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    D Benton Smith


    Well, I must confess to enjoying a good bunch of theorizing from time to time.

    Volition’s role in change is that volition works great up to the point where the probabilities gets carved into the stone of reality, after that it takes a miracle to change things.

    Figmund Sreud

    Following is via Alastair Crooke, via Strategic Culture article, … snip:

    “I am not sure the west is ready to confront the consequences of its actions: persistent inflation, reduced industrial output, lower growth, and higher unemployment. To me, economic sanctions look like the last hurrah of a dysfunctional concept known as the west. The Ukraine war is a catalyst of massive de-globalisation.

    … the whole thing:

    The West and the rest
    The world’s economic inter-dependencies are manifold and mutual. Sanctions have large network effects.




    I would say that this is one of Picasso’s best faces. It’s what everyone wishes their “resting face” would be. Three lines make it- the arc of the eye, the bottom of the nose, the curlicue of the mouth.
    You can draw it! (The coolest thing about Picasso is that any age can copy it good enough to please.)
    This guy drew like pop music- copy his lines and you can hum his pictures.
    Try it. Put a thin piece of paper over the image and thickly trace the line that defines the eye, then the bottom of the nose, then the curlicue of the lips. Trace the line of the profile.
    Here’s the fun part: draw these lines on your own- voila! you can draw a profile, too!


    In the past the US has used it’s financial muscle to artificially lower commodity prices to punish any commodity exporting country it wanted to punish.

    However this time is the first time I can remember where the US has actively conspired to raise commodity prices to try and punish a commodity exporter, namely Russia.

    For sure the US is actively trying to create an artificial shortage of USDs to financially squeeze 3rd world countries with USD debts to keep them on the dollar wagon. The irony is the world is actually drowning in excess amounts of USDs and US debt. China and Japan come to mind.

    Seizing a targeted country’s USD foriegn reserves is par for the course for the US. Except this time they targeted a super power country, Russia. This step has to have made China very nervous because now they know they are next on the list.

    China with it’s huge USD foreign reserves of over a trillion USDs, now suddenly has a huge problem. How to dispose of it’s huge stockpile of USD without trashing the current purchasing power of it’s USD reserves.

    China could try to sell some of it’s US Treasury bonds. But to whom? The US? Good luck with that plan!
    What if China, like Russia decides, it will never see their foreign USDs fully honored?

    Then China could do “political” deals with 3rd world countries holding burdensome USD debt enabling these in debt countries to pay their USD interest payments using China’s USDs. This would be one way to thwart the US’s current USD short squeeze play while forcing these USDs back into the US. The risk to China is which represents the highest default risk, the US or the 3rd world country?

    China trying to force USDs back into the US is a double edge sword because it reduces the value of USDs, like the first option of trying to sell USD bonds back to the US. Ironically this maybe one of the reasons why the US has forced commodity prices higher and kinterest rates higher is to try and strengthen the USD verses the Euro and Yen so people have nowhere else to run to? Except China and Russia seem determined this time to provide the world somewhere else to run to?

    I figure no matter if you run to USD or to an alternative, you will suffer a major haircut. Only gold owners will not take a haircut providing they can somehow manage to avoid their gold being 100% confiscated.

    I am watching this pretty much like everyone else is and wondering how all of this financial war engineering will turn out!

    P.S. I am sure my thinking has a major faults in it, so feel free to point out all of the holes!


    It is easy to run with a lie but requires humility to walk in truth. (Yoda maybe?)


    Former President of Russia, Medvedev, recently threatened an nuke strike if hit by long range U.S. rockets being supplied to Ukraine.

    Today he became a bit unhinged on social media.

    I’ve read that there are about 35 to 40 thousand soldiers concentrated from Izjum to Popasna. A lot of shelling and street combat but not much ground being gained by either side. The intensity seems down from a few days ago.

    This was interesting, you can see shades of history rhyming here.

    Igor Girkin draws parallels between war in Ukraine and the Russo-Japanese war and states that Russia is facing inevitable mutiny if it doesn’t escalate into a fully-fledged war.

    V. Arnold

    Loose lips sink ships…WWII homily imploring people to beware spy’s in their midst…

    First an foremost; pay cash and only buy physical gold in coins/bullion…
    If one doesn’t tell people, then it remains a secret…
    Can’t confiscate what isn’t known…

    John Day

    @WES: China can bail out debtor countries, can even bail them out in full, and transfer the debt at much better terms into some new global payment system , denominated in not-$US.

    What we should watch right now is Sri Lanka. Russian tanker has been parked there over a month, but not unloading without payment. Sri Lanka abstained from the UN vote censuring Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Suddenly, Russia and Sri Lanka have an oil deal.
    Who is paying?
    I doubt it is India…

    D Benton Smith

    Why are so many great dramatic actors such totally depraved lying narcissistic psychopaths? Oops. May have answered my own question by framing the question.



    I don’t see the anger of 1905 in Russia today.

