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    René Magritte Le Mal du Pays (Homesickness) 1940   • Trump Judge Flags Facebook Post Suggesting Possible Mistrial (RT) • Putin’s 4D Chess: West ‘
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    Dr D Rich

    Well that changed fast. Do you think Juan Merchan, FBI McCabe were abandoned at birth but raised by the same neglectful parents?

    Vis a vis Judge Merchan el estupido:

    Merchan gave instructions for the very verdict that makes Michael Anderson, an equally stupid…. ………………((wait for it)))
    A dead man walking.

    Here’s a thought about FBI guys like McCabe who admit to being frightened……
    McCabe and his motley crew should be fired and publicly humiliated for being cowards. Go piss your pants in private then clean yourself up, McCabe, you despicable weasel.

    Did Ritter indeed have a role in Gonzalo Lira’s murder motivated by petty, petulant jealousy….
    ……of all the stinking shit spewing from that gaping maw????? Dr D blamed most or some of us for failing to “save” Lira, right? Industrial-grade blameshifting.

    Gleaned from the blogosphere:

      Folks at The Duran have said nothing about the latest incident regarding Ritter. I sense they’re pissed at Ritter calling Lira a Kiev regime asset, based on Lira continuing to do podcasts from Kharkov after he had been apprehended and before getting interned a final time.

      Earlier, Lira IMO wrongly accused Ritter of mainstreaming for the elites over an issue having to do with (if I’m not mistaken) the Kiev regime acquiring a new weapon. That set Ritter off on Lira.

      In his own words, Larry Johnson noted that Ritter doesn’t hold back.

    Is “doesn’t hold back” a diplomatic way of saying bloviating blowhard?
    Askin’ for a frendo becoz I’m skeered


    if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime

    “FBI agents fear being jailed by Trump” – displaced criminal McCabe
    Andrew McCabe has suggested that former intel and law enforcement officials may have to flee the country.

    Assange the bastards

    A Dime A Dozen
    Wanted Dead or Alive


    DDR – “Is “doesn’t hold back” a diplomatic way of saying bloviating blowhard?”
    Monetizing fiasco and amoral catastrophe, the lot of them
    Judge, Johnson, Ritter, Duran and the list goes on. egocentric sphincters doing a Pontius Pilate and then sending the truth to be scourged and crucified.

    “McCabe and his motley crew should be fired and publicly humiliated for being cowards”
    They should be given the option of being hung or shot. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

    Dr. D


    And also don’t fall into the false dichotomy: you don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to do nothing. You do what you CAN, in your position and risk. These guys give you years and years to make a jailbreak.

    “America should punish the ICC and put (chief prosecutor) Karim Khan back in his place. If the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel’s leaders, we know that America will be next,” Johnson said”

    Huh. Super funny for a guy who committed no crimes. Why would we be next when we’re exceptionally in the right? The ICC hates us for our freedoms?

    “Trump Has Raised $400 Million In One Week

    How is this at all helpful? Are the going to buy the judges and the vote counters?

    Hunter convicted at his gun trial:

    As a showcase of the thousand ways to subvert justice, I was just thinking of several the other day. Not prosecuting as a policeman, and blackmailing criminals instead. As the DA, prosecuting the crime very very badly so he gets off and no double jeopardy. Always prosecuting your enemies not your friends, otherwise really what’s the point of power at all? And this one: Apparently they hand-picked the jury of 11 people who are injured by drug arrests and prosecutions. And then added someone on the payroll of Secret Service too.

    With a Jury like that, and Merchan’s 500 page instructions, about anything, that they weren’t allowed to have a copy of, Hunter is in good hands.

    Yale Professor,

    The other way to rig trials: “Speedy” trials, on decades of appeal. Many cases can be refused to be seen. T’s popularity went up, so now they need to stage his assassination. Trump needs to be missing when the s—t goes down, like Russia whacking us and the market tanking, dollar drops 8:1.

    I do appreciate this guy being level and detailed, with specifics. It’s fine a lot of the time to be broad brush, but not always. Getting to details also learn more and we learn more about it and therefore may get a lot smarter in our own tactics and response.

    Holder’s Quote:
    That is really breathtaking even for them. Now does anyone comprehend it? Why we have a CRIME first, then an investigation? That’s along with these dozens of ways to rig justice, above, and probably the very first one. If you’re hanging around town, up to no good, the police know and are looking for you. When something happens, you’re first to come to mind. “Born Bad”. That’s actually logical, and proven a majority of the time…but you need to also resist your human nature and not fall into that trap. Now how much worse for politicos and everyone else, while THEIR guys are doing it to YOU? And, Prove It. This is where you have principles, religious ones about how the world is founded, or you don’t.

    ““I told my wife, I finally found the only hero I ever had, and it’s [Trump].”

