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    Odilon Redon Wild Flowers in a Vase c1910   • Zelensky Issues Ultimatum To NATO – FT (RT) • Macron Wants ‘Tangible’ Security Guarantees For Ukrai
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    Place your bets for June …



    Expect a knock on your door Raul.

    WHO Initiative Would ‘Promote Desired Behaviors’ by Surveilling Social Media

    ” The World Health Organization (WHO) is proposing a set of recommendations for “social listening surveillance systems” designed to address what it describes as a “health threat” posed by online “misinformation.” ”

    WHO Initiative Would ‘Promote Desired Behaviors’ by Surveilling Social Media

    TVASSF ( … this is NOT ‘misinformation’)

    Dr. D

    “McCarthy Reportedly Gave Democrats Secret Concessions In Exchange For Debt Ceiling Votes”

    “Secret”? He gave them everything openly. So you’re saying he gave them even MORE?

    “Female Athlete Retires After Competing Against Biological Men, Says Girls “No Longer Have A Fair Chance”

    Destroying women wherever they get a chance. Unsafe spaces everywhere is what they believe in, oppression of women everywhere, every way. Know your place. Pretty typical. Men who protect women, in bathrooms or in sports, in marriage or as mothers, are vilified as violent Neanderthals. Who’s doing the doing with this? Who, exactly, is saying each side? Where’s it coming from? I don’t think we had 60% of men say “My childhood dream is to beat women at sports,” or …

    Anyway, people always ache and prostrate to authority: create your own sports league. A new WTA or WPGA can kick men out again as almost the entire society prefers. It will take a few years but you’ll be CEO of the new MLB and make millions doing good. People feel like cycling was something created with the earth, like the sun. They’re just jackasses who’ve been blackmailed and bought off.

    Speaking of, “Project Veritas” following dozens of others, Wikipedia, WayBack, Veritas is suing O’Keefe. For essentially nothing, to keep him busy and captured, as they did Greenwald, etc. JB can confirm with me here:

    Companies run for 100 years making shoes or something, and one DAY after being run by a Lawyer or MBA destroy the company like these guys do. Faster than Target ever dreamed. Faster than a CIA director can say “This Bud’s for you.” Promote the third sales associate from Iowa and it would all go away again, because they know what a company exists for: to give something the public — that is YOU — want. Companies exist for YOU. Target is not a Church. Budweiser is not a political PAC. Companies exist to get you shoes cheaper than you can make them at home. “No one can serve two masters.” — today’s article by Mises.

    This is great though: Veritas is dead dead dead, but they could have hung on for years shilling disinformation, pretending to undo whatever O’Keefe reports. By suing him, it’s obvious as Fox that they are actively, egregiously anti-Truth, and that therefore some force actually exists that constantly buys up Twitters, Intercepts, etc, and destroys their purpose, then the companies themselves going to zero, HuffPo, BuzzFeed. Get Woke, Go Broke. Because they’re a RELIGION. Religions need donations to destroy OTHER people’s money.

    Can’t stop this until the money power collapses. So the “Depression” from yesterday is actually the GOOD thing. The world returning to normal. Just like market “Crashes” are just Price-Discovery returning to a rigged market. (Usually rigged with a bank handing out $500 bills to everyone at a public auction)

    Can’t stop until the money power ends.

    “Chick-fil-A Faces Growing Backlash Over ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ Efforts

    They kind of went nuts over this: it’s just a Title. What if their DEI director DID promote Christian values, but deceptively so that it seemed like they had got aboard the Woke Wagon? Not a good sign but you have to see what they DO. I say not a good sign because the job and department is unnecessary waste of valuable attention and resources. Give it a rest though.

    P.S. As psychopathic narcissists, they have to believe they are so clever and above you. Like their other language, DEI is Latin for “God”. Woke is your god. Hail Satan, Worship Moloch today. At least they’re not hiding it.

    Stewart Rhodes: I would like to argue with this, but I can’t see any basis. As above, the important part is that the mask is off. If we know they are Darth Vader, we can know which side we’re on. Compliance is consent.

