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    Paul Gauguin Yellow haystacks (Golden harvest) 1889   • The New COVID-19 Relief Bill Is Good, But Not Good Enough (Jac.) • The Rights Of The Natu
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    V. Arnold

    Paul Gauguin Yellow haystacks (Golden harvest) 1889

    Keep it up with the art Ilargi; sanity needs islands of tranquillity…

    Mister Roboto

    A tweet from Caitlin Johnstone yesterday: It’s crazy how the US was all ‘Yeah we’re shutting down all the jobs cuz of Covid so you won’t have any money. Uhhh… good luck I guess.’

    Basseterre Kitona

    ‘opinion corridor’

    • Sweden’s Failed Covid Strategy Leaves The Country Deeply Divided (Peroni)

    Excuse me? As of today, Sweden’s death rate has dropped to virtually zero thus by the only measure that really matters then Sweden has been an exceptionally astounding success. Link to WHO regarding situation in Sweden:

    Sweden is only a “failure” if the goal was to herd everybody into poisonous vaccines.

    As for the opinion corridor, sounds similar to the Overton Window. but I’d suggest that maybe many Swedes are keeping quiet about their governments policy’s because they are actually enjoying the relative success of the reasonably limited government response to virus hysteria, especially compared to most of the rest of the world.


    Sweden’s deaths yesterday: 34. That’s not virtually zero. Total deaths over 13,000. Quite lot for a country of 10 million people. Greece, also 10 million, has about half that.


    Time is money.

    Working in Africa I quickly learned that time is money.
    They had the time and I had the money!

    Mr. House

    “Sweden’s deaths yesterday: 34. That’s not virtually zero. Total deaths over 13,000. Quite lot for a country of 10 million people. Greece, also 10 million, has about half that.”

    I’ll believe all this after an investigation has been conducted. PCR test cycles, how long each person died after being diagnosed, what other complications they were suffering from and so on.

    Mr. House

    #metoo couldn’t derail Biden, but just as Cuomo is about to be investigated with regards to the black plague all these women suddenly come forward, uh huh


    Glad I have a platform.
    • Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor its Writers (Greenwald)

    This is an information war waged by corporate media to silence any competition or dissent.
    Glenn Greenwald
    “Any independent platform or venue that empowers other journalists or just ordinary citizens to do reporting or provide commentary outside of their repressive constraints is viewed by them as threats to be censored and destroyed. Every platform that enables any questioning of their pieties or any irreverent critiques of mainstream journalism — social media sites, YouTube, Patreon, Joe Rogan’s Spotify program — has already been systematically targeted by corporate journalists with censorship demands, often successfully.”
    (real problem:
    diversion of advertising dollars)

    Home work

    Biomass Spectrum
    Linking scaling laws across eukaryotes

    Figure 1: The biomass spectrum. Each dot represents an observation for a species. Color indicates the major taxa. Data is from Hatton et al., Linking scaling laws across eukaryotes. I’ve left out plants, which lie slightly off the trend for the other taxa. I’ve also added my own estimates for the abundance of humans and blue whales.
    ( )
    (To be able to post, I removed https://)


    Many Opinions on performance
    – Coach pep talk

    President Joe Biden delivered his first prime-time address last night since the beginning of his ‘unity’ reign.


    Act of war
    Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reports explosives hit an Iranian container ship in the Mediterranean.

    Sputnik News reports an Iranian state shipping firm says the containership was damaged in a “terrorist attack.”

    madamski cafone

    “Moreover, Beijing is also talking about the Sci-Tech Innovation 2030 Agenda and the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035. ”

    I doubt there will be a China as we know it by 2035. It will balkanize just like the USA will and Europe alwahs has.

    Mr. House

    If cuomo goes down, he should do the only thing he’d prob ever do right in his life and pull the rug out from under this bullshit. More and more this crap feels like book of revelations stuff, and i’m not even religious.

    “Woe to you, oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath
    Because he knows the time is short…
    Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
    For it is a human number
    Its number is Six hundred and sixty six”

    I left alone, my mind was blank.
    I needed time to think, to get the memories from my mind

    What did I see?
    Can I believe that what I saw that night was real and not just fantasy

    Just what I saw in my old dreams
    Were they reflections of my warped mind staring back at me?

    ‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there
    The evil face that twists my mind and brings me to despair

    The night was black, was no use holding back
    ‘Cause I just had to see, was someone watching me
    In the mist dark figures move and twist
    Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell?