    Ugh, Trump love. Disgusting. Well I suppose people need this sort of emotion, the feelz, to be useful and act. That’s what rallies, etc are all for, it’s how humans are. I try to overlook it.

    “New York State Unified Court System’s Facebook page”

    The what? I thought this was a rando account. Makes me wonder who they are. This is the kind of made-for-TV B.S. we get when the whole thing is staged theatre though. How do you keep the people’s attention (on you, which gives you POWER)? Crap like this. Spoiler: WWE isn’t real either. It’s a real SHOW though, there are real people really dressing up and being in the ring, that part is real. Kafaybe is context.

    “Biden said that former President Donald Trump got a “fair trial” and said the “jury spoke”.

    They sure did. Foreshadowing. Scripts. Clever Easter eggs. So the same day the Jury leak happens, Biden says “The Jury spoke”. Ok then, Boomer.

    ““The West is losing four wars in one –“

    We have to finish losing that war under Biden. So Trump can come in and “Suddenly! Everything better!” (because we merely stopped shooting ourselves in the head) I’d ask why but it’s because we already told you like normal people and you said no. So I guess you need to learn why we don’t shoot ourselves in the head.

    ““..Putin explained. It is now June 2024, and in order to do this, I feel, it will take a year.”

    He’s been correct, and there’s no reason the FSB information isn’t good. WHY so long? Odd. That’s how Putin, and Trump get power and gravitas though: if whatever they say comes true. Either IS true, or they MAKE it true, either way shows their relevancy. Sadly however, every NeoCon and other leader can be wrong 100% of the time and the opposite doesn’t happen. They are never discredited, never lose power, never have that bonus clawed back. Never jump off a lightpole onto a rope…

    “• Kremlin Responds After Biden Claims He’s Known Putin For 40 Years (RT)

    Kremlin denies Biden has been working with the KGB since the 80s. I think that’s as good as a confirmation, no?

    “• Media Shrugs as Biden Laptop is Authenticated in Federal Court (Turley)

    That’s Step 5 of the denial dance: “Everybody always knew, what’s the problem?” When you can never be fired or discredited for telling lies in the service of power, it really is no problem. And they never, ever have. However, CNN now has lower ratings than reruns of “Matlock.” WE are the ones firing and discrediting them as they won’t.

    Now how come people don’t trust us and government? …This is the ONE lesson we need. This is the ONE thing that makes you American: distrust of government, and therefore that it needs to be smaller (and closer). Here I am, 10 years saying “But we have a solution to that: More Government!” and for like 10 years people look at me like I’m stupid. YOU said the government is run by billionaires funding wars on brown people and hunting down unarmed Black Americans in the street. When I say “So we should defund them” then you say No! We need government to double! And do everything they say with LESS question!!! We need twice as much civil rights abuse? Literally I can still have conversations like this, but they are only barely getting less frequent now.

    WHY no one can get through I have no idea, I think it’s an extended infancy. If humans are infants, they cannot grasp anything but “Daddy”. Since there are no adults anywhere, there isn’t even discussion. — Look at all the man-toddlers in short-pants, tshirts down to their knees, and tattoos, wide as they are tall, just like 300lb 4-year-olds as Kunstler says. But it’s really the women who are 500x worse. Government is the All-Father, all things: Husband, God, Chicklet dispenser… It’s inconceivable that AllFather is not the Universe and Universal force for all things, and can/will/always/never has done anything bad. Meanwhile any real men are the vicious enemy, hated on sight. …But really only if they do work, that is the only unforgivable. Real men don’t work, they sit on a throne with minions like AllFather. NeoFeudal Medivalism: only the Bourgeois WORK. Real men have manor houses and slaves, they don’t fix cars ‘n s–t.

    Another sense of childishness, of a 4-year-old girl, yet somehow it’s more jaw-dropping to me.

    Anyway, SOMEHOW need to communicate to 300 Million tattooed toddlers that “You’re on your own.” No more candy: figure it out. What can I say? It’s tough to grow up, nobody likes it. Nobody likes developing character and I don’t either. We’re all at some stage between beginning and end, child and sage. But one of the first stages is, “Don’t Trust Government” they’re not your Daddy. Even now this remains very slow. They’re still “Biden sucks but Daddy Trump will fix it.”

    “.. there are facilities that the entire US Congress and their families will be safe with, if we get to a nuclear stage.”

    They’ll all find they’ve been hijacked if they go there, like in “Kingsmen”. Who runs the Congressional bunker? Oops, I guess he’s king now and can try and summary judgment on all yo -sses like Merchan, right? What. Morons. This is how we know they didn’t get there on their merits. Don’t you even have the brains to be suspicious?

    ““Why do we not have the right to supply our weapons of the same class to those regions of the world where attacks on sensitive facilities will be carried out… The answer may be asymmetric.” Putin said.

