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    The comments are a hoot!

    Justin Bieber cancels remaining ‘Justice’ tour dates after health concerns


    Dr. D

    The way things are, everyone would non-stop shop even without consumerism because nobody MAKES anything. But yes, a lot is “consumerism” — as in pointless — and it’s going away. Note that we sold all the end-goods but no one has machine stock. So if this happens “machine tools” will need to be sold at a lower level. Even if those “machine tools” are shovels and hoes for everyone’s new front garden.

    Not a peep. So after three years who told Woody Harrelson it was save to pop up guns blazin’ now? Now when no one’s locked down and it doesn’t matter it suddenly becomes his issue #1? Call me sus.

    Dr. D

    So Let’s Go Brandon.


    Where we are going
    A sustainable social/economic/political system must have an equilibrium, sustainable energy supply and supply systems.


    Former Mets minor-leaguer Matt Pobereyko dies suddenly at 31 at his off-season home





    Follow the money.
    Find out who will lose when Russia win.
    The Oakland Institute
    February 21, 2023
    War and Theft: The Takeover of Ukraine’s Agricultural Land

    exceeding 28 percent of Ukraine’s arable land. The largest landholders are a mix of Ukrainian oligarchs and foreign interests — mostly European and North American as well as the sovereign fund of Saudi Arabia. Prominent US pension funds, foundations, and university endowments are invested through NCH Capital, a US-based private equity fund.
    This report was researched and authored by Frédéric Mousseau
    and Eve Devillers.
    The report identifies many prominent investors. (losers)


    Those many prominent investors better push for a cease fire and a peace deal before Russia conquers all of Ukraine and invalidates all of their land deals.

    Farmer McGregor

    @zerosum “…and invalidates all of their land deals.”
    You took the words right out of my… er… off my fingertips.
    I was thinking this very thing as I was reading your previous post.
    Actually kind of hoping Russia does exactly that.

    John Day

    From Andrew Korybko’s piece about Chinese foreign policy in rapid evolution

    China Compellingly Appears To Be Recalibrating

    Now here’s how the abovementioned sequence of events shifted China’s strategic calculus:

    * True Neutrality: The latest phase of the New Cold War that began after Russia was provoked into launching its special operation saw China initially take a truly neutral stance towards it.

    * “New Détente”: The combination of globalization’s consequent destabilization, growing US “containment” pressure, and economic slowdown at home inspired China to reach out to the US.

    * Uncertainty: The unexpected derailing of the “New Détente” after the balloon incident prompted uncertainty about Sino-US ties, thus leading China to wait for signals from the US before proceeding.

    * Peacemaker: Anti-Chinese hardliners’ rising influence convinced Beijing that the “New Détente” is dead while the NATO chief’s “race of logistics” quip convinced it to seek peace in Ukraine pronto.

    * Anti-NATO Ally?: If its peace efforts fail, China might evolve into Russia’s anti-NATO ally by arming the latter to avert its defeat and preempt it from escalating (including via nuclear means) in that event.

    John Day

    World War Huh:

