse than it is. It’s not as if you were being well protected by your current leaders now! Damn it, man, you’re not just unprotected, you’re actually getting attacked, injured and sometimes even KILLED! And it’s your so-called “leaders” who are doing it!

    Crime and degradation are RAMPANT and worsening fast, and it’s your “leaders” who are openly controlling the entire process from both sides of the law.

    The value of the currency that you depend on for your very life is on the skids and about to collapse. Prices are sky-rocketing while your income steadily creeps and it is the “leaders” who are doing it.

    Just who ARE these”leaders” anyway?

    Look no farther than the few hundred men and women (and now their heirs) who attended the Satanic Black Mass in St. Paul’s Chapel in the Vatican in June 1960, and its twin Satanic Enthronement ceremony done in the USA. The rituals occurred. The people who participated in it were of the class that includes the world’s most powerful leaders. It is real, and it was done, and we are living in the consequences. The chaos all around us today is the explicit product of what those bastards swore a blood oath to in that communion with evil. They are item by item doing exactly what they swore they would do, upon penalty of death for disobedience.

    Read the book and deep dive the internet. You will see. There will be no lingering doubt. That IS what’s going on, and all that such a fact implies as well. For example, that cabal is the hierarchy which determines the answer to the question of, “Does Joe go, or does Joe stay?” They are also the ones who decide whether or not Israel initiates the nuclear holocaust that destroys the world, by preemptively launching nuclear weapon in “self defense” against its neighboring Muslim enemies. It’s THEIR hand that directs LGBTQ+ and depravity taught in primary schools. And so on. All of the boxes are checked.


    When you talk to a friend with severe TDS,
    Please try to to be gentle and kind.
    They can only project. They cannot see the mess:
    They have lost their sweet Theory of Mind.


    Do they mean Taylor Swift? Who is Taylor Smith?


    Hurrican coming.
    Keep looking.
    Prepare, Avoid harm by Adapting to changing conditions.

    D Benton Smith

    Humans do not need more artificial assistance in what they do and think. Humans need to make better choices with the equipment they already have. That will not be accomplished by making a better machine that is better able to make those choices than they are. The last thing human’s need is to further reduce their ability to make those better choices themselves, which is certain to happen if they depend on machines to do it for them. It’s just like the way we reduced our own personal ability to grow food, put roofs over our heads and protect our families from predators.

    What is the straight line consequential end point of “improving” human beings through technological “improvements” to their natural configuration? That’s an easy one. The inevitable consequence is no more humans.

    D Benton Smith


    Wouldn’t it be sweet if a well-placed sabot in the valve kept it from closing?


    We see.
    Adapt, prepare to the hate of Trump by Biden and democrats.

    The Black

    Orwell and Shakespeare together in a brainstorming session could not come up with a story to match what we are meant to believe today: that “the most powerful country the world has ever known” is waiting for a president with dementia, propped up on drugs he would have sent himself to prison for thirty years ago, who did not win his own election, to have a moment of lucid clarity and step down so that his vice president, who was selected solely for her sex and skin color in the most racially diverse country the world has ever known can be President for a few months before “a dangerous man” and “convicted felon” is elected by a vast margin of the population because there is a $100M “war chest” OF FIAT MONEY in a campaign fund, and they don’t want the man who denied Ukraine a $1B aid package unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating his family to spend that money. Did I get it right or is there more to this story?

    D Benton Smith


    You done did it again. Great poem. Made my day.

    D Benton Smith

    The only concocted tale any stranger would be such a story in which the audience just sat there enthralled, waiting for the next plot development without noticing that the theater was burning down around their ears.


    The Mafia Families that control the Demonrats are now at war.

    Think Godfather stuff

    Pedo Jo-jo hell won’t go-go

    Unless an “act of God”

    You mean a double tap Zapruder snuff removal?

    Yeh, that one.

    Dr Jill, power insane psycho bitch, ‘will not go gentle into that good night’

    Her motto: “Old age should burn and rave at close of day”

    “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”


    D Benton Smith

    As Modi heads to Moscow to meet Putin, It should remembered that such heads-of-state visits are the standard and time honored practice (because it just makes sense!) providing a well-advertised announcement confirming for the broad public that the meaningful agreements have already been agreed to and officially signed off by both parties. In other words, India and Russia have strengthened their ties in important ways. It’s done. We’ll find out what those changes are when the meet-up takes place in front of the cameras.