    …Putin said, a day before providing that weapon and whacking the Eisenhower into drydock. It made me realize something important: I’ve been very concerned it they nuke NATO HQ like they should and need to, it will all spiral out of control as that’s what “they” want. Yet you also can’t do nothing. But Russia just found the right means of communication to pathological liars: You need to attack the F—k out of the West but in a way they can LIE about. Then they’re happy! As said, these are people who only lie, only know how to lie, and their lies are exposing them. The problem with nuking Brussels and Rammstein is NOT the deaths – of course not! It’s not losing chess pieces or tactical positions, no! We’re perfectly pleased as a pig in s—t to lose 24/365 for three years in Ukraine, Iraq, Fstan, Vietnam… Losing is second nature to us.

    The problem with losing Vietnam was, they had to ADMIT it. Admit it and be WRONG. But what if they could just lose and LIE? No problem! Like when we lost Cuban Missile Crisis: WE put nukes in Turkey, Russia responded, WE removed them and ran away. We lost. …But that’s not what the Press reported and history wrote.

    So Putin, Russia, geniuses that they are, only need to sink every carrier in such a way that Congress can LIE about it and say “No they weren’t.” That’s it. That’s the whole thing and it’s working great. Now how can you KNOW they will lie and not say “Russkies attacked us!!! To arms!!!” ? …Because we can’t admit 12 unarmed goatherders in Yemen had no trouble sinking a carrier in 10 minutes, while drinking tea.

    Okay then, I guess. Look for more. Lies are DEFINITELY the hill we will die on. “I will heal you with my lies!”

    Back to the bunkers, it is OUR doctrine – elite doctrine – that there are too many smelly people stinking the place up and lowering real estate values. In perfect and true love, to save the earth, you really need to kill them all. — No, I am not making this up. And if we murder AT LEAST as many as Deagle says, like 200 million, it will strongly consolidate all the power we’ve been losing, both in the ratio of Gotham to Jokers, and in like the Hunger Games, we have all the Flying Cars and human robots, and they have bows and arrows and live in “Tiny Houses” like huts and caves.

    This isn’t the Backup Plan, this is THE Plan. The only hard part is they need it to be somebody else’s fault, and THEY have decided that fault will be Russia’s. If they have to pull the trigger themselves.

    ““Anyone who goes against US national security goals, including the escalation of tensions with Russia, is “deemed an enemy of the state – literally..”

    Translation, and this is literal and not witty: Anyone who is against WAR, is an enemy of the state. That’s the direct translation here. We’ve seen this through the communist and cultural revolution last 5 years. WHO are the only Lefties harassed and arrested, deplatformed? You can call for any murder, any amputation, any arson, any assassination, front page severed heads, no problem. Only if you call for the end of WAR, you are picked up arrested, deplatformed, same as the “Right”. It’s the ONLY crime.

    So…tell me who is running things and who can’t be criticized here?

    Yes, extension: anyone who does not want a nuclear exchange with RussiaRussiaRussia, is a traitor and enemy of the state. As see HRC, Germany, etc. … They are LITERALLY rounded up, have fake charges pressed, held without charges or bail, etc.

    “The Dems are all about #MeToo, but they force Tara Reade to flee the country.”

    As there’s so many lies we can’t keep track of them all, Armstrong wrote on this yesterday:

    “Bill Clinton lied to the American people about it on national television. He paid off Paula Jones $850,000. That was far more than Trump paid Stormy Daniels, who was NOT even an intern as Monica and the famous blue dress. Clinton’s $850,000 payment to get rid of a sexual harassment claim while he’s President had NO criminal court charges for what was the same thing”

    2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden?

    Yeah, we already know, that’s why I don’t bring it up again, but it was worth the direct comparison this time.

    And also from Armstrong, Julianne Smith replacing Nuland. Blinken’s man, working with Hillary, she helped develop the “NATO attack everyone, everywhere, all the time” policy as NATO ambassador.

    Victoria Nuland’s Replacement?

    ““Russia is so safe. It’s safer than the United States actually. You have a much lower crime rate. And I have been here a year and I can’t tell you how much I love it,” said Reade.

    This is the “Attacking normal guys” theme. I’m sure Russia isn’t special at all, just NORMAL. Like people go to work, come home to their dinner at the apartment with spouse, and no one is cooking up amputating the kids. Or cooking up meth in the basement. Like: Normal. Normal fights, normal robberies, etc., when the are not approved-by-the-Joker-on-high who installed Two-Face as his D.A. Speaking of which they’re saying “America is dangerous, the people aren’t up to speed, don’t realize…” No. False. The POLICE are ARRESTING anyone who defends themselves. So it’s Mexican Drug Gangs PLUS the Police shooting you. They are allies, merged, one army. Their enemy and prey is YOU. Stop that and Americans will defend themselves and end it in no time.

