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    George Grosz Apocalyptic landscape 1936   • EU Could Stop Ukraine Conflict In 24 Hours – Orban (RT) • Macron Building ‘Coalition’ To Send Troops
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    Sunday Public Safety Warning Message


    Dr. D

    12 Million Bitcoin were bought and vanished into BlackRock and other ETFs. Hahahhaaha! No they didn’t, or the price would rise. Really… The credulity of the market for people who had untold accounting fraud in 1994, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2016… Literally no one will stamp or do accounting on multiple firms, while the government has rejected any accounting at all!

    Okay, man since they’re in it, it’ll rise but not from “buying” or “selling” anymore, thanks to you never using the blockchain, and they’re hypothecated 100:1. Like the rest of the planet, stocks, bonds commodities, it’s now a 3rd derivative of a 3rd derivative payable only on demand if their legal dept feels like it.

    Whatever. Like Trump, I’m done. He says he’ll “Lock her up.” Don’t care, call me when you DO something. ‘Til then, couldn’t care less, I have things to do. Don’t expect me to rally ‘round and be first until YOU do something. Ohhh! He promises he’ll ACT…seven years later, after we die of old age and my kids are broke and amputated.

    “PUTIN: “Huge resources are spent on maintaining USA’s status as an empire. Does this benefit the citizens of the United States or not?”

    Gee, it’s almost like lying is really expensive and they have to pay blackmail files and hit jobs everywhere. Then they lose all generalized support as we realize who they are and what they’re like.

    “If the leaders were smart people, they would read what their own researchers write,”

    The Researchers DO write it: they wrote about the Gaza Pier, Meirshiemer wrote about Ukraine, Obama confirmed he agreed, yet SOMEHOW everyone SUDDENLY forgets, right on command one day, like the day in 2020 when they “Suddenly” forgot 100 years of pandemic protocol and history? Just that once?

    The research has nothing to do with it, and our leaders may be dumb, but “they” aren’t. Disney knows full well they’ve lost $2B in one year, everyone hates their guts, and they’ll be out of business in X months precisely if they keep it up. ….Then – Magic! — they keep it up. Go broke, and put all of themselves out of a job. Why?

    “The Washington Post lost $77 million in 2022 and about $100 million in 2023.” (and so do all papers. Who’s filling the holes? Pfizer. Lockheed.)

    It’s almost like there’s a mind-control parasite behind them somewhere, directing things. It orders you to punch yourself, jump off a cliff onto glass.

    Pepe Escobar: What he’s saying to replace the US$ is really, really complicated. It’s like disassembling a ship and building a new one while it’s steaming around on the way to war. It’s not impossible: but think of the problems.

    Also the US$ won’t disappear either. It will become a national currency again because it has to. When you do otherwise you run into Triffin’s Dilemma and other contradictions that tear the host nation apart – which the bankers well know, set a clock for, and capitalize on its ruin. (Before moving to the next ship) Our job is to avoid that and stop them and looks like we will. But we won’t get out of it without hardship, (yet that’s true of everything, always, it all takes work)

    “The U.S. complains about the Georgian ‘Foreign Agent’ law,”

    What’s hilarious about that is Georgia is passing the law that US, EU ALREADY HAVE. They are passing OUR law. And like the lies about “Don’t Say Gay” law, it doesn’t stop anything. You just have to ADMIT who you are and where your money comes from. That is, it changes nothing but tells the TRUTH. So a law which tells the Truth is a law we can’t stand? …But I’m sure it’s all fine and we ain’t up to no good or nothin’.

    When Congress Waved the Ukrainian Flag Story — Massie”

    My comment yesterday on swearing oaths. They’re all LIARS how can waving this flag vs that one possibly mean anything? Yet it does. A LOT. To THEM. They believe in SYMBOLS. The word is more important than the reality, that is, pure Magic, the Occult, or Americanized “The Power of Positive Thinking” Manifesting, “Name it and Claim It.”

    Now you want to admit you’re all in the Occult or you wouldn’t do this? Who is in the Occult that printed and paid for your flags? ISIS, I guess?

    “He keeps making sense. That’s why they want to bar him.” (Orban)

    Yes, but isn’t he about to be leader of the EU? (On rotation)

    ““We will use the coming days to finalize the largest possible coalition capable of responding to Ukraine’s request.”

    So true. However, that number is zero. Good luck.

