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        • 49 Dead In New Zealand Mosque Shootings (AFP) • Australian, New Zealand Students Kick Off Global Climate Change Strike (R.) • UK MPs B
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    Polder Dweller

    Well, if I were the EU27, I’d offer May three options:

    – 29 March,
    – Mid May i.e. before the EU elections, or
    – Three years’ time after the next general election in the UK.



    The first two are out (though the MPs are thick enough to maybe vote Yes on the 3rd go), which leaves next general election. And that won’t take 3 years. Then again, it may not solve anything either, with Corbyn losing votes every time May fumbles the ball.


    Oh sweet lord, this is from June 2018, it’s been hidden for 9 months. As if it’s totally irrelevant. How much longer can Washington remain standing? [from Tyler]

    DOJ And Clinton Lawyers Struck Secret Deal To Block FBI Access To Clinton Foundation Emails

    The Justice Department and Hillary Clinton’s legal team “negotiated” an agreement that blocked the FBI from accessing emails on Clinton’s homebrew server related to the Clinton Foundation, according to a transcript of recently released testimony from last summer by former FBI special agent Peter Strzok.

    “Under questioning from Judiciary Committee General Counsel Zachary Somers, Strzok acknowledged that Clinton’s private personal email servers contained a mixture of emails related to the Clinton Foundation, her work as secretary of state and other matters.

    “Were you given access to [Clinton Foundation-related] emails as part of the investigation?” Somers asked. “We were not. We did not have access,” Strzok responded. “My recollection is that the access to those emails were based on consent that was negotiated between the Department of Justice attorneys and counsel for Clinton.”

    Dr. D

    I know this is too soon: but if only bombs, guns, and murder were illegal, I’m sure this wouldn’t happen. We need to get on outlawing murder right away, after making a murder registry and waiting period.

    Or maybe would could focus on why the culture and community is dissolving and driving good people ’round the bend in all sorts of awful ways.

    Nah, just make more things illegal, ’cause when I write in a book nobody disobeys, right?

    Of course, why would we do that when we also don’t enforce any of the laws we have? See the problem here, or should we wait for it to fall apart a little further before we stop responding with signalling and platitudes?


    Oh, that’s right, doesn’t look like a Debt Rattle tomorrow, travel day, back to Athens (yay!), but I do have a great article for you in a bit.

    Maxwell Quest

    Ah yes, the “Clinton Pay-for-Play Money-Laundering Uranium-One-Kickbacks Saudi-Arms-Deal-Bribes Foundation”. Corruption totally out in the open, but up until now off limits investigative-wise because Hillary was anointed to be the next president.


    OK, so Montréal home prices have grown more than San Francisco since 2002, but before talking bubbles you’d need to compare actual prices. And Montréal started from a baseline that was way, way lower. It used to be one of the cheapest large cities in North America.

    And the city’s economy is doing surprisingly well at the moment. Record low unemployment, and some well paying jobs in tech.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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