    @ The Black

    Right. No black swans. We are prepared.


    Hate Trump
    “The American people want an agenda for the next four years that speaks to the needs of the working class of this country,” Sanders said. “He has got to say, ‘I am prepared to take on corporate greed, massive income and wealth inequality and stand with the working class in this country.’ (IF), He does that, he’s going to win and win big.”

    The Black

    Maybe we should give it up for the Biden Famiglia, for showing us all the only way to deal with mental health care costs and Obamacare is with criminal activity or some sort of grift.

    Dr. D

    Erasistratus Discovering the Cause of Antiochus’ Disease

    Wierdos. That “disease” he had was incest.

    “Germany AfD Members Banned From Owning Guns In New Court Ruling

    This is why it “shall not be infringed” (and still can’t figure it out). Who decides? The Government “Just said”. They got up one morning in July and made some stuff up.

    Luckily that’s only for Nazi countries like Germany.

    “[Surgeon General] Murthy: Gun Owners Are A Disease

    Oh wait…

    “Comer Seeks Docs, Interview With White House Physician Who Obviously Lied

    Sure, you can have those docs in 75 years, just like all the other docs. …Trust us, we’re the government.

    They’re Republicans, so that will be fine. …I mean it’s already 3 years since they should have asked, they don’t even have the 49 Republicans for Impeachment in the Senate.

    Hey is this “Political Spying” – which turns out to be illegal – like about 10,000 Watergates?

    ““In a blink, he has gone from “the best Biden ever” to a type of “comatose but comfortable” defense. It is the political version of going from blue chip to junk bond status in a week.”

    Somehow (the White Hats) they keep doing this, but somehow the People keep not noticing ever. Perfectly normal that the sky was always blue for 10,000 years, but this morning it’s now purple and always will be. Shrug.

    I have to guess that some specific thing is up with Biden. Guess: they had this last-minute swap out thing planned (for this reason? Different subject) so they could screw all the American people, and so now is time to activate it, Biden bows out over Hunter, new convention in “Wot a Surprise!!” as I’ve said many times. …And what if the day they went down to his office, (Jill) Biden says “No.”? And you’d only need to blackmail one person: Jill. And she’s 70, she dgaf. Now they’re not ALL fools, they DID have a plan to remove him via the media op they are running right now, but it’s terrible, messy, breaking, and exposes them. …Also lowers the vote as Democrats stay home. Probably if we back track we could find out what day that meeting was where Biden was supposed to start packing. Nope: I’m sure it’s all a coincidence and accident, just like everything else.

    “Former President Barack Obama’s Defense Department, have proposed a whirlwind “blitz primary” to rapidly choose a replacement for the elderly party leader.”

    Question: …So why have a regular nomination process? You don’t listen to your own party’s members anyway. We saw that with Bernie, but also other times, AND you just did it again by shifting all other votes, they REALLY meant to be Biden votes, in NH. …it’s just a favor to all those voters must have accidentally clicked the wrong box and we’re fixing that for them.

    So now you have TWO nominations every year, like with Billary. Like with Biden 2020, where he got 2% of the vote, somehow MAGIC!!! He’s the front runner, with Kamala, who was even lower. Old white male, who supported no busing, Black Crime and KKK Wizard Byrd. No one noticed. Didn’t bother them in the least.

    “The insiders claim the ploy would reinvigorate interest in the party and revive its electoral chances,”

    You’re going to invigorate the Party with the Base by ignoring the Base? You go with that.

    “they are terrified of losing control of the party to its voters,”

    Oh noes. We’ll have to keep letting them vote ‘til they vote right, like in Europe.

    “US President Joe Biden said he does not accept polling data “

    Well he’s right about that! He’s polling 8%, not 43%. The difference is, MAGIC! He’s making the DEMOCRATS go through the mental process of not believing authority. With a rope and a pulley if necessary, dragging them through. Now they may instantly forget, believe and not believe BOTH – we don’t seem to have found a solution to that – but they’re going through the media betrayal, etc, over and over and over and over and over again until they get a clue and get it right.

    …But Biden is real and this ain’t a setup or nothin’. Fani is real and nobody knewd.