    666 the number of the beast
    Hell and fire was spawned to be released

    Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
    As they start to cry hands held to the sky
    In the night the fires are burning bright
    The ritual has begun, Satan’s work is done

    666 the number of the beast
    Sacrifice is going on tonight

    This can’t go on, I must inform the law
    Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?
    But I feel drawn towards the chanting hordes
    They seem to mesmerise…
    Can’t avoid their eyes

    666 the number of the beast
    666 the one for you and me

    I’m coming back
    I will return
    And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn
    I have the fire
    I have the force
    I have the power to make my evil take its course


    Home insurance costs are how I experience inflation. Recently, I read that home insurance costs were rising at about 4 to 5 percent annually. The insurance prices follow home prices. So I suppose that home insurance cost inflation is going to at least double soon. I expect homelessness to increase dramatically as well. The Federal Government and the Federal Reserve appear determined to exterminate a great many citizens.

    That chart of organism abundance versus mass is quite useful. If we take the black best-fit line as optimal, the “human average” abundance is about 100 times the optimum abundance. That is about right provided that the environmental footprint of individual humans isn’t excessive. Perhaps the government is using this chart for economic policy determination.

    Dr. D

    “to turn on the money hose and for once aim it not at Wall Street moguls, but instead at the raging wildfire of poverty and desperation incinerating the poor and middle class.”

    Ah Jacobean, usually you do so well. I mean, true to your own logic and beliefs, which I appreciate. But it’s 90% money for not-Covid. All money for Blue despair blew-our-budget states, extracting that said money from equally or poorer flyover states. Unless we think NY is poorer than South Dakota.

    So after a long march with both sides taking turns we reach nirvana and now directly give money to voters, and directly give money from their party to my party, the minute one side takes over. …And that’s the end of democracy, since in that case, you can’t allow the other side to win, ever, and have no consensus, no authority to rule. That’s strangely what the WINNNING party just did this time, investigating, arresting, and removing GOP from Congress down to someone who was having a picnic in the wrong town and their credit card appeared on that cell tower. Okey doke. But you won’t like what comes after. China won’t care since any civil war will allow them to influence and colonize the U.S., or else die.

    And now Biden moves from attacking women everywhere to attacking Democrats. Because they were all the new gun owners over the last year, not the Right.

    “In a halfway rational world,”

    Yes, but the WHO, administration, media, etc are all violently anti-science. If you’re for science and reason, logic, you will be soon arrested. It’s #Logos, our sole enemy. The Way, the Word and the Light. The Tao if you prefer. That which goes with the flow and doesn’t violently waste energy fighting the inevitable force so much larger than them.
    But you knew this was going to stop the minute AIER wrote the words “Rights.” Our enemy, destroyed wherever found. You have none. You are not human. Submit or die.

    “He seems not to understand that the lockdown creates all kinds of physical problems, psychological problems, harms”

    He understands just fine, but he LIKES them. He LOVES them. He thinks NY, with the worst outcomes in the world, and Cuomo, who may be arrested for killing 15,000 people, are the BEST, the model to follow. He said so himself many times. What’s to not understand? He likes it, he wants it, he praises it, he recommends it. Certain death, which has now in fact come to pass like any moron could always tell it would. He’s not embarrassed at all; he’s quite proud of himself as anyone can see. So just tell the truth. It’s not that hard if you try.

    “1000s Of Illegal Immigrant Children Penned In ‘Facilities Akin To Jails’ (JTN)”

    Where is the press and AOC? They LIKE it. Clearly. As above. If they didn’t like it they would say something. What’s so hard here?

    There’s much more as drug money and human sex trafficking have exploded thanks to the new model. They like this too, or they would speak against it. Jen Psaki likes it so much she giggles with joy when asked. Me? I don’t care for 13-year olds to be raped blind in the desert that much. Joe says I shouldn’t be mean like that. Maybe it’s their culture, like concentration camps he said, and we should be tolerant, all ways being equal. To me it’s just law. Natural Law.

    “Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor Its Writers (Greenwald)”

    They’re already dead, thank God. NYT and others gave personal advice yesterday to stop reading anything, anywhere, on any subject, and refer to Google, Wikipedia, NY Times, and other known, serial liars. Of the sort that joyfully got us into the Iraq war and killed 6 million brown people in 20 years. They’re the only voices you should trust. You know they’re true because they said it. And if they didn’t say it, it’s not true. So simple, so ignore your eyes and ears of collapsing nation and mass murder and listen close.