    “Zelensky has “made clear to NATO leaders that he will not attend the Vilnius summit without concrete security guarantees and a road map for accession,”

    Yay. You don’t get them, go away now.

    The real fact is the Derp State, the transnational parasite government had its money centers cut off like in F-Stan and is using Ukraine to fill the coffers and not collapse. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Why the money, and why none of it arrives.

    They are also slow-escalating the war. Same reason. The Davos Derp State now need $150B a year, plus $4,000 Billion in every budget or it collapses.

    “if the conflict turns into a protracted one,”

    IF? Macron must be a Liberal as he’s bad at math. Can’t count to quinze?

    “Everything about this is certifiably nuts.”

    So many levels. And therefore the people involved are certifiably mentally ill. They should be removed as a danger to themselves and others as is legally required.

    ““…based on international law, “including the Hague and Geneva Conventions with their additional protocols,” Britain “can also be qualified as being at war.”

    I’ve been saying for ages. But they need them so far over the line all humans on the planet agree who is wrong.

    “Xi’s remarks come as rival powers China and the United States continue to lock horns on many fronts.”

    When did we become rival powers? We gave them Most Favored Nation status, shipped 90% of our jobs and manufacturing, all our steel, and handed them fighter jet blueprints and Scandia Labs.

    …But NOW, TODAY, they’re suddenly an intractable enemy we lock horns with? Remember a few years ago? This is racist! Biden, therefore, is a racist. …That’s what I heard – all I heard – in 2016-2020. Now NOT racist. Funny how the correlation of the data sets is 1.0.

    “The Sultan 2.0 Will Heavily Tilt East (Pepe Escobar) “

    Losing everywhere. But as Luongo says, the real battle, the important one that decides, is in Pakistan.

    “claiming in legal documents that he and Dimon communicated about the convicted sex offender.”

    Why Dimon? He has 250,000 minions to do these emails for him. He’s not going to record himself. Back to Luongo, what are they doing? Strangely for us, Dimon and Morgan are KILLING NAZIS. They are stopping Davos and WEF Europe cold. They are going to break Europe and have some sort of actual Capitalism continue to exist, however flawed. So like Strauss-Kahn, they take Dimon out and they don’t care how. He doesn’t look worried.

    To me, I’m like, “Can you refuse to bank somebody just because they committed a crime?” WTF Jebus that’s a bad idea, that’s 100% “Social Credit Score” stuff of dystopian nightmares. I’m no fan of Epstein, but can we just refuse to bank him, refuse to rent him, refuse to sell him pork-n-beans at Costco so we all collectively murder him? How does that work?

    Like free speech, if they can cut him off, they can cut me off. And Sikh truckers in Canada.

    Anyway, 5GW, they are carpet bombing Dimon to save Davos as the money system cracks. Can’t stop this until the money power collapses. Dimon and Powell are collapsing it. The Nazis are defunded.

    There’s lots of bad things in Morgan, all illegal anti-trust and stuff. I’ll be happy to chop them into 200 banks and sue for market rigging when Davos is dead.

    refused to interview Paxton or anyone from his staff as part of its investigation.”

    Interesting investigation. I was wondering what was going on and which side, but they never bother to hide it anymore. However, if they have to do this, they’re losing. 1st level is everyone does without thinking. 2nd is everyone without being asked. 3rd is everyone knows but still does it. 4th is stragglers that get whackd. 5th is when it’s discussed but still happening. 6th is when they have to be obvious, there is no basis, they still have people opposing, AND it’s being reported. 7th is fabricating evidence and ignoring appearances. When I was born, we were level 1.

    “The judge also noted the IRS hasn’t responded to a request to update the court”

    As everywhere, the government refuses to do their job. They refuse to even LOOK like they’re doing their job. They just go before Judges and…refuse. Illegally. Nothing happens. Must be nice.

    P.S. I’m sure now that Wray is in Contempt he’ll serve his 30-60 days? Right? Or is this a “Contempt of Congress” that has no actions, effects, or consequences? So… you exist as a big, well-paid waste of all our time?