    Why not? BECAUSE IF THE PEOPLE GO UP AND SHOOT ALL POLICE IN ORDER TO DEFEND THEMSELVES IT’S AN OPEN CIVIL WAR, you fools. You wanna just casually, say, Yup, don’t care, I’m sure it’ll be fine. No. THE POLICE ARE THE CRIMINALS, that’s why. Nothing to do with more crime on the streets, we can handle all that in no time.

    “• The Myth That Biden Had Nothing To Do with the Prosecutions of Trump (VDH)

    Also it’s not Biden, as Biden can only think “Pudding”. So when you have so many lies it keeps us from thinking straight and responding.

    The system, the Permanent State is running ITSELF. Of course it always has, but these (elected) guys channeled and limited their power. They had to PRETEND to care what Kennedy, the President said. This is Nirvana, the ultimate and inevitable end state for them: They do WHATEVER they want, with NO oversight at all, not even coordination between departments.

    “• FBI Agents Fear Being Jailed By Trump – McCabe (RT)

    Like Johnson, quote one, why do they have such guilty consciences? And if only Trump had been President so we could test this.

    “• Power Play: Von der Leyen Faces Showdown in EU Leadership Race (Sp.)

    Why bother? You’re not involved, nothing you say matters. None of the people backing or opposing her are visible and named. It’s like watching a ping-pong ball wander around on a table; there have to be forces blowing it from side to side, but you can’t see them, and it means nothing either way. I think it’s a dumb game. Blow up the table and see who pops out.

    “despite tensions reaching boiling point, “hope dies last” and the ongoing European Parliament election could defuse the crisis”

    The importance of all those lies, universal lies we’ve been talking about. It allows them to think any of this will matter and keep them going and making more bad, catastrophic, world-ending decisions. If we hadn’t tolerated lies on NATO, lies on the treaties, lies on “Unprovoked” lies on “Russia losing” and today’s also universal lies, Ministers couldn’t fathom or support killing a million MORE men, this time from Paris.

    …That’s why they told them. Whoever this parasite handler is. They told them SPECIFICALLY to cause this end. Now we, other, told the truth. Both sides, perspectives, were out there, in public. Ours was proven right, day after day, year after year. So WHY did they, always, 100% adhere to every lie and arrest every truth, AFTER losing for weeks, months, and years. 1) What do they have on you? 2) What did you promise?

    The only relevant part here is MY blackmail is not as powerful as THEIR blackmail, on Be’Lyin, Schulz, etc. There’s no “Truth” “Reason” “Tactics” “Facts”, they have no place here, no one cares.

    “It’s like it is all on purpose. How many blunders is credible?”

    Again, you destroy the Army/Country/Company this powerful asset in your possession, blow all $100 Billion dollars worth of it, make it worth ZERO like Buzzfeed, CNN, HuffPo, why? …Well it ain’t for Capitalism! Clearly you are destroying both power and wealth in service of some other goal, so what’s left?

    It’s a RELIGION. It’s a Death Cult. Now I say it’s a Nazi Death Cult, as head of the Nazi country is applauded on D-Day by NATO, while the defeaters of the Nazis – Russia – are hounded, so prove me wrong. Do they or do they not have the same principles, platforms, methods, such as Eugenics, euthanasia? Do they or do they not applaud Nazis in Parliament and give them medals. When a million people are killed, do they call that “A good start”, or not? Etc.

    And there are other platforms too: merger of corporation and state. Progressivism, as in UBI, medical care, nationalizing dept stores. Social Pressure over law. Expansive wars. Militarism, surveillance, intolerance. Occult religions. About 90% the same, But let’s keep it simple.

    Garden: 6 pipes $25 20 blocks $50 20h work @ $20/hr So $475 to grow a dozen cucumbers. Be careful. Do it if you want, but now you know why it isn’t done commercially and they grow them in fields.

    Dr. D

    Dr. Rich, why you defend Ritter so much? Here you are, have specific actionable information that Ritter killed Lira in Ukraine, and you refuse to provide evidence and aid and abet a felony. Do you really like Ritter that much?

    Stand and deliver. Inquiring minds want to know. Or should I refer YOU to law enforcement, for protecting him and covering up a homicide?


    The horror of Vietnam was already being instigated a year before i was born. Eisenhower was the only man alive who could warn against the MIC and remain alive. The response of the body politic was to “see the USA in your Chevrolet”. Eisenhower did not say the MIC already had the United States by the throat and was a clear and present danger. Not even Ike could have survived that. Who reads this and knows who Ida Tarbell was and when the foundation of the MIC was laid?
    The revolution that conceived the Constitution of the United States remains at the pinnacle of human endeavor. Trading comfort for liberty is not a sign of intellectual rigor. THE REVOLUTION against the status quo.

    “This all started with Obama”
    S.O.B. Give me a drink

    those darned kids

    and keep your eye on the sparrow..