    “He argued that dispatching specialists to do training work inside Ukraine should not provoke a Russian response.”

    Have you asked Russia? Because their opinion is the only one that matters.

    ““We are not at war with Russia,” Macron said. “We do not want an escalation, but we want to do everything in our power to help Ukraine resist. Is it an escalation if Ukraine asks us to train mobilized soldiers on its soil?”

    Yes, it is a war under every international law or law of war that exists so far. Under all human law in the history of the world, that means being a participant in war and an escalation. Obviously, since it’s only been true 3,000 years, Macron is well aware of it, as is all the press and this reporter too.

    No? Oh well, if not RUSSIA JUST TOLD YOU. Now you know, you illiterate, illegal boobs. Suddenly, on command, one day they “Just forgot!”

    “• Macron Faces Crushing Defeat In EU Elections (RMX)

    The people vote against war at all times and places. Yet we have war as if no one voted at all. Explain?

    “Smaller, unintrusive government at home, no foreign wars abroad” – W Bush, 1999.

    “• NATO Chief Scraps €100 Billion Ukraine Fund Plan (RT)

    Yeah, one problem: They would need $100B dollars. And they’re broke, or they wouldn’t be fighting the war of conquest, expansion, and diversion.

    Suppose they had passed it? Same thing. They can PROMISE the money, but they don’t have it, so they won’t give it. Same as with shells. We PROMISE shells, then delivered none because we don’t have them. I have this picture of a shell, though. I’ve got this word “shell” and I say it all the time! “Shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell, shell.” “Promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise, promise.” Same thing, right? Name it and Claim It. How’s that workin’? Which is trumps in this reality, Magic? Or Physics?

    “• European Union: From Peace To Bellicosity (Dionísio)
    “..a non-existent Europe will be sung, which, while celebrating “European values”, demands the fracture of continental Europe..”

    As we said in 1999, and Thatcher said in 1987, before it even started. 1) It would be a lie (you can tell that from their 2,000 page constitution) and 2) It would break apart. Because 3) no one wants it, the people voted against it, and Germany never even got to vote. Shows the DEEP, abiding, passionate support in Europe for this. A real nation to toss your own flag and anthem, and to die for instead.

    “• Scott Ritter: Another American Voice For Sanity And Peace Cancelled (SCF Op-ed)

    We can only guess the motive as they didn’t say anything. I mean, they’re probably right, but…

    “The U.S. State Department refused to comment on the matter, saying it was a private matter.”

    Like this: Um, sirs? THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A GOVERNMENT PRIVATE MATTER. All “government” actions are “Public”. That’s why we have the word “Public”. You can even say it’s private to Ritter, but he asked, his lawyers asked, and they would tell us.

    “Why am I in this courtroom?”
    “Sorry, Herr Docktor, that is a PRIVATE matter, and only the Judge and Prosecutor are allowed to know.” …the Alvin Bragg school of Justice.

    “• 2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden? (Martin Armstrong)

    Please, PLEASE do this. …But they won’t, there will be no election.

    “helping usher in the ‘New World Order’ – a tyrannical system of global governance predicted by American conspiracy theorists since the 1980s.”

    Thanks, NPR writers at RT. You might look into how Jones didn’t say it: THEY said it. 10,000 times, like HW Bush. THEY say they want global governance. There are like 1,000 books on it and the WEF is only the latest in an endless string of powerful people – such as Presidents – who say they agree wholeheartedly. Quoting all political leaders for the last 50 years is a “Conspiracy”. Okay then, what is “Truth” or “History books” then? When we DON’T quote them?

    “the Texan firebrand’s predictions – that the World Trade Center would be destroyed in 2001, that the federal government would introduce mask mandates during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that “a giant war” would break out in Ukraine in February 2022 – came true.”

    That’s how you know he’s wrong. Because what he predicts is right. A ≠ A. I rest my case. Now who’s going to sue WaPo, CNN, for misreporting all the OTHER crimes? When they screw up who rammed a parade, who shot up a gay nightclub, don’t they ALSO pay $1.5 billion dollars? Why not?

    “Most criminal defendants avoid such appearances given the potential damage of a withering cross examination.”

    Yes, but for that to work, the Government would have to actually be Prosecuting him and not defending and covering for him. Does anyone believe that? “Mr. Hunter, on behalf of the U.S. Government and Justice Department, don’t you REALLY … love your mother and kittens? Be honest for the court.”