    “• President Biden Must Resign, or Be Impeached (Young)

    Wtf is this nonsense? And he was with Nixon, what is he 90 years old? Young doesn’t define anything, so that you can now be impeached for breathing funny. …Funny to the Derp State. “he will not be faithfully executing it.” Wtf does that mean? He tries to end a war in Syria? How do you prove a word he says? “We just decided.” If you want to lower the bar to the President to be a simple vote of No Confidence one random day like Canada, fine but don’t cry to me about what happens next.

    “• Leftist Coalition Set For Shock Victory In French Election (ZH)

    Sort of. It was said here, that French Leftist parties always squabble and at the last minute somebody withdraws to make sure the Left wins. Difference was, we were assured the voting level was too tilted this time. NOPE! So that’s what Macron was up to, or rather, he’s a moron and a puppet, what his handlers were up to. Next question: that still seems pretty sus, who counted the vote?

    So now they positioned – bizarrely and perhaps illegally – TWO ultra-far left (hmm, need a better word) governments in UK AND France. They have outlawed the Right (actually boring centrist) in Germany. So now all Europe is in the hands of people who can, at any time, just go nuts, mobilize and attack Russia. As their opposition members have been removed, curtailed, and there’s no counterweight.

    PCR wonders why Russia’s not fighting this war? This is why. They’re keeping 1M men safe, along with all the tanks, copters, and jets, because they anticipate all Europe will go nuts, not collapse gracefully, mobilize and invade. …Just like this, and the draft, suggests. Yay.

    Proving up if this is true, but seems like.

    “And like every good form of insanity, Russia Rage is absolutely immune to both falsification and its own record of failure, even as a piece of demagoguery.”

    This has been true everywhere, of everyone, all the time, like Global Warming. 10-20 years go by, like GFC, the inflation from printing Covid money, no one notices and adjusts. 30 years wrong in a row now, more polar bears than ever, not an inch of sea rise in Wall St, Maldives fine, Mueller finds nothing, Trump was wiretapped, over and over, decade after decade, nothing. Today is another day they do the same and it works all over again.

    Almost a decade after the inception of the “Russiagate” hoax,”

    That’s one. Then 2 decades for bank bailout market rigging, screwing kids out of houses, all proven. 30 years of Climate Hoax. Nothing matters. Nothing will ever matter again. Reality Optional, so long as Blue Square exists.

    This is why wars happen, and why they’re so horrible. Every psychology is shattered, as they wake up from every lie. (or almost every, the then believe the “good war” lie)

    “And perhaps a currency.
    • BRICS To Launch Independent Financial System – Moscow (RT)

    Maybe more like a “Method” at this point.

    “• Elon Musk Issues WhatsApp Safety Warning (RT)

    Sure, end to end encrypted WHILE WE HOLD A MASTER KEY. Your door at the dorm sure is locked! However, EVERY person on site can get the master, while there are so many “Best” master key copies ALSO any kid who tried real hard could also get one. For example, the NSA arranged for the INTEL CHIP ITSELF to be insecure, then never fixed it, so they could always get in ahead/around all encryption, but at a higher-level stuff. Inside every Cisco Router. …Yeah, geniuses, “higher level” where ALSO everyone in China, Russia, could ALSO get into, say, Boeing’s supercomputers. Schmarts!


    “Prosecutors Knew Epstein Had Sex With Underage Girls Years Before Plea Deal, “Outrageous” Transcripts Reveal

    Sure, but the FBI and prosecutors weren’t just the Hair Club for Men owners, they were also the clients. Remember, secret services, the Derp State, came down on every prosecutor, year after year after year and told them he was protected for sooper-spy national security reasons. We had to rape all those girls, it was for the good of the Planet! If I don’t rape this 15-year old from Epstein’s paid cabin at Minnesota Band Camp, the terrorists win!

    Well, it’s a grave sacrifice, but somebody’s gotta do it.

    As yesterday, day after day after month after year, over and over and over. “Even while it was happening, it wasn’t happening.”

    “NATO To Unveil ‘Bridge To Membership’ For Ukraine: US Official

    The West means the War is going on forever. They have declared war on Russia that cannot end until one of them dies, utterly defeated.


    The Black-
    The blades come out at the end, and everybody dies.

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