    Dr. D do you have a mirror in your house?


    kids, thank you for that reference. Learned something new this morning, going to be a good day!


    Hollywood in decline.








    FINALLY, captured on film!




    The Dog Faced Pony Soldier Speaks:



    27th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)

    Apart from Ritter, the event gathered several high-profile speakers, including Tara Reade – a former aide to Joe Biden – former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl, and the great nephew of Otto von Bismarck, Alexander von Bismarck.
    Speaking at the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,
    there are alternatives to a Western-based system- Rodney Atkinson key takeaways from Putin’s speech.

    Putin’s 4D Chess: West ‘Losing’ War on Four Fronts After Picking Fight With Russia

    “The West is losing four wars in one – economically (in trade and debt), financially (de-dollarization and international payment systems), militarily (in Ukraine in battle and in a comparison of weapons systems) and geopolitically with a massive loss of influence around the world,”

    According to Putin, the Ukrainian Army loses about 50,000 soldiers a month, with sanitary losses accounting for only 50% of them. “I said 50,000, but this is the most modest estimate. These are 50,000, this is what we see on the battlefield,” the president said, adding that Russia’s losses are several times less with an approximate one-to-five ratio.
    “Anyone who goes against US national security goals, including the escalation of tensions with Russia, is “deemed an enemy of the state – literally..”

    • US Won’t Tolerate Dissent On Russia Narrative – Scott Ritter (RT)

    SPIEF 2024: US won’t tolerate dissent on Russia narrative – Scott Ritter on RT panel
    The RT contributor was barred from traveling to St. Petersburg by the US government

    ”It comes down to perception vs. reality, and perception is going to win if you are not able to put an alternative point of view out there. It’s a constant struggle.”
    Anyone who is against WAR, is an enemy of the state.
    Anyone who is for PEACE, is an enemy of the state.
    Anyone who is against GENOCIDE, is an enemy of the state.
    Anyone who is against TRUTH, is an enemy of the state.
    It’s a Death Cult, Eugenics, Euthanasia, Homicide, Crimes against Humanity
    The Washington Post on Thursday revealed that the cost of repairs for the pier after sections of it broke off and washed ashore in southern Israel stands at $22 million.



    South Korea with one of the lowest birth rates in Asia now has Gold Vending Machines

    Is there a connection between a society that has no future and selling gold in stores like soda?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    South Korea Has Gold Bar Vending Machines…And They’re Selling Out


    GS Retail Co. convenience store features a vending machine selling gold bars, ranging from less than 1 gram to 37.5 grams, with prices starting at around 88,000 won ($64) and fluctuating daily. Initially launched in 2022, these machines are now in 30 stores nationwide.

    Heading for the Exits

    Costco gold

    “It’s an incredible commentary on the average American citizen. Americans are literally choosing to transact U.S. dollars for gold.”

    “Just because it’s happening at ‘Costco’ and the transaction is being consummated by housewives named Florence doesn’t change the fact that enough people thought converting U.S. dollars into hard assets was a high enough priority that these bars sold out,”…..

    “These aren’t shoppers heading over to ‘Costco’ — these are people casually picking up some gold when they buy dog food and toilet paper. And if you think that’s crazy now, wait until we hit a period of volatility.”

    Dr D Rich


    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    Yup, no doubt that’s exactly the sentiment for most folk.
    For me, I’d rather show them the way a few times. You know, review the rules. Give them a good example, but it seems that method is not appreciated by those in charge, not respected by those subordinate or thoroughly undermined by a combination of those fellow travelers.
    There’s always a temptation to push them all out into the howling wilderness except Their Numbers are Legion and They seem to hold the People Spellbound.

    Dr D Rich

    @Dr D
    You wrote:

      Dr. Rich, why you defend Ritter so much? Here you are, have specific actionable information that Ritter killed Lira in Ukraine, and you refuse to provide evidence and aid and abet a felony. Do you really like Ritter that much?

      Stand and deliver. Inquiring minds want to know. Or should I refer YOU to law enforcement, for protecting him and covering up a homicide?

    “Protecting him” [Ritter]???? That’s the job of his Cult following.

    “Actionable intelligence [information]”.
    Is that a term Ritter used in the past, let’s say, 48 hours or did you come by it naturally?

    ‘A law enforcement referral?’
    Can you ask them to wear clean trousers instead of McCabe’s pants pissing or shitting variety. As you well know, the stench is equally off putting as mortifying for the wearer.

    Dr D Rich

    Here’s a sampling from the last 48 hours of the Shared Psychosis/Delusion regarding Scott Ritter.