    Keeping an ear down, first they erase religion and be “cool” and “Sophisticated” to create a psychological hole, then have a moral vacuum. When the time is right and all is forgotten, they then re-add religion of their own, filling the religion-shaped hole. Walking around, this is what has happened to Woke. It is now moving from a thing on TV into a real, heart-felt, human-integrated religion. The religion of Nazis, including the book burning, racism, and camps.

    This is not pleasing as like Germany, I bet 60% are easily in this category of some form of acceptance, just as Christianity was once, in say 1950. And I cannot abide religious extremists, who permit no questions or discussion and immediately accelerate into “Kill” at any hint of heresy. It’s like living in Puritan New England around here, and they’re building some witch-pyres and breaking out the buckled hats.

    Love and Light, people! Stunning and Brave. It’s always a good time for hate.

    It just feelz, SO. GOOD. The Morningstar. The Rockstar Rebel. Love and fealty to him and all his actions.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Listening to the RFK Jr. offerings yesterday was disheartening for the trust needed to fully support the candidacy by propagating the lie that Russia illegally acted to stop a military/militia attack by Coup-de-état Kiev on the territory of Donbas and the Russian speaking population there who had voted in 2014 for separation from the état regime supported by the Washington/Wall St./City of London/Tel Aviv axis of evil.
    RFK Jr. may be proud of his sone, that is entirely natural, but when a U.S. citizen serves in an alien military force it puts a cloud over that person’s fidelity to their U.S. citizenship and is a matter of little sustainable pride, particularly to one serving in a force that is inundated in the bloods of war crimes since its establishment in 2014. RFK Jr. your son is a war criminal by his act of machine gunning ‘Russians’. Should I vote, and I will not, RFK Jt’s candidacy will be taken under advisement; one does not correct a lie by offering another. I haven’t an idea what can now be done to rebuild the broken trust in your otherwise admirable efforts.

    Some ten millions of Ukrainians are said to have fled the country; some 3.5 millions to Russia, the rest from western Ukrain to mostly the EU. It would be fair to assume that most of the refugees did not support the Kiev regime after 2014 coup de état and feared the consequences of conflict sufficiently to leave. Those removing to Russia were also taken by fear, that of being the targets of the Kiev regime, altogether different motivation. The OSCE abandoned their posts when Ukrainian shelling of the Donbas had reached forty-fold the established levels some days before the Russian Special Military Operation to protect and defend those living in the Donbas. How often have the collective west heard the phrase ‘to protect and defend’ as authorisation and source of legitimacy by their own government’s actions, with Russia it’s no different. One either accepts double standards or one does not – your choice, your life..

    V. Arnold

    Odilon Redon Wild Flowers in a Vase c1910

    Beautifully rendered painting (IMO); but also ironic; “Wild Flowers” in a “vase”?

    Formerly T-Bear

    Like birds in a cage.


    There is new momentum behind the idea that renewable energy has a higher energy return on investment (EROI) than fossil fuels.

    That contrasts with decades of consensus that the EROI of oil, for example, ranges from 18 to 35 while the range for solar is from 6 to 12.

    Nafeez Ahmed wrote in a recent post that

    “While the EROI values of wind and solar are “at or above 10”, the average EROI estimate for oil is about 4.2. Murphy et. al’s research concludes that many EROI analyses incorrectly compare fossil fuels with renewables by measuring them at the wrong areas. By consistently measuring them both at their ‘point of use’, they are able to develop a far more consistent approach.”

    Similarly, Ugo Bardi wrote a post in January whose title was ” Setting the record straight on the EROI from renewables. It is much better than that of fossil fuels.”

    Both Ahmed and Bardi used a 2022 paper, Energy Return on Investment of Major Energy Carriers: Review and Harmonization as their source.

    Red Flags

    I evaluated the 2022 EROI paper by David J. Murphy and colleagues that Ahmed and Bardi cited as the source of their good news about the superior EROI of renewables.

    This statement from that paper was a huge red flag for me.

    “Even if crude oil were measured to have an EROI of 1000 or more at the point of extraction, the corresponding EROI at the point of use, using global average data for the energy “cost” of the process chain, would still only be a maximum of 8.7.”