    Oh noes.

    “• New Texas GOP Platform Calls For Secession Vote, Resistance (ZH)

    That would be bad for the rest of us, like any secession we need the Senate seats. If they want their neighbor more blue, and to attack them with 3,000lb missiles daily like Ukraine, that’s a good way to do it.

    IIRC, Like “Under God,” added in the 50s, “Indivisible” was added after the Civil War. Check me on this.

    • Israel Kills Over 200 Palestinians to Rescue 4 Captives (Mondoweiss)

    As said yesterday, I want you to go out and shake 34,000 hands. Then I want you to shake 4. You tell me what you think, which is more important, how all that works.

    For the 200? They were going to kill them all anyway, hostages or no hostages, along with another 1.5 Million.

    “Fauci whipping boy”

    He’s not even a whipping boy. JHC, you guys need to be way more vengeful, or at least Just. He goes home a multimillionaire, no charges. MUCH LESS all the other people involved. And Fauci may not be the worst. (Although he probably is, as he caused it to be invented and/or probably released) He is an ADVISORY, officially. HE did not hit someone with a baton and ENFORCE it. We could have just said “No thanks”, then the CDC NIH would be powerless. That was Trump/White Hats gambit, to give you the legal OPTION to stand up. We didn’t. So the real criminals are in State and Federal, with millions of counts of Civil Rights abuse for which they are PERSONALLY liable: you are not protected for actions outside your job. You’re not covered for corruption, for arresting someone over a law that wasn’t passed. So on that front I’d go after Fauci last, however, he’s still at the top for illegally funding weaponized biolabs in enemy nations against the express rules and defiance of Congress.

    Dr. D

    College is for worse: you can get off Crack.

    Dr. D

    Where’s Mossad’s favorite agent today? I thought they took off Saturday, not Sunday.


    Liberal Constitutional law scholar Jed Rubenfeld says New York “hush money” case may violate Trump’s constitutional rights and that he would appeal to federal courts

    Looks like the Adelsons have bought their boy. Sexual-harrassment Jed is on the case.


    The U.S. complains about the Georgian ‘Foreign Agent’ law, while almost every Republican (and probably Democrat) congressman has an ‘AIPAC babysitter,’ according to Congressman Thomas Massie in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

    Yeah, we know, but there are people on TAE who will not accept this reality; they would rather see the ship go down than plug the hole.


    Massie on motus operandi of. US governance and corruption via the medium of debt:

    “…we might as well indulge in it, and I’ll see what I can get. …”

    What if an entire culture has that mind set? Impossible!!!!! don’t you read the comments @ TAE?

    after all:
    “What a piece of work is man…”
    just an emotional opinion of course and the skim has nothing to do with it


    The real battle is between people who are lying and people who are trying to tell you the truth

    Tucker Carlson and Massie, 13:00. I think that was written for the people on TAE who deny that the Jews have taken over congress and are acting in Israel’s interest.


    a rather dark paraphrase:
    of course we have to kill those babies, Aunt Bessie will lose her job if we don’t.

    “even if youre OK with the amorality of it, it’s short sighted” – Massie
    even if your’e OK with the amorality of it? Got to kick my cynicism up a couple of notches

    “it’s Five O’Clock somewhere” – Buffett


    maybe consider, Međugorska Gospa

    peace be with you


    An interesting article that exposes some of the delusions that the American public hold dear.

    those darned kids


    when i first opened the page, i thought the art was live footage of mr. biden’s plan for america!

    Dr. D


    Dr. D

    Who are you talking to? We Americans already know this.


    Tokyo Government Dating App Helps Residents Get Laid To Avoid Population Collapse


    This is so post-modern!

    As Japan slowly evaporates

    “Officials in Tokyo, Japan are launching a new dating app to help promote marriage and boost the collapsing national birth rate.”

    “The app is intended to give a “gentle push” to the nearly “70 per cent of people who want to get married” but weren’t “actively joining events or apps to look for a partner.”

    Falling Birth Rates

    In February, we noted that in 2023 Japan’s birth rate fell 5.1% from a year earlier to 758,631, while the number of marriages slid 5.9% to 489,281, the first time in 90 years the number fell below 500,000.

    The last time the number was this low the US had just dropped the atom bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki – signaling even greater declines in the population as out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan.