    Choose your term

    1. First Ritter’s obscurity is compared favorably to the geopolitical significance of ISRAEL’S ATTACK ON THE USS LIBERTY

    Essay entitled: USS Liberty Massacre: A Pivotal Moment in the Hostile Takeover of America
    Kevin Barrett
    Barrett opens his essay above with: Did the feds seize Scott Ritter’s passport because Ritter was going to Russia for a conference

    2. Another prominent blogger invokes the ghost of Solzhenitsyn in praise of Scottie and likened his predicament to Trump’s travails. Well, both men fit the Working Man’s definition of lunatic, the howl at the moon variety.

      Dangerous criminals are released from jail, there are show trials for Trump, and Ritter gets his passport confiscated…

    3. Andrew Anglin gives a go, too. Although Anglin claims Ritter is unimportant to him.

      What was done to Ritter this week cannot be separated from what was done to Donald Trump or Alex Jones in the same week. It cannot be separated from what was done to me in 2017 (and continues to be done to me).

    I’ll agree with Anglin on the year 2017.

    When Ritter is:
    imprisoned without due process (GITMO prisoners)
    isolated from his community (Joseph Darby, Ehren Watada,
    made persona non grata (Jose Padilla)
    ruined professionally
    killed (Murtha, Lira, Liberty sailors, David Kelly, Nawar-Abdulrhaman-Anwar al-Awlaki)
    restricted to entry level employment

    Then he’ll legitimately be able to whine.

    Sure, Scott Ritter exudes the bonafides of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov and Mandela AND the seizure of his passport ranks right up there with the USS LIBERTY massacre in historical significance.

    My god….


    Kunstler “motor-voter”, etc.

    Wait a minute: it can be helpful to think something through before discounting it out of hand.

    I don’t think completely automated voting roles are a good idea, however, I have observed a couple AZ state government interactions that give the state citizen the option of registering to vote, and they both make sense, for very clear reasons. Voting registration (or updates) can be done concurrently when getting a drivers license or state ID or registering a vehicle; they can also be done when applying or updating information for SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid. Party affiliation on the registered voter can also be changed at these junctures. This makes sense because these agencies (the AZ MVD and Department of Economic Security) verify identity, using birth certificates, Social Security cards, etc., the same sorts of documents used to prove citizenship for voting, verify current address, and both agencies require those with drivers licenses and/or state assistance programs to update their home address with the agency in a timely fashion. These are the same data points required for voter rolls to be kept current.

    Now, at least in AZ, none of this is “automatic.” There is a box to check when doing these things that initiates the voter registration process or updates. It should not be automatic because voter registration and updates to the rolls should be left in the hands of the individual voter and never left in the hands of a bureaucrat who pays the salary of the software programmer.


    Feminism from a different perspective



    Sounds like a Plan



    President Biden loves taxpayer-funded walls, except for former President Trump’s southern border wall. The elderly president has a beautiful taxpayer-funded wall around his beach home in exclusive Rehoboth Beach (a destination for rich liberals), where the poors and illegal aliens are not allowed. On the topic of walls this weekend, another taxpayer-funded wall was quietly erected around the White House in recent days.

    HAPPENING NOW: White House police have put up an extra layer of fencing barricade ahead of this weekend’s anti-Israel protest.

    (Not telling the whole truth.
    The protest is ANTI-WAR


    A good writer can put lipstick on a pig.

    Think of all the advantages of having Russia win the war in Ukraine.
    Everything going wrong in the west can be blamed on Russia.
    The list is too long to make or to repeat.
    Make sure to let Trump win the election then he will be blamed with Putin.
    Biden can rest in a care home while democrat take 4 years to replan their new attacks.


    End of the Liberal Order & Return of War – John Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

    Great look at the US Regime “ethics”.

    They even expand in clear detail DBS’s theory about “name stealers”…. hahaha not at all.
    No retarded bs like DBS spews making excuses for the governing crims. Just clear analysis.

    Females learn how to argue before they can even talk

    1st- define a woman…because Liberal fags argue like bitches too

    2nd- Abujagoddess posted this crap… women argue and fabricate about “male toxicity”, yet refer to themselves as “goddess” and “princess”… the rot of Liberal feminists mental illness is on display everywhere, everyday from retarded miserable women of Amurica.

    3rd- Liberal women, face down ass up, I’ll tell you when to open your mouth…and again, define a woman fem libtard.

    June 8, 2024 at 11:42 am#160768REPLY

    Dr. D

    Or should I refer YOU to law enforcement, for protecting him and covering up a homicide?

    dr D, showing her true jew snitch colors- dr D- you’re a fucking scumbag pos. Keep whining bitch while you make excuses for the real murderers. Like clockwork everyday, here to keep a list eh fucker ?

    D Benton Smith

    @citizenxNo retarded bs like DBS spews making excuses for the governing crims. Just clear analysis.”
    I have made NO excuses of any kind whatsoever for the government or the crims (who are pretty much the same thing anyway, aren’t they?) . That means citizenx is a liar. And the fact that he can’t make sense of what I wrote means that he’s either willfully stupid or intentionally evil (which is also pretty close to the same thing anyway.)