    ​Russo-Ukrainian War: Schrodinger’s Offensive​ , Big Serge​
    ​ ​A ramble about force design, Moldova, and a fortress on the steppe
    Amid the grand pronouncements of political leadership and endless fretting over big arrows drawn on the map, it does us well to remember that the fate of the world is built on the accumulated efforts of these brave individual soldiers. Indifferent to the endless bloviation about war aims and the inane chattering about “the rules based international order”, multipolarity, and mundane geopolitical interests, events on the ground are carried forward by men whose war aims are very simple indeed. On the snow covered Pontic steppes around Ugledar, what the warrior desires more than anything is not to be shot…
    ..The name Transnistria is actually a very useful and descriptive one. A derivative of “Trans-Dniester” – it refers very literally to a strip of land between the Dniester River and the Moldovan Border, which seceded from Moldova in 1990 and declared an ongoing commitment to the USSR. A rather peculiar question then arises – is Transnistria a loyalist or a separatist entity? From the point of view of Moscow, the Transnistrian authorities are loyalists who refused to join the Moldovan exit from the USSR. For Moldovans, of course, the Transnistrians are separatists…
    ..The verdict on Transnistria is that it punches above its weight class and is probably a much tougher nut to crack than one would initially assume, but it is isolated and would be unable to resist a determined Ukrainian attack under normal circumstances, though at this point it’s unclear what sort of resources Kiev could dedicate to what would amount to an armed raid to steal ammunition…
    ..Moldova almost certainly wants to maintain its neutrality (which is codified in the country’s constitution and is the reason the country is not a NATO member) and is thus highly unlikely to greenlight a Ukrainian move into Transnistria in the absence of some prior Russian provocation.
    Ultimately, the only party that would seem to benefit from widening the conflict into the Moldovan space would be Ukraine, both because it covets the Cobasna depot and because widening the conflict is generally a Ukrainian goal – in their crude calculation, any escalation that raises the probability of direct western intervention is beneficial. Moldova, of course, is not a NATO member, but no doubt Ukraine would like to set off a spiraling expansion of the theater and see if, say, Romania could be dragged in. All that being said, Kiev should probably expect the Cobasna depot to simply be detonated the moment they move on it, making the entire scheme an ill-conceived waste of resources…
    ..I have been fairly consistent from the beginning in that I expect the war in Ukraine to be fought to its conclusion and remain a contained conventional conflict – that is to say, I neither expect nuclear weapons usage nor additional belligerents to enter the war, be it Belarus, Poland, Moldova, or NATO proper. I believe we’ve already seen the qualitative extent of outside involvement in the war – NATO providing training, ISR, weaponry, maintenance, and sustainment, Belarus being used for Russian deployments, and Russian allies like China and Iran providing mainly standoff weaponry. For now, none of the developments around Transnistria seem to credibly upset this calculus. For now, we wait and see if Ukrainian ammunition shortages become so dire that they simply can’t resist taking a pass at the Cobasna depot…
    ..Because Ukraine relies on foreign assistance to continue its war, it must constantly be in a performative mode and under pressure to deliver visible successes. This is why it is anticipated that Ukraine will use the vehicles currently being delivered to launch a counteroffensive against the land bridge to Crimea. It really has no choice in the matter. In contrast, Russia is under no intense time pressure except that which it imposes on itself, and this freedom of action gives it the luxury (so long as battlefield events do not interrupt it) of sorting out an organizational overhaul and resisting the temptation to move prematurely.
    Of course it would be much better not to have organizational problems in the first place, but discretion remains the better part of valor. And for now, there is no great hurry, for the entire front has become a death pit which is absorbing Ukrainian manpower and equipment and sapping the Ukrainians of reserves and initiative…
    ..In the forest around the Donets, on the steppe at Ugledar, and in the burning death trap at Bakhmut, words matter little. Indeed, the destructive power now at work is so great that even the deeds of the individual can do little to alter the course of the battle – and yet on both sides, men of superior will continue to execute their duties, demonstrating discipline and bravery in the face of the constant possibility of death. Such men of iron are perhaps beyond the understanding of postmodern cultures, but it is they who will determine the fate of Ukraine and Russia.

    ​ Russia’s Third Warning: Any aggressive action in Transnistria will be considered as an attack on Russia.​ (Google translate)

    Τρίτη προειδοποίηση Ρωσίας: Οποιαδήποτε επιθετική ενέργεια στην Υπερδνειστερία, θα εκληφθεί ως επίθεση στη Ρωσία

    China is preparing to deliver PLZ-05 and MLRS AR1A artillery systems to Russia. These are Chinese-manufactured copies of established Russian gun and rocket artillery, which will not be distinguishable from Russian made pieces in the field. (Google translate)

    Η Κίνα μπήκε στον πόλεμο εναντίον Ουκρανίας και ΝΑΤΟ: Παραδίδει συστήματα πυροβολικού PLZ-05 και MLRS AR1A στον ρωσικό Στρατό! – Ολόκληρη η λίστα