    Sinaro, Land of the Setting Sun


    Meanwhile back in Duh’merica……….



    Empire of Lies also encourages Reproduction Education



    And the Private Sector does their bit to raise population expectations…….



    Responsible Parenting Skills are Job Number One in Duh’merica

    Building a healthy new generation one drink at a time…..





    Dr D Rich

    Marine One (1)
    S. Ritter on why Gonzalo Lira should be put to death, but not before Ritter’s inimitable style shines through. It’s all about Scott.

      I don’t approach the topic of information warfare, or its derivative activity, information operations, lightly. In my time as an intelligence professional, both with the US Marine Corps and, later, with the United Nations, I was personally involved in information manipulation operations managed by US and UK intelligence services.

    Thanks Major. Dr. David Kelly you’re not, but it’s your Substack.
    When you, if you finish reading the following paste, tell me who are the good guys in this Scott’s scenario…Putin, Zelensky, Lira, the SBU, Russia, Ukraine and which side does Scott think the U.S. is on? Does the CIA support U.S. public policy on Russia or The Ukraine the same as Scott Ritter? Who is the terrorist here, Ritter or Lira? Ritter says terrorists deserve to have U.S. policy against terrorists delivered summarily to them, ie. summary execution without due process….because “We are at War”

      Scott Ritter Extra

      Gonzalo Lira, the SBU, and Information OperationsAn Investigation of the Probable


      AUG 08, 2023

      Gonzalo Lira

      “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

      Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      Gonzalo Lira, the well-known Chilean-American YouTube personality, has been in the news lately. A former “lifestyle” coach, Lira re-branded himself as a geopolitical commentator in the leadup to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, providing gripping first-hand observations—often critical of the Ukrainian government and contradictory of the Ukrainian narrative—that were posted on YouTube. As his popularity grew, his social media footprint expanded, with his Twitter and Telegram accounts garnering tens of thousands of followers, and his YouTube videos garnering hundreds of thousands of views and subscribers.

      Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the SBU, or Ukrainian intelligence service, on April 15, 2022, and released five days later. Lira has been circumspect about both the arrest and the conditions of his release—he blithely calls it his “missing week.” Lira does acknowledge that his computers and phone were seized by Ukrainian authorities, and that he was released under conditions of “house arrest,” implying some sort of continued monitoring and control of his activities by the SBU. Nonetheless, he was able to gain access to a computer, set up a new email account, and immediately begin posting information critical of the Ukrainian government.

      There is only one logical explanation for this chain of events. Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the SBU for crimes he himself admits gets people arrested, tortured, and murdered. He is released five days later—unharmed—and immediately allowed to resume the exact same activity that led to arrest in the first place, only this time on a computer and email account controlled by the SBU.

      This is a classic “catch and release” scenario, with Gonzalo Lira playing the role of “police confidential informant”—someone who provides information in exchange for lenient treatment. There literally is no other plausible explanation for what happened other than this.

      Scott Ritter will discuss this article and answer audience questions on Ep. 89 of Ask the Inspector.

      And yet controversy swirls around the saga surrounding Lira’s arrest and release, as well as his subsequent actions, including his re-arrest in May 2023, his re-release on July 6, and a series of bizarre videos and tweets made by Gonzalo on July 31, released while he waited at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, awaiting his attempt to “escape” Ukrainian custody, all the while broadcasting his intent for all the world—and the SBU—to see. According to charging documents published by the Kharkov prosecutor overseeing Lira’s case, the former lifestyle coach failed in his attempt, and is once more in the custody of the SBU awaiting trial.

      his release—he blithely calls it his “missing week.” Lira does acknowledge that his computers and phone were seized by Ukrainian authorities, and that he was released under conditions of “house arrest,” implying some sort of continued monitoring and control of his activities by the SBU. Nonetheless, he was able to gain access to a computer, set up a new email account, and immediately begin posting information critical of the Ukrainian government.

      To drive that point home even more, the United States—Ukraine’s leading partner in this information war—kills terrorists preemptively, void of any notion of due process….

    …those terrorists preemptively killed void of any notion of due process include U.S. citizens Nawar al-Awlaki 9 years old, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki 16 years old and their father Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki ordered by U.S. Presidents Obama for father and son and Trump for a 9 year old girl


    Bird fluzy.

    those darned kids

    “he’s the president, he’s not in charge”.

    i.e. he’s only the president..