    Speaking of lies and liars, Dore was following top Blue Tweets, shown to be bot-accounts paid for by the DNC. The funders are Google, Wal-Mart, etc, so clearly grassroots “resistance”. No wonder his top enemies for being paid-$50k-to-tweet were Bernie and Gabbard. AntiWar. Aside from Truth, Law, and Logos, the only other enemy is #Peace.

    ““white and male; several are conservative”

    Of course this is the standard of truth. Obviously, it’s exclusively the color of your skin, like Dr. King always dreamed. Greenwald doesn’t bother to point out that he’s gay, half are women, others are direct children of immigrants. Because, –GASP!—“Some” are conservative. …Brothers — I mean, non-gendered people who may or may not identify as humans (wish I were kidding) — comrades, really, that’s all you need to know. Someone on a site, is “linked” to someone who is linked to someone who we-claim-without-asking is “conservative” “Far-right” in fact (there is no “right”, ONLY “far-right”) …Because they’re journalists and interviewed them once. End discussion.

    Kidding? Not. Daryl Davis, black musician, anti-racist reformer of KKK members, is banned from speaking by AntiFa due to being “Far Right”, because he was the keynote speaker for a Center-Left Korean Journalist, Tim Pool. In an act of pure love and tolerance for influential black reformers, they said they intended to bomb Davis and Pool in the theatre. You know those jazz musicians, invariably far right. Other targets include the first black Supreme Court Justice removed from Amazon. During Black History Month.

    There is no possible satire for a nation this removed from reason. This is #AntiLogos in action: Reason itself is our enemy.

    “In a capitalist society the pressure people have to do more, quickly,”

    Why? We were capitalist before Rome. Seemed to be a lot of time through all those ages. Native Americans here were likewise “capitalist” with family responsibilities going back to the last Ice Age, yet it was noteworthy how much free time and free-dom they had. So much that captured white people invariably refused to return to the Colonies and King. So WHY is this happening again? It’s not capitalism, and it’s relatively new, since 1971. Look closer.

    “Words are sacred.”

    They are. That’s why the first attack is on words, their meaning, and therefore on logic, on reason itself. Until even “man” and “woman” don’t exist and are confused. All things are opposite, war is peace, and “They call good evil and evil good” as predicted.

    “Sweden’s death rate has dropped to virtually zero.” Proof. Nobody cares. Because it’s facts, it’s data, it’s science, it’s true.

    “It’s crazy how the US was all…”

    The U.S.? I mean, yes, we’re low in the category, but every other nation did quite the same. We’re also ignoring the shutdown and work anyway under a spectrum of wild excuses. The rich work at home, nice and safe, uninterrupted. The poor work cleaning toilets and die.

    “In the US, they have protected the “non-essential” class from COVID, while exposing the essential working class to the disease.”

    Endless cheers! Pure love! We demand this never, ever end. Even if a single (rich, entitled, white) life can be saved. 9 out of 10 Faucis agree. Until they change their mind an hour later. Because he avows he has no idea! Poster child for “Often wrong but never in doubt.”

    madamski cafone

    As for platforms: our very dependence on what we call “platforms” undoes us.

    I have built numerous email clubs in my time. They all fail because they require some kind of egalitarian involvement to survive, and most people want to ‘turn it on and turn themselves off’.

    Real communication about real issues is demanding, even terrifying stuff. It’s like Bonnie sang about the communication we call erotic love:

    Tangled and Dark

    Gonna get into it, babe
    Down where it’s tangled and dark
    Way on into it, baby
    Down where your fears are parked
    Gonna tell the truth about it, babe
    Honey, that’s the hardest part
    When we get through it, baby
    You’re gonna give up your heart
    Gonna get into it, baby
    Gonna give them demons a call, babe
    Way on into it, baby
    Gonna find out once and for all
    Gonna get a little risky, baby
    Honey, that’s my favorite part
    When we get through it, baby
    Gonna give up our hearts
    Gonna give up our hearts
    Well, there’s no turnin’ back
    No turnin’ back this time
    Well, there’s no turnin’ back
    No turnin’ back
    No use in runnin’
    It’s always the same
    You can count on the panic
    It’s the faces that change
    We might have a chance
    To get this love off the block
    So take a deep breath
    Let’s look under that rock, now baby
    Gonna get into it, baby
    Down where it’s tangled and dark, no, no, baby
    Way on into it, baby
    Down where your fears are parked
    Gonna tell the truth about it, baby
    Honey, that’s the hardest part
    When we get through it, baby
    You’re gonna give up
    If we get through it, baby
    You’re gonna give up, you’re gonna give up
    When we get through it, baby
    You’re gonna give up your heart
    Gonna give up your heart
    Gonna give up your heart
    Ooh babe, gonna give up
    You’re gonna give up, you’re gonna give up
    Gonna give up, gonna give up your heart
    Hey baby, gonna give up, gonna give up
    Gonna give up, gonna give up
    Gonna give up your heart