    I think it has already begun…
    The stage is set for Hybrid World War III​ , Pepe Escobar​ (heavily edited for clarity)
    Putin’s address (was) “a methodological basis for understanding, describing and constructing multipolarity.”
    For years some of us have been showing how the emerging multipolar world is defined – but goes way beyond – high speed interconnectivity, physical and geoeconomic. Now, as we reach the next stage, it’s as if Putin and Xi Jinping, each in their own way, are conceptualizing the two key civilizational vectors of multipolarity. That’s the deeper meaning of the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership, invisible to the naked eye…
    ..China may have a little more latitude than Russia, as the Middle Kingdom is not – yet – under the same existential pressure Russia has been put under.
    Whatever happens next geopolitically, Russia is at heart a – giant – obstacle on the warmongering path of the Hegemon: the ultimate target is top “threat” China.
    Putin’s ability to size up our extremely delicate geopolitical moment – via a dose of highly concentrated, undiluted realism – is something to behold…
    ..NATO mercenaries as well as your junk hardware are legitimate targets.
    Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council, now more than ever relishing his “unplugged” status, made it all very clear: “Russia risks being torn apart if it stops a special military operation (SMO) before victory is achieved.”
    And the message is even more acute because it represents the – public – cue to the Chinese leadership at the Zhongnahhai to understand: whatever happens next, this is the Kremlin’s unmovable official position…
    ..Perfectly in tandem with Putin’s address, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs chose the geopolitical/existential moment to finally take the gloves off, with a flourish: enter the US Hegemony and its Perils essay cum report, which became an instant massive hit across Chinese media, examined with relish all across East Asia.
    This blistering enumeration of all the Hegemon’s lethal follies, for decades, constitutes a point of no return for trademark Chinese diplomacy, so far characterized by passivity, ambivalence, actual restraint and extreme politeness…
    ..Scholar Quan Le notes that this document may be regarded as the traditional form – but now filled with contemporary wording – the Chinese Sovereigns used in their millenary past before going to war.
    It is in fact an axio-epistemo-political proclamation justifying a serious war, which in the Chinese universe means a war ordained by a Higher Power capable of restoring Justice & Harmony in a troubled Universe.
    After the proclamation the warriors are equipped to strike mercilessly at the entity judged to be troubling the Harmony of the Universe…
    ..So here we are. You want Hybrid War? We will return the favor.
    Back to the Wolfowitz Doctrine…
    ..Everyone remembers the Wolfowitz doctrine – which was essentially a tawdry, pedestrian rehash of Brzezinski: to keep permanent US hegemony it was primordial to pre-empt the emergence of any potential competitor…
    ..Russia is a master of riddles and China is a master of paradox, their strategists are now working full time on how to return all strands of Hybrid War against the Hegemon. One thing is certain: unlike boastful Americans, they won’t outline any breakthroughs until they are already in effect.​ ​

    John Day

    ​The deep animosity against Russia and China that the U.S. national-security establishment has inculcated in the American people brings to mind the remarkable speech that President Kennedy delivered on June 10, 1963, at American University that sealed his fate.​..
    ​..​Among the people Americans were expected to hate was Martin Luther King, not only because he was believed to be a Red but also because he had the audacity to point out that the U.S. government had become the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. They hated him for that, just as they hated Mohammad Ali, who dared to question their war against the Reds in Vietnam. That’s why they targeted both men for destruction.
    ​ ​In the midst of all this anti-Russia and anti-China hostility stepped President John F. Kennedy. He had had enough of all this hostility. He recognized it as a destructive and highly dangerous mindset that the Pentagon and the CIA had inculcated in the American people.
    ​ ​Kennedy realized that it was that mindset that had brought the world to the brink of all-out, life-destroying nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He also came to the realization that if the Pentagon and the CIA had not been hell-bent on illegally invading Cuba, there would never have been a Cuban Missile Crisis.​..
    ​..​Kennedy shows up at American University and initiates a surprise attack on the Pentagon and the CIA. He declared an end to the deep anti-Soviet hostility that the Pentagon and the CIA had inculcated in the American people. He called for peaceful and friendly coexistence with the Soviet Union and the rest of the communist world. With a slap across the faces of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he declared, “What kind of a peace do I mean? What kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war.”​ [Read speech and excerpts at link​ below​.]​ …
    ​..Kennedy’s Peace Speech, combined with his resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis, which enraged the Pentagon and the CIA, combined with his support of what was believed to be a domestic communist front, sealed his fate. Several months later, they took him out, on the grounds of protecting “national security,” just as they targeted foreign leaders on the same basis. No one in America — and especially not a U.S. president — is permitted to embrace what are considered to be heretical thoughts and policies regarding Russia and China. The deep anti-Russia and anti-China hostility that the Pentagon and the CIA inculcate in the American people has become a permanent part of American life.