    In order to achieve this, pro-peace forces need to come to power, the Hungarian prime minister has said

    (Peace is achieved through war)

    Oban, like us, does not have the control/power to make peace/cease fire happen.

    … the EU and US need pro-peace forces .

    (People Power demonstrations are happening everyday and failing to make change)

    If the European leaders wanted peace today, within 24 hours there would be a ceasefire at the front line.

    Dear Ukrainians, a ceasefire is necessary, we need to stop, we will not give more weapons and money until there is a ceasefire and peace negotiations,” Orban said.

    (“WE”, are those who sign the checks)

    NATO was created with the purpose of defending member states from aggressors, not waging war outside its territory.

    Peace will happen by/if – “YANKY-GO-HOME”
    Who wants/will be able, to cut off the money?

    Stoltenberg had presented a draft long-term military support plan for Ukraine, designed in part to guard against any cut in US support if former President Donald Trump returns to the White House.

    It’s about money
    “We have a range of political, economic countermeasures against those attempting to get hold of Russian reserves,” Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a briefing on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

    “Russian disinformation”. Russian news outlets such as RT and Sputnik are banned from being accessed through normal channels, from so-called mainstream Western media.
    It’s not over until the fat lady sings

    2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden?

    2024 Hillary vs Trump – Not Biden?
    Posted Jun 6, 2024 By Martin Armstrong
    The August Democratic Convention has been rumored for some time that they will DRAFT someone else to replace Biden.

    She has never recovered from Trump’s win
    Hillary Clinton Slammed For Using D-Day To Call Trump Hitler
    Steve Watson
    7th June 2024
    Hillary disabled the comments on the post because the consensus among pretty much everyone who saw it is that it is disgusting and completely lacking in respect.

    The grossness of Dems doing EXACTLY what Dems are blaming the GOP of doing is unforgivable! I’m voting Red for the first time in my life!


    “Bill Maher Leaks Jeff Bezos’ Motives With Cryptic Message

    “He didn’t buy [The Washington Post] to make money.”

    The Washington Post lost $77 million in 2022 and about $100 million in 2023.”

    Same with Disney hemorrhaging dollar bills on the Alter of Woketurdistan.



    You should realize that electric vehicles are a colossal scam because the electric grid can’t handle the charging requirements of so many cars.

    Well, the electric grid also can’t handle the demands from Big Data Centers and AI farms.

    I have a theory that the ‘arms race’ for the most powerful AI computer complex will eventually want to use 100% of the electric grid.

    AI’s appetite for ‘power’ is near INFINITE.

    Yah, that’s right, Infinite

    Quite the irony

    Artificial Sentience needs ALL the power generation on Earth.

    AI is a bottomless pit of energy consumption.


    Jokes on you!







    Who will tell the truth about
    Challenges for 2050

    Copilot Using the web

    The future of plastic combs and toothbrushes is likely to change due to environmental concerns and the push towards more sustainable alternatives.

    Plastic Combs: Plastic combs have been around since the 1950s and have evolved to become tougher, more versatile, and more customizable than ever before1. However, there is a growing awareness of the environmental implications of using plastic combs2. Some companies are already making eco-friendly combs from recycled materials3. In the future, we might see more combs made from bio-based and biodegradable alternatives1.

    Plastic Toothbrushes: Plastic toothbrushes are a significant environmental problem. Nearly every single toothbrush made since the 1930s is still out there in the world somewhere, living on as a piece of trash4. However, there is a growing trend towards eco-friendly toothbrushes. Alternatives to plastic toothbrushes made from bioplastic and bamboo are gaining popularity5. The future will likely see a shift from plastic to more sustainable materials like bamboo, wood, and steel, but also degradable bioplastic56.

    In conclusion, while we might still have plastic combs and toothbrushes in 2050, it’s likely that they will be less common as we move towards more sustainable alternatives. This transition is part of a larger global effort to reduce our reliance on plastic and move towards a more sustainable future.

    D Benton Smith

    It isn’t so much that Israeli Zionists “own” the United States government as it is that they “rent it” from day to day. It is strictly Cash & Carry relationship, like with a hooker.

    D Benton Smith


    I believe that Scott Ritter should apologize to Gonzalo Lira (post mortem) and all of Lira’s friends, family and fans.