    This means that the supply-chain energy costs for refining and product distribution create a permanent penalty that prevents oil from reaching an EROI of more than 8.7. It furthermore implies that refining must be a marginally profitable business at best which it is not.

    It suggests that all previous EROI work over the last two decades was wrong. The reason it was wrong, according to the paper’s authors, is that previous workers failed to account for the full supply chain of energy investments from extraction to point-of-use. That is simply untrue. The approach has been used at least since 2009 by Hall et al.

    By the authors’ own admission, oil is the most important fuel for the global economy. An oil EROI of 4.2, however, would place it below what most researchers consider to be the minimum EROI threshold needed to support society as noted by Euan Mearns.

    “It is assumed that ERoEI >5 to 7 is required for modern society to function. This marks the edge of The Net Energy Cliff.”

    Below this threshold, so much of the world’s resources would have to be dedicated to supplying energy that there would not be enough left to support the rest of society. Civilization should already be in collapse at an oil EROI of 4.2.

    In this renewable energy Hail Mary, the authors reveal their fundamental failure to comprehend the significance of their EROI subject:

    “This means that oil delivers less net energy to society for each unit invested in extraction, refining, and delivery than PV or wind. The transition to electric vehicles, according to these results, will actually increase.”

    Society does not function and survive on the per-unit net energy to society but on the full-system net energy delivered to society. This is like saying that I can solve my personal financial problems by delivering newspapers because the per-unit returns are so high. The net income from the paper route is so small, however, that it wouldn’t even help with the monthly escrow payment on my mortgage.

    The bottom line is that Murphy et al have not presented the data to support their conclusion that renewables in fact have a higher EROI than oil.

    The rest@

    Does Renewable Energy Have a Higher EROI Than Fossil Fuels?


    Even in biblical time, Peace was achieved through war.


    As per Douglas MacGregor

    Pedo Joe, Winken Blinken, Cookies Nuland, Austin Powers, all the Neozazicon filth in the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation®, have lead Duh’sheeple® to the edge of Oblivion.

    Ya know, once the Duh’sheeple® are rounded up and put into a Panopticon ‘Warsaw Ghetto’, they’re never coming out of it alive.

    Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® already has trans-formed it’s major urban center into ‘useless eaters of resources’

    Yeh, that’s right, the actual concept of a big city in Duh’merica has now been equated with the slur of ‘useless eater’ as it applies to individuals.

    The Big Shities are resource sinks and have no purpose

    They consume enormous amounts of resources and produce what in return for their keep?

    Cinnamon Lattes?

    Cookie cutter culture?

    Intellectual endeavors?

    Trendy trends?

    Wow, that’s certainly worth the cost of keeping their lights on.

    The FIRE sector of the economy, which is by and large a giant useless parasite, like an oozing pus filled boil on the ass of the nation, they too are getting out of Big Shity Dodge, it’s that bad.

    And it’s Too Late to reinvent Duh’merican cities.

    They are in fourth stage cancer, the Web and the Plandemic sealed their fate.

    They represent less than 2-3% of the landmass of the country and no longer pull their weight in any conceivable sense….. moral, spiritual or literal.

    Duh’merica no longer has an industrial base and still picked a fight with Russia, a country that has an awesome technical industrial based fueled and backed up with twelve time zones of resources.

    Duh’merica’s ‘industrial base’ (cough-gag-cough) is like an old dried up whore living in a cardboard box under a bridge abutment eating cat food from a tin with a dirty plastic spoon.

    Well played Duh’merica!

    I hope the Russians finally go after all the ‘decision making centers’ threatening their country, where ever they are, including in The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation, the cowards hiding behind an ocean.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation® is destroying itself just fine, give it time to hang itself from a lamp post

    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

    The lying and escalating in Ukronaziland will bring ruin to Duh’merica and Euroturdistan, it can’t happen fast enough

    Duh’merica, the Land of Plenty is a desert of the imagi-nation



    Women getting bitch slapped by trans ‘men’ in sports is the fault of 2th, 3rd, 4th wave feminists

    It’s not the fault of straight white men.