    The jerks who have lined up to take turns taking pot shots at my comments (and me personally, actually, and occasionally attempting to pile-on ) are wasting their own time because they are basically just making the point for me. Liars are the basic problem, and the WORST liars (the specialists who do if full time, for a living, and on purpose) are the SOURCE of it.

    Who’s the worst full time purposeful full time liar that their is?

    That’s right, folks, and if you (attention citizenx, aspnaz, and their cheering section) are lying then you’re working for him. I earnestly advise against it.

    Stop lying to me and about me.

    And trying to frame me up for offenses I have not committed. You deceitfully and sneakily IMPLY that I disagree with Mearsheimer, Alexander Mercouris, Glenn Diesen, and other truth tellers who I greatly admire and respect. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves ! Why in the hell would you try to smear me with such shoddy and deceitful tactic?

    I’m beginning to wonder which side you’re playing for.

    D Benton Smith

    Notice to Trolls (and worse)

    I’m coming for you, and don’t expect mercy above the morally acceptable minimum.

    Lay off attacking truth tellers or you shall pay for your lies, and not in the way that you’re probably expecting. That’s official notice.

    D Benton Smith

    Let’s get started.

    The liars and secret keepers and authoritarians think that their lies and secrets and violence (including threats of harm and violence) are forestalling justice and buying themselves time, when in fact all that they are doing is digging themselves into a deeper grave.

    The more that they steal and harm and kill the innocent while blaming it all on others, and lying, and keeping it all “classified” or sequestered behind walls of authority and “law”, then the more they remove themselves from human society and the truths which they, too, need to survive.

    In the end they are alone, guilty, and surrounded by the victims who became not just overwhelming in number, but more aware of the truths that were kept secret and the destructive lies that they have been told by the vicious criminals who have held sway over them.

    We know who the most vicious of the criminals are, and their days are numbered. And yes, MANY of them (but not all of them …… not by a VERY shot) are indeed Jews. What remains are their knowing and unknowing minions and sycophants. Many of them are known as well. , and their days are numbered as well.

    What is about to happen is not “organized” in the traditionally understood meaning of the word, because the traditional concept of organizations is so small and narrow minded that it’s nearly impossible to describe how cognitively retarded that it is. Suffice it to say that truth has its own sort of “organization”, and that way reigns supreme over all. THAT is what’s going to happen.

    What the worst of the worst of those miscreants want you do is blame it ALL on the Jews, so that the worst of the worst (MANY of who do, indeed, still proclaim to themselves Jewish) can slip away under the cover of slaughtering Jews (again!). I highly advise you not to be a party to either side of that lethally bogus shit show.

    The above paragraph explains to the quick minded why the trolls who have recently infiltrated this forum and are attempting to take down its most effective voices have zeroed in Dr D, and me in particular.

    Doc and me don’t buy into the narrative those jerks are foisting, and we explain WHY in moderately cogent language. That’s why @aspnazand his side-kicks are trying to shut us up. It’s called “Cancel Culture”, and the end goal of it (just so you know) is YOU in their filthy clutches.

    What’s “their” message? It’s to believe that the Jews are to blame for everything so no need to dig any deeper to see who’s running the Jews.

    What’s my message? That the guilty should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of true law, and that a good place to START looking is right where you would expect: Zionist Jews …… but don’t stop there because those murderous bastards are NOT the ones actually running those murderous bastards.

    A good place to start looking for THOSE guys is the rat lines supporting those murderous bastards. Think in terms of who set and benefitted from the US National Security Act of 1947, and what the consequences have been. [HINT: you haven’t had a country since 1947 ]:

    I’ve got a lot more to say about this kind of stuff, so either buckle up, head for the getaway car or hide under your seat. The show is about to start.


    Benton the Jew threatened:

    Notice to Trolls (and worse)

    I’m coming for you, and don’t expect mercy above the morally acceptable minimum.

    You are an old man with a walking stick to wave at people, a full nappy and a brain like Biden’s; give it a rest tough guy.


    Benton the Jew goes full spaz:

    I’ve got a lot more to say about this kind of stuff, so either buckle up, head for the getaway car or hide under your seat. The show is about to start.

    More babling, stick waving and monologuing on subjects you know nothing about in your empty theatre. You remind me of cicaidas; everybody can hear them, they get on some peoples’ nerves but everybody ignores them.


    NY Trial leak:
    I think the real reason da Trump judge brought up the jury posting first, before others did, was to retain complete control of the issue in his own court, rather than let it be decided by another court.
    Da Trump judge can now do a review and then say, nope no mistrial!

    Clearly da Trump judge has supporters on high, in NY state, who quickly warned him.

    Clearly release of the Trump guilty verdict came from the show trial’s script!

