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    Robert Rauschenberg Buffalo II 1964   • Theresa May Claims ‘Legally Binding’ Changes To Brexit Deal (Ind.) • Legal Uncertainty Hangs Over Brexit
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    V. Arnold

    The best line in the movie Deliverance was delivered by an old hillbilly, dancing impromptu, to the duelling banjos. When one of the outsiders (Burt Reynolds, I think) made fun of him; the old hillbilly replied; “You don’t know nuthin!”


    Not sure that’s how I would summarize the Rauschenberg collage, but there you go…


    The UK AG has just said that May’s deal basically changes nothing and the pound is crashing. Maybe just maybe a few more MPS than the handful I said earlier are going to flip, but the AG did not make that more likely. Britons on all sides of all aisles are now a nation of deer and headlights. There must be so many of them now thinking they thought it would get bad but nowhere near as absurd as this. MPs sent May away 2 months ago to get a new deal, and she comes back with same old same old in a new coat bought on the cheap. The one thing that changed: Britain now has the right to tell arbitrators it doesn’t like something. Yes, it didn’t even have that right before. But it doesn’t make one iota of difference.

    V. Arnold

    Not sure that’s how I would summarize the Rauschenberg collage, but there you go…

    Wasn’t aimed at the collage; but rather a general observation of our present position on most everything…


    Countries that have grounded 737 Max planes:

    Cayman Islands
    South Korea
    …and now Malaysia

    Airlines that own them:

    V. Arnold

    Very informative; the U.S. has decided not to ground the 737 Max 8; how jejune of them…
    Sell planes, make billions, and kill a few hundred or more; no big deal…

    Due to a number of factors; I have elected not to set foot in an airliner since 2007.
    Have not and will not; trains and ships still appeal; but not for much longer…


    What the British figured out only after the AG had told them: the UK can’t unilaterally cancel the backstop. Given that a border is a line between TWO countries, it would seem logical that ONE of them can’t do whatever it likes with it, but who am I? These people are playing fast and loose with the Good Friday agreement, and they’re probably thinking no, it’s fine, as long as the EU and Ireland give us what we want. I despise Brussels, but in this case they’re simply right.

    V. Arnold

    Brexit is the guillotine; who’s neck will be in the block?


    a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling the surrender of those inside.

    blockade · beleaguerment · encirclement · investment · besiegement
    an operation in which a police or other force surround a building and cut off supplies, with the aim of forcing an armed person to surrender.

    Modern war fare
    An operation by the USA to cut off supplies and services with the aim of forcing the legal ruling gov. to surrender.
    N. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela

    Watch out USA. What goes around comes around.


    Trump Says “Planes Too Complex To Fly” As Rest-Of-World Grounds Boeing 737 Max 8s


    Trump said he wouldn’t let Albert Einstein flying his plane. Nice twist, and makes sense.

    And since both the UK and Germany ban the 737 Max 8 now, this has become a big problem for Boeing. More countries will follow. When will the US? And which expert or organization is going to declare these things safe anytime soon? Better check your insurance policies, and have your legal department do the same.


    No wins 391 to 242. That’s over 50 MPs who did a 180 while the info remained the exact same. How to explain?! Next: tomorrow No Deal will be voted out, and Thursday May will be instructed to ask EU for Art. 50 extension. But EU may well say sure, but only if you extend it by 1 year, or even 2 years.

    Was watching BBC, and only now do many of these people seem to realize this will have consequences. Most heard line: “Nobody has any idea what…” And these are the political commentators. What are the people in the street thinking?

    Still very unimpressed with Corbyn’s response. How much more do you need to land in your lap? And I’m wondering: Who are these people? What year is it? What century?


    V. Arnold- Re: flying… I gave it up in 2004. I’m ashamed to say that I flew once a week in the mid-80’s and kept an apartment in both Houston and Dallas. Why? To find sites for a fast food restaurant chain. How crazy is that?

    John Day- If you come by here… I tried to post a comment at your blog yesterday and got this response via email:

    Unauthenticated email from is not accepted due to domain’s DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator of domain if this was a legitimate mail. Please visit to learn about the DMARC initiative. b102sor25441962itd.30 – gsmtp

    V. Arnold

    Very interesting, if alarming, article on the 737 Max over at MoA

    Wanton disregard for human life.
    Greed uber alas…

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