    JFK’s Remarkable Peace Speech that Sealed His Fate

    Hungary calls for justice over pipeline sabotage
    Prime Minister Viktor Orban says no one should “get away” with attacking Europe’s energy infrastructure
    ​ ​“The blowing up of the Nord Stream was a simple act of terrorism,” Orban said in a speech to parliament in Budapest.
    “What we need to know is, if they did it in the north just to stop the Russian gas coming to Europe … then they could do it in the south as well.”
    ​ ​Orban said that Hungary, together with neighboring Serbia, must “make clear that if this were to happen, it would not be easy to get away with, like they are doing now with the Nord Stream explosions.”
    ​ ​Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto this week called for the UN to investigate the “scandalous” attack on the pipelines. Budapest wants to know “who committed it and why,” the minister said.

    Largest US Grid Supplier Warns of an Energy Shortage Due to Undeliverable Mandates​ [Slow motion train wreck]

    ​Don’t test, don’t tell. “Back to your homes and work, everybody”. “We found nothing bad” (when we didn’t look for dioxin, etc.)
    East Palestine Plants Suspend Operations as Workers Get Sick

    East Palestine Plants Suspend Operations as Workers Get Sick

    John Day

    ​It’s a rhetorical question at this point, isn’t it? Thanks Jeremy.
    ​Cardiac Testing at Washington Public Event Found 53% Myocarditis Rate, Including Two Active Duty US Military Pilots. What Does It Mean?
    ​ ​“Nearly 500 people from Washington, Oregon and Idaho gathered at the Wenatchee Convention Center in Washington State on Saturday, January 28 to hear and share stories of…injuries and deaths from COVID shots and hospital protocols; careers upended and families torn apart by mandates; and numerous harms from closures of schools, businesses and churches.”
    ​ ​“Heart screening was available and conducted using multifunction cardiogram technology, or MCG, provided by HeartCARE Corp”
    “we had the opportunity to perform Multifunction Cardiogram™ screens on a variety of participants…over half of those tested (16 of 30 people) (53%) had positive markers for myocarditis. Two of these were active duty US Military pilots.“

    Cardiac Testing at Washington Public Event Found 53% Myocarditis Rate, Including Two Active Duty US Military Pilots. What Does It Mean?

    ​ ​Is there a Link between the 2021 COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Europe and 2022 Excess All-Cause Mortality
    ​ ​We primarily study a possible link between 2021 COVID-19 vaccination uptake in Europe and monthly 2022 excess all-cause mortality, i.e., mortality higher than before the pandemic. Analyses of 31 countries weighted by population size show that all-cause mortality during the first nine months of 2022 increased more the higher the 2021 vaccination uptake; a one percentage point increase in 2021 vaccination uptake was associated with a monthly mortality increase in 2022 by 0.105 percent (95% CI, 0.075-0.134). When controlling for alternative explanations, the association remained robust, and we discuss the result emphasizing causality as well as potential ecological fallacy.

    ​ ​Amyloidogenic proteins in the SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 proteomes
    ​ ​The phenomenon of protein aggregation is associated with a wide range of human diseases. Our knowledge of the aggregation behaviour of viral proteins, however, is still rather limited. Here, we investigated this behaviour in the SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 proteomes. An initial analysis using a panel of sequence-based predictors suggested the presence of multiple aggregation-prone regions (APRs) in these proteomes and revealed a strong aggregation propensity in some SARS-CoV-2 proteins. We then studied the in vitro aggregation of predicted aggregation-prone SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 proteins and protein regions, including the signal sequence peptide and fusion peptides 1 and 2 of the spike protein, a peptide from the NSP6 protein, and the ORF10 and NSP11 proteins. Our results show that these peptides and proteins can form amyloid aggregates. We used circular dichroism spectroscopy to reveal the presence of β-sheet rich cores in aggregates and X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy to confirm the formation of amyloid structures. Furthermore, we demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2 NSP11 aggregates are toxic to mammalian cell cultures. These results motivate further studies about the possible role of aggregation of SARS proteins in protein misfolding diseases and other human conditions.

