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    John French Sloan East Entrance, City Hall, Philadelphia 1901   • Carbon Bubble To Destroy Trillions Of Dollars Of Global Wealth (Ind.) • The Eff
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    V. Arnold

    I liked John French Sloan’s A Women’s Work very much. It was the detail and colors and reality.
    Kunstler hit the salient points as usual; the rest is just the actors lying as is their wont; no longer believing their lines.
    I honestly have no idea how they keep a straight face delivering their farcical reportage/propaganda/garbage…

    And I passed my drivers license renewal schooling for another 5 years (2023).
    A very good day… 🙂


    I like this piece from Sloan because he makes Philadelphia look, feel as if it’s Constantinople. If he’d included a camel in that painting, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    I couldn’t articulate it but it had the feel of a city gate, not city hall.
    It certainly didn’t look like the U.S..

    Dr. D

    No carbon? Come on. Because we have no electric cars, there’s no lithium mined to make them, and no grid to power them. And like Volvo still say they’ll have no petrol in, like 2020 or something. Does anyone check their head against the back of an envelope the size of Nebraka? Car development cycles are said to be 7 years, which seems outlandish in a world of tech and software, in a world where a prototype phone can be produced from ACad to hand in 5 days. But that’s why the West is 3rd world. Anyway, with a 7 year car cycle, you’re going to put electric in 5? And the grid is wildly, amazingly longer than that, AND if you swap half your energy use from liquid to electrons, you’ll need hundreds of new megawatt plants and the siteing permits, substations, and transmission lines.

    I’m sure all THAT will be economical and ecological, much like the more tons of steel in wind and solar than may perhaps be generated by that site EVER. It’s already a question if a solar panel creates more BTU’s than the mining, smelting, glass melting, and delivery consumes. Jacking the pricing system can make this seem profitable, but really you’re just pre-paying your electric bill ahead of time in a lump sum. More than likely damage to the panel 20, 40 years from now will make the investment a break-even, where the power could have been better used in a thousand ways.

    And yes, the U.S. is attacking right now, with such big moves you need to soft-approach with rate increases to sucker them in. Then you start to remove US$ liquidity worldwide, like ’08 and the last Euro crisis, then “accidentally” reveal that DeutscheBank, the world’s largest derivative holder and designated grenade-pin is an unsafe bank according to the Fed. –Coincidentally on the same day that one of their major holdings, Italy, tells the EU they’re going their own way. E.M. is just fallout from the elephants fighting, but it’s how the money will return to the U.S. “safe haven”, and one of a dozen ways Mexico is going to pay for the wall.

    I’m sure Americans will love it, money flooding back, everyone one else with their hair on fire, but attacking your neighbors tends to have consequences. Bad ones. But whatever, one thing at a time. The U.S. is clearly trying to pressure the EU and Euro to collapse without being considered responsible for it. Get out of the way.

    V. Arnold

    I’m sure Americans will love it, money flooding back…

    And why, pray tell will the Americans love it?
    They’ll get no benefit, unless they’re already rich.
    I’m fucking sick to death hearing/seeing anything about the elites, the bloody (literally) 1%.
    They are most certainly not the elite; they are the scum, the bottom feeders, the vultures feeding on corpses of those they’ve killed.
    Yes, nowhere in your comment did you use those/that term; but then, who the hell were you talking about? Me? 73 and on $1200 per month? I don’t think so…


    @ v.arnold
    This time around, there are millions of intelligent people who are aware of the tools that the elites are using to protect their wealth and power.
    The web is a shortcut to knowledge acquisition. Its not a shotcut to wealth and power.
    Sharing our knowledge does not make us rich and powerfull.

    Coffee break is over.


    @ Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Today, wed. june 06 2018 has gone back in time with your blog and comments.

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