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    Jack Delano for OWI Female Gas Attendant, Philadelphia, PA June 1943 Forests and trees. We live in a world built on such an overkill of 24/7 propagand
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    “At that point you need to rely on the little man inside to raise a warning sign.”

    OK, just to be facetious, after pointing out I find it interesting only republicans benefit from Big Energy contributions, even in Blue oil and gas producing states, and among Big Labor energy sector PAC’s. But what else is to be expected of the Brit/US Penny Press?

    ‘US wealth hits a record’

    ‘Gas is to be piped backwards to The Ukraine from it’s sources, in Brussels and Washington DC.’

    ‘EU has so much excess wealth it can afford to piss it away on Ukraine.’

    ‘US pay’s Ukraine Gazprom bill to Putin, in depreciating dollars, as punishment’

    ‘US sanctions trade with Russia, except in fungibles like oil and Treasury paper, of course.’

    ‘Russia discontinues export of AK ammo to the US’ Duh?

    ‘California is so broke it’s going ahead with a $68 Billion Amtrack clone to connect the metropolis of Chowchilla with downtown Weedpatch 93241, to “grow” State GDP.’

    Kinda hints at taking the wind out of the sails of the doom/gloom hit generating meme of some Chicken Little websites. Or has it been jive all along?

    A message from the State to “Pay up, or starve?” A manufactured “Crisis” to be used as a smokescreen to cover up a grand social engineering scheme by Central Banking and it’s wholly owned pols? Then, not letting a good crisis go to waste. (Cue Alex Jones.)

    Still, isn’t it interesting, how “Municipal Bankruptcy” noise has dissipated along with “House Prices Soon to Collapse?”

    Especially in view of multiple bids on homes and grandiose park and public building projects across supposedly insolvent communities. Coupled with the fact every contractor I know is booked out for months.

    I won’t bring up the streams of water running down the gutters of lavishly landscaped public parkways and .gov buildings in drought stricken Cali. Really, I won’t.

    And “Peak Oil” noise is being drowned out by an even faster decline than anticipated, from “Peak Demand.” Could it be price is finally adjusting consumption to market?

    How long will that be allowed to continue, the unauthorized market usurpation of Fed power? I mean, isn’t moar consumption job one of the governmental fighters of “greenhouse gas” and rampant “inequality?” (Buzz words.)

    Even the worlds largest single consumer of Oil, the DoD is warning us of certain doom if we don’t allocate our share of consumption to them, because their ships and tanks are environmentally friendly.

    Don’t EVEN try and tell me the whole “Warmist” campaign is anything but politics at this point. It’s beginning to look like just another ploy by politicians to seize even more power through taxation. One could think, whether it was real or not, the “Climate Change” gig went from strategy driven to politically driven, so it’s no longer credible.

    It’s all BS. ‘The little man told me so.’ So I remain suspicious of any “Popular” ideas and perceptions until further notice.

    Not quite ready to run off to the boonies with a suitcase full of fiat to herd goats and swat gnats, wearing coveralls that smell of wood smoke, and boots that track chicken shit into the cabin. But I’m close enough to get there on a bicycle.


    It is hard to say professor…..there are a lot of strange things afoot….I have read so many blogs I think I am going to puke…I have noticed that the drumbeat is getting louder….That might be because on our finite world they are predicting collapse in less than 2 years and then a mad max type scene and then caveman status….I think things are bad but I wonder how much sensationalism adds to ones blog. That is why I like AE it does not seem to make predictions on a social level more of the facts….Ted


    couldn’t agree more. Seems everyone has a bridge to sell these days. In the end, I believe those who can deal with the present, however it unfolds, and can think on their feet, will be OK. The past won’t repeat the same way, and the future is blind.

    TAE has evolved in a very enlightening way, (H/T Ilargi) and seems on an open minded trajectory,,,open mindedness being vital to critical thought processes needed to survive and thrive in uncertain times.


    From another site I enjoy, this today, as supplement to my Climate ranting above;

    Kerry's Climate Change Priority Signals a Revitalized Warmist Meme?

    Jeeze, even the weather is political now.

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