    But first we should all publicly acknowledge a discomforting fact. The fact is that Lira’s show did, indeed, act as a honey pot for Ukrainians authorities and the rest of the US/NATO nazi’s to discover Ukrainians (and others) who needed to be rounded up and killed, to protect the US/NATO naked war of aggression against the Russians and the rest of mankind.

    Scott believed Lira to be doing it knowingly. Which is now tragically disproven by Lira’s death at the hands of the Ukrainians. By the way, why are we even bothering to use the word “Ukrainian” as the nomenclature? We all know that the United States controls EVERYTHING that “Ukraine” does, all the way down to the level of Dog Catcher’s Assistant.

    If you think about it closely, there is a distinct possibility that Ritter is more than half right. Perhaps the Ukrainiians had captured Lira from the start, with Lira’s full knowledge, suffering him to live only so long as he kept broadcasting and thus providing the intelligence services to use it as a de facto “honey pot” for them to use.

    Personally I side with Lira. He tried to escape and they killed him to keep his mouth shut. I think that Lira was basically just a trapped guy who tried to play his cards the wrong way, and lost his life for it.

    TAE Summary

    Lobbyist: Congressman, will you vote for this bill for a $1 million campaign contribution?
    Congressman: Sure!
    Lobbyist: Would you vote for it for a $1 campaign contribution?
    Congressman: Are you crazy? What do you think I am?
    Lobbyist: We’ve already established you are. Now we’re just haggling over price.


    why do i always have the feeling that no one here grew up in a society that constantly warned about “sympathizers”, “dupes” and “fellow travelers”? Why does no one think the example made of the Rosenbergs left a lasting impression on The Greatest Generation, and their children?

    i do not know if children in the Soviet Union grew up being taught to hide under their desk next to a wall full of glass windows as protection from a nuclear blast. The desks that i sat in between first and third grades were roughly equidistant from Mayport and Naval Air Station Jacksonville. I knew that. Having access to a bag of M-80s and Cherry Bombs i had a working knowledge of small explosives. Sitting unprotected under those desks was not going to be any protection from shards of flying glass.
    I knew where every bomb shelter dug into the ground was within five miles of my home by the time i was in the fifth grade. My father and i were members of our community American Legion. I knew bullshit when i heard it and saw it.
    A free society needs national security secrets to remain free. I knew that was bullshit from jump street. I knew about the School of the Americas – 1946(Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation – 2001) before i graduated high school.

    if someone with my less than stunning intellectual capacity could know these things don’t plead ignorance with me.
    Ritter, Johnson, MacGregor all took national security oaths. You think they are telling you anything that has not been approved for public consumption? Do you think pulling Ritter off the flight was not orchestrated? Is Ritter incarcerated? No. Then he did not violate his national security oath. Once a commissioned officer, always a commissioned officer. Have you never heard “Need to Know”? Do you know the president of the US does not have the highest security clearance? Need to know and plausible deniability go hand in hand.

    I don’t want to know and need to know are different animals. Proving the Noble Experiment true is far more important than “I don’t want to know”.

    “Who are you talking to? We Americans already know this.”
    we just won’t act on it – “…we might as well indulge in it, and I’ll see what I can get. …”

    lady of the house says the yard looks “Nice”. Take your victories as you find them

    Dr D Rich

    You just described Ritter to a T.

    Youu read Ritter’s nasty essay which contained his recipe for Lira’s disposal…..
    ….then abandoned Ritter’s unapologetic declarations for the standard assessment that appears routinely on TAE.

    Ritter’s self-assessment disagrees with your strange kindness directed his way. His words, he runs with MI6, floats with the UN, and reigns supreme in mortal combat *We are at War” from his keyboard.
    His essay drops with nothing but contempt and disdain for Lira in anticipation of his death.

    So who’s Ritter’s handlers?
    Bill Burns?
    Nameless faceless Jews?


    maybe consider, Međugorska Gospa

    Americans butcher that word, so the ear hurts listening to them trying to pronounce it, but are capable to argue to death with the people of Medjugorje as how they should conduct their daily affairs.
    Me (me) dju (as Julie) gor (gor) je (yes)



    A Short Tour

    This is the “U.S.” Congress!

    At Attention


    So that’s why they want Ukraine so badly…

    From the syphilitic orifice of Lindsey the Satanic Whore

    Dr. D


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