    I would say to female athletes who complain about this:

    Blow it out your ass, you built this current edifice of idiocy brick by brick for decades with an ever escalating distortion of ‘feminism’.”

    You made your bed, now sleep in it.

    Quit bitching and fix it all by your ‘I am woman hear me roar’ selves.

    Don’t ask for any help from real men, remember, ya’ll don’t need them.

    It would also be and act of weakness on your parts.



    first they erase religion and be “cool” and “Sophisticated” to create a psychological hole, then have a moral vacuum. When the time is right and all is forgotten, they then re-add religion of their own, filling the religion-shaped hole. Walking around, this is what has happened to Woke.


    Good points on EROEI. Feels like a former life.


    ah yeah. EROEI and scalability

    dear god the number of times a newb would come onto LATOC with the solution to all our problems and we’d politely spend days bringing them back to reality.

    I still vividly remember one person who showed up saying that because aluminum can conduct electricity, we could build out an entirely new electricity grid and transportation (running on light rail/trolleys/monorails using aluminum electricity conducting rails)

    1.) Not scalable
    2.) A transmission method is not a source of energy
    3.) Not enough readily available aluminum
    4.) Huge energy inputs to make aluminum
    5.) Miniature projects on these lines are enabled BY the current oil and coal economy and could not exist without it.

    Autonomous Unit

    “To me, I’m like, “Can you refuse to bank somebody just because they committed a crime?” WTF Jebus that’s a bad idea, that’s 100% “Social Credit Score” stuff of dystopian nightmares. I’m no fan of Epstein, but can we just refuse to bank him, refuse to rent him, refuse to sell him pork-n-beans at Costco so we all collectively murder him? How does that work?”

    I see your point if he committed a crime in the past, and then stopped his illegal actions. We know that Epstein continued to commit crimes after his initial trial, and slap on the wrist punishment.
    Perhaps that is why it may not be prudent for a bank to continue to accept ill-gotten money from Epstein.
    Of course, that would not be following the tradition of banks willingly accepting deposits from dirty sources, like drug cartels,etc.


    @ WES & John Day & My Parents Said …

    Yes, it was an amazing cycle trip.

    Great company, great canal path, great food, wonderful scenery, fantastic accommodation, amazing architecture in beautiful villages.

    One of the benefits of the German occupation of France during WW2 was that the country was not flattened by bombing – unlike here in the UK, where so much was destroyed.

    I highly recommend cycling Le Canal des Deux Mers in May!


    @ T Bear – listen to JFK here with Stockman.

    A more serious discussion of the Ukraine crisis with David Stockman, where he’s not pandering to potential voters.
    I think he gets it:


    Excess mortality in Germany: the 2022 data is in.

    ” …this is a very long and dense paper, but have a look at the age breakdown of excess mortality tables. The increases are insane. Also have a look at the standard deviation tables. This is scary.”


    TVASSF (Sie sind wirklich!)


    What’s the deal with Chic-fil-a? Why are we suddenly mad at God’s Own Chicken?

    The Bud Lite thing came from a bunch of different events occurring at the same time. The key elements were the Mulvaney vid PLUS the Bud Marketing VP wokeist ranting about having a CLEAR MANDATE for wokeist stuff while denigrating existing customers. That one-two punch PLUS the trans shooting and dudes in dresses punching and kidnapping a female athlete.

    So why chick-a-fil? Was it JUST appointing a DIE czar?

    chik fil a owner: white people should kneel down and shine the shoes of black people – with a deep sense of shame

    Jesus washing his disciples’ feet retrofitted by critical theory marxism into white folks kneeling before black folks in a struggle session.

    All races did shoe shining… FOR PAY. Sure, I’ll shine your shoes. Let me know when you want your shoes shined and I’ll let you know my rates.

    I’ll be charging extra:

    1.) To wokeist marxists – for the land and property you stole from my family and my family members you beat to death – you believe in group guilt, right? Simple pacifist Mennonite farmers, not aristocrats. never posed any danger to you, but you did it anyway. (“you” wokeists as defined by wokeists)

    2.) Surcharge for the Dutch side of my family, whose members lost limbs, their sanity, and their lives fighting to end slavery. US Civil War wasn’t about ending slavery, sure, in a fantasy land – but they sang anti-slavery songs while knowingly marching to their deaths – so fu pay me.