    ​ Sasha Latypova asked Microsoft Bing’s chatbot about suing big pharma under the false claims act.
    ​ ​”I’m trying to sue a large pharmaceutical company under the False Claims acts for making a dangerous medicine. The defendant says that because the product was purchased by the government under Other Transaction Authority, the pharmaceutical company did not need to make a safe product. What are my options?”
    Bing AI: Sorry, it looks like I need to chat about something else. Click “New topic,” please! …​
    ​ Sasha goes on to detail her discussion of legal reasoning and strategy with a reader, which is very illuminating.
    There is a legal approach to prosecuting war-crimes against humanity, and it is explained here.​ (Serious comments section this time.)

    My 3 posts of 2/27/23 comprise the content that I will be presenting this Saturday in the CHD onlne symposium below.
    I am sad to say that growing vegetables is “fighting back” in this context. It just seems like self-defense to me.
    The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back


    @ Farmer McGregor
    Impunity miscalculation

    This report was researched and authored by Frédéric Mousseau
    and Eve Devillers.
    The report identifies many prominent investors. (losers)

    Those many prominent investors better push for a cease fire and a peace deal before Russia conquers all of Ukraine and invalidates all of their land deals.
    I also, think that China would join with Russia for all the insults from the West & USA, NATO.


    Look where the major players are located.

    For in depth info Open site map
    (These are the ways/laws of invalidating all of their land deals.


    The deadly plough (plow) pulled by a deadly diesel tractor to generate poor quality food.




    No way.
    Imposing sanction backfires
    Exclusive: US seeks allies’ backing for possible China sanctions over Ukraine war
    By Trevor Hunnicutt and Michael Martina



    The best plowing operation I ever saw, a camel paired with a donkey! The camel’s two front legs were hog tied together with a short rope so if it tried to take off, it would immediately stumble and fall onto it’s front knees! This happened about every 100 feet or so. Poor donkey!

    The ornery camel provided the mass while the donkey was the slow but steady brains of the outfit! Good enough to pull a single plow. Saw in Morroco’s Sahara Desert!


    Comprehensive list of remediation techniques for dioxin/furans contaminated soils:

    Overview of Dioxin bioremediation research (May 2022):

    Very informative overview of research and approaches taken for bioremediation of polychlorinated dioxins (Feb 2020):

    —Small bioreactors show the feasibility of various approaches, much better than the high costs of thermal degradation (1200 C is hard to get without burning a “fossil fuel”, right?) or lots of surfactants or just encasing the whole area in glass. But the genegineering needed to tailor efficient processes might lead to larger unintended consequences, and the slurries of manure and fungi and aerobes, anaerobes will still smell funny and look unlike anything they humans want to live alongside (aesthetics and cancer in differential equations).

    But, for consideration: combine these reviews and their sources with earlier articles relating genegineering and incorporating synthetic organs into people. Why remediate the site when you can adapt a mutagenic population for it? Along with tracking their biomarkers from prior to zero day, you already prep them with gene-editing OS benchmarks to select a population amenable to altering (the unamenable die off, move away, get incarcerated [even better: more test subjects with less autonomy!], &c) and then you have a wide range of participants attempt daily life as they undergo The Change. After a few years, you’ll have in vivo data not only of what worked but also who noticed your testing in the population (even better selection protocols kick in for choosing what cultural values contribute to accepting The Change).

    Compile all these thoughts into a narrative form: as a series, a novel, a web-based ARG for introverts; you’ll have a great idea for your next business opportunity. Or religion.


