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    Folks will be begging for CBDCs by the summer.


    Douglas Macgregor is report that he’s heard that the first Leopard II tank has been captured in Bakhmut along with it’s all Polish crew.

    That was easy.

    Here’s a Ukronazi tank

    The Russian’s will deal with the Leopards just like they dealt with this tank. Don’t think the crew made it out.

    Figmund Sreud

    … more on SVB from former Fed insider – recorded today:



    What really happened at Silicon Valley Bank



    After the Silicon Valley Bank debacle, @POTUS is expected to deliver a speech today to assure all Americans that deposits in Ukraine banks are FDIC insured.



    Property values have taken the biggest hits in some of New Zealand’s wealthiest suburbs, according to CoreLogic’s Mapping the Market tool.

    It shows median dwelling values have fallen by more than $300,000 over the last 12 months in some of the country’s most upmarket suburbs, such as Saint Mary’s Bay, Orakei and Westmere in Auckland, and Seatoun and Karaka Bay in Wellington.

    In the latest quarterly update to the Mapping the Market tool, which tracks median housing values on a suburb-by-suburb basis throughout the country, 10 suburbs recorded value drops of $300,000 or more, all of them in high end areas.

    In percentage terms, the Wellington Region posted the most comprehensive value declines, accounting for 30 of the 31 suburbs where median values fell by 20% or more over the last 12 months.

    So, there could be some karmic justice after all, since many of the architects of the sabotage we have endured on Airstrip Five over many decades live in the wealthy suburbs.

    Food prices surged at an annual rate of +12% in February with rises across all the broad food categories Statistics NZ measures. That is its highest rate in 34 years. The annualised increase from January to February was +18% (even more on a seasonally adjusted basis).

    In its Monday session, the NZX50 is down almost -1.0% to start the week

    (Same source)

    Reported separately: Retail crime is up 40% in 12 months.

    The option to send starving peasants to the big island to work as slaves no longer exists.

    The managers of Airstrip Five could always offer the impoverished peasants free vouchers for takeaways (KFC, McDonalds) as a reward for getting jabs. even though that has already been done.

    No wonder The Scorpion ran when it did (just over a month ago).

    The unseen managers in The City of London must have offered The Chipmunk a huge bonus for being the fall-guy in this shitstorm.


    It looks like Janet Yellen panicked and is bailing out everyone 100% so they will have access to all of their money Monday morning.

    When you are running an “international” Ponzi scheme, you can’t have the suckers losing trust can you? Poor Janet couldn’t connect the “international” dots. Someone had to do it for her!

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)
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