    Always “Rare” – LOL




    TAE Summary

    * Flowers Gone Wild

    * Pfizer: We had to destroy your immune system in order to save it; TVASSSSSSSSSSSSSF

    * Social Surveillance: Founded by Hitler in April 1925 the WHO in 2023 as a small protection team, the SS grew with the success of the Nazi the WHO movement and became virtually a state within a state, gathering immense police and military powers.

    * A woman’s glass ceiling is a man’s glass floor

    * War and Peace
    – I have not come to bring peace, but a sword – The Prince of Peace
    – Make casseroles, not war
    -Those with kids in the military are biased and should shut up. Those with no kids in the military have no skin in the game and should shut up.

    * EROEI in 2050:
    1.) Oil is no longer scalable
    2.) A drilling technology is not a source of energy
    3.) Not enough readily available oil
    4.) Huge energy inputs to extract oil
    5.) Petroleum projects are enabled by the current solar and wind economy and could not exist without it

    * I just set them up, I don’t bring them down – Jamie Dimon

    * Divergency, Enmity, Intrusion


    EROEI in 2050?

    The end of readily available oil will make buildout of a whole new infrastructure inexpensive or free, increasingly as oil becomes less available. Because that would make it fair. And fairness is, like, a RULE.

    Drilling and bringing up stored energy isn’t a source of energy. Only massive investment of existing oil and coal energy in mining and consuming massive quantities of minerals to build a parallel logistics chain/infrastructure produces energy is a source of energy. Anything else would be unfair

    If we build a whole new infrastructure, then the new energy sources we intend to transmit over this infrastructure will have to show up, because otherwise it would be unfair – and fairness is a RULE.

    There’s no such thing as mining, nor rare earth metals, nor 10,000 mile logistical chains, because that wouldn’t be fair when we are being so virtuous. The new infrastructure won’t require resource inputs because that isn’t fair. Just 5 large freighters don’t create as much CO2 as the entire auto fleet of the world. Because polluting more than the entire auto fleet of the world to be virtuous to replace oil wouldn’t be fair.

    Off to Caine’s Chicken Fingers for a tasty snack.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Germ at #136074
    First of all: Welcome back, the bike sojourn sounds fantastic and with canals, few mountains are found. Tall cotton bicycling. (smiley thing)

    David Stockman is one of those who are eminently forgettable and it took me nearly the time of the presentation to recall him being Ronnie Raygun’s budget director. Now for some brain wash to remove the memory. The economics discussed were shallow and gravitated into bits and pieces of what is generally considered ‘libertarian economic theology’,; sounding good but of little substance but politically gratifying. At the time I considered David Stockman having the same value as what one found on the bottom of one’s shoes after a stroll through the park, that still holds. It was Ronnie Raygun’s budget policy that ended the New Deal and has produced the economic conditions and consequences you experience today. YMMV


    Dave Chappelle hits one out of the park



    They are certifiably insane and want you dead or disabled.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Needle-free Covid-19 vaccine enters clinical trials

    ” …the new vaccine was developed using computers to predict changes in the virus. It uses synthetic gene technology.”

    Needle-free Covid-19 vaccine enters clinical trials


    John Day

    @Oxymoron: Thanks for that Walter M. Chesnut spike protein in blood vessels and brain paper.

    :There is nice bike youring in Germany, too, despite the war. Glad you did well and returned to us.
    I am studying up on pathophysiology and treatment of post vaccine syndrome, so the vaccinated can be less f**ked, the ones that live…

    John Day

    Symbolic? Biden Speech Hailing NATO Strength Overshadowed By Serious Fall On Stage


    Once the money dies, a hellofalot of people are going to wake up to who is pulling the puppet strings. Pearle Harbor, JFK, moon landings, Vietnam, Oklahoma City,, 911, covid, the mandated death shot for covid…brought to you by the chosen people using a Trojan Horse…the television.. Everyone alive, today has been fed constant bullshit and lies…their whole life.. The old ways, honor and integrity…are the true way, a zogulag is no place for righteous people.