    Most of us cannot fess up the personal truth when needed but we expect people in power to do the same. We get the leaders we deserve. Of course 8 billion homo sapiens are making a mess of things. Only reason we expected otherwise is because we’re all so busy lying to ourselves and each other. TOp down, bottom up, side to side, in and out…

    Dr. D

    “Even The Banks Are Bailing Now: Dealers Dump Record Amount Of Treasurys”

    I was going to add on this. I don’t know the Bond market/Dollar direction. So how do I know it’s a problem?

    Think of the bond market as a structure the size of California. I don’t need to know which direction it moves to know that when the San Andreas slips it will cause damage. Any direction will do. And it breaks anything nearby as we’ve been seeing, or seeing the preparations being set up. Keeping with the metaphor, when SanFran went down in 1906, the problems and insurance payouts collapsed the market.

    Mr. House

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

    Frank Zappa


    Amusing animation which relates to Greenwald’s article

    madamski cafone

    “Keeping with the metaphor, when SanFran went down in 1906, the problems and insurance payouts collapsed the market.”

    And now, vice-versa.


    Coach Biden will be repeating his ra-ra-ra speech more than once for those with senior moments.


    I see Cuomo says women are to be seen, but not heard!

    So the NY democrats are going to try (pretend) and impeach Cuomo for liking women too much but not for mass murdering 15,000 people. Priorities!

    All of this is being organized by Obama to eliminate a threat,the Cuomo.


    Dr D:

    An earthquake is indeed hitting the US bond market!

    It looks as if the Fed is not going to extend the SLR exemption for banks pass March 31!

    This is forcing the banks to sell any extra US bonds they currently hold above what their current capital allows them to hold. So the current run up in interest rates is likely just a temporary short term adjustment, before they resume their downward slope into negative interest rates (NIRP).

    In normal times, when a bank receives a dollar they can create 10 dollars out of thin air and lend it to their customers. That is how our fraudulent fractional fiat banking system normally works. Up until now any large amounts of “corporate US cash” has always been able to find a “safe home” in US bonds or US banks. With the recent huge expansion of US government new money printing, there is now suddenly going to be no “safe home” for the trillions of newly created but “trapped US cash”!

    I think Yellen is trying to artificially limit the banks ability to do fractional banking. Her plan likely entails trying to trap a large amount of “corporate US cash” that can no longer find a “safe home” in US bonds nor in US banks. The idea is to force this “trapped US cash” to go further out on the tree limb where the risks are higher, just as we peons have already been forced to sit.

    I still suspect this is part of Yellen’s secret plan to unofficially introduce “nominally” negative interest rates.
    She cannot introduce NIRP officially because the commodity markets would immediately go into permanent “backwardization”, providing a new home for the “trapped US cash” which she does not want to happen.

    I think the key takeaway is that Yellen is trying to limit the ability of the US banks to absorb (lend) all of the US government’s future “new” money printing.

    This would put the US banks into a position where they would have to start refusing increasingly new large US cash deposits by their large “corporate” customers, or run afoul of their bank capitalization ratios.
    To discourage large “corporate” US cash deposits, US banks would have to charge negative interest rates on large cash deposits. Shortly afterwards they will extend negative interest rates (NIRP) to our bank deposits too. That is how she plans to trap all of our cash, new and old, into her NIRP plan.

    Yellen’s plan is to reduce the costs of borrowing for the US government to below zero. In other words instead of the US government paying us to borrow money, now we are going to be paying the US government “dearly” to borrow our money!

    This is the New Normal or Great Reset!

    Now you know why congress is no longer worried about deficit spending! The more they borrow, to spend money they don’t have, the less it costs them! Their borrowing costs will constantly decrease no matter how much they borrow or spend! The power of negative compounding at work! The world’s 8th greatest wonder!

    Hallelujah! Utopia is finally reached for politicians!

    We are now however, reduced to Russian serfs.

    Mister Roboto
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