    To the last Ukrainian:
    Ukrainian elites don’t want to draft their 18 years.
    The US sure does!
    The Ukraine can’t be anywhere near running out of cannon fodder.
    The Ukrainians probably have more people enforcing the war, than they actually have in their army!
    Until these people are all dead, the war will continue.
    The corrupt Ukrainian elites still have millions more bodies to sell for USDs.
    USDs is the one thing the US won’t ever run out of.

    If Putin is correct about Ukrainian manpower losses, then the Ukrainian army is likely shrinking by about 10,000 soldiers a month.
    This assumes 30,000 new recruits per month and 10,000 of 25,000 wounded Ukrainian soldiers returning back to duty per month.
    So, if this is correct, this war can easily last another 2 years, into 2026, just as Russia has stated it would.
    So another million Ukrainian dead, which would then nicely eliminate most of the Ukrainian war enforcers.

    Guess that is why FAB 3000 are needed by Russia.
    Since there are less Ukrainians per kilometer, it is becoming harder to kill the same number of Ukrainians per bomb.
    Doubling the bomb size should kill about the same number of Ukrainians as before.
    Are FAB 5000 next?

    If Israel has only managed to kill 36,000, up from 35,000 many months ago, then they sure aren’t doing a very good job of killing off the 2.3 million Gaza Palestinians. /s


    Benton makes some very good points. Soros is a good example of evil behind the evil.



    And behind the evil Soros must be the evil CIA and the evil bankers!
    How else could Soros spend billions, year after year, decade after decade?


    Fair enough Benton. You seem to be an honest and well meaning man. But the best jew, who does not exist, but for the sake of argument, the best jew will stick up for the worst jew, thick or thin. Look up Mary Phagan and the origin of the ADL. These fuckers want you dead. Over educated/indoctrinated Whites are the worst. Too lost to understand reality. No sense of survival. Good luck with that, brother.

    D Benton Smith

    Telling the truth is so easy. You can vet it and forget it, because it’s always going to be just what it is now and right where you found it the first time. It’s never going to change into some other “narrative” that comes out later on as a big surprise and a bigger problem.

    Lying, on the other hand, is hard work. First off , you gotta remember all of it and try not to get so lazy arrogant, or scared that you pitch an alternate version that gets you caught. Then there’s the matter of keeping all of the lies coordinated, and hidden, and strictly restricted to ONLY those trusted (hah!) with the right security clearances.

    That one’s REALLY tough, because even ordinary people are smart enough to figure stuff out from minimal evidence with remarkable accuracy if given enough motivation, and time. Think “Sherlock Holmes” style thinking. But when seriously smart people who are protecting what they cherish above all else put their hearts, backs and entire lives into it, well, the results are a bit more spectacular.

    Lying as the one and only means of survival gets big. It gets complicated, and perhaps most importantly, it gets EXPENSIVE. Bribes and blackmail must be transacted. Bodies must drop, and assassins paid. Elections rigged and judges purchased. Every palm must be greased, on time and in sufficient amount, and that’s a lot of pomade. When the stolen and counterfeit money is insufficient, therefore, the jig is up and the scheme collapses. When the money runs out the perpetrators are just dead men walking.

    That’s right. Liars get caught, and a lot of them soon thereafter stop breathing enough, from a variety of painful causes. Period. End of crime spree, and the end of the gravy train too for the scumbags large and small who made it rich without producing anything of value (each in their own humble way) by living off of the blood, sweat and tears of those who do.

    This world is a tough neighborhood. You lie you die. And if you DON’T lie you are constant prey of those who do.

    The vast majority of the commentariat of this forum already know this stuff intuitively. Others (maybe half a dozen, at worst) will pretend that they don’t get it at all, or that I am wrong about it, or crazy, or JEWISH, or whatever. Who cares? They could save their breath. Ain’t nobody buying their lies but them, and they pretty much know it too, in that seldom addressed part of their mind they are too scared to visit.

    So, attention all intentional liars. Now’s a good time to vacate. You will not be spared.

    But wait! There’s more! Maybe even today if my stamina holds. Otherwise look to tomorrow. Sunday’s fairly appropriate for what I have to say next.

    D Benton Smith

    I’ll say this for you @aspnaz, you are a sucker for punishment, and I mean that as a compliment, sort of.

    Okay, answer me a few short direct questions without equivocation or flying off the handle into a vituperative diatribe about Jews and or my Alzheimer’s:

    1. Are you in any way a compensated agent of Chinese authorities ? (military, intelligence, or foreign relations/political in particular.)

    2. Do you hate ALL Jews or just the criminal ones, or do you think that all Jews are criminals?

    3. Do you hate all White people (Americans in particular)?

    4. Do you sincerely believe that your comments to and about me personally have been entirely truthful and logically coherent?

    Thank you.


    How to properly with dignity and reverence…..


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