    It will sort itself out one way or another

    People who need people are the luckiest people in the world

    Kentucky Man Allegedly Shot Roommate in Buttocks After He Ate Last Hot Pocket

    A 64-year-old Kentucky man allegedly shot his roommate in the butt because he had eaten their last Hot Pocket.

    Clifton Williams became enraged after learning the frozen snack was gone, and began throwing tiles at the man in their Louisville home, police told WLKY-TV.

    The roommate then tried to flee the home — but not before Williams allegedly went inside, got a gun, and shot him in the buttocks before he could escape, the report said.

    Humanity is so noble, so spell binding, so full of Hope and Hot Pockets


    John Day

    Damage Done looks at treating post vaccine syndrome

    I have been studying-up on Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome, which Pierre Kory MD discusses here with Jimmy Dore, who has a form of it.

    What is going on with Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome?
    There are acute anaphylactic responses right after injection, which account foremost of the same day and next day fatalities.
    There are sudden cardiac deaths within the first week or two following an injection which are likely due to fatal arrhythmias, brought on by induced-inflammation within the heart muscle,and triggered by exercise stress and adrenaline,which would normally be well tolerated.
    There are the people who “die suddenly” within half a year of the last injection. There is widespread governmental denial of the existence of this syndrome,soit is not funded for study. Production of spike-protein, induced by mRNA gene-therapy-products, may often persist for 6 months or more, since the mRNA is chemically-modified to prevent normal enzymatic breakdown in the cells. These spike-protein fragments are caustic to blood vessel linings, predisposing to clot formation, the root cause of heart attacks and strokes.
    The people who most often see doctors for Post-Vaccine Syndrome are not in these high-fatality groups, but are typically deeply fatigued, brain-fogged, and may get very tired and hurt all over from normal exercise. They may have a broad range of autoimmune and allergic responses, neurological disorders and re-activation of viruses such as Herpes-family, including shingles, Epstein Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus. These viruses are typically kept suppressed by a normally functioning immune system.
    Is there free-circulating spike-protein? Is there autoimmune disease brought on by the similarity of parts of the spike protein to normal proteins in the body?
    Is there suppression of normal immune system function, including cancer-surveillance?
    Pick one or more.
    Here is 39 pages of Post COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome information from FLCCC, which is contributed to by Dr.Kory, Dr.Marik and others.

    Most doctors in the US will not engage COVID-Vaccine-Injury as a possibility. They don’t know.
    At this point, they are choosing to keep not knowing. It’s easier and they don’t have to admit wrongdoing.
    This diagnosis-group is complicated, perplexing, goes against the business model of treating one problem per visit with 5-10 minutes of face-time.
    These diagnoses are frowned upon by payers. Taking care of vaccine-injured patients is bad for business.
    Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik have been expelled from their hospital and teaching positions for treating patients with COVID-19 with ivermectin and other effective therapies not approved by the government. They have accepted their rejection by the hierarchy-of-payment, in favor of following their consciences.
    This is what you are looking for in a doctor if you have post vaccine syndrome.
    You can look here: You can enter your zip code and search.
    There are a lot more providers than there were in 2021 when I was still treating patients for COVID.

    Walter M.Chesnut explains how spike-protein infiltrating the blood vessel lining in the brain leads to inflammation of neuronal structures in the brain.
    A Lethal Beacon: Spike Protein Endothelial Disease is also Spike Protein Neuron Disease
    The Spike Protein acts as a “Flare” causing infiltration of leukocytes via complement activation to attack infected tissue.
    I am now able to present a hypothesis which unites the Spike Protein’s attack on the endothelium (which I have called Spike Protein Endothelial Disease) with its neurodegenerative effects. I will show how they are one and the same…
    ..I will research this further, but I believe this is a significant breakthrough.
    Is what we are observing just Autoimmune? Or, is it the Spike telling the body to attack itself? Or, is it both?