    In fact, what I see is Russia has used it’s time since 2014 wisely to prepare for this police action in the Ukraine. The Russian people understand this is an essential war that must be fought.

    Russia saw this war coming 8 years ago but was too weak at the time to do anything about it in 2014.

    This time around Russian land army is fully equipped and ready to do what it has to do. Not only is it using fewer troops, it is using them smarter. Units are regularly being rotated in and out every week to keep them well rested and well resupplied. Maintenance is also being done. Newly conquered territories are immediately being cleaned up, demined, and basic services restored. This is what winners do.

    Further Russian land army troops are being well protected on the front lines from the air by a very good ground based air defense systems. Dozens of Ukrainian drones are being shot down every day. Every Ukrainian airplane or helicopter that gets airborne gets shot down. Ukrainian artillery is getting destroyed as soon as it is spotted!

    Another fact to look at. The number of Russian army/Air Force generals/officiers being killed leading their men in actual combat operations. No Ukrainian generals or staff officiers are to be found anywhere near the front lines. Actually they are all safely back in Kiev!

    So who is being lead and who is being left to fend for themselves?

    So who’s army would you want to be in?

    A few well lead men will always outperform poorly lead men, every time!

    D Benton Smith

    Here’s the really funny part of it. Other than hyper-selfishness and absence of felt empathy, the most telling feature of a totally depraved lying narcissistic psychopath is the pathological need to control others.

    So why do we humans comply with what totally depraved lying narcissistic psychopaths say that we should or must do ? Our compliance is the only thing providing the control they crave, because without us victims providing the skills, knowledge, work and tangibles the totally depraved lying narcissistic psychopath (as themselves, alone) would be less than nothing and incapable of causing harm to anyone but themselves.

    What sticks us to them? There must be a reason, so what could that reason be?

    I think the reason has a lot to do with unawareness.


    Dr. John Day:

    Yes this is no doubt a political oil deal brokered by Russia and China.

    It will be interesting to see how many more of these political deals get done going forward not only for oil but also wheat too.

    If we keep seeing more of these kinds of political deals then we will know China and Russia are deadly serious about setting up a new bipolar world. The US will then also know, too late, that it badly overplayed its hand.

    TAE Summary

    * Politics
    – J6 Trial: A circus with a cast of thousands; You can win any case if you choose the witnesses
    – Ukraine war is the opening act for the Four Horsemen
    – Democrats to change mascot from donkey to mule claiming their mascot slept with each of the four horses in 1967 but it was kept secret because of white supremacy
    – Soros: “Overpopulation is not a quantity problem, but a quality problem; I have seen the future and it works for me”
    – Which is worse?
    — The US didn’t factor in food shortages
    —The US did factor in food shortages
    – The west is not ready to confront the consequences of its actions; Consequences are for other peoples
    – Orlov is an untrustworthy bastard
    – China rattles sabers as if to say “Look, we have a sabers!”
    – People cannot recognize lying, hateful sycophants

    * Economics
    – The US is the four pirates of the apocalypse; Them that dies be the lucky ones
    – The New Fed Mandates: Table employment and full prices
    – WEF plans are today’s iron dice
    – We need parallel economic structures that don’t touch, ever
    – Pay cash and buy phys; If you can’t hold it you can’t hold it

    * Medicine
    – We are all going to die in a few years unless we don’t
    – Grass fed beef causes depression, especially in cows
    – What’s good for Pfizer is bad for kids; Unfortunately fewer and fewer Americans have stock in kids
    – Monkeypox: Scarerists are terrorists
    – Drag queens are the one organism that can change their bodies by volition
    – Vaccines don’t stop transmission but they do stop manumission so that’s something
    – Masking cures all ills

    * Life
    – Rubik’s Cube Savant: An exquisitely trained neural network
    – Ethanol is a solvent that damages economic engines
    – Taylor Lorenz: Proven expert on strange chaotic attraction
    – Rational people are superstitious
    – Theories can be extended ad absurdum and most are

    * I must hate. Hate is my ego-expander. Hate is the mind-death that brings total power. I will love my hate. I will permit it to pass near me and into me. And when it is a part of me I will turn blind eye to its effects. Where the hate has lodged it will be everything. Nothing of me will remain.

    D Benton Smith

    One more thing about our peculiar unawareness of totally depraved lying narcissistic psychopaths.

    I think our unawareness has something to do with the notion that we are not responsible for what we are not aware of. It ain’t my fault if I don’t know.

    Not a very good mindset for a creature that wants to live for very long.

    Figmund Sreud

    “…The fixation with Ukraine essentially is but a gloss pasted over the realities of a global order in decomposition. The latter is the source of the wider disorder. Ukraine is but one small piece on the chess board, and its outcome will not fundamentally change that ‘reality’. Even a ‘win’ in Ukraine would not grant ‘immortality’ to the neoliberal rules-based order.

    The World Doesn’t Work That Way Anymore
    The fixation with Ukraine essentially is but a gloss pasted over the realities of a global order in decomposition.

    The World Doesn’t Work That Way Anymore

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