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    G. G. Bain Pawn Shop, 15 Cooper Square, New York 1920 The other day I stumbled upon an image that got me thinking. I’m still thinking. And I doubt I’l
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    I’ve been sort of out of the internet doom and gloom loop for a while – busy building, growing, raising kids etc…

    Have you read any of these reports under the ‘strategy insights’ tab? Some lovely graphs and saying much the same thing TAE has said for years.

    I see the author has departed tullet and blogs occasionally at - – recent post is on Japan… interesting stuff.


    Hi Ilargi

    I try to live by the “If You Don’t Need It, DON’T BUY IT” idea. When I do feel like buying something which isn’t strictly needed, I research it for a while first. Normally the feeling subsides after a while and I don’t buy anything. There is an exception, I have been buying materials to bring our house up to date and into good condition, including lowering energy requirements. IMO it is worth doing this. Eventually there’ll be a return on investment in savings, in the mean time it makes the house more easily saleable if we need to move.

    I don’t feel at all disadvantaged by not having the latest gadget or service. If I had a smartphone for example, I know I’d be sucked into Facebook etc. and spend useful hours there followed by feeling less fulfilled and more neurotic. What else is a smartphone for?

    The desire and collection of objects which are not very useful actualy clogs up your mind and your living space.

    On the subject of ever increasing consumption being required for the economy:
    If the economy can’t function without growth then it is not fit for purpose in a finite world. It’ll collapse anyway and the later it collapses, the more resources will have been used and the larger the wealth gap will be, The present economy is not compatible with sustainability.

    I think those who consume unnecessarily now may help keep the current economy afloat at the expense of much more harm occurring in the long term. They also will probably end up poorer.



    I If You Don’t Need It, DON’T BUY IT —- I wish it was that simple…but it is not….too many people now and not enough easy to get oil…few of us will survive…fewer will not want to survive…


    Hi Ted

    I estimate we could live on 30% of our current world usage with minimal change in living standard if we had the will to do it. That would be “If You Don’t Need It, DON’T BUY IT” and a reconfiguring of the economy to support that model. We would be working less, commuting less, making smarter choices etc.

    The problem is that our future survival currently comes second to somebody’s profit. We could fix that easily by legal, economic and political changes. It’s just that we won’t do it until it’s too late. We do not individully have the requisite information or systems understanding, and there is lots of propaganda preventing us from getting that understanding.

    Those that profit from the current growth model either do not understand the limits to growth or they do not care. They are totally unsuitable to lead society, but lead it they do!



    The Fed was a “Political Solution.”

    Since 1913, too much ever depreciating currency chasing too finite a source of resources. Spend it or lose it?

    The only solution to this mess is, revalue finite resources in real money again. The only way that can happen it to put the source of money back into the hands of the people, and let “The Power” hold a bake sale when it needs money for it’s wars and it’s grand vote gathering social engineering projects.

    There is no limit to growth of fiat monetary systems. They expand until they implode. This one is no different.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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