    John Day

    Jessica Rose Ph.D. “IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein”
    Please refer to the newly published paper entitled: “IgG4 Antibodies Induced by Repeated Vaccination May Generate Immune Tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein” published in Vaccines on May 17, 2023.
    The paper has remarkable findings and concludes that:
    Increased IgG4 synthesis due to repeated mRNA vaccination with high antigen concentrations may also cause autoimmune diseases, and promote cancer growth and autoimmune myocarditis in susceptible individuals.
    Promote cancer growth eh? Hmm. Didn’t someone write this up recently and get a lot a flack for it? …
    Oh yeah! That was Unacceptable Jessica.
    This newest paper provides even more evidence to support the claim that the shift to the IgG4 subtype seen in the context of the COVID mRNA shots promotes cancer by immune evasion techniques.

    Kiev Rocked as New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Destruction
    Russia launched a massive drone attack on all regions of Ukraine. It has been called by at least one source as the single largest drone attack of the entire SMO thus far, causing many people to speculate that Russia must now be producing Geran-2 drones at exponential rates as they have been using them at tremendous volumes of late. Every region has been hit and something very anomalous occurred in the capital city of Kiev.
    A huge explosion shook homes in the region, that at least one source says registered as a magnitude 3.4 on the Richter scale, and some experts estimated to be equivalent to at least a 100 ton ammo explosion…

    Moon of Alabama has more, including this, another deep underground command center destroyed by hypersonic Kinzhal missile:
    President Putin seemed to confirm that today’s attack on a ‘central decision-making points’ hit the headquarter of military intelligence in Kiev:
    Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 – 13:28 UTC · May 30, 2023
    Putin confirms recent Russian missile strike on Kiev regime military intelligence, under Budanov, which had claimed credit for several recent assassinations & terrorist bombings of civilians in Russia.

    The next global pandemic?
    Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

    Russia Claims They Collected Evidence of Avian Flu Pathogens with Lethality Rate up to 40% in Humans at US Biolab in Ukraine

    John Day

    “Obstructionist And Unacceptable”: House GOP To Hold FBI Director In Contempt Of Congress

    The EU’s Ministry of Truth Threatens Google, Twitter, and Facebook , Mish Shedlock
    The EU’s Thierry Breton tells US Big Tech corporations that he’s “The Enforcer” against disinformation.
    “It’s a voluntary basis, so we don’t force anyone” to join the code of practice on disinformation, Breton said. “I just reminded (Musk and Twitter) that by August 25, it will become a legal obligation to fight disinformation.”

    Meryl Nass MD, EU Issues Warning After Elon Musk Pulls Twitter Out of Anti-‘Disinformation’ Agreement
    What is disinformation? It used to be true information that the DHS claimed was misleading. Now it has been redefined to encompass misinformation (false information) too. But it is a slippery concept, because we have a First Amendment right to free speech: we can say whatever we want to say. It does not have to be 100% accurate. And if that speech is occurring in Washington, DC you can be sure it is never 100% accurate.
    Because of that First Amendment, the DHS’ Disinformation Governance Board headed by Mary Poppins-wannabe Nina Jankowicz was shut down last year.
    It turned out that the USG was helming a massive censorship operation on the US (and world) involving at least 12 federal agencies and dozens of nonprofits, universities, for-profit companies, for many billions a year.

    WTF Happened in 1971? Thanks Christine. 76 graphs pivot around 1971 in various ways. Worker’s wages suddenly stagnated, never to rise in synch with productivity again. US (conventional) oil production peaked (as predicted). Nixon was forced to default on gold-backing of the $US, and soon after, in 1973, he and Kissinger negotiated the Petro-Dollar arrangement with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.
    I remember 1971 as the year that everything started getting worse.

    WTF Happened in 1971?

    Alexander Carpenter

    OK, wtf did happen in 1971?
    In 25 words or less, and then as many as you need…


    @ Alexander Carpenter
    OK, wtf did happen in 1971?
    In 25 words or less, and then as many as you need…

    Same as now.
    Didn’t read, didn’t see, didn’t understand, and ignored the signs/trends that change was happening

    I already said :
    “The beginning of my “make more money or spend less”, if you wanted a middle class lifestyle.”

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