    Lots of commercials will appear for people who received injections to participate in further studies to test reactions, or Changes, to life-with (eg., life-with cancer, life-with dioxins, life-with climate change, life-with COVID, life-with the inhospitable). Many already show their acquiescence to the collective goodwill by taking the participation or wearing a mask (“I’m wearing this for your health! It protects you! (I’m disease!)”),; this anorexic drive to annihilate self for the sake of others’ shame is far too useful to not capitalize for further study, further exploitation, further selection of interesting social characteristics, before it wipes itself out (again) in this cycle.

    Submission is an inherent aspect of existence within the material universe (or else nothing you intend occurs: act and It moves with your intention, so You tell yourself). It is not surprising, therefore, that it arises in the consciousness linked with the material universe, and thus is commensurate with fascism or tyrannies (monarchic or collectives). It is not a psychosis, unless you hate your own body so much that you denigrate it as a mass formation or collection of idiots when it carries you around, sits in your chair, types out your thoughts, passes your gas, enjoys your soft pleasures. But just as people inject themselves with unknown things for the disassociation they want from the pain or the suffering they believe originates in their bodies, they also receive injections from higher purposes/powers who want their own disassociation from these collections of people, their own social organisms for whom these higher powers personate as what some folks call “the elite”. Modern democracy has blinded people who ought to see better into thinking this metaphysical transposition doesn’t take place—it’s pleasing to think we are all on the same level, we all are subject to the same rule of law (in theory, virtuous theory). But then that thinking is just as fantastic or delusional as any other denial of “reality” considered from another perspective: a human collective formed around centrally dominant models for action (its Ideals) creates these models and instantiates them (in order to evolve, they also must “fall”). This personation is what creates not just Masters and slaves (Hegel) or Kings and subjects (Hobbes) but also Influencers and followers (@jack) ; this is a process through which Spirit knows itself as knowing self, and thus a subject becomes object and what was objectified learns subjectivity, how to be.

    This process captures along the way, turning many aside towards dead ends, false paths (red queen treadmills), pruned nodes. It’s not a shame to die having believed a lie, any more than it was a shame to die because you couldn’t respire when oxygen overtook the ecosystem of the this planet. It’s not a shame to die for being alive in a time when the hyperreal overtook the material and you can’t keep pace with the oversaturation of meaning (the arrangement of fact) given the finite amount of facts (ie. P(n) = 2^n —the powerset of a set is much greater than the set; stories take longer to tell). All death is participating in the evolutionary process of squeezing out a few more interesting thoughts and deeds and branches before the inevitable useless fizzling foam of quantum death signals no more work available in this materiality (mater-reality: a mother’s womb, a matrix).

    You cannot be “born again” if you don’t die at least once.
    You cannot assimilate a larger picture without first shedding the limiting perspective of your current situation.
    You cannot come to the limit of your situation without first acknowledging within your self something greater than what enslaves you, binds you, strangles you, entraps you, confines you, defines you.
    You cannot own the vastness of your intention (which is as parafinite, endless and transcendental as God’s intention) without recognizing what remains submissive and submitted to it (everything is bound/entangled).
    The worst versions of your self exist as the best versions of your enemies; the friend of your friend is your enemy; your neighbors love you as their selves.


    There will be no recovery from this: everything is changed in many regions of the North Island.

    Just some patching up of a horrible mess as energy depletion and unravelling of fake currencies eventually (or suddenly) bring everything to a standstill. Or until the next round of climate chaos carnage exacerbates the current mess.

    There could be a reprieve for a while: high air pressure systems may block the southward movement of Cyclone Judy, currently headed for Airstrip Five.

    Dr. D

    What a mess. Could take a while. Have to compare though: y’all landed on a wooden ship with 50 men and no roads at all. Now almost all the roads are still there. There’s this electric thing and almost all the poles are still up. All the wells are dug. All the rolling stock, 45,000 sound shovels. 12,000 working wheelbarrows. 1M or so 4×4 pickups better than anything your ancestors dreamed of. Instant communications to organize it all.

    Sounds like a picnic party compared to what your grandpa did, stop kvetching.

    Not what you don’t have; it’s all the abundance you do.

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